Natural Approach To Cancer: Paw Paw

Book cover front 2nd ED


Can cancer, like many diseases,  be prevented ?

ISBN  1st Edition      978-1-77084-119-9      October, 2010

ISBN 2nd Edition       978-1-77084-299-1      May, 2013


Written by Lorene Benoit, author, consultant and natural health teacher for more than 30 years, this book presents a comprehensive natural program for understanding cancer, preventing cancer and working with cancer.

 Dr. McLaughlin’s endorsement on the cover of Benoit’s 2nd Edition states:

“This book offers an excellent explanation of a safe, effective and affordable program for cancer that can be a Godsend for those dealing with cancer or other chronic conditions.”

Lorene Benoit’s expertise offers a wealth of information about a complete Paw Paw program that has helped many with cancer. The book includes background, research, and all instructions for the paw paw program as a natural solution for cancer. Also included are diet and cancer,  protein, pH, additional supportive supplementation, treatment options, lifestyle suggestions, case studies, success stories, and more that relate to healing ALL DISEASE.

The Paw Paw Program book answers a lot of the questions that have been asked by those following the program since 2004! It is professionally done, with charts and illustrations, making it easy to understand.

The understanding of causes such as infection, inflammation, natural immunity relates to ALL disease conditions, especially those considered chronic and age related. The extensive dietary and lifestyle recommendations found in this book will help people to attain and maintain better health for all conditions. 

This book began in April, 2005, when Benoit wrote the script, “A Complementary Approach to Cancer“, for a series of cross Canada Health Classes to teach people about Paw Paw, a herb used as part of a natural program for cancer.

The 2nd Edition released May 2013, with updated success stories, statistics, recommendations and new recipes chapter. This 284 page book offers a program that works, is affordable, and can be combined with medical treatments, if one chooses, but has proven it’s effectiveness as a complete program.

To order The Paw Paw Program book or any therapeutic nutritional formulations you learn about on this website, PLEASE  contact Benoit Health Associates to ensure you get the correct products, discount and support, not available via many online sources. We believe in personal support.

There is no charge to help place your first order – old fashioned personal service!

We also provide paid consultations  worldwide, as we are willing to support all who wish to achieve better health through nature’s healing gifts. See Investment in Your Health on Benoit’s website to book an appointment. 


Dr. Jerry McLaughlin….

The world ‘s foremost researcher of Paw Paw, shared his research  on a Western Canada tour, June 2013. We saw a summary of 30 years of extensive research with  Paw Paw,  including  detailed studies that showed  extract of Asimina triloba twigs were:

  • 10, 000 times stronger on drug resistant breast cancer than adriamyacin
  • 300 times stronger than Taxol, with less weight loss, on leukemic cells
  • same effectiveness as cisplatin on ovarian cancer, at lower dose, with less weight loss and less side effects

Paw Paw extract was used in Dr. J. Forsythe’s clinical study with 94 people diagnosed Stage 4 terminal. A cross section of 10 of these cases are presented in the book, p. 111-119. Many of these patients were still alive after a year and a half of using Paw Paw, rather remarkable with this medical prognosis.

After 30 years of research we know that Paw Paw, used as directed and as part of a program to strengthen and balance the body, IS very effective.

Lorene Benoit….

is a Natural Health Consultant and Educator, who founded Benoit & Associates Health Education Services in 1989. Her qualifications are Bachelor of Education in Biology and Physical Education, Masters of Holistic Healing, Certified Herbal Consultant, Iridologist, Contact Reflex Analyst, plus certifications for Live Blood Analysis, Western and Chinese herbs, Nutrition, Massage and Energy Healing.

She has taught throughout North America, from 5 to 500 people, both practitioners and clients, from workshops to her annual 4 day Herbal Intensive every summer on her herbal acreage on Vancouver Island. She was the Canadian Instructor for Tree of Light Institute US, for both  Masters of Holistic Health and Certified Herbal Consultant programs for 10 years.

She has authored for health publications since mid 1980’s, plus written booklets on Muscle Testing, Vaccinations and Chinese Herbs. Benoit has been featured and interviewed on radio and TV programs on a variety of topics.

Her passion is teaching health in everyday language! This book was written to offer help to anyone dealing with cancer, as well as to help understand causes and incorporate preventative lifestyle changes. For practitioners, this book is a must to save  time and help  clients understand what causes cancer and how to work with natural solutions for cancer.

For consultation, interview, more information and to order, please contact:       Benoit & Associates Health Education

Office phone: 250-748-6802     email:

NB:  Contact us before you order from Amazon or EBay, which is illegal according to NSP policy, as they do not offer support.  The motto of NSP is Quality, Service and Integrity. An unknown seller cannot provide Service or Integrity, which we can. NSP always provides the Quality.

Useful references:

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Talk Shows interviewing Lorene Benoit.

Lorene has been interviewed on many talk shows. The link above has most of these recordings.

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For updated articles, Questions and answers about cancer.


These two videos give you more information.

Apologies for quality – 1st attempt.



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186 thoughts on “Natural Approach To Cancer: Paw Paw

  1. Hey there! I simply want to give you a huge thumbs up
    for your great info you have got right here on this post.
    I will be returning to your site for more soon.

  2. Lorene,
    My husband has stage 4 prostate cancer that has spread to his bladder and bones. His oncologist doesn’t know what to do since his chemo treatment has proven to be ineffective after 2 years. We read about Paw Paw and decided to give it a try. The first day he took 2 pills after each meal for a total of 6. He experienced nausea, fatigue and vomiting. He’s also bleeding when he urinates. These are the same symptoms he had on chemo. Should he continue with Paw Paw? Maybe he needs to lower his dosage. What do you think.

  3. Karen sorry to hear this – and I hear it far too often with medical treatment. The question about Paw Paw dosage should be directed to the person from whom you have purchased the Paw Paw. If he/she cannot help, or it is a no-name, like Amazon or EBay, please phone our office to arrange a consultation. A minimum phone appointment for 20 minutes would be enough for you to decide if you wish to proceed with further education from us. Lorene is usually available 8:30 – 9:30 am Pacific Standard Time at 250-748-6802.

    There is also lots of free information on her website blog. This link may help:
    As well, Lorene has many recorded interviews on her website, where she explains some specifics: Talk Shows.

  4. I just received your phone message. My husband never got confirmation from you about when to call. He’s not home right now but I’ll give him your message.

  5. Everything is very open with a very clear description of the challenges.

    It was definitely informative. Your site is very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  6. It’s an amazing piece of writing designed for all the internet people wanting to get healthier; they will obtain benefit from it I am sure.

  7. Thanks for your marvelous posting! I genuinely enjoyed reading it, you’re a great author.I will remember to bookmark your blog and may come back down the road.
    I want to encourage you to continue your great job!

  8. Hi there, is paw paw good for me, or paw paw vitamins as I have had breast cancer 3 times & a double mascectomy & my cancer was estrogen based & I am currently taking aromasin which has a lot of side effects & the worst is totally no sleep sometimes 3 – 4 days in a row. I have heard of paw paw being so fantastic I thought I would ask my questions. My cancer was on the nipple which is now of course removed but the cancer has returned to the exact same spot now 3 times. Thanks, Lyn

  9. With 35 years experience in the natural health profession, I would not waste my time writing a book on something that isn’t effective. So yes, it works, as part of a health program that covers all areas of your lifestyle. Your case of cancer returning after medical treatment is far too common, as cut, burn and radiation do not heal the body. I sincerely hope you do get back to us.

  10. Great info. Lucky me I discovered your website by accident (stumbleupon).

    I have book marked it for later!

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    web site; this weblog carries remarkable and truly fine
    information for readers.

  12. Looking fwd to getting Paw Paw when we return to Canada !
    Could order prior to arrival there – What is the best address for N.S.
    consultants to order?

  13. Hi Bette, be sure to order the Paw Paw Cell Reg from the US while you are there, and just take it across the border when you return.No problem when for personal use.

    I think you know it is no longer available in Canada; some absurd action from Health “Protection” Branch after 10+ years of excellent results and no side effects! It will be less expensive for you, as when you order it from US to Canada, via Sunshine Direct, you have to pay 14% shipping and it will take longer.

  14. Can you tell me if it is ok to take Paw Paw Cell Reg after lumpectomy for stage 2 breast cancer, while having radiation and tamoxifen?

    As I am unsure whether or not there are any remaining cancer cells, would this be recommended or is it only for more advanced cancer? Can Paw Paw replace Tamoxifen?


  15. Hi Catherine, Paw Paw, Asimina triloba is for ALL mutant or rampant cell growth. If you are undergoing radiation and tamoxifen, the medical profession must feel you have remaining cancer cells, so yes, absolutely, take Paw Paw. No problem taking Paw Paw with Tamoxifen, but tamoxifen is very toxic – known to cause cancer after years of use – please do your research before submitting your body to it.

    And yes, research has shown Paw Paw to be more effective than many synthetic chemotherapy drugs. My book does explain that many people take Paw Paw after all cancer is cleared to prevent re-occcurance. Dosages for this are covered on p. 106 of the book.

  16. Thankyou Lorene. I’ve read quite a bit about Tamoxifen, and am very concerned about taking it, however, it’s so hard to be really confident you are doing the best thing when the oncologist is telling you about survival rates being better on tamoxifen etc. Can be scary ignoring her.
    So at the moment, I am already taking the Pawpaw cell Reg., having read Shane Ellison’s book. I went off tamoxifen, but then went back on it, but now I’m undecided. Once your book arrives I will have a look at the program and hopefully I will know what to do…..
    Many thanks

  17. You are right about the fear – I actually mention this in my book. I sincerely hope the book, especially case studies will give you the confidence to decide. Once you educate yourself to YOUR satisfaction, as it is your life, not your oncologist’s, then whatever your decision, trust in it – as this is also part of your healing. Your book is on it’s way. All the best!

  18. My health practioner is trying to help me reset my hormones and get rid of a bad virus and fungal infection. Also I got a bartholin cyst that nothing clears up. He put me on 6 Paw Paw Cell Reg a day. How long do you think it will take before I notice any improvement? He says its safe and I should do good on it. DR

  19. Paw Paw, Asimina triloba species, is effective for fungus and viruses, as well as abnormal or renegade cell growth.
    The questions as to how long, would be better addressed by your practitioner who knows your details, which I do not. Some of my clients notice differences within one week, others take several months. I agree that it IS safe, if levels are too high for you, you will feel some nausea, then you take less. I agree that getting rid of virus and fungus is part of your hormonal rebalancing.
    Also following the Four Pillars of Health, as in Chapter 6 “The Road to Wellness” – of Lorene Benoit’s book, The Paw Paw Program is important.

    If you are not seeing good results within two months, you may want to consider booking a consultation with Lorene.

  20. Hi Lorene, my beautiful female golden retriever has lung cancer. I wanted to try her on PAW PAW. She is about 85 pounds. I know you mentioned the dosage on a previous answer but was confused. Would you recommend starting with one capsule 4 times a day for a total of 4 capsules per day or start with one capsule per day and work her way up to tolerance level. Thanks.

  21. Lorene, also our dog is taking antibiotics. Would that interfere with the Paw Paw? Thanks.

  22. I would start with with one capsule 4 times a day for a total of 4 capsules per day. Then work her way up, increasing one capsule per day to tolerance level. A dog especially will let you know quickly; either total loss of appetite, or vomitting. There is no damage from this; in testing beagles used up to 40 capsules with no negative side effect. This just advises that this is tolerance level. Then continue at previous dose before this happened. So, for example, dog was taking 7 per day, then there is symptoms as above, next day go back to 6.
    If you have other questions, or this is not clear, it can be very worthwhile to book a mini appointment. $40 is a fraction of walking into a vet office. In 20 minutes, we should be able to get you on the right track to feel confident with the Paw Paw Program. All the best.

  23. Hi James, I do not see antibiotics interfering with the healing benefits of Paw Paw. However antibiotics are anti life (bio). They can cause yeast and fungal growth, which is what we are trying to stop. Herbal antibiotics would be far healthier and usually more effective. Please add Probiotics to help re-establish your dog’s healthy bacteria during and after the antibiotics. You can find two suggestions in this article on Thrush From Antibiotics. Please contact our office if you need further suggestions.
    All the best for you and your dog!

  24. I like to know if Paw Paw can be used for a person who was put in hospice for weeks of life left, but she can still eat and no major pain, just very skinny and have no strength.

    Do we need to avoid B12 while on Paw Paw extract?

    Can we take Paw Paw with B17 in the same period though not exactly at the same time?

  25. Yes, we have had some very terminal cases respond to Paw Paw. One case it was given via a feeding tube for a person with esophageal cancer. Of course, always better to use it as first line upon initial diagnosis.

    It should help slow the cachexia (weight loss), as it slows down cancer cells using energy and reproducing. This is a blessing that she is not in pain. I see no problems with B12 or B17, but there are other supplements that are essential components of the program as per my book. We have found that the Protease Plus, Mineral Chi Tonic and Super Omega are more important.

    Please contact us if you would like to get any of these, or just Paw Paw sent direct to patient at wholesale prices. Phone is fastest: 250-748-6802.

  26. I found you by accident, while I was researching something else. I would just like to say cheers for a incredible post and a all round interesting blog (I also love the theme/design). Please do keep up the great work.

  27. This subject material is somewhat radical. On the other hand, I cannot completely subscribe to your entire theory, but it is intriguing none the less. It seems to us that your opinions are generally not completely rationalized.

  28. You are correct! Radical? I hope so! Going with the questionable advances of North American medicine, as most North Americans do, is not in my best interests. Or yours, but everyone needs to make their own choices. Not rationalized? I cannot agree with this. How rational is the medical approach, especially concerning cancer? When one has a condition because of a weakened immune system, and the medical approach is to come as close as possible to destroying that system entirely, how is this rational? Appreciate your comments; we can agree to disagree. Having helped my mother reach 86 years of quality life, drug free, using lots of herbs, and having a healthy, happy family using natural health only for 40 years, I am happy with my choice. All the best to you in your health with your choices.

  29. Thanks, I have been hunting for details about this subject for ages and yours is the best I’ve located so far.

  30. I am very greatful for your help,advise and thank u so much for helping me with the order !
    So looking forward to starting Paw Paw and the rest of supplements.

    I will keep the details of my UK direct account; thank u.
    Will probably reorder the products well in advance so i have enough time to receive the following orders so I can smoothly cont. use of the products in coming months.

    I have read the book is fantastic;easy to read and a lot of useful information; inspiring too.

    Thank you again

    Kind Regards, IM

  31. Thanks for both the last positive comments. With the increase in cancer and no medical improvements on the horizon, even after billions and billions of research dollars into the “find the cure” business, we are pleased that people are starting to look ‘outside the box’ for real understanding of disease and effective solutions. Your comments make my life long work worthwhile!

  32. I am so pleased to see that The Global Quest – The Truth About Cancer series presents detailed research that supports all the information presented in my book.

    It is encouraging that these truths are now becoming wide spread! If you have not seen any of the series, please check out #2. Again, my book will summarize all these in an easy to read format.

  33. Hi there! I came upon this informative post and saw that people are still actively commenting. I was particularly interested in the questions and answers regarding giving paw paw to dogs. However, I have a cat and information on giving paw paw to cats is virtually nonexistent. My 9.5 lb. neutered male cat has possible small cell intestinal lymphoma, and I started him on Nature’s Sunshine Paw Paw Cell Reg at the suggestion of an acquaintance in lieu of chemotherapy. He’s currently on 1/4 capsule twice a day and tolerating it well (unfortunately, I can only give it twice day due to my work schedule). I recently read that paw paw is only effective on tumors/masses. Is this true, in your opinion? Will it not work on other types of cancers? Also, since he’s all of only 9.5 lbs., I’m not sure how far to go with dosage. I was using the “general rule of thumb” in the cat world, which is 1/10 of a human dose. Should I continue increasing to tolerance level? I have no idea what that might be. I have to take things slow with him, and cats aren’t always forthright in showing they’ve reached their max. I understand dealing with this is pets is a totally different animal (pun intended!), but I appreciate any input you may have. Thanks so much.

  34. Ideally you would be getting information from the person who sells you the Paw Paw. If you do need to order any herbs, vitamins or health supplements, including more Paw Paw, please contact me, rather than Amazon or EBay, which are not supposed to sell as they do not offer support.

    Symptoms of overdoes for a cat would be the same as for a human, vomiting, but if it is an outdoor cat, this may be hard to monitor. I think your suggestion of 1/10 dosage isa good guideline, but you could increase that if you can monitor this. In my book I do have at least one case with lymphoma. This almost 90 year old woman has now been cancer free and healthy for 5 years. So no, I don’t believe that Paw Paw is only good for tumours. In fact, much of the testing was done with murine leukemia cells.

  35. Hi there I am so delighted I found your webpage, I really found you by mistake, while I was searching on Digg for something else, Regardless I am here now and would just like to say thanks a lot for a marvelous post and a all round exciting blog (I also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to read it all at the moment but I have bookmarked it and also added in your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read more, Please do keep up the superb work.

  36. This story has just been shared from another practitioner, who uses the same basic program as in my book, including the extra nutritional shakes in book and on this website.
    I am not saying 100 capsules per day are usually necessary, especially if taking NSP nutritious shakes, but for obviously “terminal” cancer, a real commitment to live is required.

    Once people have undergone the medical route of cut, burn and poison, cancer often returns more aggressively, as the stem cells, where cancer originates, are stimulated by these routes.

    This is a remarkable testimony to what the body CAN accomplish as with therapeutic nutrition.

    On Tue, Nov 10, 2015 at 8:25 AM, DR wrote:

    Our guest speaker last night was Joan. Her husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer , then liver cancer, lung cancer and kidney cancer.
    He did all the conventional treatments and all failed. He was deteriorating to the point that he was sent to the Respite and given 3 weeks to live. This is when Joan took action. Each day she gave him 2 high dense nutritious Nature’s Sunshine super food smoothies and each day she organized herbs for the liver, prostate, kidney, and lungs along with the Paw Paw program. He was taking 100 capsules a day. Within 2 weeks there was a notable improvement. He was walking again and he was released from the Respite, Within 6 weeks he was on the golf course and within 6 months all signs of cancer in the lungs, liver , kidney and prostate were gone! When you take nutrition beyond
    sustenance levels it becomes therapeutic and heals your body.!!

    Please see more articles under our Research Blog Cancer section.

  37. my sister is 68 yrs old and has stage2b cervical cancer. it hasn’t spread into the organs or lymph nodes just in the cervix and outside tissue. I have her doing juicing twice a day all organic veggies drinking essaic tea, taking supplements, using essential oils I just bought her the paw paw and liquid oxygen. I also have her eating apricot seeds several times a day. she is also going to do chemo and radiation starting next week. I also ordered your book to read I am trying my best to help her get rid of this cancer and heal her body. I know she takes thyroid medication and she said on the paw paw bottle not to take it if you are on thyroid medication but as I was reading your articles you are saying its ok to take. please lead me in the right direction to heal her while she is taking chemo and radiation which I know is just poison in her body but its her choice to do.

  38. Definitely if she is taking chemo, encourage her to do Paw Paw program concurrently. For radiation, she can also help herself by adding Aloe Vera Juice internally and Aloe Vera Gel externally to mediate burn damage.

    Please contact us directly for best price and support for her and your health, or use this link for therapeutic NSP products. US citizens can order from this site, click on “more info”, then choose US when it directs you to NSP page. We support many clients worldwide.

    And you are right; all you can do is support her decisions for healing, which sometimes can be very hard.

    Can you please advise under what name you ordered Lorene’s book, as we do not have record of it – all sources of book orders, including Amazon, come from our office; want to be sure it has not been missed.

  39. i tried ordering it thru you but when i tried it has the province of canada and i am from the united states so i ordered from a 3rd party thru amazon. also i read that using golden seal powder as a douche once a week will also help cure the cancer what is your take on this. the order was virginia wade or it might be under lesley smith.

  40. Anyone can order through my account, no matter what country they are. Any problems? Just contact US directly with your phone number and we will take care of you! Or call NSP in the country of your residence and let you know you want to place an order under Lorene Benoit #309344 Canadian.

    Golden Seal can help the health of mucous membranes, but I would not say it will cure cancer. As explained in my book, cancers always have some underlying cause and golden seal is an excellent natural antibiotic.

    For further support, become a member in our organization. We can only support those who order through Amazon (illegally) with a paid consultation.

  41. Dear Madam,
    I live in India. I shall be very much obliged and grateful to you if you clear my confusion.
    My mother (age 67years) is a diabetic patient with high blood pressure, recently been found a large tumor in the kidney Now she has whole body swelling, pleural effusion ,breathing trouble. (But after tapping fluid from lung no malignancy is found and the size of the tumor has not been increased since last June’2015).
    My mother never took any chemo or other conventional cancer drug. Now along with homeopathic therapy (‘psorinum therapy’) she has also started PawPaw cell-reg (3rd file is going on)

    Q1. I have seen in a website (most probably distributor of Nature’s sunshine) that PawPaw cell-reg should not be taken continuously for long time. There should be a break. Is it true? If yes then after how many days should I give a break and for how many days?…

    Q2. above all does it work on kidney cancer?

    Q3. Cell-reg is usually taken with chemo. But Kidney is Chemo/radiation resistant. Instead of Chemo if I use a herbal chemo, will it work? There is a herbal chemo name ‘Oriel Herb’ (

    Q4.There is another formula “TTG”. So can oriel herb or TTG or both be taken along with cell-reg?

    With regards,
    Calcutta (Kolkata)

  42. Dear SB,
    Apologies for my tardy response; my WordPress comments were not working.

    I assume you have ordered Paw Paw online from Amazon, which means you have no contact for support for healing or herbal questions. This is why it is illegal for the distributors who sell this way, but unfortunately neither them nor Amazon will stop.

    I will answer your questions as best I can for no charge, although this will far exceed free 10 mins. I have put it on my blog so this may also help others. If you need further guidance, please book a session on my Fees page, at the non-member level:

    Q1: I do not agree, and suggest you ask for reasons on the webpage that says this. I have studied with Dr. McLaughlin, and know that he would say it is fine to take Paw Paw as long as any cancer is present. Many people take toxic medical chemotherapy for YEARS, I would see no reason to worry about something as safe and effective as Paw Paw.
    I have had patients take Paw Paw for years with NO side effects. In my book, I list two protocols for maintenance after remission.

    Q2. Yes, Paw Paw works for kidney cancer. Dr. Jay Vandenheuvel is alive and well, travelling extensively, with a “terminal” kidney cancer diagnosed over 8 years ago.

    Q3. Paw Paw does not need to be taken with toxic chemotherapy. IT IS a very effective natural chemotherapy on its own. Perhaps your confusion is, that IF people choose to do the toxic chemo, then they will likely have better results if they also take Paw Paw at the same time.

    Q4. I recommend the program I do because it has helped so many people. Please see the basic program, which includes dietary suggestions that are critical:

    As far as adding other natural products, this article should answer your question:

    Hope this helps. Blessings to both you and your Mother.

  43. Can you clarify?

    I am not cancer person, is there any risk taking Paw Paw Cell-Reg one-two capsules daily for immune boosting?

    Regards KH

  44. I do not work with Paw Paw, Asimina triloba, as an immune booster. There are other herbs and formulas that are more effective for this, such as Mineral Chi Tonic (74 Trace Minerals & herbal adaptogens), a Chinese Immune booster formula, or a Chinese viral formula. As these have different names in different countries, please email me directly for more information, or to order. You can also go on this website, and look them up in different countries, but we are here to help you get the best product for you, at the best price, so email us directly or call the office.

    Paw Paw is also used seasonally as part of a parasite cleanse. Again, contact us directly for more information and personal assistance.

  45. I have heard of a number of men lately having inguinal hernias and some later have colon cancer.
    Have you seen much of this? Do you know if there is often a correlation or is this a rare thing?
    The men often think it is just a weakness in the muscle, drs call it rather normal.

    Would love to have your opinion.

  46. Knowing what we do about two of the causes of cancer being ongoing injury and inflammation, I could speculate that there may well be a connection.
    Many doctors call dis-ease “normal” whether it be women having menstrual difficulties, everyone over 60 needing to be on drugs, seniors getting dementia and cataract removal, vaginal infections, children having allergies. Sorry, but if these things are “normal”, I do NOT want any part of it. I want HEALTH and I create it at every opportunity I have. It’s a CHOICE.
    I know that you have made this choice for yourself and for your clients – keep up the good work!

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