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As we were  sunning ourselves on a  beautiful Mexican beach, we saw a woman throw herself off a passing boat, followed shortly by her young son jumping in. As she pulled her gasping self up on the sand, her body green like an iguana, her son said she was ready to die with severe motion sickness. I asked if she would trust me, knowing I was a fellow Canadian, and when she said she’s try anything, I gave her a couple of drops of Tei Fu Oil on her hand to lick off. We repeated this in 10 mins. plus put a drop in each nostril. Within 45 minutes, she was up walking around and felt like she had never been sick. She has suffered from severe motion sickness for years, and said sometimes she will be sick for days afterward. She thanked me for “saving her life.

I am so glad I always carry this tiny first aid kit in a bottle with me, as it has helped many people over the years.

Submitted by Liz, Duncan BC.

Comments from Benoit & Associates Health:

In addition to motion sickness, Tei Fu Oil is a must to have on hand to stop pain, swelling and allergic reactions to many stings and bites from mosquitoes, bees, wasps, spiders, and jelly fish. It helps with all digestive upsets, colds, decongestant, headaches, bruises and more. Here is a list of uses for which we carry this little bottle with us at all times:

  • one drop internally: respiratory and sinus congestion and infection, sore throat, cough, mental alertness, breath freshener,  nausea, motion sickness
  • one drop topically:  sore muscles/ muscle spasms and cramps/ Charlie horses,  headaches (on temple and at back of neck,  bites and stings, bruises, cold sores
  • inhale for: respiratory and sinus congestion and infection

For external use only, many people use Tei Fu Massage Lotion,  for similar external uses to cover larger areas for conditions such as arthritis, and achy muscles, sprains or strains.

To order either of these professional quality products, please contact our office at 250-748-6802 or

If you prefer to order direct from NSP, at,  please use # 309344 or 313939 Canada,  to receive a discount and become a member for free. No obligations, only professional therapeutic products at discount prices,  PLUS our support! 


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10 thoughts on “Success with Tei Fu Oil

  1. Thank you and glad you are finding it helpful. We try to put on one new article per week of the thousands I have written over the last 25 plus years, as well as answer questions.

  2. We do not believe in using OTC pain relievers as herbal supplements are as effective and much safer. For muscle spasms, use Lobelia, and combinations like RE-X, which is a herbal formulation for relaxing muscles and nerves. Please contact us if you would also like to sell these and REALLY help people!

  3. Yes, it’s a fine balance between overdoing exercise to the point of damage and not doing enough to be effective. Listening to your body is good advice!

  4. Decongestants are drugs used to relieve nasal congestion, and come in many forms. Decongestants commonly come in pill form, but nasal sprays and liquid syrups are both available as well. Nasal congestion is caused, usually during a cold, when the membranes of the nose become swelled. Decongestants relieve this swelling by constricting the blood vessels in the area. This reduces blood flow to the area, and in turn the swelling.

  5. Decongestants that we use with excellent success are plant based, not drug/synthetic based. In pill form most people find relief with Histablock. The bromelain, quercertin, nettle and bitter orange work synergystically to decrease inflammation and reduce allergic response naturally. Silver Guard can also be used as a nasal spray, or the Silver Gel dabbed in nose to reduce inflammation and clear nasal passages. There is also our amazing Tei Fu Oil. Check out some of the Success Stories and uses for Tei Fu Oil.

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