Vaccine Myth needs to Die!

Question: If the flu vaccine actually worked, out of 100 people vaccinated, how many would be protected from the flu?
Answer: Zero to 4 – to see the mathematical calculations to prove this, please visit

The CDC (Centre for Disease Control) has reported measles outbreak in 100% vaccinated populations. Obviously there is NO scientific evidence to support the fact that vaccinations prevent flu. Hand washing has a higher rate of success, with less side effects and considerably less cost.

Is it any wonder that only 30 – 34% of doctors, nurses and other health care workers get annual flu shots? They are educating themselves! Could those in charge of forcing edicts which affect the physical and financial welfare of citizens also spend some time educating themselves? Those in office need to spend some time questioning the expensive vaccine myth – one hour of  research would help them see why those who educate themselves do want to risk their health on questionable, myth ridden, fear mongering flu shots.

Invest 11 minutes of time to become informed. Start by watching this excellent interview by Dr. Suzanne Humphries.  As Dr. Humphries so succinctly states, “If the vaccines were so wonderful, why are they needing to be forced on the public? History books show that the people who were vaccinated were the sickest.  It is blazingly clear that much of what is taught in medical school is enormously limited.”  Please make intelligent choices and state your views to your provincial, state and federal employees, who are supposed to be protecting you! ! Watch

There is not a shred of evidence to support the myth that vaccines prevent disease. In fact, research shows the opposite is true.

The FACTS are that besides low efficacy, a few other reasons for not wanting the flu or any other vaccine might include:

  • The two publicly-funded vaccines in Canada, Fluviral and Vaxigrip both contain thimersol. For those who may not be aware, that is mercury – the cause of the Mad Hatter’s Disease – remember Alice in Wonderland? Dr. Hugh Fudenberg, world leading immunogeneticist states that getting the annual  flu shots for 5 consecutive years increases chances of getting Alzheimers by 10 times.
  • Neuroscientists at UBC recently published several scientific papers that question vacccine safety due to thimersol. This is particularly relevant for the ever-increasing number of childrens’ vaccines being promoted.
  • The first syndrome to be clearly correlated with the influenza vaccination was the Guillain-Barre paralysis (1977). That’s right – since 1977, and not with a few research papers, in a few countries, but over thousands! Only one year later, researchers discovered that neurological complications were not at all restricted to this one syndrome; on the contrary, they found a good number of post-vaccination neurological affections.
  • ALL charts that show mortality from ALL communicable diseases, including Tuberculosis, Polio, Scarlet Fever, Whooping Cough, Measles, Tetanus,  Small Pox, from 1860 to present clearly indicate that these diseases ALL decreased in 78 – 98% before the introduction of vaccines. Several also show an increase in death after vaccinations!
  • Of the 2769 flu outbreaks reported in Canada in 2009/10, 95.4% occurred in schools. Why are Health Care workers being targetted?

As health care workers and the general public become more educated and question both the safety AND efficacy of vaccinations, is this the only way the government can respond, forcing the vaccine with penalties to workers? Wearing masks, no work, no pay? Mandatory vaccinations are imposed in some US states; every person needs to fight this to prevent noxious, poisonous substances from being forced into our bloodstreams!

The Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms guarantees freedom of religion or conscience and the right to “security of the person”. Canadian Medical Law affirms the right to exercise Informed Consent and to refuse invasive medical procedures based on risk assessment. Forced vaccination violates basic rights as a Canadian citizen. Pretty sure it does in the US too.

It is time for some real research, some real facts. I willingly offer to provide websites, medical journals, charts and references to any interested, and would greatly welcome any response to this.

Two other excellent non-profit sites for your research are: and . It is time to dispel the many assumptions and myths upon which immunization theory and practice are based as they have been proven false in their application.

For a full page of excellent vaccine websites, stay tuned:

For SAFE, EFFECTIVE ways to prevent flu and other diseases, read:   and


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  1. Thanks for submitting this excellent article. The whole issue of forced vaccinations is one that everyone needs to take a stand against, before it is too late! Think before you get pricked. Check out websites to begin your research on my website:

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