Herbal Intensive 2012 a success!

We had 10 people take part in our 2012 Annual Medicine Wheel workshop to learn how the four elements can be used to understand the actions and principles of herbs, and then how this apply this knowledge to help keep us healthy.

A smaller group of us joined together for the next 3 days of the Annual Herbal Intensive, and what fun we had! As usual, we prepared a St. John’s Wort tincture, Herbal Savory Vinegar, St. Joan’s oil, Prunella Vulgaris (Heal All) Glycerite, Yarrow Tinctract and Four Quadrants Healing Salve, along with many infusions, decoctions, a poultice, eyewash…..and more. We shared herbal knowledge, stories and deepened our understanding of how our health can be improved mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, thus applying the four elements of Medicine Wheel in more depth.

Below are some photos of the herb gardens and wildlife we enjoyed during the Intensive. Some pictures and comments from participants may follow to give your their perspective. From my perspective, I have to thank those who invest their time to join in these classes and empower themselves as they learn to take control of their health through the gifts provided freely to us through mother nature.

Some of the herbs – can you name them?









Our deer family leaving after their breakfast

Join us for next year’s Annual Herbal Intensive

July 12-15th, 2013!



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10 thoughts on “Herbal Intensive 2012 a success!

  1. Speaking as a herbal intensive participant in the past, I am sorry I missed this one. I would have loved to be inspired by your words of great knowledge once again. I feel the healing powers coming from those gardens as I glance at the pictures and I miss them!

    I have a sun infused St. Johns wort oil sitting on my deck as we speak, thanks to the lessons I learned from my experience with the workshop!

    I am confident the participants walked away with a sense of greatness from their experience 🙂

  2. So glad that you are using and sharing what you learned here – and on the opposite side of our great country, where you can still get those great healing herbs! Keep up the great work you do Monica!

  3. Lorene, the world is a nicer because of people like you who care about others. By sharing your knowledge you are making a difference. Thank you, I enjoyed the herbal classes. My hope is that I can share what I learned also.

  4. Thank you Karen! I love sharing with others and this herbal knowledge is something that can help everyone. I hope you also share with others the herbal treasures you learned here.

  5. St Johns wort is really great. I took it for 5 months and it really made my depression go away.

  6. Yes, St. John’s Wort, if high quality can make a difference for some types of depression. As explained in my cancer book, The Paw Paw Program, one always has to look at the causes, and follow the 4 Pillars of health. Depression is a symptom of other challenges the body is dealing with and suggestions in my book will help with this.

  7. Yes, many studies show that St.John’s Wort can be more effective than anti-depressant drugs. Still very important though to get at the underlying causes of the depression!

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