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Food & Supplement Quality

Why Bother to Supplement?

Dr. James Scala, who was a nutritional doctor for Mount Everest expeditions,  shares the statistic that over 60% of all deaths are related to poor diet. “…over 5 people in America die every 2 minutes from an illness that proper nutrition could have either prevented completely or put far into the future.”

To think that 60% of all deaths could be prevented if we only put enough nutrition into our bodies is mind boggling. In ‘developed’ countries, we have a food abundance and yet we are starving to death! How can that be? Here are 7 answers.

1. Much of the foods we eat today are empty of nutrition. We are eating too much overly processed foods, frankenstein GMO foods,  poor quality foods, and too little natural foods in proper ratios.

2. Agricultural practices have interfered with plants’ abilities to convert raw elements from the earth into bioavailable minerals and amino acids. Our plants are mineral and amino acid deficient.

3. Our society is trained to turn to medical prescriptions to solve the diseases we are becoming afflicted with. All drugs have harmful side effects that rob our immune systems from doing their job of sustaining our health.

4. We have forgotten that it is energy from the sun, from exercise, from love, from unprocessed foods with nutrients, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, essential fatty acids that will keep our bodies healthy and strong, as well as help our bodies recover from any illness we may be afflicted with. So nutrition in our present day is totally disregarded as the solution to all diseased conditions.

5. Dr. Scala stated that baby boomers may be the last generation to have increased longevity, and that their children will have a reduced average life span. He also said that with optimum nutrition, we should be living to 120 years!

6. Dr. Scala formulated the SynerPro (Synergystic Protectors) concentrate for NSP over 20 years ago, way ahead of his time. This concentrate contains broccoli, cabbage, carrot, red beet, rosemary, tomato, turmeric, grapefruit & orange bioflavonoids, and hesperidin). As detailed in Lorene Benoit’s book: The Paw Paw Program, pages 175 – 180 these phytonutrients and phytochemicals are powerhouses for healthy cells. The concentrate blend adds nutrition, energy & enhances absorption of the SynerPro  Vitamins & Minerals, B Complex, Calcium- Magnesium, as well as SynerProtein powder (CA & Europe).  Years after his formulations, mainstream started expounding the benefits of lycopenes in tomatoes, anti-inflammatories in turmeric, flavonoids in rosemary, etc.

7. Benoit’s 284 page book contains great wisdom on correct diet for building health, no matter what condition a person has. Her Case Studies & Testimonials answer many questions that clients have had. Recipes to start making healthier choices are found in Chapter 10.


How to Supplement?

Many people are choosing to make improved food choices, as well as supplementing their intake with vitamins, minerals, herbs and supplemental superfoods. A good decision!  But far too many people end up spending too much money on worthless supplements.

The missing factor is quality control. Not all supplements are  the same.  Diligent research and tests from independent labs such as Brunswick, show that only 15% of nutritional & herbal companies actually have in the bottle what is printed on the label. That is because 85% of all supplements on the market are made by 3rd party companies. In other words, a company takes another company’s products and sticks their own labels on it, then sells them.  There is no quality control here.

Nature’s Sunshine is second to none in quality. Our standards are so consistent that we get results. Nature’s Sunshine has more than the required certifications as they decided in 1972  to invest in quality control, in addition to research & development. Nature’s Sunshine goes so far that they make their own capsules, so they know they are free from fillers and questionable ingredients.

Nature’s Sunshine does not own any farms and therefore they are in no way obligated to sell products that may be of lesser quality. Quality is never compromised because of bad crops, harvesting, drying, or storage. They are free to choose the best quality from around the world, and they do.

One example is Kelp, which comes from Nova Scotia. 600  tests are performed on this one plant before it is released for production. One of these testing procedures is Geiger counter testing for radioactivity.  All products are manufactured in the Utah state of the art manufacturing facility, where every single batch of herbs is fully tested. All test samples are kept for 6 years. Having an organic or wild crafted label means nothing if this degree of testing is not performed. NSP is above and beyond organic; it is potent!

We are very proud to  educate & distribute a product line that demonstrates such a high  level of  sincere integrity. If this message reaches you and you are not a member of Nature’s Sunshine please contact us to start to get results with your nutritional program!

Herbal Gifting – ideas for health!

Some popular choices from over 300 quality Products from Nature’s Sunshine !

For other countries, go to Natures Sunshine Products world,  check on your country, phone our office, or contact us via our website. If you are not a member, that’s easy – become one for free with a small order by using sponsor # 313939, Francene Benoit, BScN, NHC.


  • Tei Fu Oil #1618-7          First Aid Kit in a Bottle!                  

A Chinese blend of Essential Oils with multi uses:

Externally: (1-4 drops on affected area) Ideal for burns, bites, stings, headache (temples and neck), stiff neck, arthritis pain, tooth-ache, itching, motion sickness, toe fungus.

Internally:  (1-2 drops back of tongue, or in water) Ideal for colds, coughs, allergies, sore throat, sinus, stuffy nose, vomiting, studying (perks up brain), motion sickness, flu, fever, headache.


  • Tee Tree Oil #1777-1      Antiseptic, Anti-fungal, Tissue Healer    14ml. 

Externally:  apply directly or dilute with olive oil – boils burns, cankers, cold sores, cuts, earaches, lice, thrush, ticks, leeches, pimples, bites, fungus.

Internally: Candida, infections, bacterial and viral – advice of health professional & small drops.


Ideal for sore and aching muscles, arthritic pain, stiff neck, headache, sprains and more. Natural base allows for better penetration and effectiveness.


  • Peppermint Oil #1706-8      Peppy, pick me-up                         

Externally: apply to temples, back of neck for headache, directly on aches & pains.

Internally: A couple of drops of peppermint oil added to hot or cold water for a soothing, refreshing after-meal drink as well as a digestive aid.  One drop on the tongue clears sinus, perks up mind, aids headache, breath freshener. Can also be used as natural peppermint flavouring in baking, icing.


  • Silver Gel   #4950-1     Antibiotic , Anti-fungal Gel                 

Effective for infections, wounds, burns, skin cancer, Athlete’s foot, nasal polyps, herpes.


Contains no polluting phosphates, borates or nitrates and is biodegradable – strong cleanser, cuts grease.


Effective personal care integrating natural products with the latest advancements in science.


  • Nature’s Fresh #1549-7     Enzyme Spray with Pump  650 ml – Multi-use  

Stain and odour remover, relieves sore muscles, acne, breaks down old tissue to help rebuild new tissue, so good for frozen joints, bruises, wounds, damaged disks…..


– a box of 30 packets makes for great stocking stuffers! Each one good for 500 – 750 ml. A healthy drink for under 50cents per cup!

Lorene Benoit’s book: The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally.

A book full of healthful tips for ALL disease conditions, and for prevention through creation of optimum health! $29.95


A Gift Certificate for an educational personalized health session.


These suggested gifts can be sent anywhere in N.A. for $ 10-12 S/H – Avoid post office hassles. NSP guaranteed delivery if order is placed by December 16; probable delivery up to Dec. 20. Call or email our office if you need some other more specific ideas.

Everyone welcomes a Gift of Health!

 To order:

Call  Benoit & Associates Health at 250-748-6802
or email

NSP Quality by Design Makes the Difference

There IS a difference between brands of health supplements. That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact based on consistent, reproducible scientific evidence. And user feedback – see a few examples below.

Did you know that the raw materials returned by NSP to its suppliers are sold to other supplement manufacturers, who do not do their own quality control ?

Are you paying for fillers? NSP Products are well known for their strict demand of pure product from the grower to you. They have a direct relationship with all their suppliers, farmers and wild crafted harvesters from every corner of the globe – so they can get the best quality with highest active ingredients. The source can change as climate or other conditions change, which is why they conduct over 150 meticulous tests with every batch they receive, even from 40 year suppliers.

NSP also tests every phase of the production process up to the finished product. No other company has this ability or history! Please watch this 3 minute video to see how this process makes a difference!

Maybe you are spending less or more for brand “C” , but you can’t tell the quality from reading the label. What is your health worth?   Do you want  peace of mind to know that every Nature’s Sunshine product is potent and pure?  Don’t gamble with your health or your money.

In our years of clinical practice we have seen consistent results with NSP. Here are a few that stand out above and beyond:

  • LBS, (Lower Bowel formula) that really works short and long term to get your bowel functioning properly
  • Capsicum to stop bleeding and disinfect deep cuts or puncture wounds
  • Oregon Grape to eliminate staph infections faster than prescription antibiotics with NO side effects
  •  Cranberry Buchu to treat and prevent bladder infections
  • Nature’s Gold to increase bone density
  • Women’s Formula to  regulate menses, decrease cramping and overall just balance whacky hormones
  • F.E. (Flash Ease) to help balance out menopausal symptoms
  • EverFlex with Devil’s Claw and Hyaluronic Acid for joint support
  • Tei Fu Oil for immediate first aid for sore throats, stuffy nose or sinus, motion sickness, breath freshener, insect bites and stings, nuasea, headache – yes! all this in a tiny bottle that lasts forever!
  • Paw Paw (asimini triloba) the herb that inhibits rampant cell growth – stronger and safer natural chemotherapy.

These are just a few examples – take a look for yourself at some of the hundreds of health products available from Nature’s Sunshine Products. Contact our office for specifics and or check here to make sure you get a discount membership, so YOU can get herbs from the same reliable source as the professionals. And, if you want to earn some income by helping others help themselves, please consider NSP as an amazing  business. We are here to support you.



July Natural Health Newsletter



For information to help you achieve optimum health, please contact our office:

Phone:       250-748-6802


** please use this email for all correspondence **



Lorene Benoit’s book contains lifestyle tips for optimum health, as well as specifics for Cancer: The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally

Ongoing special for books, which offers excellent tips for health prevention, as well as solutions for cancer. Buy 3 get 1 free. Contact our office.


 Our blog offers ongoing health tips. Articles added since the last newsletter, with a direct link: 

Herbal Intensive 2012 a Success! 

Bi Polar Natural Aids

Diet for Cancer… and Creation of Optimum Health

Plus two Success Stories:

Ear Infection in Infant and Silver Guard

NSP Silver Guard and Gel for eliminating thrush

Success Stories

We encourage you to share your stories with others on our website or via email. Success stories can be read at:

Compass Group Assessment Classes – invite some friends for a fun way to find out what are the best supplements for you! Call office for details. 

Compass Zyto is an extremely efficient, inexpensive step to excellent health.

Watch this 3 minute video :


Office Clearance of Herbal Education: I am letting go of my collection of audio and VHS lectures, CRA training, Tree of Light Herbal Hours – about 3 pages cataloged, that go back to 1980. It is time for clearing out and I hope I have most of this great education stored somewhere in my brain computer. If anyone wants any of this information, email me with subject: “Education resources list”. If you are local, we can arrange pick-up. If mailing out, you will just have to pay postage. Or, for those attending Convention in Toronto in October, we may be able to bring with us.

 Business Coaching and Brilliant Body

There is ongoing coaching to help others start their own business using the Brilliant Body CD’s!  The package includes 10 Power Points and all the tools to educate yourself and others on how your body works – all this for only $25! Phone the office anytime for help!

Vaccination Awareness

A new vaccine was just announced in the US, which combines two more vaccines for 2 month old babies. This brings the total to about 9 vaccines to be injected into a baby’s blood before 6 months; suggesting to give them ALL at the same time! Unfortunately for future generations NO studies have been done to determine the long term effects on a child’s immune system by assaulting them with things like formaldehyde, mercury, aluminum, chicken eggs, viruses and other foreign toxins.

In the natural health field, we DO see children becoming less resistant to basic germs due to weaker immunity. At the same time there is an increase in allergies to everything, in learning and behavioral challenges, and an increase in autism.

Before you dumb your child down with unproven vaccines, that ‘may’ offer ‘some’ immunity for ‘some’ time (although no scientists are really sure how much, or how long), please study the issues. Also for adults, especially seniors, who are often frightened into annual flu shots, only to get sick within the month. However, if they die, well…. they were old, right? Then of course there are the scams we know have happened where vaccines such as the swine flu have caused more deaths than they have prevented….. I could go on, but suggest instead that you do your own research. Contact our office for a list of excellent websites to start your own research, and check out some tips on our website for Safe Vaccine Alternatives.









Upcoming Courses in Cowichan Valley – sneak previews – mark the dates – details to follow:

Free Paw Paw Program Presentation

Thursday Sept. 13th 6:30-7:30 pm     South Cowichan Library Mill Bay

The Four Pillars of Health, Mon Oct 15th.  7 pm to 9:30 pm at Island Savings

Chinese Herbs and Constitutions – in Nanaimo in late Sept. or October

 National Health Convention, Toronto – Oct.25-27th



 For Canadians the current six week campaign offers 10 % off or Buy 3 get 1 free, for a  selection of Digestive Aids, Summer Cold Relief,  Safe Personal and Home Cleaning Products, Pain relief and a few more to help ensure optimum health.

One of my 22 year favourites is Tei Fu Oil, useful for so many respiratory and pain relief benefits. See Success Story on Tei Fu Oil. Also Nature’s Sunshine’s Digestive Enzymes have helped so many people with GERD  belching, bloating, and burping.

These specials run July 22nd – August 31st.

Dr. Kim Balas has recorded a Webinar, also available in a Power Point, on 3 of the products, Nature’s Fresh, Aloe Vera and Energ-V, which is available to all members at

Order by calling our office 250-748-6802 to help you locate a local Herb Specialist, or if you are a member call NSP at your country’s toll free number.

We are bringing back the old Herbasaurs Multi Vitamins Plus Iron. It will be labelled as a Sunshine Heroes product, hopefully back by September, ready for school start up.


How does Membership Benefit You?

Click here to find out How does  NSP Membership benefit you?

 You can receive discounts from 10 – 30% on the most potent, most professionally formulated herbal, vitamin and mineral supplements in the industry since 1972.

 Members receive great education, resource centre, Fact sheets, Free webinars and conference calls with professionals, coupon book, and weekly specials.

Members can access recorded sessions at: NSP resource Centre



The Sun Never Says

Even after all this time

The sun never says to the earth,

“You owe me”

Look what happens with a love like that?

It lights the whole sky.


Flash orchestra mob and choir 9th Symphony in Sabadella, near Barcelona, Spain. Wonderful!


Video Pick and Political Scene combined

Only 1 minute, 30 seconds – humourous and to the point. The Enbridge Pipeline is a disaster waiting to happen. Please make your voice heard before it is too late. Some experts have stated that the proposed location is purposely so ludicrously dangerous so when they decide to move it to Prince Rupert (which was original plan) we will all be happy. ARE Canadians that easily duped?????   

In BC you can contact Minister of the Environment

Dr. Terry Lake:   E-mail:

Phone: 250 387-1187 or 250 554-5413   Fax: 250 387-1356  or 250 554-5417

As this is a national issue, meaning BC may not really have any say in the decision, please also contact Stephen Harper:     Phone: 1-613-992-4211         Fax: 613-941-6900      E-mail:


Serving you in health,

Benoit & Associates Health Education


Ph/Fax    250-748-6802                  Email:


Member Benefits for Nature’s Sunshine with Benoit & Associates Health Education

How does Membership with Nature’s Sunshine Products benefit you?

 You can receive discounts from 10 – 35% on therapeutically potent,  professionally formulated herbal, vitamin and mineral supplements, leaders in the industry since 1972.

When you a member under our Benoit & Associates Health Education NSP Family, you are entitled to  free calls or emails up to 10 minutes  every month to help you choose your personal health program.*

* We are very generous with our time, but  for detailed or multiple questions and complex health issues , please book a consultation to ensure we can properly assess your situation and help you choose the best approach and supplements specific to you.

We provide paid education sessions worldwide to all who wish to achieve better health through nature’s healing gifts,  including other practitioners of natural health

Rates are very reasonable: see fee schedule, which offers a discount for members in our group. If you are a member in someone else’s group, please choose the first option on fee schedule. We will still work with you! 


What do you need to do?

  • Contact our office or phone 250-748-6802, with your name, phone number and 2 times available Mon – Thurs. mornings, 9:00 – 11.:50 am PST for personalized service and to choose which membership best suits you
  • Memberships are free in most countries when you place a small order
  • Go to; choose your country and use sponsor #  309344 CANADA (Lorene Benoit MHH, BEd, CHC) or #313939 CANADA (Francene Benoit , BScN, NHC) to receive discount and the benefits for your country plus our professional support.
  • OR contact us with your details and we can place your initial order for you with no charge – old fashioned personal service!

 Benefit from great education including Free webinars, Fact sheets, and conference calls with professionals and  specials for the  superior products for which Nature’s Sunshine has been renown since 1972 .

There is no obligation, no forced autoship, no minimum, no hassle!

Order what you want, when you want! 

A few facts about Nature’s Sunshine Products:

Exceeds pharmaceutical standards, has lead the health industry since 1972

-for details see   Nature’s Sunshine Quality.

Vast product line used by professionals world wide

– products to complement existing lines

– full Fact Sheets on every product, Product Catalogue and educational brochures

– ask for NSP professionals and author’s list – many well known authors such as Dr. Jack Ritchason, Louise Tenney, Lorene Benoit, Mark Pedersen, Steven Horne, AHG, have been involved, some for more than 40 years.

Website, educational support for more than 40 countries worldwide.

–  a keen network of people interested in natural health

–  ongoing conference calls and webinars for herbal and health education,

–  marketing and business building available for those who choose to help others and earn while learning – NO obligations or pressure!


Contact us before you order from Amazon or EBay, which is illegal, based on NSP policy and motto of  “Quality, Service and Integrity”. An unknown seller cannot provide Service or Integrity, which we can. NSP has provided the professional Quality, exceeding pharmaceutical standards,  since 1972.

 Read a few more facts on quality.

Most generous marketing plan –  If you are interested in sharing health with others, see Business in this blog to learn more or contact Benoit & Health Associates at 250-748-6802.

Since 1990 we have helped people at all levels of health education to build their own business!