The Truth About Vaccines

Having just watched the 4th Episode of this excellent series, The Truth About Vaccines, I strongly encourage YOU to watch as much as you can.  This is especially important if you are a pregnant woman, a parent, a senior,  work in the health care system, a doctor, a scientist or someone who cares about YOUR health.

Lorene has been teaching and writing about the vaccination myth since 1985. This series collects research from many North American medical experts that may be shocking  to anyone who has never questioned vaccinations, while supportive of everything she has been teaching. Please see other articles on this website under Vaccine Archives, which also include safe ways of creating  strong immunity.

The Truth About Vaccines series presents studies from NA and around the world. Just to touch on a few  interesting FACTS from this one episode:

  • The US recommends 26 vaccines by age 1 and has the 34th worst infant mortality rate of first world nations, versus Iceland which requires 12 vaccines by 1 yr. and has lowest infant mortality rate. Canada mandates 15 vaccines by 1 yr.
  • In a 2009 study,  Iceland had an autism rate of 1 in 2,000 , while the US had 1 in 150.
  • In the 1970’s autism rates in US were 1 in 10,000. They are now 1 in 45.
  • There is a direct correlation with increase in number of vaccines to increase in autism, allergies , ADHD and other challenges that are affected by lowered immunity, such as childhood cancers.
  • The Cochrane Collaboration is one of North America’s most respected independent, NON-PROFIT research groups of doctors & scientists. After conducting meta-analysis of years of flu vaccine studies they concluded that of 100 people thought to have the ‘flu’, only 7 actually did have the flu. Therefore pandemics and epidemic warnings promoting vaccinations are false.
  • Their review concluded that, “Of all the research and studies on flu vaccines in childhood, elderly or those who work on them, none  proved the flu vaccine to be safe OR effective.”
  • Pediatricians in the US are paid $400 bonus per child by Blue Cross/Blue Shield, IF they comply with full vaccination schedule. In other words, if they do NOT convince all parents to vaccinate their children they are financially penalized.
  • This episode covers flu, DPT (Diptheria, Pertussis Tetanus), HIB (Haemophilus Influenza B) vaccine for meningitis, Hep B, polio, pneumococcal…..
  • HIB vaccine contains peanut oil and is linked to the increase in peanut allegies
  • Synthetic Vitamin K injections given at birth to prevent a rare anti-clotting disease called VKDB contains aluminum, benzyl alcohol & propylene glycol & has been linked to an increase in childhood cancers. It could be effectively replaced with a safe, natural form of Vit. K taken orally.
  • The dangers of giving children acetaminophen /Tylenol, especially to counter-act the brain-inflammatory screaming common after vaccination – watch for research just released from Harvard and Duke Universities about the dangers of Tylenol. 
  • Research shows the link between acetaminophen and autism and also explains why boys have a higher rate of autism due to the magnifying effect of testosterone on acetaminophen

You may wish to read Safe Vaccine Alternatives and take control of your health and those of your loved ones. Infants and the elderly are particularly prone to vaccine damage, due to more sensitive systems.

Also be aware of research linking  5 years of Flu shot to TEN Times  increase in Alzheimers, explained in Vaccine Myth Needs to Die with the common, heavily promoted Flu Shot.

More Reference Links: 

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4 thoughts on “The Truth About Vaccines

  1. I’m so glad you wrote on this mini-series on this topic! I watched a few episodes (time permitting) and resonated 100% with “The Truths”!!

    After my recent university CMHW graduation, I’m finding the top favourable employers (pay scale, benefits, pension etc) are making it a “requirement” to be fully vaccinated as per the “Province’s immunization program” (I have to sign a form stating either Yes I have complied with immunization program OR that I have opted out! I have been offered a job and find myself so stressed out over this “requirement” (stress #1 in my life depleting my immune system UGH) ! This is challenging my morals & VALUES (being MY HEALTH & wellness).
    I have gone online researching (overwhelmed with all of the information)!!

    Can you please advise or direct me to info; or to a local Homeopath for info on ‘Homeopathic Vaccines’? I can’t find my childhood immunization schedule and local clinic destroyed all records before 1975??!! I was vaccinated in the US up to the age of 6. Then vaccinated in Canada as I aged thru school.

    I know you’re the go-to resource person to help direct me in order to make a well informed & educated decision! I would LOVE to put ALL of my (formal) education to work & apply to work with troubled children & youth at a facility, but again I face this vaccine requirement!? Is there a way around this???

    I have to start paying back my student loan but need to be making a living first!!!

    THANK YOU Lorene!

  2. Congrats on completing your studies; a real commitment and achievement!

    I do not know about Homeopathic Vaccines. Although they ay be effective, I also don’t know if they will be accepted either, so best to check this out before you spend the money. I think you are aware of my past recommendations for Safe Vaccine Alternatives.

    Others I know in the health care field have just ignored any requests until they were already working. (delay tactics). This at the suggestion of nurses who refused to vaccinate – there are many more than what people are lead to believe! They recommended to just get working. Has not been a problem since. At times you may have to wear a a mask, at whatever arbitrary date they decide the flu season has started, or finished – a small price to pay. Depending on where you work, they don’t even necessarily impose that regulation either. I think any are starting to realize it’s all BS and money making propaganda.

    1. Based on the fact that “they” all lie to us, you could just choose to lie & say, yes, you’ve met all requirements. If “they” have lost records, then it is their problem to prove otherwise, which I doubt they will bother to do. In reality, if you are taking responsibility for your health, then you ARE meeting not just requirements, but beyond that.

    2nd step: If they do ask, you could say, OK what vaccines do you want me to have, as you no longer have my records? Then you can ask them to sign this AVOID form, which I will email as an attachment, for whatever ones they want you to get. They won’t sign.
    BUT if you can live with lying to get the job, once they see what a dedicated worker you are, they will probably ignore it.

    Step 3, if necessary: Ask your doctor to sign a letter saying you cannot have vaccinations as you are deadly allergic to mercury (thimersol),eggs, dead viruses, animal parts, aluminum, or any of the other toxic ingredients in vaccines.
    If the letter is printed, just ask if he/she will sign it. depends on your doctor……

    I will send a couple we have used in the past. Not to worry too much about doc signature, as they are never legible anyways and I doubt anyone will check.

    Main thing…don’t get stressed about it – that depletes the immmune system.Keep me informed how it goes.


    I feel confident and have my power back now that you’ve armed me with exactly what I need!!!

    Much gratitude

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