Upcoming Herbal Training, Sept. 7th, 2013

This Friday – yes, I know it is short notice, we will WORK on the Medicine Wheel, which got a little trashed by …. now that’s a story…., then learn everything we have time to learn about that gorgeous, healing little plant called Calendula, alias Pot Marigold.

No time to say much more, so I can get this notice out right NOW, so you can be spontaneous and register right now! The cost, as you are going to be helping re-construct the Medicine Wheel, for about 45 minutes, is only $30 for the afternoon. Bring a 1/2 pint or 1 pint 3/4 full of your favourite healthy oil so you can take home your own Calendula oil and learn how to use it for so many things, you’ll be amazed.

And here is a little about an upcoming full day Sept. 7th.

Since 1999 Master Herbalist, Author and Educator Lorene Benoit has taught an Annual Herbal Intensive in Glenora. This summer the 4 day Intensive is being replaced by a one day workshop combining the Medicine Wheel with a mini course in harvesting and preparing a couple of medicinal herbs; focusing on oils and tinctures.

The Medicine Wheel is a model that integrates the four components of health: physical, spiritual, mental and emotional; the four actions of herbs, four directions, seasons and tastes. In Lorene’s book, The Paw Paw Program, that explains cancer prevention and natural approach, she covers the Four Pillars of Health, another aspect of the Medicine Wheel.

Benoit states, “Although I am over stocked on salves, glycerites, tinctures and oils made in previous classes, I have such a wealth of herbs in the gardens that I cannot resist making a few more preparations. Besides, with Health Canada’s ongoing regulation of what we can or cannot buy, it is critical to know how to make these remedies ourselves. ”

Join us Sat. Sept. 7th, 9am- 4 pm to learn from one of Canada’s leading herbal experts of 35 years. Investment in your health is only $100; $85 if paid by Aug. 31st. Call the office for details or to register.

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2 thoughts on “Upcoming Herbal Training, Sept. 7th, 2013

  1. How are you doing? Still doing herbal preparations earned at your Intensive 2011!
    Over here (in Holland) everything is going great. A lot of nice warm days.
    I wanted to make my own sunscreen and after sun. I searched the internet for recipes, a lot of possibilities, but a lot of ingredients. I remembered you didn’t use that much. I can only remember you used aloe vera and lavender or mint oil?
    Do you have a recipe?

    My Mom is also wanting to make some more of that great salve you sent us. Any tips?

  2. No problem, but as you may remember, I don’t use recipes much. I teach people the basics and encourage them to experiment. So to answer your two questions about sunscreen and salve making, I think I will do a blog entry as it will may benefit others; your answers can be found here: Making Herbal Salves & Sun Screens
    We so enjoyed your visit and input into this Herbal Intensive. Look forward to meeting again, here or in Holland!

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