Safe Vaccine Alternatives

Take responsibility to create better health for you and all loved ones!

The first and most important thing to say about vaccination is you don’t have to do it.

The fact is it wouldn’t occur to a lot of us to even investigate vaccinations, particularly before we experience contraindications. More recently, however, there are more and more people taking responsibility for their health. You may find the following material conflicts with messages you have been given from the allopathic medical field. Statistics are often misrepresented by inaccurate reporting and recording; making it difficult to know the truth.

The intent of this information is to remind you that you are responsible for your own health. Secondly, it is to remind you that you are more of an expert on the subject of your self and your body than any other person or group of people – it is your decision as to what is best for you. The point is you have the right and the responsibility to determine your own action.

For those new to the concept that it is your decision whether or not to vaccinate, please be aware that The Exemption for Conscience was passed on December 14, 1984. Previous to this, mandatory vaccination was practiced in Canada. Although today it is no longer mandatory to have your children vaccinated, “social marketing” is the means of imposing vaccination. The selling of an idea to the point that it becomes your own idea, even if it goes against your conscience, is what social marketing is about.


All drugs, prescription or over the counter, have some toxic side effects. Herbs have thousands of years use as safe, natural and effective!  Herbs have been used since the birth of humankind and still stand the test of time.


For a Healthy Immune System:

Follow the Four Pillars of Health: Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional. More detail on these are in Lorene Benoit’s book: The Paw Paw Program – A Natural Approach to Cancer and other chronic conditions.



Avoid sugar, food additives, chemicals, colourings, caffeine and junk food; they suppress immune function.

Keep the body clean (internally and externally). Cleanse spring and fall.

Eat a well-rounded diet of wholesome natural foods. Foods for the immune system are foods closest to their natural state: vegetables, fruits, some whole grains (sprouted), nuts and seeds.

Herbs are concentrated powerhouses of nutrition: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and all the phytochemicals that scientists will never finish discovering.

Herbs promote optimum health when used on a daily basis according to your needs and the seasons. Quality herbs used properly are also safe remedies when you are sick.

Avoid using antibiotics and synthetic drugs, as they are toxic to humans. If you feel antibiotics are necessary, replace colonic bacteria with good quality probiotics.

Reduce meat, egg and processed grains. These foods contribute to mucous production. Change the last “a” in pasta to “e” and what do you get?  Paste!

Get regular moderate exercise.

Practice deep abdominal breathing.

Seek clean air and sun. Don’t smoke. Avoid inhaling second-hand smoke.


Mental, Spiritual and Emotional:

Maintain a positive mental attitude. Research has shown that a positive mental attitude and having goals, plans, dreams, hope and faith result in a stronger immune system.

Stress is a major cause of a suppressed immune system. Learn to reduce it where possible and where not, manage it effectively.

Develop loving relationships with other people that build up your self worth.

Cry and let go of a loved one; grieve, feel your feelings. Learn to express anger constructively and in safe ways. People who suppress their feelings may be prone to having a hiatal hernia, which leads to digestive system breakdown and overall health challenges.

Keep educating yourself and ask questions.


The four aspects of our health cannot be separated,  if one hopes to achieve optimum health.

If you have already used vaccinations, or if after researching about immunizations, you still decide to use them, the following herbs and combinations can help counteract some of the negative effects. These formulations also help keep the immune system strong and healthy, thus providing a safe alternative to vaccines:

HRP-C    (VS-C in US) to kill viruses and remove toxins, especially from the liver. This can be used as successful treatment for ALL viruses, including herpes; as well as taken as a preventive during cold/flu season.

Heavy Metal Detox to cleanse blood of mercury, formaldehyde, and other toxins in vaccines. Supports the liver and provides essential minerals.

Cat’s Claw Combination with Astragalus and Echinacea to kill bacteria and infections; helps lymphatic drainage.

IGS II which contains Goldenseal to kill Hepatitis B virus from the vaccine.

Oregon Grape as natural antibiotic and immune system strengthener. A specific for staph infections with special affinity for skin conditions.

Silver Guard has research to show it can kill over 600 strains of bacteria and viruses. Once in the blood, it can help prevent most infectious pathogens. Labelled as a mouthwash due to Health Canada absurdity, it is #1 for infection. By all means use it as a mouthwash to prevent tooth and gum infection, but then swallow it so it can continue promoting health throughout your body.

For a list of excellent website to continue your education on vaccines, “Vaccine websites“.


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