Paw Paw Program – dose & specifics

Suggested recommendations for The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally  by Lorene Benoit, MHH, CHC, BEd, CI.

Refer to “Natural Approach” for philosophy, explanation and more detail of this condition.

* To order any of these therapeutic nutritional formulations, PLEASE  contact Benoit Health Associates to ensure you get the correct, quality controlled products at wholesale pricing. You will also be eligible for ongoing support and discounted  consultation fees. There is no charge for placing orders. 

We can offer support and expertise, which you will not receive if you order from Amazon EBay or other online sources. We offer phone, email and Skype consultations – one initial 10 mins. free to decide if you choose to follow this program; also free to place orders.   Reasonable fees apply thereafter; discounted price for those with membership in our support group.


Basic Paw Paw Program*

Take with  meals: + see specifics:

Paw Paw (Asimina triloba)– inhibits energy supply and DNA and RNA duplication via ATP reduction to mitochondria, decreases blood vessel supply (anti- angiogenesis) to abnormal cells. Can enhance effectiveness of common medical treatments. Cleans out the mutant fungal cells.

+ Start with 1 capsule – 4X a day, then increase by 1 capsule per day up to tolerance level, where some nausea or diarrhea is experienced, then back down dosage by 1  capsule, to comfortable level. The ideal is to take it roughly every 6 hours to maintain constant inhibition of cells growth. Do the best you can with timing without stressing; some with breakfast, lunch, dinner and one dosage during the night.

Some people have required up to 16 – 4X per day, some only 4 per day.  Everyone’s body and rampant cell growth is unique – your body will determine correct dosage for you. This is what makes Paw Paw, Asimina triloba one of the only self-regulating, effective chemotherapeutics.

 Super Omega 3  or  Super Oil  (CA only):

Super Omega 3 provides high level DHA and EPA, source of  anti inflammatory prostaglandins; helps maintain healthy cell membranes; plus many other health benefits for nervous, structural and circulatory systems. Super Oil provides a balanced supply of Omega 3,6 and 9s.

Super Omega 3’s:  1- 2X day OR Super Oil: 1-3X day


The rest of program is best taken separate from meals, on an empty stomach:  1/2 – 1 hr. before meal or 1 1/2 hr. after meal

Protease Plus – enzymes break down chitin (hard protective coating) of cell membrane of abnormal cells to allow Paw Paw and natural immune cells to do their work. Also digests fibrin debris in blood.

2-3 capsules / 2 x day between meals, on empty stomach– morning, mid noon, bedtime

Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic – provides all trace minerals, plus healing adaptogenic herbs to decrease stress (supports adrenals), build immune system, as well as provide building blocks for enzyme production and healthy cell regeneration and increased energy.

2 T ( 30 ml= 1 oz.)  1-2 X day – can take straight, or mix with water. Can take this with Paw Paw and Super Oil at meals, or some people find it more effective pick me up, energy booster to drink between meals.

*  This basic program of  4 essential herbs, minerals, enzymes and EFAs is less than $200.00 dollars to start, with discounts up to 35% available for continuing orders. We suggest people start with this basic program, and once they are comfortable with this, a personal education session can be helpful to determine specifics needs for each person. It can be very beneficial to book this within 2-3 weeks of starting the basic program, at which time any questions concerning additional support , diet and other treatment options can be discussed.

Other additional nutrition which can speed healing are discussed in Paw Paw Program Upgrade:

Pau D’Arco (Tabebuia heptaphylla): an anti-cancer herb with a long tradition, from South America. This herb has anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

E-Tea or Essiac Tea: a traditional North American Native remedy, consisting of slippery elm, burdock, turkey rhubarb and sheep sorrel. These herbs purify blood and reduce inflammation. Nature’s Sunshine has made this formula in an easy to use, more potent capsule form. E-Tea is also a pleasant tasting beverage.

Silver Guard(CA) or Silver Shield (US) can be used to quickly decrease all microbial load that may be contributing to cancer groth as explained in the Paw Paw Program book. in 1985 Dr. Becker, MD, noted that with sufficient silver ions the body produces stem cells, via “Bredig’s process”. Silver Shield is a potent silver ionic solution that stops growth of almost all microbes, including fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Dr. Pedersen’s Silver protocol is in the book.

Zambroza or Thai Go (in US )– one of nature’s strongest anti-oxidants and immune enhancers, contains high dosages of phytonutrients, anti-inflammatory, energy booster. See more on this therapeutic blend below.

2T (1 oz = 30 ml) daily – can be doubled.  Delicious straight, hold in mouth, savour and swallow; or can be mixed with water for a healthful, delicious beverage.

Please refer to the book for  case studies and testimonials from those who have successfully used this basic program, as well as the amazing report on case studies conducted by Dr. Forsythe with terminal cancer patients . Methods of action and properties, based on Dr. Jerry McLaughlin’s extensive research for over 30 years, is included.

This program is designed to be part of a comprehensive program, in conjunction with corrective diet, emotional clearing, appropriate exercise, proper elimination and other natural health and life building aspects. It is suggested that you seek the advice of a qualified natural health care practitioner to assist in the optimal selection of a program for you and to monitor your results. This professional can work with others with whom you choose to share your healing journey. The author is available for consultations via email, Skype or phone.

NOTE: sometimes web links change – please contact us if you encounter a challenge, as we are here to help! 


Basic dietary recommendations are critical for health:


* No sugar and no wheat – In 1931 Otto Warburg received a Nobel Prize for proving that fermentation of sugar causes cancer.

Substitute sugar and wheat with high quality foods that provide healthy protein, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and oils. The only acceptable sweeteners are xylitol, agave and stevia.

Details are extensively covered in the Paw Paw Program, including Food Choices Chapter 6 – Road To Wellness;  Chapter 7 – Food Choices for Optimal Health;  Recipes in Chapter 10 and more interspersed throughout the stories.

In a nutshell, from p. 104: “The basic diet should consist of:

  • vegetables of every colour of the rainbow, raw, steamed, stir fried or baked;
  • sprouted, soaked and ground nuts and seeds;
  • organic animal protein;
  • limited  low glycemic fruit – berries are best choice”

see articles:  Super Anti-Oxidant Foods and Super Foods & Shakes.

Drinking plenty of good liquids is critical. To enhance pure water, drink Chlorophyll, E-Tea, which is Essiac Tea in a convenient capsule form – instant tea with proven healing abilities or Green Tea Extract – again simply open a capsule and add hot water for high Anti-oxidant health benefits.

Depending on the individual and the specific diagnosis, other supplements may be recommended. Super Food Supplements can offer simple solutions to increase nutrition levels for healing and repair. There are many healthful natural supplements that have been used with cancer effectively; some are listed below, the others in a chapter of the book.

For best effects, please do not add other products that may interfere with the mechanism by which this program has been effective.

This program is not counter-indicated with orthodox medical treatment, such as surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. Paw Paw can enhance the effectiveness and decrease the negative side effects of these approaches. The program is designed to enhance the natural healing abilities of your body, rather than ‘fight’ any particular disease.

Some clients notice a difference within 1 week. For others, they may not notice anything for more than a month. It depends on you, your body and your cancer. When you commit to this program, it is to your financial benefit to become a member with Benoit Health Education, for both  discounts and support.

Some of the optional suggestions that can be used in conjunction with the Paw Paw Program are briefly listed below. Again, it is best to discuss your program with a qualified natural health practitioner, so all that all aspects of your particular case are taken into account, and so that you are not taking more than you need or conflicting supplements. The following are some that are helpful to anyone that wants to increase overall nutritional status to work with any disease condition.

However, we recommend just starting with the basic program of 4 essential supplements and the diet, then consulting for specifics.

Chlorophyll: a pleasant spearmint oil flavoured alfalfa extract to add to water – it is highly nutritious, alkalizing and delicious. No calories, chemicals or sweeteners, very inexpensive.

Astragalus: used extensively in China and recently US and Canada as an adjunct to both medical and natural immune system protocols.

Concentrated Flax Hull Lignans (Canada only): Health Sciences Institute has an article outlining research for use of concentrated lignan as effective in increasing apoptosis, or mutant cell death. (Ask for article). Effectiveness shown in trials especially with hormonal cancers, such as breast and prostate.

Artemisia Wormwood (Artemisia vulgaris) has been used in Chinese medical institutions for years with success for cancer treatment and as an anti-parasitic. Combined with several other anti-parasitics, and anti-oxidants, including tumeric, ginger, garlic, clove, mugwort and elecampane.

Black Walnut (Juglans nigra) Liquid or capsules: has a long history as destroying parasites, including worms, flukes, ringworm, yeasts, as well as supplying organic iodine for the thyroid. Parasites and cancer cells cannot survive in a body with adequate iodine levels.

Green Tea Extract: proven to contain anti-cancer properties. One capsule makes 1 strong cup of powerful anti-oxidant tea.

Colostrum: contains powerful immune modulators such as immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, leukocytes, cytokines, interleukin-10. The PRPs (Polyproline rich polypeptides) balance an overactive immune system and stimulate and underactive immune system.

Melatonin: a potent anti-oxidant, helps stimulates immune system; may also prevent and slow tumour growth. Melatonin should be taken in evening to help induce sleep.

Zambroza:  (Thai Go in US) proven, by independent lab tests, to be the strongest anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant on the market. Mangosteen, Wolfberry/Gogi Berry, and Sea Buckthorn, have been used for centuries in Asia as remedies for many inflammatory conditions, including circulatory conditions, (inflammation of blood vessels and heart muscle), arthritis (inflammation of joints), fibromyalgia (inflammation of muscles), as a few examples. Also contains green tea, blueberry, 4 different grape parts, raspberry, apple pectin to complete this synergistic formula.

Cat’s Claw Combination (Una de Gato) has traditionally been the Peruvian cancer herb of choice. Combined with Echinacea and Astragalus, it cleanses and strengthens the immune, intestinal and structural systems and helps counteract the effects of chemotherapy and radiation by supporting the immune system.

Once cancer is cleared, it is recommended to continue Paw Paw at low daily dose to keep abnormal cell growth controlled, or at least 1- 2 bottles per year at 4 per day. This also helps with parasites, fungus and viruses. For added protection, add the Protease plus. Maintain optimal nutrition!

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26 thoughts on “Paw Paw Program – dose & specifics

  1. I would like more information please. My uncle is undergoing Chemotherapy for inoperable lung cancer. My aunt came across your website (from Alberta) and as I live in Ladysmith (work in Duncan) I thought I could gather some information for them. I am going to visit them on July 8th. I can be reached at 250-245-1007.
    Thank you very much (I just tried to call but got a voice mail but will try again later)

  2. Hi Lana, we have sent you some more info via email and thank you for passing it on. After your uncle reads it, or however you share it, encourage them to call our office if they have other questions or to get started with the Paw Paw program as soon as possible. here are also ongoing weekly free conference calls we can link you to for ongoing support.

  3. I am glad to see that my family friends have reached out to you and are seeking help. As for my health, it’s still phenomenal. I am so thankful to have gotten another good scan, with no new developments and no growth anywhere. I feel great, and am keeping a positive attitude. I used pawpaw again for one month before this last scan and I plan to use it again for a month in a few weeks.

  4. Can you please send me info on the paw paw program. My husband is currently taking it, but not sure what else he is taking is beneficial. He has stage 4 colon cancer with one lymph node affected and lots of masses on the liver. He is currently taking chemo, but wants to go all natural.

  5. Could you tell me if you know of any stage 4 colon cancer patients that have had success with this alone (no standard treatment). I found the protocol above.
    My husband is currently taking paw paw, proactazyme, e-tea, shark cartilage with reishi, bifidopholus, and lecithin.

  6. The Paw Paw Program has had as much or better success as orthodox medical treatments with stage 4 cancers of all types, including colon. There are many variables, such as the inherent strength of the person. For example, some people unfortunately decide to take the natural route only after they have been undergoing surgery, chemotherapy and radiation for years, and have been told, “there is nothing more we can do for you now”. By then their natural immune system is often very depleted.

    My wish, as author of the Paw Paw Program, is that people would look outside the box and accept the natural methods in the beginning, while they still have their immune system somewhat intact.

    In fact, I would hope that more people would follow the lifestyle approaches suggested in my book to prevent ALL chronic conditions. This said, it is always worthwhile, no matter what the prognosis, to incorporate the Paw Paw program, as there is no deleterious side effects, and many people also find quality of life improvements. The book includes case studies, including Colon CA.

    One point that my book makes clear, is that should one should decide to do chemo, the Paw Paw program does makes it more effective.

  7. Thanks for your own hard work on this web page. Betty delights in getting into research and it’s easy to understand why. A lot of people learn, as you create both useful and interesting tips by means of the web blog. You are doing a remarkable job.

  8. I have embarqued on taking Paw Paw. I was impressed with the Dr. McLaughlin’s video presentations of his life’s work.
    I was wondering since your protocol started with 2, 2 times a day, it this was prior to them changing the strength of the capsules? I understand that now it is 2 caps, with your meals 3 times a day.
    In any event, my inquiry is to insure myself that I am not hindering the Paw Paw’s actions with some of the additional things I was using before I started the Paw Paw.
    I have been using Tsi Agha tincture, some Prostate tincture from Richard Schulze, supplements from Ben Ong, along with a combination of mushroom extracts of Agaricus blazei, Reishi, Shiitake. I also have juices (carrot, beet, celery with some other thing I can’t recall), smoothies of greens and fruit (berries). And one other thing that I noticed in your protocol – flax hull lignans. I take a powder of that, organic and also do the Budwig flax oil/cottage cheese once a day now.
    I haven’t curbed any of these activities but added the Paw Paw to it.

    I was wondering about lysing. I am eliminating some interesting stringy white stuff. I cannot identify it or guess what it might be, other than something I read in a book about Protocell. It said the death of cancer cells produces a waste item that looks like egg whites. I am thinking that the Paw Paw has the same method of killing the overactive cells as the Protocell, so I was guessing the lysing that was mentioned could be the same result. I suppose you could say this looks like egg whites.
    I have been taking the Paw Paw about 4 weeks. I don’t know what to expect as far as determining progress. Basically I had a grossly enlarged Prostate with a firm mass (big as a buick, according to the Urologist) in the left lobe which with an inflammation of the Prostate because of prostatitis caused urinary retention. I have a cathether in now and would like to get it out, but aprehensive about the blockage immediately returning.
    Well that is not what I was asking, but rather can you say if all that I am doing is inhibiting the Paw Paw in any way…
    thank you for your time in reading this and considering it. And your any help you can give me.
    Gary Long

  9. Hi Gary,
    It sounds like you are being very proactive for your health and this is a good thing! As per contraindications of all the other supplements you are taking, (some of which you said you don’t recall the ingredients), I am sorry, but without spending several hours of research into the suppliers, formula ingredients, quality, dosages, and actions, I cannot comment on your products. With the products I have worked with for 24 years, I HAVE done this research, visited their labs, spoken with their scientists, and am convinced of their quality, as well as seeing the clinical results, so now I trust them. Here are some general guidelines on what to look for in quality supplements. But of course this is very time consuming. So for now, I will answer your questions in general terms, and give you Fact sheets on some formulas that definitely work, so you can compare with what you are using.

    If you wish to try these professional products, please contact us to set you up with the same supplier. If you prefer to do this online at Nature’s Sunshine, ask for a member discount by using Canadian sponsor #313939. We offer to help you get the correct account and product you need for the first order, via phone or email. If you are using several supplements, you might as well get the best professional ones and get them at a discount.

    In my Paw Paw Program book, I mention many herbs and supplements that are noted for their healing properties, such as such as Reishi mushroom, which part of the Mineral Tonic Formula most people on the Paw Paw program use. The greens and organic berries are all good and in fact, I do include these in my Super Foods and Shakes, online and in my book. The Flax Hull Lignans have been particularly researched for prostate and breast health, so excellent. I have included the Men’s formula that I use, so you can compare it the one you are using, as I know this one works. Many men prefer to use the stronger Saw Palmetto, (serenoa repens) concentrate; some alternate.

    Concerning dosage of Paw Paw, Asimina triloba capsules, you are correct, on the bottle for both Canada and US, the dosage is 2 capsules three times per day. I suggest starting with 2 two times per day, as for some people 6 per day is too much. The recommendations are to increase one per day until any nausea is felt, then go back down by one to a comfortable level. This is the beauty of Paw Paw, as it is self regulating! More effective than many chemical chemotherapeutics, WITHOUT the side effects.

    As far as what you should notice? A reduction in enlargement. I suggest you make a very worthwhile investment by purchasing my book, as there is 286 pages packed with useful information. The fastest and easiest way is to contact our office directly by phone or, with your address and phone #. Also note that I do phone consultations if you have any further questions, or specifics that cannot be addressed online. Hope this helps.

  10. I really enjoy reading through on this internet site, it has got good posts. “Beware lest in your anxiety to avoid war you obtain a master.” by Demosthenes.

  11. Hi Lorene,

    I just ordered your book, and I’m really looking forward to reading it. I’ve been on Paw Paw at 6 caps per day for 2 weeks now. Is constipation normal at first? More of a dry stool at the beginning, hard to start, than it’s fine. Constipation has never been a problem before. I was already taking Cat’s claw and Pau d’arco before I started it, so I know it started 2 days after I introduced it. Also juicing with lots of green and eating lots of veggies, but my body was already used to that diet. I will add Protease to the mix.

    I didn’t see vitamin D mentioned anywhere? Is it OK to take with Paw Paw?

    Thanks for your excellent work helping so many people!

  12. Thanks for contacting us Gisele. I have not had clients experience constipation with Paw Paw; some do have loose bowels when they reach tolerance level. BUT everyone is different. If the constipation does not improve, you may want to take some type of lower bowel formula, such as LBS11 capsules., or in liquid form.

    Vitamin D is absolutely no problem to take with the Paw Paw Program.

    The beauty of Nature’s Sunshine is that the person from whom you purchase should be able to advise you. If you purchase through Amazon, you will not get this support. If you need any more assistance, we can consult for more specifics for a nominal fee of $30 for 20 minutes, with a per minute charge of $1 per minute for our members (who also get a significant direct discount) and $1.50 for non-members. Hope this helps. Keep up the good diet!

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  15. I’m on Protocel as recommended in Tanya Harding’s, “Outsmart Your Cancer.” She also recommends after a few weeks of being on Protocel to adding Paw Paw to the regimen to increase the efficacy/synergy of the protocol.

    I’ve just ordered you book to further research Paw Paw.

    Since there are certain supplements I can’t take which would interfere with Protocel, is there anything in your Paw Paw protocol which would interfere with a Protocel/Paw Paw approach to defeating my prostate cancer?

  16. Hi John, Yes your book has been mailed already. There are no contra-indications for protocel and Paw Paw Program, even though some website list many contra-indications. Dr. McLaughlin declares there is no evidence to support this, other than C0Q 10. I trust his research, as I have studied with him and seen it.

    Please read this article on my site: Paw Paw Contra-indications and PLEASE contact us to help you get the correct Paw Paw Program at the best prices, along with our support.

  17. My husband has stage 4 prostate cancer, they have him on hormone therapy, but we have him on paw paw and enzymes, and Ip-6 & inositol. Are we doing it right?

  18. Sorry Gail, I cannot comment, as I do not know dosage, schedule, diet, emotional healing or any of the components that are all important to healing – that’s why I wrote the book. Most people do some consultations with a professional who works with natural programs to help guide them for best results. My fees are listed here:

    This is similar to if you were trying to self medicate with hormone therapy and emailed a doctor a few questions about it – I doubt you would get anywhere.

    IF you are using the correct Paw Paw, Asimina triloba, only available from Nature’s Sunshine, the person under who sponsored you, or whom you purchased from, should be helping you. I suggest people phone or email me BEFORE they order, then I can be their sponsor and place the first order for them to be sure they get the right thing. Or you can contact Nature’s Sunshine and ask them to make me your sponsor, my account # is 1143615-CA.

    If your sponsor is not knowledgeable, or if you are ordering from Amazon,(not recommended as this is illegal sales), I will still consult, as my passion IS to help people heal. Best is to contact me directly at If you leave your phone #, I offer a very personalized service.

  19. Good Morning Lorene,
    I have few questions for you:
    Is there a max amount of paw paw I should take? I have tried up to 16 and it didn’t make me feel sick. Most days I am taking 12.

    Also I am considering taking Lupron for the estrogen positive part of the breast cancer. Would that be ok with the paw paw? I want to wait about another month before I may start Lupron. I am not 100% sure I want to take it so would like to give the paw paw program time to work on its own.

  20. Hi Bridget. Based on your weight I would not exceed 16 per day. Even if you are not experiencing any nausea or diarhhea, 16/day should provide a high enough chemotherapeutic dose. Please be sure you split your dosage evenly throughout the 24 hrs, i.e. 4/dose as close to 6 hrs. apart as possible, without being obsessed with the timing. If taken mid night, you do NOT need to eat with them.

    Re Lupron, please be sure to ask questions of your medical personnel suggesting this, as per p. 163-164 in my book. Specifically, can they present research to show effective benefit versus risk? Make yourself aware of the most common side effects, some of which include:
    Initial Tumor Flare. When starting goserelin, the body has a temporary increase in estrogen levels. …
    Hot Flashes. …
    Injection Site Irritation. …
    Weakening of the Bones (Osteoporosis) …
    Muscle or Joint Pain/Aches. …
    Fatigue. …
    Vaginal Dryness. …
    High Blood Sugar and Diabetes.
    More items…
    I think you are smart to choose to allow the Paw Paw program to work.

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