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Lyme: What, Why, Solutions that Work

What Is Lyme?

Lyme is a disease carried by ticks, which are migrating across Canada, US & Europe at an alarming rate.  Lyme causes untold suffering with skin problems including rashes, scaling and scarring, muscle aches, pains and stiffness, constant fatigue, headaches, arthritis with severe joint pain and swelling, facial palsy, nerve pain, memory challenges, brain fog, and of course, with all these symptoms, depression. There are several different stages, early localized, early disseminated and late disseminated, all presenting differently.

Petitions to US & Canada’s Health officials for more than 10 years have done little to improve this situation. We need to keep trying!

Canadians sign this petition before March 1st, 2017: https://www.change.org/p/minister-philpott-ticking-lyme-bomb-in-canada-fix-canada-s-lyme-action-plan-now

US: please sign: https://www.change.org/p/president-trump-and-congress-drain-the-cdc-swamp-and-legalize-lyme-disease

The World Health Organization and other public health authorities worldwide have declared Lyme to be the fastest growing vector-borne infectious disease in the world.

US Centers for Disease Control confirmed Lyme an epidemic in 2008. CDC states there are 300,000 NEW cases of Lyme in the US every year.

Canadian scientists predict that by the year 2020, 80% of the population in Eastern Canada will be living in a tick-populated area.

Research shows that Lyme bacteria can be passed from pregnant mother to child in utero. There are concerns this infection may be sexually transmitted. Babesia, a Lyme Co-Infection, has been found to be in the US blood supply. For all these additional reasons, it is critical to express your desire to have this disease recognized, properly tested and treated.


Why Is Lyme Misdiagnosed, Undiagnosed,

Improperly Treated and Underfunded?

There are a multitude of books, reports & petitions explaining this. One particularly informative book by Helke Ferrie, is Creative Outrage, A Medical Journalist Reports on the Good, the Bad and the Ugly in Current Medicine.

Ferrie covers Lyme extensively pages 87-110, listing full references. I agree with her summary that the way Lyme is handled by medical authorities and government agencies has entered the domain of criminality. She says: “How are doctors supposed to know how to recognize Lyme disease when our testing protocol prevents recognition so perfectly? When they do see it, they are unprepared to treat it. Sophisticated medical research published in the most prestigious international journals is kept out of medical practice by a government policy that ensures complex new scientific discoveries about Lyme do not confuse medical minds with the true facts….”

In Cure Unknown, Pamela Weintraub, writes, “the consistent downplaying of the severity of Lyme disease, only benefits the global medical insurers, who underwrite employee disability coverage & who do not want to incur the cost of this global pandemic. The pharmaceutical industry benefits greatly by inventing a new drug to treat each of the many symptoms of Lyme Disease, making billions of dollars globally while doing no research to treat the cause of the disease or to find better diagnostic tools.”

One small example that many people have never heard about is the link to Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF). Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt has treated Lyme for decades and discovered that recovery by any treatment protocol mandates that the patient be fully protected from EMF radiation. In the presence of cell phone radiation, for example, Lyme bacteria and their co-infections thrive and are able to evade therapeutic interventions. His Lyme patients must switch off main breakers at night and avoid all forms of wireless technology while undergoing treatment. Smart meters being forced on the population exacerbates this problem, which again, is unrecognized by mainstream medical.

KP Stoller MD, expert in integrative medicine and author of Incurable Me has been working with patients with brain injuries ranging from traumatic brain injury, stroke, autism, cerebral palsy, MS, chemo-brain, and Lyme brain since the late 1990s. He states, “ Untold numbers of Lyme patients have been told they don’t have Lyme, denied treatment, denied insurance reimbursement and those are the lucky ones.

Who is there to hold dishonest science accountable when “evidence based medicine” has been spun to fit biased agendas? What is the motivation to do this in the case of Lyme Disease?

It is very simple…Pharma wants to have a Lyme vaccine or at least profit from all the government funds to develop such a vaccine, but for this to be possible Lyme must fit a certain disease model. Since it does not fit a model where a vaccine would work, even on paper, the CDC seems to have conspired with both Pharma and a corrupt faction of academia to distort the truth about Lyme to enable vaccine makers to move forward on their desire to profit from a vaccine and/or its development.”

The one vaccine out of many developed, was FDA approved in 1998. It was pulled off the market within 4 years due to a class action lawsuit that represented over a hundred people who claimed they had experienced adverse reactions to the vaccine.

In summary, researchers who agree with the faulty model get the funding, so any other options will not be funded, and therefore, can “provide no evidence”.



In my 35 years in the health field, those who have recovered from Lyme to lead healthy lives, have ALL taken natural or complementary routes for healing. For those that may not be familiar with this, one excellent starting place is this NSP forum on Lyme.


Since that forum topic began in 2006, the same underlying concepts are still true. They are basically the same 4 pillars of health that are taught in Lorene Benoit’s book, The Paw Paw Program, A Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer. These pillars address the 5 causes that apply to all diseases, including LYME: Infection, Inflammation, Injury, Elimination & Circulation.

The variety of recommendations from the NSP Forum addresses these causes. Of course, different practitioners favour different programs. Here is a brief summary of those most frequently used. Please contact Benoit Health Education for specific help with a program that will help you.

Building the body’s natural defences with super nutrition is important for everyone! For details, see Lorene Benoit’s book, or Super Foods category. Energy medicine, Reiki, EPFX, Rife technology, Infra Red saunas have all been proven helpful. Different approaches work for different people; an experience natural health care consultant can help you.



Benoit & Associates Health Education

Garry F. Gordon MD, DO, MD (H) co-founded the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM).

Medical News Today – Vaccine Revival

Lyme Disease & Co-Infections: www.canlyme.com

International Lyme and Associated Disease www.ilads.org

Lyme Letters Campaign: www.lymehope.ca

Public Health Agency of Canada draft Framework: https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/programs/consultation-draft-federal-framework-lyme-disease.html

Ending Denial—The Lyme Disease Epidemic

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Annals of Internal Medicine: http://annals.org/article.aspx?articleid=699780 

PubMed: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7648832





Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis

These are some very basic recommendations which have helped those with MS.

Super Oil – 3-4 per day. (90 per bottle)

Other healthy oils such as cold pressed olive oil, coconut oil on salads and veggies are good – at least 2 Tbs. /day.

RE-X is helpful for relaxing and nourishing for nerve support. 6/day (100 per bot)

Adrenal Support – 2 per day  (60 per bottle)- contains B complex, plus you need adrenal support for your thyroid and for the stress. Most with MS test better on this than Stress Formula.

Any heat conditions,  red face, burning parts of body, etc.  IF-C, the Chinese formula for clearing heat rising. 8 per day (100 per bottle)

With an NSP member number, you can access all the fact sheets on www.naturessunshine.ca to understand benefits. For the US, products are available at Nature’s Sunshine.com. Call our office for product equivalents. Anyone may use Account #309344 to request a discount direct account.

Other tips essential for your health:

  • ensure bowels are working  minimum one good movement per day, preferably 2-3 x/day
  • chiropractic or physiotherapy work can help make sure no nerve impingement is going on
  • massage, especially on spine to relax nerves – Helichrysum essential oil is very good for nerves; also  Lavender
  • drink lots of pure water for bowels, hydration and brain function
  • fill yourself with healing love and light every day – take time for yourself.

This quote from Louise Haye in her book, Heal Yourself, may be helpful:

MS may relate to: mental hardness, hard-heartedness, iron will, inflexibility, f ear

So check if anything at all is going on in any area of your life where this may be affecting you.An affirmation she gives is:

“By choosing loving, joyous thoughts, I create a loving, joyous world. I am safe and free.  “

Below are references copied from well -respected health texts;  according to which self care is not happening and this may need your attention.

Any comments in ( ) are mine, the others are direct quotes.

From Prescription for Nutritional Healing, p.246 – 247

“ MS is a progressive, degenerative disorder of the nervous system. Its symptoms include a staggering gait, blurred vision, dizziness, numbness, breathing difficulties, weakness, tremors, slurred speech, bladder and bowel problems, emotional problems and paralysis.

… the underlying cause is unknown, however, stress and malnutrition often proceed the onset of symptoms. As in so many degenerative disorders, a strong immune system is essential.

A well balanced diet is of great importance. All food eaten should be organically grown (no chemicals) including fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds (raw), and nuts, fertile eggs and cold-pressed oils. Plenty of raw sprouts.

Massage, exercise, especially swimming, and keeping mentally active are extremely valuable in bringing about remission of symptoms. Exercises that may increase body temperature can decrease the function of the nerves involved, and make symptoms worse. Exercises in cool water help by supporting the body’s weight.. Stretching exercises help to prevent muscle contractures.

The family (and Friends) of an MS sufferer must learn about the disease. Emotional support is essential. (But so is physically healthy support essential!)

Fibre is important for avoiding constipation. Periodically take warm, cleansing enemas with the juice of a fresh lemon.

Avoid extremely hot baths, showers, and overly warm surroundings, as these may trigger an attack.

Do not consume sugar, coffee, chocolate, salt, highly seasoned foods, processed, canned foods.” (These are all irritating to the nervous system and therefore increase stress; deplete vitamins, especially C and B complex, bind up minerals that could be used for healing.)

Short fasts are helpful. (This is also mentioned in the Breuss Cancer Cure).

From Nutritional Almanac, p. 273 – 275

The cause of the disease is still unknown, although it has been seen to follow malnutrition, emotional stress and infections. Helpful nutrients mentioned are lecithin, magnesium  (50 mg /day for spasms, bladder, weakness & twitching),  B6-50mg & other B Vits.( found in complex and Super Oil , Vitamins C, D, E, & Zinc. Nutrients and other natural ingredients have been found to slow or even prevent the advancement of MS.

A diet rich diet high in seed oils, fish, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, vitamin & mineral supplements and very limited in saturated fats, sugar, and processed and refined foods is beneficial.

High fiber diet is important for constipation, with adequate amounts of water and a diet high in unrefined roughage foods.

Increase in essential fatty acids..found in oils. These are important for the development and integrity of the brain and spinal cord.

“Avoid chocolate, spicy foods, coffee and salt. Alcohol and smoking should also be avoided. Alcohol interferes with unsaturated fatty acid conversion, destroys various B vitamins and worsens MS symptoms. (These are already nutitritional deficiencies which all MS people need to address.)

Smoking adversely affects a diet high in unsaturated fatty acids, lowers blood levels of Vitamin C, and temporarily worsens MS symptoms.(Smoking increases stress, not relieves it)

Both references list rest, avoiding fatigue, getting gentle exercise, such as SWIMMING.

A good reference for general suggestions…

that promote health for all people, including diet as suggested in Lorene Benoit’s book: The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally.

Sugar and cancer connection is well explained in this book. Eliminating sugar, in fact, is critical to optimum health and prevention of all chronic conditions, diseases and early detection! As well, extensive dietary recommendations are given to help people understand how to eat better. Some recipes are also included.

MS – possible misdiagnosis and Lyme?

Recently there has been considerable information about Lyme disease being misdiagnosed  as MS. A quick internet search seems to support this, so it may be wise to consider this. The challenge is, that in some parts of Canada, (BC for sure), the medical association is still not really recognizing the existence of Lyme, (unbelievable denial!) so definitive testing is usually done via the US. Recommend to check this site for more information:


Parasites, Pets and People


People have more than 600 parasites that can live in and off them. Pets tend to harbour less species, but some of the more devastating ones are transferable to humans. Perhaps this is why most people are more conscientious about parasite treatment for their house pets than for themselves.

Parasites are any  ranging from microscopic size to meters in length. They cause health challenges in 3 main ways:

  • they eat, stealing nutrition from their host
  • they reproduce, often in terrific numbers
  • they secrete toxins, which cause a host of toxic challenges for the host

Fairly common in North America are roundworms, or ascarids that grow up to six inches in length in pets and up to one foot in humans; pin worms; whip worms, tape worms, guardia, lyme, candida, yeast, fungus….

Some good prevention tips are:

  • avoid touching feces of pets and humans
  • wash hands  frequently
  • avoid eating raw meat and fish
  • ensure healthy digestive system – if you are over 30 yrs. of age digestive enzymes are usually required
  • clean intestines: probiotics, adequate fibre and regular bowel movements,
  • protect yourself from biting insects, such as mosquitoes and ticks

For years it was thought that parasites were only a problem in tropical countries. We’ve had clients with worms, Guardia lamblia, Amoebic dysentery to mention a few, never having left their home town.

Anti parasitic herbs have been used worldwide for millennium. Herbal treatments are less toxic to the body than chemical treatments. Here is  an easy effective herbal recipe for cats and dogs containing well known parasiticide herbs to eradicate worms and parasites, followed by an effective parasite cleanse for people.

Worm Balls for Pets

12 capsules of Herbal Pumpkin

16 oz raw ground beef, other meat or canned food

Open Herbal Pumpkin capsules and mix into room temperature  meat.  Roll it into a ball, about 1/2″ in diameter or ½ tsp. Freeze balls on a cookie sheet, then store in a ziplock bag. Give 1 per day per  25 pounds. Dogs will eat frozen or thawed, cats prefer thawed. Each time you open the freezer they will be waiting for their treat!

These also make their fur shiny. “Herbal Pumpkin” contains pumpkin seeds, black walnut hulls, turkey rhubarb root, violet leaves, chamomile flowers, mullein leaves, marshmallow root and slippery elm bark. For humans, just use the capsules.


Parasite Cleanse For People

This is a complete and effective parasite cleanse. For seasonal  basic cleansing, either one of the herbal Paks can be taken on their own as a 10 -1 5 day cleanse. Please contact our office if you have any questions during these cleanses or to order these professional products direct.

Begin the parasite cleanse by starting with

  • Tiao He Pak – it is a whole body herbal cleansing program in 30 convenient packets.  Mark  start date on calendar. Take one packet 15 minutes before or with meals 3 X day (breakfast, lunch and dinner.)  Drink 1 glass of water each time with the packet.  It will take you ten days to complete this program, or 15 days  at 2X day, if 3 per day is too strong for you.  As soon as you are finished, start with
  • Para Pak – a parasite cleansing program with 20 packets to be taken 15 minutes before or with meals 2X day (breakfast and dinner). After completion in 10 days, stop for 7-10 days.  Mark this on your calendar, as you will repeat this process.
  • While on your 7-10 days off Para Pak, take Bifidophilus or Probiotics 11: 2 capsules before bedtime and 2 capsules in the morning before breakfast. Do this each time during the days between Para Pak. You can stop probiotics while doing the next set of Para Pak. Keep either of these pre and probiotic blends in the fridge or freezer after opening bottle. We suggest 2 bottles taken during and after the parasite cleanse.

You will do 4 sets all together (including 1 Tiao He Pak and 3 Para Paks) to make sure that you have rid all the parasites, larvae and eggs.  In future, should you begin to feel energy loss or feel lethargic, this could be a sign that the parasites are again increasing.  Start the Para Pak program again and do it 3 times in a row (10 on and 7-10 days off) with Bifidophilus or Probiotic 11 during the off days.  Depending on how long you have had the parasites, it may take another one or two times to bring them totally under control.  In future, drink filtered water and take other necessary precautions with pets, hand washing etc. Parasite cleansing is recommended at least once per year. This replacement of friendly flora in the lower gut  helps  keep the bacteria load at acceptable levels.


Dietary and other suggestions during cleanse

With both cleanses dietary suggestions are simple: include lots of fresh vegetables and especially green, leafy sources in your diet.  Recommended – each morning have ¼ cup raw oatmeal mixed in plain yogurt with fruit if you prefer.  Avoid wheat grains and all flour products; whole quinoa, amaranth, millet, kamut or buckwheat are acceptable. Avoid coffee, alcohol, all sugar and fried foods.  For protein, use nuts, seeds or add a vegetarian protein powder daily. Drink hot water – at least 2 – 4 cups a day – you can add Liquid Chlorophyll.

During this process, change bedding often and  underwear daily.  Wash hands frequently and for certain after using the washroom – avoid fingers in the mouth, eyes and nose.  If you have pets, wash your hands after handling them.  It is a good idea to have your pets do a parasite cleanse as well, as this may be your source of contaminationHerbal Pumpkin Worm Balls and Black Walnut are two herbs that will help with this process ongoing,  Contact our office for more information, or for other uses of herbs to keep your pets healthy.

Additional aid – You can help the process by inserting crushed raw garlic directly into the colon with a syringe. Blend 2 cloves of garlic in ½ cup warm water.  Alternately crush garlic if no blender. In fetal position insert with bulb syringe.  Hold as long as you can.  This is an excellent expellant when tape worms are present.  You may experience a slight temporary burning sensation.

Pamper Foods for the Colon and Intestine

  • Raw Steel Cut Oatmeal & blueberries or grated apple or banana. Mix ¼ cup with yogurt and blueberries or grated apple.  This is an ideal breakfast which will help promote colon health (a gentle fibre) and clean blood plasma.  You may consider a sprinkling of ground flaxseed, Flax Hull Lignans, or hemp – a very good idea.
  • Boiled Rice Soupor “Congee” – Method: ½ cup small grain rice in a large pot – stir in 1 tablespoon olive oil with a little sea salt.  Mix well.  Add 2 – 3 cups of water and allow to simmer for an hour or more, stirring often and adding more water when needed until you have a thick, soupy mixture.  You may add blueberries with maple syrup and use as a morning food, or use plain anytime of day with vegetables.  This is a good food once a day when doing a body or parasite cleanse, softening and making it easier to eliminate adhered debris in the intestines.  Parasites do not like this consistency.
  • Oatmeal Drink – Make a thick oatmeal drink by cooking ½ cup oatmeal in 2 cups or more boiling water with a little sea salt.  Allow to boil on medium heat for 15 minutes or more and then strain the oats out.  Drink this thick fluid.  If you need, add some stevia or Xylitol as sweetener. This has a calming affect, allowing for ease in evacuation and is considered pamper food for the colon and probiotics.


You will need the following for this cleanse:

Contact our office to order these professional products direct or for guidance with your specifics.