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Lupus, Cleansing, Super Shakes and Energy!


Thank you to the 130 people who attended the NSP presentations by Julie De Visser, ND, – great participation from lively crowds that gave our guests a true Vancouver Island welcome!


Our group of practitioners work with Julie’s tips for both health and weight loss. They so closely resemble those from a 2012 article, which include the Four Pillars of Weight Loss and Insulin Resistance, (the key to preventing diabetes), that you may want to read it.
The Road the Wellness – The Four Pillars of Health is also the entire Chapter 6 in my book, The Paw Paw Program.

This is information that several people asked for, contact us if you need more details.

  • All the super foods used in the pre-presentation shakes are summarized; full fact sheets are available online. In my Paw Paw book, which is not just for cancer, but for Optimum Health, p. 203-204,  I have a general recipe for Super Shakes. In this I also mention adding greens, of any type as Julie mentioned. It’s quick and easy with GreenZone, especially in the winter. Check here for more Shake recipes. Here is a description of GreenZone and most of the Super Foods we used.
  • Arginine – 22 reasons for those who asked about it – we often put that in our shakes, too!
  • Remember monthly specials, in both Canada and US. If you are a member, specials are in addition to your member discount


Several people commented on the suggested intake of one gallon /4 litres of water per day. Remember that many of the nutritional beverages you sampled at the event can help to make up this amount: Chlorophyll, #1 health beverage since 1972, Zambroza,  Mineral Chi Tonic, Solstic Slim, Energy , Nutrition, and in the US add  Solstic Revive, Immune, Cardio and Twenty Four, plus all the great Super Shakes, lattes’, soups, herbal teas, including Green Tea, E-Tea (Essiac), Licorice.

We  encourage people to adjust this amount for  your weight, based on this formula:  # pounds divided by 2 = # of ounces. The adjust for level of activity, temperature, and diet. The bottom line is most people need more hydration!

Some people asked what the herbs that Julie De Visser used for her lupus healing. I have linked these to My NSP site, which gives a brief description of each formulation:
IF-C – InFlammation Chinese
Colostrum for balancing immune system
Lym – Max for cleansing lymphatic
Safflowers for uric acid removal (a US product) – KB-C can be used in place
and of course LOTS of
Chlorophyll to add nutrition and hydrate . This testimony just arrived via email:
our fridge always contains the large NSP liquid Chlorophyll, and has for the past couple of years, my husband and both of my children all benefit from the extra greens, and the taste is minty and refreshing!” CJ


Some also asked about bowel cleansing – Our top selling Cleanse for about 20 years is the Tiao He Pak, which means Balance and Harmony, works on cleansing bowels, kidneys, lymphatics & cells. And this month it is on 10% or Buy 3 get one free – if you have some other family and friends ready to do their Spring Cleansing.10- 15 days depending on your constitution.
Closely tied for first with Bod E-Klenz  : Balanced for building  and Cleansing,  so can be done for 30 days or shared.


And the new to Canada, already very popular in US, Smart Meal!
Smart Meal – Soy, Pea and Chlorella protein matrix, also packed with Vitamins and Minerals.  130 calories per 2 scoops, better researched and less expensive than other weight loss products available. And yes, of course it is non -GMO sourced.
For a better understanding of Soy, please refer to my book and previous blogs on Phytohormones which Julie explained, and Soy Controversy, which is based on 30 years of study or research. NSP has two other protein blends: Nutri Burn whey protein and SynerProtein soy protein.


And to share one of several testimonies we heard about Solstic Energy: “My husband has replaced coffee with Solstic every morning for over a year and he is very pleased with the product evidenced by his continued use. It gives him a healthy energy boost in the morning that replaces caffeine and it tastes great! He gets the benefit of a boost of energy without the crash that often comes later in the day with coffee.

I use Solstic when I need an energy boost before a hike or a bike ride, or even after  Additionally, our fridge always contains the large NSP liquid Chlorophyll, and has for the past couple of years, my husband and both of my children all benefit from the extra greens, and the taste is minty and refreshing!” CJ

Enjoy and contact us if you need any assistance at all, or to order any of the professional, therapeutic products that are above and beyond pharmaceutical grade!  
That’s our job – to help you help yourself to better health!

Upcoming Spring 2014

March and April Wellness Events in Canada

Increase your wellness through Super Foods

Julie DeVisser, ND will be sharing her expertise in nutrition and Super Foods. Samples of easy to prepare, delicious recipes to ramp up your health, plus  give-aways are part of  this  free event. All events are 7:00 – 9:00 pm.

Pre-registration required by leaving your full name, phone number and number of guests:

  • phone:  250-748-6802
  • email: for any of these locations:

March 10 – Kelowna, BC

March 11 – St. Albert, AB

March 12 – Winnipeg. MB

March 17 – Mississauga, ON

March 18 – Belleville, ON


April 1st – Nanaimo, BC

April 2nd – Duncan, BC

April 3rd – Vancouver, BC

You will receive a confirmation email or phone call within 3 days, with exact location.

The following courses are being offered in Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island:


April 2, 2014

Increase your wellness through Super Foods
Julie DeVisser, ND, will be sharing her expertise in nutrition and Super Foods. A free lecture with samples at the Travelodge Silver Bridge, Duncan.

Register with Benoit Health 250-748-6802.


April 15, 2014     6:30- 9:30 pm

Looking At Health Outside the Box
We’ll cover the Lifestyle recommendations presented in  Lorene Benoit’s book The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally.

This will help you both understand and present the causes of  ALL dis-ease, while teaching you how to create optimum health. Her book is available in the VIRL system, as well as at this course.

Register through Island Savings Centre: 250-748-PLAY

April 9 and April 16, 2014

Going into Golden Years Healthy!
Many seniors take drugs for hypertension, blood sugar, cholesterol, and heart, with consequent interactions and side effects. Many others choose natural approaches to improve their health that have been used traditionally worldwide for 3,000+ years. Come and learn your options.
Instructor: Lorene Benoit, MHH, BEd
Wednesday 5:30pm – 7:30pm, Apr 9  and Apr 16
2 sessions/$25 Code: ISC-1952 – sp1451

Lorene Benoit is teaching this course for Cowichan Valley Elder College; register through Island Savings Centre: 250-748-PLAY


Arrange Your Own Course

Lorene Benoit has been teaching natural health for 35 years. She has presented for professional development, at Conferences for several hundred and small interest groups. Contact her if there is a health topic you wish to arrange with her.

Soy and Breast Cancer

Myth: Soy is harmful for those who have or have had breast cancer because it contains estrogen.
In 2011, data from the Women’s Healthy Eating and Living study (WHEL) were used to examine the effect of soy intake on breast cancer prognosis in 3088 breast cancer patients who were followed for 7.3 years. As soy isoflavone intake increased the risk of breast cancer related death decreased. This is the third epidemiologic study to report: no adverse effects of soy on the prognosis of breast cancer: it does not counteract with the effects of tamoxifen and it may in fact provide potential benefits in decreasing risk of recurrence or death from cancer.

Thanks to  Health Action Network Newsletter, a group which has worked tirelessly and successfully to help promote natural health awareness in Canada for over 32 years. A great non-profit to join!

For more in-depth on the soy controversy, please see our former article, which also discusses sources, quantity and more. For your health, please use only non-GMO soy, such as in SynerProtein, which can be used as a meal replacement for those wishing to tone up and lose weight OR for additional nutrition for those needing to gain weight.  This is why it is included as one of the Super Foods in my book: The Paw Paw Program. 


How Old Do You Think You Are?

It might surprise you, but you’re probably much younger than you think you are, according to Dr. Jonas Frisen, a stem cell biologist at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, who invented a method for estimating the age of human cells. If you’re middle-aged, Frisen estimates your average cellular age is just 10 years old or less. This is because most of your body’s tissues regenerate over your lifetime. As it turns out, according to Dr. Frisen’s novel method for estimating age, the average age of all cells in an adult’s body  is as young as seven to 10 years of age. Read on to see how the cells in the different areas of your body age…you’ll be surprised at just how young you really are!


Liver Age: 5 months

The liver is known for its amazing capacity to repair and regrow itself thanks to its rich blood supply.

“I can take 70 percent of a person’s liver away in an operation and around 90 percent of it will grow back within two months,” explains David Lloyd, liver surgeon at Leicester Royal Infirmary in England.


Taste Bud Age: 10 days

The tongue is covered with around 9,000 taste buds and each of them is a collection of cells on the surface of the tongue, each housing about 50 taste cells. The buds renew themselves approximately every ten days. However, their sensitivity can be damaged by inflammation from infections and smoking.


Brain Age: Same as your current age

Most of our cells that last a lifetime are found in the brain, explains John Wadley, consultant neurosurgeon at Barts and the London Hospital. “We are born with all the brain cells we’ll ever have—around 100 billion—and most of the brain does not regenerate as it gets older. There are, however, two areas of the brain that do regenerate,” says Mr Wadley. “The olfactory bulb that governs our sense of smell, and the hippocampus, which is an area for learning and memory.”


Heart Age: 20 years

Until recently it was thought the heart couldn’t renew itself. However, a study at New York Medical College found it is actually dotted with stem cells that constantly rejuvenate it—at least three or four times over a lifetime, says researchers.


Lung Age: 2-3 weeks

The cells in the lungs constantly renew themselves, explains Dr Keith Prowse, vice-president of the British Lung Foundation.

However, the lungs contain different cells that renew at different rates. The alveoli or air sac cells deep in the lungs have a steady progress of regeneration that takes about a year. Meanwhile, the cells on the lungs’ surface have to renew every two or three weeks. “These are the lungs’ first line of defence, so have to be able to renew quickly,” says Dr Prowse. The lung disease emphysema can prevent this regeneration as it begins with the destruction of the alveoli, which creates permanent ‘holes’ in the walls of the lungs.


Eye Age: Same as your current age

Your eyes are one of the few body parts that don’t really change during your life.The only part that is constantly being renewed is the cornea, the transparent top layer. If this is damaged, it can recover in as little as 24 hours, says Dr Rob Hogan, president of the College of Optometrists.


Skin Age: 2-4 weeks

The epidermis or surface layer of the skin is renewed every two to four weeks. This rapid turnover occurs because skin is the body’s outer protection and is exposed to injury as well as pollution. Despite this constant renewal, we still get wrinkles as we get older. That’s because the skin loses collagen and its elasticity as you age.


Bone Age: 10 years

The skeleton is constantly replacing itself, explains Dr Peter Selby, an osteoporosis expert based at Manchester Royal Infirmary. It takes around ten years to do this completely. At any one time we have a mixture of old and new bone as the turnover rates differ throughout the body.


Intestine Age: 2-3 days

Your intestines are lined with villi— tiny, finger-like branches that increase the surface area and help the intestine to absorb nutrients. They have a very high turnover rate and can be replaced every two to three days, explains Tom MacDonald, professor of immunology at Barts and the London Medical School. A protective layer of mucus membrane also lines the intestine, that renews itself every three to five days.


Red Blood Cell Age: 4 months

Blood cells carry oxygen to living tissue and carry away waste. They wear out every four months, after which the liver removes any remaining iron that is needed for healthy red blood cells before the remaining cell is destroyed in the spleen. Since they can also be lost through injury and menstruation, the body is constantly making more.


Hair Age: 3-6 years

The age of your hair depends on how long it is, but it generally grows 1 cm each month, explains hair restoration  surgeon, Dr Bessam Farjo. Each individual hair lasts up to six years in women and three years in men. Eyebrows and eyelashes are renewed every six to eight weeks, but a repeatedly plucked brow stops growing because plucking disrupts the growth cycle.


So what’s the benefit of knowing all this? One thing is that with proper nutrition, assimilation and elimination, we CAN BE GROWING YOUNGER AND HEALTHIER!


Nutrition means providing the body with all the building blocks required for health: vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids! Many articles on this blog can help you to do that. Super Foods and Shakes are one way to help the busy person eat concentrated nutrition.

As well, extensive dietary recommendations and some recipes to help you understand how to eat better, eliminate sugar  are  included In Lorene Benoit’s book: The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally. 2nd Edition is going to be ready by June 1st. Contact the office now to advance order yours!


Assimilation means having sufficient enzymes to support good digestion, and helping the digestive system to stay tuned up!


Elimination means having 1- 3 good bowel movements every day of your life by drinking enough water and eating enough fibre to ensure this happens.

Spring Cleansing is one healthy way to improve both assimilation and elimination.

Compiled from:

New York Times, “Younger Than You Think,” by Nicholas Wade; August 2, 2005.

Daily Mail, “Believe It or Not, Your Lungs are Six Weeks Old—and Your Taste Buds Just Ten Days! So

How Old is the Rest of Your Body?” by Angela Epstein; October 2009.

Cancer Screening and Prevention, Mammograms

Cancer Screening at What Cost?

A recent article in the Globe and Mail regarding the risks and benefits of Cancer Screening. “ The advantages to screening have been exaggerated.” states Dr Brawley. In Canada an expert panel said that women over 40 do not need routine mammography screening . The reason being that the value of mammography has been decisively unproven. Many experts say that it is of no value period. In one Danish study women between 55 and 74 who had regular mammograms had a 1% annual decrease in breast cancer mortality. But women who were unscreened had a 2% annual decrease in breast cancer mortality. In other words you were less likely to die from breast cancer if you did not participate in the annual mammogram screening. Dr. Gotzche concluded if “screening were a drug it would have been withdrawn . You don’t market a drug that harms so many people for such uncertain benefits. “

Furthermore the article continues to state that the screening picks up harmless cancers that never would have been a problem . Instead of saving lives screening creates an avalanche of over diagnosing and needless treatments. For example out of 2100 women, 690 would have detected a false positive result , 75 would have to undergo unnecessary biopsies and needless surgeries.

Now let’s address prostate PSA tests. These same experts state that men should not have PSA tests at all. The test does not save lives and it does inflict devastating harm on men whose cancer would have otherwise been benign . Between 1986 and 2005 1 million men were treated for prostate cancer because of the PSA test. At least 5000 men died  due to the harm from the surgeries. 70. 000 men suffered needless serious complications and 300,000 suffered impotence and incontinence. The expert group states that the PSA test is harmful and expensive, with the annual cost in the USA being $3 billion. So why is the PSA test still administered?  The drug companies continue peddling the tests for financial gain. Richard Ablin the founder of PSA is devastated, “ I never dreamed that my discovery four years ago would lead to such as profit driven public health disaster. “

Because cancer always starts from an injury it makes no sense to inflict your breasts to an injurious type of mammography test. It simple aggravates the problem. It makes no sense to submit to unproven prostate tests that serve no purpose accept to expose you to surgical procedures that cause harm and inflict injury. In cancer there is cell replication and the law of nature states that cells do not randomly replicate. There must be a reason for cell replication to take place and that reason is that there is an injury. This is explained in more detail in my book: The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally”.

So here is the wisdom of this all. It is imperative that we should provide our cells on a daily basis with all the essential building blocks  so that any inconsequential injuries may be repaired well before they get to the mutated point. What do we do ? We feed our bodies not with daily junk food but with high dense nutritious super foods .  Herbs are nature’s answer to do this. One way to nourish our cells is to give them a Smoothie every day loaded with:

Mineral Chi Tonic for the minerals lacking in today’s foods

GreenZone which is a concentrated source of alkalinizing vitamins and minerals which are easily assimilated as they are from food sources, including spirulina, amaranth, barley grass, bee pollen, chlorella, and 30 other herbs and super foods.

Collatrim Plus bioavailable amino acids

Flax Hull Lignans which bind the harmful xenoestrogens produced by Candida and which feed cancer.

Colostrum known to bind harmful lectins, which can plug up the blood stream . Lectins are found in all grains.

Super Omegas from tested fish sources.

Other herbs and supplement in capsule, liquid and powder form are available to meet specific needs, but the above can be helpful for everyone. For specific programs, contact our office and complete the LifeStyle Analysis as suggested above. For any who may chose to direct order, become a member for free and receive a discount by using our # 309344.


These were the Shake Recipes entered in our “Shake It Up Contest” Sept. 14th, 2012 at our Nature’s Sunshine Event where we learned some details about the Quality for which NSP is known. It is the Quality Control that has made NSP The Leader in the Nutritional supplement industry since 1972. All entrants won one of the products that are in these health giving Shakes.

Shakes are a great way to supplement when one needs extra nutrition for children, elderly, those in recovery from surgery, illness, dental surgery, or underweight. As well they can serve as a meal replacement for those wanting to lose weight. They were ALL delicious!

1. GREEN SMOOTHIE – my delicious breakfast drink!
By Helga Lambrecht Health, CHC, NHC

1 cup pure water
2 scoops TNT powder
1 scoop SynerProtein or Nutri-Burn
1 scoop GreenZone
1 heaping scoop Flax Hull Lignans
1 heaping scoop Arginine Plus
10 mL pure olive oil
Blend until it emulsifies and stir in
15 to 30 mL Nature’s Gold (optional)


By Lucy Taylor, C.H.H.P. PHOENIX HOLISTIC HEALING CLINIC, Nanaimo Telephone: 250 758 0660 E mail:

1 cup water
1 packet Solstic Nutrition *Vitamin & mineral supplement tropical fruit punch drink
1/3 cup Greek yoghurt (or other non-dairy alternative)
1 ounce Zambroza* (Anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, circulation, immune, skin, nervous system – ENERGY !)
½ to 1 cup Frozen Strawberries
Add 1 scoop of NutriBurn Vanilla to make this a satisfying meal replacement!

Blend on high and enjoy a delicious and tasty supplement rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.
Nature’s Sunshine Products have a low glycemic index and a powerhouse of nutrition !

* Zambroza is known as Thai Go in the U.S.



Blueberries, strawberries, banana, cinnamon, ginger, Synerprotein and almond milk.
The amounts can be varied with what you have in stock;  I love it with pineapple too, along with the spices.

Lois has been a Nature’s Sunshine herb fan for over 20 years! She uses the products regularly so she can now enjoy a her retirement in great health!



1 scoop TNT Powder
1 scoop SynerProtein Powder
1 Solstic Energy
1 cup blueberries
2 cups water
Optional: Banana, raspberries, kale or other greens in summer, GreenZone in winter.
Blend and enjoy!

Alain Chabot is life long partner of Lorene Benoit and has been using NSP products for over 23 years. His famous dressing for salads, vegetables, and just about anything else is included in Lorene’s Paw Paw Program book.

Other ideas for superior nutrition can be found both in the Recipes Chapter 10, and throughout Lorene’s book The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally.


BI POLAR Natural Aids


We have a friend recently diagnosed with Bi-Polar and he wants
to heal it the natural way… I am researching it for him as I’d like
to see him go that way instead of with what the doctor wants him to take.
Any info you could share would be most appreciated, thank you! DL


Many respected medical doctors have used proper nutrition to treat emotional and psychological conditions, as well as physical. From Dr. Linus Pauling, nobel prize winner, to Dr. Abram Hoffer (co-authors of the extensive book OrthoMolecular Medicine) are just two of many. OrthoMolecular Medicine  means using vitamins and minerals in therapeutic dosages. Dr. Abram Hoffer was medical advisor of a Mental Institution in Saskatchewan and had far better results treating schizophrenic patients with nutrition than drugs. He also had promising results with cancer patients using a nutritional protocol. Besides being an acclaimed author and running a busy medical, practice Dr. Hoffer lectured internationally for many years, to Medical practitioners and students, so it is surprising to hear some doctors say, “ nutrition is not proven or researched”.


Researchers do not definitively understand some conditions, such as Bipolar. Theories range considerably, with no proven hypotheses. A shortage of lithium in the brain is one, just as a shortage of serotonin has been hypothesized to cause depression. More recent research throws considerable doubt on both of these theories.  A study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry  from U. Michigan, 2000, reports “in those with bipolar disorder, two major areas of the brain contain 30 percent more cells that send signals to other brain cells.” This report theorizes that “the extra signal-sending cells may lead to a kind of over-stimulation, which makes sense considering the symptoms of bipolar disorder”. Researchers are quite certain that the neurotransmitter system is at least part of the cause of bipolar disorder, but further research is still needed to define its exact role.


Most scientists concur that  psychological disorders are usually caused by multiple interacting  factors,  including biological, (heredity or genetic tendency) and psychological.  One of the best researched current explanations is  the “Diathesis-Stress Model.” The word diathesis means, in simplified terms, a bodily condition that make a person more than usually susceptible to certain diseases. Thus the Diathesis-Stress Model says that “each person inherits certain physical predispositions that leave him or her vulnerable to problems that may or may not appear, depending on what kinds of situations that person confronts” (Bernstein et al., 2000). Durand and Barlow define this model as a “hypothesis that both an inherited tendency and specific stressful conditions are required to produce a disorder” (2000).
A manic or depressive incidence is usually triggered by a stressful life event or issues in the person’s environment. This may include the loss of something or someone, a loved one, job, home; to any change such as the birth of a child, a new job or home, a move, or threatening life situations. Remember that what is a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual stressor to one person may not be to another.  Once the disorder is triggered and progresses, “it seems to develop a life of its own. Once the cycle begins, a psychological or pathophysiological process takes over and ensures that the disorder will continue” (Durand & Barlow, 2000).

We know that stress can be approached naturally via the Four Pillars of Health as described in Lorene Benoit’s book: The Paw Paw Program. To briefly outline,  the four pillars are listed below, with some specifics relating to BiPolar:
  • DIET: superior nutrition through improved diet, much like that recommended in the book. A diet that is beneficial for treatment and prevention of cancer is the same diet that helps improve everyone’s overall health.
  • EMOTIONAL HEALTH: especially stress reduction techniques, including meditation, yoga, relaxation, energy clearing,  counselling
  • EXERCISE:  to stimulate our “feel good” neurotransmitters, chemicals and hormones
  • HERBS and SUPPLEMENTS: some that we have had positive experience with for bipolar are:


Daily Maintenance suggestions:
Stress Pak – includes B vitamins, relaxing nervine herbs, or Stress Formula
Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic – to help regulate Chi or energy flow, plus providing trace mineral nutrition
Super Omega 3‘s to support the nervous system – at


In times of Manic or Depressive phases, add:
STR-C – (STRess Chinese)  a Chinese constitutional formula that calms an agitated mind – this one specifically to help calm a manic phase
AD-C – (AntiDepressant Chinese) A Chinese constitutional formula that clears stagnant Chi to help relieve depression


Therapeutic essential oils of  Ylang ylang, Rose Geranium, and Lemon have also been used as an effective aids.


As people with this condition can be helped with natural supplementation,  this is preferable to drug treatment, as all drugs have toxic side effects.  Besides the drug negative effects, many do not address the underlying causes, exacerbate the condition and may cause complications due to their addictive nature. In a crisis, if drugs are required, work at bringing the body back into balance for long term health.


For more information, personal consultations, or to order any of the above products to your home contact Benoit & Associates Health Education at or 250-748-6802.



Gotta love your liver!

It is largest organ in your body, performing over 500 different and essential functions, without even being reminded. A few amazing facts about your liver. It  weighs about three to four pounds , has an amazing ability to regrow even if only 20% is left, and performs more than 500 functions to keep your life flowing smoothly!

Among its many functions, the liver:

  • Filters harmful waste products and toxins from the blood and distributes them for elimination via the bowels, kidneys, skin, lungs and lymph
  • Regulates and secretes substances important in maintaining your body’s function and health – glucose is a good example
  • Liver metes out glucose, or stores it for later use, thus controls our energy levels
  • Produces cholesterol and special proteins to help carry fats through the body
  • Produces bile to help break down and digest fats
  • Is critical in digestion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates
  • Produces enzymes and amino acids – such as glutathion
  • Metabolizes and helps balance of hormones
  • Assimilates and stores fat-soluble vitamins, such as Vit. A , D and E
  • Processes hemoglobin , thus is involved in anemic challenges

Your liver is really one intelligent, giant filter, screening all of the nutrients, drugs, medicines, chemicals, hormones and preservatives we intake daily. We need to take care of this hard-working organ. Stress, diet, environmental toxins, alcohol and overeating can wreak havoc on your liver. Some symptoms of a tired, overworked and congested liver may be:

  • Low Energy right up to Exhaustion
  • Allergies  and Chemical Sensitivities
  • Anemia
  • Anger or Depression
  • Bloating, Belching, Burping ( the 3 B’s)
  • Constipation and Diarrhea
  • Eczema, Acne, Hives, Rashes and Itchy Skin
  • Headaches, especially migraines
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Inability to Tolerate Cold or Heat
  • Nausea
  • Mentrual challenges including PMS, painful menses, and menopausal challenges
  • Muscle Pain
  • Weight Gain or Weight Loss

To help the liver, and other eliminative organs such as lymph, colon and kidneys function optimally, we need to nourish the liver with  super nutrition every day, plus help it with seasonal detoxification. A few suggestions for detoxification follow:


  • Allow your bodies to sweat., do not clog sweat pores with anti-perspirants, use Crystal Clear natural deodorant.
  • Help your body to detoxify by doing a 10- 30 day herbal overall body cleanse at least 2X/year. Tiao He Pak is an excellent choice for overall body cleansing, 10-15 days. For added weight loss, use the Bod-E Klenz and balanced 30 day cleanse.
  • Use fibre in your diet.
  • Drink lots of water, with Chlorophyll, fresh lemon or lime, or herbal teas
  • Add mineral and antioxidant supplements to help neutralize stage 1 detox free radicals, Super Trio is an excellent daily nutritional supplement providing all essentials.
  • Decrease toxins your body comes in contact with.  Every small bit helps. Use natural products for house cleaning, such as NSP Concentrate Cleaner and Nature’s Fresh Enzyme Spray, and use natural personal products on your body.
  • Include exercise in your daily regime
  • Deal effectively with your emotions and strive to have an Attitude of Gratitude!

Many suggestions for healthful lifestyle including diet, stress, exercise, recipes are in my book:

 Lorene Benoit’s book: The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally

 Contact the author at for suggestions on healthy detox programs and support specific to you!



Super Foods And Super Shakes

Superior nutrition can be accomplished regardless of age or sex, and the results can be noticeable within as little as four weeks!  Experience a healthier immune system, more positive outlook, greater energy and longer life expectancy.   Combining healthy eating habits, regular exercise, pure water, fresh air and Nature’s Sunshine products will make for optimal health!

For those times when you just don’t feel like preparing a nutritious meal, shakes are a great way to get the nutrition your body needs, without all the calories.  A well-balanced shake can provide protein, green super foods, herbs, fruit, fibre and vitamins and minerals.   ********************************************************************

Here are suggestions with Nature’s Sunshine Products that help ensure you get a full dose of protein, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids to keep you healthy:

One – half to one cup of berries (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries)

One serving of GreenZone powder  or Ultimate GreenZone in US. – when you have fresh greens such as kale, beet greens, lettuce – not iceberg, sprouted vegies, swiss chard – you don’t need GreenZone

One serving of SynerProtein Soy Powder, NutriBurn Whey Protein OR Smart Meal, soy, pea & chlorella protein.

In US one has options of NutriBurn, Smart Meal, plus Love and Peas or Nature’s Harvest.

Please contact Benoit & Associates to discuss which of these would be best for you, as well as to set up a direct ordering account for the best price, plus professional support.

Optional: 1/2 to one serving TNT, Flax hull Lignans or other superfoods

1.5 cups of filtered water

Thoroughly mix all ingredients and enjoy!


GreenZone  (CA) and  Ultimate Green Zone (US):  Provide the body with Superior Nutrition from whole foods.  One serving equals six servings of healthy greens. Contains the finest blend of some of the most nutritious land- and sea-based herbs, plus minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and bioflavonoids. Zone balanced 40-30-30.  A low calorie, nutritionally dense whole food that leaves you feeling vibrant and alive. Blood sugar stablizer,  balance weight, increase metabolism, detoxify. Aids healing and regeneration; strengthens body’s ability to cope with stress.

Nature’s Harvest (US) and Nature’s Harvest (CA) which contains a host of super nutrition, including Beta Glucanswhich may help slow tumour growth via anti-angiogenesis.

SynerProtein Powder: (non-GMO Soy)  (CA ) – Supplementing with protein helps build lean muscle and increase metabolism. This blend of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients provides needed nutrition without the calories. High in antioxidants to eliminate free radicals that cause low energy and poor stamina. Especially ideal for women because of its soy content.  Promotes better concentration. If your weight control program includes calorie restrictions – this is it!

Nutri-Burn Whey Protein: Vanilla (in US also Cocoa) – enhanced with CLA (conjugated linoleoic acid), a natural polyunsaturated fat that research has shown has powerful weight-loss potential, particularly for abdominal fat. Health benefits include decreased hunger, improved stress response, increased metabolism, improved insulin sensitivity and immunity, better sleep, increased endurance during exercise, and reduced food-induced allergic reactions.

TNT: Total Nutrition Today contains a blend of vitamins, minerals, soluble fibre and antioxidants with a delicious natural orange flavour. Also enhances eliminative functions.

Collatrim Plus is another complete protein designed to build and tone muscle. It also helps heal leaky gut.

There are other great protein super shakes to choose from, in both Canada and US.: IN.Form Metabolic Age Support Soy and Pea Protein, Love & Peas….

Contact the author for suggestions of the best one for you and to place your first wholesale priced order – no charge – for 10 minutes. 


Other healthful additions: Fresh or frozen fruit: banana, berries, pear, free range eggs or locally grown vegetables. Concentrated Zambroza, Thai Go (US) , Liquid Essential Minerals OR Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Nature’s Gold, Flax Hull Lignans – a herb specialist can help choose your best Super dense nutritional foods.

Prepared by:  Lorene Benoit, M.H.H.CHC; 250-748-6802

Mar/09 Updated October, 2013