New Book: Paw Paw Program – A Christopher Columbus Approach To Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally

New  Release helps people with Cancer : “The Paw Paw ProgramA Christopher Columbus Approach to Cancer”

This book contains  286 pages of well – researched information on the Paw Paw comprehensive program, clearly explains a natural approach to cancer.  Besides the Paw Paw program, it includes dietary suggestions, lifestyle change, recipes and more.  The price is $29.95, plus S/H, with specials available for bulk purchases. Call now to order yours.

I premiered this book at a Convention in Lake Louise from Oct. 21st and had great response, with over 150 sales.

Contact our office if you want to schedule a class or event in your area to introduce the program and book.

To read more about the book, and to order, please go to our separate Paw Paw Program book page, or contact our office with details of your address and payment for prompt service!


2nd Edition was released May, 2013 with updated statistics, and recommendations based on successes! Healthful recipes, dietary recommendations  and lifestyle tips are essential for everyone,  not just those wanting to prevent cancer, but ALL chronic and degenerative conditions.

To date we have donated $400 for the Nepal Education Fund, ( from book sales for this worthwhile cause.

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10 thoughts on “New Book: Paw Paw Program – A Christopher Columbus Approach To Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally

  1. It IS interesting, Corinne and I hope will help many people understand this condition better. Cancer really is just a symptom of what is happening in our whole body and we need to understand the root causes to bring health back into balance. Thanks for your encouragement!

  2. This is a most informative and comprehensive book on the natural health approach to cancer including an explanation on the allopathic view. This book is easy to read, understand and answers all the questions one may have if the dread diagnosis is made.
    It helps dispel some of the fears, gives alternatives and most of all, explains how cancer “works” in the body.
    I find it an excellent book to give to my clients who need to know; it is much easier than answering the same questions, over and over again.
    I highly recommend this well presented book on this very prevalent health issue.
    Vye V. Young, CBA, CHN
    ProActive Health

  3. Totally enjoyed the book. Not only answered many of my questions but also my clients. I recommend this book not only for cancer patients but for everyone, as we all have been touched by cancer in one way or another. The book is as open as Lorene is. Very helpful, and enlightening.

  4. J’ai 35 ans d’information sur les sujets sur ma poste. Mon livre est plein de recherches sur tout que je presente, plus 12 pages de Bibliography et References. Merci pour avoir demand, et excuser, Francais c’est ne pas mon langue maternelle.

    Contacter moi directment si tu veuz commander un livre.

  5. Lorene takes a practical and thoroughly wholistic approach that explains the disease process, targeting root causes as well as emotional states that proliferate cancer. She focuses on how natural health and recovery from insensible disease is entirely possible, shooting straight from the hip, while adding humor, real life case examples, and resource references. It’s my Go To book!

  6. Hi!
    I’m amazed at how quickly the effects of the herbs, I have noticed a decrease in arthritic pain and decrease in digestive gas bloating. I will try mixing the paw paw with the silver ointment soon for the warts.

    What do you suggest for a client with stage 3 Lyme s disease?

    Another client is taking Crestor cholesterol medication and a high dose of Coq 10 daily, he wants to do the pawpaw program. I understand that you should not take Coq 10 with pawpaw. What do you suggest? Thank you

  7. I am so pleased to hear that you had such quick results- not everyone does, but if any herbs are going to work fast, it will be those by Nature’s Sunshine.

    Lyme disease is complicated, as it depends what treatments they have already had – antibiotics, etc, their diet, how it is affecting them. etc. But yes, we work with most chronic conditions. Some that help with Lyme are Silver Guard, Pau D’Arco, Golden Seal & Echinacea, Cat’s Claw combination. For something of this nature I really suggest a phone consultation for their benefit. But if they would just like to try some products first, then I can make the first order for them, go over prices, etc. for no charge. I could either have them order on your account, or set them up with an account, using you as a sponsor – your choice.

    For the cholesterol/ Paw Paw question , I would use the Cholester Reg and Free Amino Acids , with Solstice Cardio, as a health promoting beverage, all very good for lowering cholesterol. The main reason he would be taking CoQ10 is because Crestor depletes this. So if he replaced the Crestor with the natural products, it would help both his Cancer AND his cholesterol, his circulation and overall health. If he is doing the whole program, which includes the Chinese Mineral Chi, he may not need the Free Amino Acids.

    Again if he wants to call me to place an order, first 10 mins. free; after that educational fees apply.

    THANK you for keeping in touch with your progress! Keep up the good work of sharing your benefits to help others.

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