Tips to Make the Swine Flu Fly Away (and other infections)

Tips to Make the Swine Flu Fly Away

also applies to all infectious conditions

Five inexpensive and SAFE suggestions for those who are worried about any flu or seasonal colds:

1. Drink 1 capful of NSP Silver Shield Liquid per day.

2. Use NSP Silver Shield Liquid in a spray bottle to:
sterilize hands
take a swig and hold 6 minutes at the first sign of any throat irritation
the Silver Shield Liquid can also be put into nasal spray bottles (available at our office),
to help get it farther into nasal passages and for any sinus related conditions

3. Take 1-4 NSP Vit. D3 per day (2000 IU per tablet). This well researched U tube on Vit. D3 is also a MUST listen for anyone who has had or is concerned about preventing Cancer, Diabetes, MS, osteoporosis, depression…… or contact Lorene for more research on Vit. D3.

4. And from Dr. Pedersen’s last webinar for doctors, who are the most likely people to come in contact with this flu and many others on a daily basis:
Dab some NSP Silver Shield Gel in each nostril 1-3 times a day; it keeps your mucous membranes naturally moist, as well as the Silver will kill inhaled contaminants.

5. Check out my “Tips to Balance Your Immunity” on my Blog – take a look around the website while you are there…..comments welcome!

Remember – whether our body is a good host to germs, viruses and any pathogens is up to us! This is all dependant upon our diet, stress levels, and seasonal cleansing to help keep it clean and pure so we do NOT provide a good host.
Should all the above measures not all be in place and you do find yourself sick, please check out “Crisis Management” on our blog. To order your Silver Shield, call our office 250-748-6802, or email

Be healthy, happy and wise!

If you are interested in more information, please contact me.

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10 thoughts on “Tips to Make the Swine Flu Fly Away (and other infections)

  1. Thanks for the information. I use the Silver Shield gel daily. The tip about using the gel to keep nostrils moist and helping to kill inhaled contaminants is very helpful.

  2. If you look at the pandemic of 1977, when H1N1 or Swine Flu re-emerged after a 20 year absence, there is no shift in age-related mortality pattern. The 1977 “pandemic” is, of course, not considered a true pandemic by experts today, for reasons that are not entierely consistent. It certainly was an antigenic shift and not an antigenic drift. As far as I have been able to follow the current events, the most significant factor seems to have been that most people, who were severely affected, were people with other medical conditions.

  3. Glad that your brother is better and thanks for sharing. It appears that the swine flu was not nearly as virulent or pandemic as the people promoting the vaccine would have us believe. Many that did die from swine flu had other existing health challenges. We have not heard from anyone taking the Silver Shield who got the flu. One woman who was not taking the silver, contracted the swine flu, had one visit to emergency as she is a smoker, but started with the Silver and was back to work in 5 days. Everyone in our family and office take 5 ml. (1 tsp) prevention and maintenance per day … it works! We are surrounded by sick people daily and are all keeping healthy. Many doctors are also using Silver Shield to stay well.

  4. It is my opinion that h1n1 was simply a conspiracy controlled the vaccination companies. But many of my other collegues also think it was ment to kill people, but I think the whole thing was hyped by the media who were influenced by those corporations that sold the vaccinations to the various world governments! Do you guys agree??

  5. ROY: Thanks for post Yes, we agree entirely! Many people I know who unfortunately did convinced to take the swine flu vaccine got pretty ill! Those who ave been taking Silver Shield are well. Results speak for themselves.

  6. Swine Flu is quite dangerous and created quite a lot of health scare. I was also afraid to get infected by swine flu virus. :,,`* Warm regards diseases blog

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