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Ear Infections recurring – specific tips and dosages for children

Question and Answers in same text:

Hi Lorene,
I would like to send you a very warm thanks for being so responsive to our needs today by sharing your knowledge and products. I connected with M. tonight to receive the herbs for my child. We are so grateful to have an alternative to antibiotics.
We’ve read the information you attached and I have a couple questions I’m wondering if you can help to clarify:
1) Can you confirm that we should mix the Lobelia and CBG (1:5 ratio) and give half the adult dosage internally (J. is 27 lbs)?
Mixing the two is not essential; it just makes it easier for internal administration, as you are just giving one preparation, instead of 2. As I now know Junior’s size, I would do it more as a 1:6 ratio – a little Lobelia goes a long way.
2) When you say internally, do you mean orally? Or do you mean drops in the ear?
Good question – actually both. The oral dose is as I suggested (I copied the original email at end of this one). In the ears, just 2 drops is required. If infection is active, I would administer both via mouth and ear, 3-4 times a day.
Lobelia is also good to apply externally 1-2 drops along the bone behind the ear – rub in direction from top of ear down toward the throat lymphatic glands. This is helpful to stop pain and drain mucous via the lymphatics.
Once infection “seems” better , I would continue 2x/day for at least 1 month, then 1x/day for another 2 months to make sure ALL infection is truly gone, not just in remission to come back stronger.
This is what happens with synthetic antibiotics, with added problem that the strains mutate and often return in a stronger form, so doctors either try another antibiotic or have to do stronger doses to have any effect. This is why ear infections keep re-occurring, eventually leading to ear tubes. Read Hear This About Your Ear: Infections and Tinnitus.
Our goal is to completely eradicate it and return the health of the ear, so he is not susceptible. Be sure to read other NB instructions at end.
3) If the dosage is meant to be taken orally, would it be okay to put it in his smoothie in the morning?
Yes, anyway you can get it into him is fine. Remember that you can add 1 tsp – 1 Tbs. of very hot, almost boiling water to the herbs, and let sit about 1 min. to allow alcohol to evaporate, then add it to juice or whatever. If breastfeeding, some mothers find getting the alcohol out, then squirting it with a dropper into the mouth and immediately follow with the breast also works.
4) I have been adding a natural kids immune booster and probiotics to his smoothies in the mornings. Is it okay to continue these while using the CBG/lobelia?
If they are good formulas, without sweeteners or other chemicals, this should be no problem. I have worked with the 300 formulas, herbs and supplements I know work for the last 24 years, so it is sometimes difficult to comment on other products, as it is impossible to check out the Quality and Potency  on all companies.
And yes, if a good product, probiotics are very important when one has used chemical antibiotics.The one I use with children very successfully is Sunshine Heroes Bifidophilus.
After the icky antibiotics he’s taken, he’s not much of a fan for cooperating anymore:) Thanks once again for your guidance. Warmly, L & D.
I can understand this! So here is one of the most important questions you need to ask:

N.B. What conditions are present that are making him susceptible to the infections?

Does he consume  dairy, sugar or wheat? These are the three prime offenders in all mucous-type infections in children.
It will almost always be something he is exposed to that causes the imbalance and lowers natural immunity, which allows inflammation and sets the stage for bacteria or viruses to live. So start with these three culprits, then if the situation does not improve, look at chemical shampoos or soaps, chlorine in swimming pools, or it could just be the same infection returning. This is why in both natural medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is advised to treat a condition 3  months, plus 1 month for each year the condition has been chronic.
Lastly, I want to offer encouragement: This may seem like a long time, but if it has been recurring already for 3 years, this investment in long term health will be well worth it!
I have had adults with recurring ear infections that have affected their lives for 60 years. In 6 months they are infection free. One man had them so frequently that for several years it prevented surgery to fix a torn ear drum. In 6 months, he was able to have his surgery and get his hearing back!
You can also gain some other tips from past articles on my website blog:

From previous email the suggested , general dosages are:
infants, under 20 pounds:             use approx. 1/3 adult dose listed on bottle.
between 20 – 80 pounds weight:  use 1/2 dosage
over 80 lbs:                                        use adult dosage

During acute stage use at least recommended dosage on bottle – up to double or triple. For maintenance, use 1/2 up to full dosage depending on how long condition has been recurring.

Lobelia used to be IN the CBG, but due to Health Canada regulations, it is now sold separately. Once you have both bottles, you can add Lobelia to the CBG bottle, (ratio of 1:5 or 1:6) so you only have to deal with one, and both can be used internally.
Canadian prices for 59 ml (2 oz) bottle: Lobelia $25.00; CBG $39.24 –  I can offer a member discount in many countries, if you contact me.


Ear Infection in Infant and Silver Guard


One 6 month old baby had a chronic ear infection, 3 different antibiotics and cortisone drops were used to no avail. The grandma purchased Silver Guard and put 4 drops into the ear with an eyedropper 3X/ day. She also gave the baby drops of Silver Guard into the mouth. Within 30 hours the baby totally improved . There was no more green stuff coming out of the ear and no more pain. This program was continued for 4 more days to insure that all the infection was gone.


Let me know if you want a bottle to try. Contact us at office 250-748-6802 or via our website.

Lifestyle recommendations as explained in Benoit’s Book The Paw Paw Program should be followed for optimum health and for all conditions.

Hear this about your Ear: infections and tinnitus


The use of certain herbs can enhance the recovery of problems concerning the ears. This is important to know how to treat naturally, as it is common, and it can prevent life long challenges as a result of inappropriate treatment.

Ear infections fall into two major categories: acute otitis media (AOM) and secretory otitis media (otitis media with effusion (OME)). Children with OME have fluid filling the middle ear. Children with AOM have fluid in the middle ear and ear pain, marked redness of the eardrum, and distinct bulging of the eardrum, often with fever.

Unfortunately, it is common practice for well-meaning physicians to prescribe antibiotics for ear infections. We know that a child who has received two or three courses of antibiotics is seven times more likely to become infected with resistant bacteria. This problem is much worse when the child has been on been on a broad-spectrum antibiotic (an antibiotic that is effective against a wide range of bacterial species). Whenever antibiotics are used, the most sensitive bacteria die first, and the most resistant live to reproduce. When broad-spectrum antibiotics are misused, very resistant strains of bacteria can be bred.

A single dose of some powerful antibiotic drugs is enough to kill most of the weaker bacteria in your child’s body, yet still allow the stronger ones to survive. The likelihood of your child’s getting a subsequent, worse ear infection only increases after this treatment.

Not to mention the effect that the antibiotic has on the probiotics that should be naturally prevalent in the body, especially the colon. This imbalance between ‘anti’ and ‘pro’ biotic (bio = life)

Drug-resistant bacteria, aka “super bugs” , pose a very real problem. Streptococcus pneumoniae, or pneumococcus, is the most common cause of ear infections.  Over the past years, resistant strains of pneumococcus have been emerging and spreading rapidly.

This will often lead to ear tubes, which bypass the body’s natural defence system called the ear drum. Repeated use of ear tubes, as the child outgrows them, can result in permanent scarring of the eardrum.

Compare this to having a leak in your roof, which is causing water to drip into your house. Instead of fixing the leak, you attach a pipe to drain off the excess water.

A more sensible approach is to look to the cause of the ear infections, eliminate the infection naturally, and support the immune system.

  • For earaches/ ear infections the following single and combination herbs will help strengthen the body to assist in a quicker recovery.

CBG– Orally and drops in ear as antibiotic. Good for earaches and other respiratory infections.

Lobelia– Influences the entire system; deobstruant which thins mucous. It is a nerve relaxant and can be used alone or with CBG for earaches. Relieves pain both internally, a couple of drops per ear,  and rubbed externally behind the ear with downward strokes towards the tonsils- helps lymphatic drainage.

H.P Garlic– A high potency garlic used as an oral antibiotic.

Golden Seal/ Echinacea or glycerine extract of Oregon Grape – Antibiotic; may be necessary in addition to above, as an added infection fighter if infection has been chronic.

Garlic Oil/ Ear Oil – garlic and mullein infused in oil – used as antibiotic ear drops.

SN-X Relieves sinus infections and blockage.

Xylitol gum and mints have also been found to reduce the incidence of middle ear infections by 40% in young children, potentially eliminating the need for tube insertions. Xylitol has also been used to prevent sinus infections, allergies and asthma.

Bifidophilus Flora Force – If antibiotics have been used, it is essential to replenish colonic bacteria with friendly, immune supporting bacteria. Otherwise, overgrowth of candida (yeast)  infections may worsen the original problem. Bifidophilus Flora Force formula contains

prebiotics and probiotics to achieve this balance.

Blood purifiers can help with runny ears. Combinations will usually include herbs that are mild laxatives & good liver cleansers. Yeast Fungal Detox os one for those with candida or yeast involvement. All Cell Detox is another effective blood purifying combination.

  • For tinnitus/vertigo the following herbs may assist:

Ginkgo Biloba– Increases circulation and blood flow to the nerves of the inner ear and brain. Combined with Hawthorne enhances overall cardio vascular circulation. Available in combination Gingko Hawthorne,or Gingko Time Release as a single herb.

Feverfew – High Potency– Used to help dizziness and tinnitus, as it provides circulation to brain and head. Helpful to ears, nose and throat. Also used for liver related migraines.

To order, or for more info, dosages plus dietary considerations, contact Lorene Benoit Health Services at 250-748-6802 or


Alan Greene MD FAAP Contemporary Pediatrics, March 1994

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