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Q & A Graviola, Papaya versus Paw Paw – Asimina triloba


Is Sour Sop, Guanabana or Brazilian Graviola the same as in your Paw Paw Program book?  Anita R.

Is Paw Paw the same thing as Papaya Leaf?  Dan



Both the sour sop juice and papaya leaf are totally different species of the plant and totally different preparations from the Paw Paw, Latin name Asimina triloba that has been researched as effective for cancer. Although there is some correct information on the site you mentioned, there is also some misinformation, especially concerning the research reference.(see end of this article).

In the field of medicinal herbals, it is paramount to understand which species of a plant one is using. Many plants have the same family name, but chemical composition within a species, and within different parts of the plant, varies widely. The same name may also apply to completely different plants in different parts of the world. For example, many countries have different plants they call Heal All, which are not even in the same plant family. Latin names, or nomenclature, are the only way to scientifically identify, and reproduce the medicinal benefits.

For accuracy,  always use the Latin name of the plant, which in the case my book, The Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer, refers to the Paw Paw tree, Asimina triloba, standardized twig bark,  harvested at the correct time. This plant is native to the eastern U.S.

Please contact us to get the correct source, direct discount pricing, AND support from an expert.

From page 90 – 91 of Lorene Benoit’s  book: ” Paw Paw is one of the most researched and most effective herbal remedies in connection with cancer. In the past 30 years research on Paw Paw has been conducted by Dr. Jerry McLaughlin and a team of researchers at Purdue University, as well as at Wayne State University.”

Over fifty bioactive compounds, called the annonaceous acetogenins, have been found in the standardized Paw Paw concentrate of this particular species of Paw Paw. These have been described in a series of research papers as representing the most potent, major, bioactive structural types of acetogenins.

Other related species of Annona muricata, also known as graviola, guanabana, Sour sop, and Brazilian Paw Paw contain only the less potent monotetrahydrofuran acetogenins, and do not maximize acetogenin levels or standardize the product to assure consistent potency.
Beware when checking sources online, that you will not only receive the correct herb, but that you have someone to contact for ongoing support. 

In addition, the health of the tree,  part used,  time of year that the twig is harvested for optimum potency, and how it is processed,  and tested, ALL effect the outcome.

To ensure you get the correct herbal preparation that has been researched, the best price, plus support, please contact the author.

As part of Dr. McLaughlin’s research, one study of 100+ patients, with many types of tumours represented,  resulted in:

Significant reductions seen in tumor sizes (verified by CT, etc.)

Significant reductions in tumor antigen levels (PSA, CA2729, CA125, alkaline phosphatase, etc.)

Very few side effects; mostly none; nausea and vomiting (2 people); itching (1 person); many reported “increased energy”

No hair loss, no bone marrow depression, No GI bleeding

Benefits were also seen with cold sores, shingles, MS, toe nail fungus, acne, athletes foot, eczema & psoriasis (in capsules, lotion and salve formulations).

These results were with the standardized extract of Paw Paw as prepared, tested & supervised by Dr. Jerry McLaughln, and encapsulated by Nature’s Sunshine Products. To order, please contact our office. You can also receive professional advice from the author, which is not available when ordering from Amazon.

Case studies conducted by Dr. Forsythe, a Nevada oncologist are included in my book, including complete remissions with stage four cancers as well as Testimonials offered  from my own clients.

I have included excerpts from pages 6-8 of a 37 page report from the Journal Natural Products, 1999, 62 504-540, titled: Annonaceous Acetogenins: Recent Progress

by Feras Q. Alali, Xiao-Xi Liu, and Jerry L. McLaughlin*, Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, School of Pharmacy and Pharmacal Sciences, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana 47907

Should you wish the whole technical report with all 138 References included,  search online, or contact our office, with this in subject line: Acetogenins Tech Review JNP 1999

The Annonaceae (custard-apple family), is very large, 130 genera and 2300 species. Phytochemical studies and, to a lesser extent, pharmacological studies on Annonaceous species have intensified in the last 15 years; this is largely due to the discovery of the Annonaceous acetogenins, a class of natural compounds with a wide variety of biological activities.

The discovery of uvaricin in 1982,7 the first of the Annonaceous acetogenins,
as an in vivo active antileukemic (P-388) agent, invigorated wide interest in this family. The Annonaceous acetogenins are now one of the most rapidly growing classes of new natural products and offer exciting anthelmintic,(kills worms),  in vivo and cytotoxic antitumor, antimalarial, antimicrobial, antiprotozoal, and pesticidal activities and special promise of becoming new chemotypes for antitumor and pesticidalagents.

Note: American pawpaw (Asimina triloba) is not a papaya and should not be confused with Carica papaya or Annona muricata (graviola) although the species have similar common names and may be called “pawpaw.”

I agree with what the website you sent me cited, concerning why the public has not heard as much about the Paw Paw family for an effective cancer approach.


“….under federal law, a natural product is not patentable. There’s no way to make serious profits from it. There was no way the company could protect its profits–or even make back the millions it poured into research. As the dream of huge profits evaporated, their testing on Graviola came to a screeching halt.”

However, this site mentions tests at Purdue University showed results with graviola leaves. This is not true; graviola did not show the effectiveness that Asmina triloba twig bark extract did, because they do not contain the acetogenin variety or strength.

Studies Show Radiation Causes Cancer

It is  well established that exposure to ionizing radiation can trigger mutations and other genetic damage that can contribute to rampant growth of  normal cells. This article presents studies on Breast Cancer, but radiation affects all cells.

So it seems amazing how mainstream medicine frequently dismisses the idea that medical imaging tests from mammograms to CT scans do not play a role in causing breast cancer. Take this example from the web site for Cornell University’s Program on Breast Cancer and Environmental Risk Factors:

In answer to the question “Is ionizing radiation a cause of breast cancer?”, the Cornell experts say “Yes ….. female breast tissue is highly susceptible to radiation effects.” But then they disregard the possible hazard from mammography x-rays saying the risk …”should not be a factor in individual decisions to undergo this procedure. The same is true for most diagnostic x-ray procedures.”

If that’s not confusing enough, they turn around and state: “Nonetheless, unnecessary radiation exposures should be avoided and continued vigilance is required to ensure that the benefits associated with specific procedures outweigh the future risks.”

Why radiation causes breast cancer

Common sense suggests there is plenty of reason to be worried about radiation causing breast cancer. And now there’s a new reason to be concerned. Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have discovered that radiation exposure can alter cells’ micro-environment (the environment surrounding cells). And that greatly raises the odds that future cells will become cancerous.

The reason is that signals from a cell’s micro-environment, altered by radiation exposure, can cause a cell’s phenotype to change by regulating or de-regulating the way a cell uses its genes. The result can be a cell that not only becomes pre-cancerous but that passes this pre-malignant condition on to future cells.

“Our work shows that radiation can change the micro-environment of breast cells ….. a much greater potential to be cancerous,” stated Paul Yaswen, cell biologist and breast cancer research specialist with Berkeley Lab’s Life Sciences Division.

“Many in the cancer research community have been slow to acknowledge and incorporate in their work the idea that cells in human tissues are not independent entities, but are highly communicative with each other and with their micro-environment,” he added.

To find out what radiation exposure does to the cellular environment and how it could impact the future of cell behavior, the Berkeley Lab scientists grew normal breast tissue in culture dishes for about a week. Then they zapped each set with a single treatment of a low-to-moderate dose of radiation and compared the irradiated cells to sets of breast cells that had not been irradiated.

The published results showed that four to six weeks after the radiation exposure, the normal breast cancer cells showed premature cell senescence (aging & deterioration).

The researchers pointed out that the levels of radiation used in their experiments were not as much as a woman would be exposed to during a single routine mammogram but were comparable to those a woman could receive during a CT scans or radiotherapy “and could represent sources of concern.”

Women are often pushed to get annual mammograms, raising their overall radiation exposure through the years. Mammographies are referred to in Lorene Benoit’s book:  The Paw Paw Program – The “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturallyon p age 34-35.  Questions to Ask Your Doctor is  a good starting point anytime radiation techniques are recommended.

A report from JAMA  found that the start of screening mammography programs throughout Europe has been associated with increased incidence of breast cancer (http://www.naturalnews.com/024901.html).

And a Johns Hopkins study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute concluded radiation exposure from mammograms could trigger malignancies in women at risk for genetic breast cancer (http://www.naturalnews.com/025560_cancer_brst_cancer_mammograms.html).

ALL Electro Magnetic Frequencies and Radiation (EMF and EMR)  are causing health challenges, including wireless, smart meters, and yes cell phones. The cumulative effect is that we are creating a microwave within which we are being baked! This recent Canadian study is one of many worldwide. Note Recommendations #10 and 11 relate specifically to cancer, but all 12 recommendation relate to health!

The science is clear as many countries become aware – it’s the people like you who need to insist our health be taken into consideration above profits!



Cancer Screening and Prevention, Mammograms

Mammograms – Physical AND Emotional Damage – make your decision wisely


Q & A: Paw Paw and bird mite bites



I saw something about paw paw and external mites. I have been afflicted with bird mites for 9 months now. Trying everything I can. I’m still getting 2 or 3 bites a day, but it is much better than when it started. Any suggestions you can give will be so appreciated!  JC


I have not worked with bird mites before, but based on research and fact that Paw Paw has been used historically as a pesticide and for lice as a shampoo,  I would think that by taking the Paw Paw Cell Reg internally for one bottle ( 1 to 1.5 months) may make your blood inhospitable to the mites.

Assuming that you own the birds hosting the mites, you might also try adding a very small amount to their water or feed, and or opening a capsule and sprinkling some on their feathers. Please let me know how this works.

Please get back to us to order your Paw Paw Cell Reg, for best price and ongoing support, or use the previous link to order directly.

Changing Genetics with More Love?

Dr. Bruce Lipton, in a lecture on Healing with the Masters, asks the question, “Do we have enough love?”

His findings are based on stem cells studies. Everyday we replace billions of our cells from embryonic cells, which we call stem cells. Dependent on what medium or culture in which the stem cells are grown will determine what type of cells they become, whether muscle, bone, fat or any other of many possible cells. Plus, whether they are healthy or abnormal cells. So, in a nutshell, our  genetics do not determine the outcome of the cells – it is the environment in which they are immersed.

One of the healthiest environments is one which is infused with love. Sick stem cells transferred into a healthy environment become well and vice versa.

Our human body is a community of fifty trillion cells living according to what the brain perceives.  The brain’s perception of the world controls the neurotransmitters which determine the chemistry of the blood, which determines the fate of our cells, so ultimately the brain controls our state of health. This concurs with epigenetics which states that environment controls the fate of genetics.

A mind in love and a mind in fear have two different chemistries which will affect the physical health of our cells, no matter what the genetics. Being in love releases dopamine, oxytocin, vasopressin. These chemicals grow exuberant  stem cells. Fear and stress hormones hinder healthy cellular growth.

Conscious mind (prefrontal cortex, about 10%)  has our wishes, desires for future & creativity. Sub conscious mind (about 90%) has the pre-recorded programs, habits, instincts and learned experiences, acquired in the first 7 years of our life through our observed environment and culture. It is this 90% subconscious which determines what the 10% conscious achieves.

Talking to your subconscious does NOT work – it is akin to talking to a CD player. The subconscious mind learns 3 ways: hypnosis, habituation (repetition & practice), and energy modalities that engage subconscious processes to reprogram it.

In Lorene Benoit’s book: The Paw Paw Program – The “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally, Chapter 6, The Road to Wellness – The Four Pillars of Health, includes emotional healing as one of the 4 essential Pillars. The importance of loving support when dealing with any chronic health conditions is critical and is backed by more and more research from the field of quantum physics.

This book is full of  easy to read information that is critical to treatment and prevention of all chronic conditions, and achievement of optimum health.

FOCUS ON WHAT IS BEING BORN. As you reprogram your subconscious you effect the reality of the cells that create your future, as well as the evolution of all humanity.

Contact our office to order this book, or create your personalized optimum health program. Old fashioned phone? 250-748-6802.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor

The following helpful questions are found on pages 163-164 of Lorene Benoit’s book: The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally, 2nd Edition.

They can be and should be asked for any treatment options, no matter what your health condition is. 

Some questions to ask your doctor when a drug, protocol, diagnostic test, explorative surgery, or any medical treatment is recommended.

Please remember the doctor and any treatment recommended is paid by you, indirectly, via taxes; annually at least $3800 per man, woman and child in Canada. This is not including any MSP fees, prescription or other costs paid by you directly. Therefore, as you are paying the doctor, or in effect hiring him or her, you do have the right to know what you need to know to make an educated decision. Think if you were hiring a contractor to do renovations on your house – you would want the details, you would want to know that the person you hire is best suited for the job, that they would be familiar with your needs, know how to use their tools – you get the picture.
Wouldn’t you do the same for your car by making sure the mechanic is qualified, not doing anything to your car that is not necessary, and knows what needs to be fixed? Expect the same treatment for your body as you would for your house or your car.
Of course, our body is more complex than either a house or a car, but understand those treatments to which you agree and understand your options.

By taking this drug, following this treatment, having this surgery, following this recommendation….

What is the expected outcome?

How or why does it work? (ask for explanation in terms that you understand)

Can you tell me and/or give me a list of all possible side effects, to decide if the possible benefit outweighs the risks? Pharmacists will give you a small write-up for drugs; if you want more detail ask for the information from the CPS (Compendium Pharmaceutical & Specialties).

What are the percentages for side effects, re-occurrence, adhesions, damage from treatment, cure rate, life extension, etc.

Have you personally used it with other patients? What has been their response, incidence of side effects, increased life span, quality of life…..?

How long has this been approved and how long used?

Can you refer me to any studies that prove the effectiveness of this treatment option?

For what period of time will I be taking this drug, or following this treatment?
What is the likelihood that this will necessitate me taking other drugs or treatments to counteract side effects or enhance perceived benefit of treatments?

How will you determine if it is effective?

What is expected outcome if I do not choose this treatment option?

Do you mind if I do some research before I choose this route?

For other helpful suggestion when dealing with the medical system, and for especially for dealing with cancer, see  Lorene Benoit’s book: The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally

3 Success Stories for Paw Paw and Rampant Cell Growth

From Canada:

We went with much fear today to get the results and treatment plan from my husband’s Oncologist. We were told by the surgeon and oncology at the hospital after the thymus tumour was removed on Feb 7 that he has lymphoma and would need chemotherapy and probably radiation.

Imagine our astonishment when Dr. I. told us the bone marrow test and recent cat scan did not turn up ANY cancer! He is completely in the clear! Dr. I said he might have recommended chemo anyway “to be on the safe side”! but was not recommending that because my husband has pulmonary hypertension and right ventricle damage from the clots and it wasn’t worth the risk. Dr. I also got him into an “elite” pulmonary hypertension clinic at Toronto General that none of the other specialists seemed to know about, so there is hope there as well. We are absolutely dizzy with relief.

My husband started the Paw Paw  (Asimina triloba) program a month ago. After two weeks, he started to smell really bad in a strange way, especially at night. He said it was mostly coming from his armpits and groin areas (where there are lymph nodes). I told him it was probably the toxins from the dying cancer cells being released. As suddenly as it started, the smell stopped about a week ago. No way to prove it, but we are crediting the Paw Paw with his remission. Thanks Lorene, for such a clear, well written book and the NSP Paw Paw program!

D.R., Toronto

Author’s Comments: Thank heavens there are other complications here which means no chemo just “to be on the safe side”! Depleting the body’s innate immune system with toxic drugs is NOT being on the safe side! Natural health works the opposite way – it supports and nourishes the immune system!


Gina had lung, liver and breast cancer in her body determined by Vega biofeedback. She took 8 Paw Paw capsules (Asimina triloba) 1 month 50 mg. capsules X 8 and all results decreased within this month.

Author’s Comments:Vega is a biofeedback tool. This tool, EPFX, and Compass are all effective tools in the hands of a good practitioner. These and other healing modalities are mentioned in Lorene Benoit’s book, The Paw Paw Program, A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally.

GGoad, BC.



From the UK:

My friend is in advanced stages of Kidney and adrenal Cancer.

I sent her the NSP Paw Paw capsules 10 days ago and its already made dramatic differences ! I kid you not !

I want to order the book and get it sent to her ASAP in the UK.

Question: How much would the shipping be?

Answer: Shipping to Europe and Africa is usually about $18 Cdn. and arrives within 7 business days.

ColinP, England

NOTE: Emailing us directly gives you fastest service and least expensive price. We can also arrange for you to have a direct account with Nature’s Sunshine to ensure you get the same products we use with success, as well as direct discount pricing. Just contact us with your details; we’ll do the work for you!

Q&A: Paw Paw and Contra-Indicated Medications and Supplements


Can you take the paw paw if you are taking thyroid medicine?  Pat L.


I do not focus on a lot of contraindications for the Paw Paw program. And, to be clear, I refer to the only to the Asimina triloba species of Paw Paw, as this is the plant with the research and results.  There are some websites which list herbs one must not take with Paw Paw. These websites do not return emails or calls requesting research or even  explanations for their statements. If they do not or cannot back up their statements with research, I don’t pay much attention.

According to Dr. Jerry McLaughlin, the world’s expert on Paw Paw, Asimina triloba, the only proven antagonists are those that increase ATP production, such as CoQ10. This is because reduction of ATP to rapidly growing cells such as cancer,  is one of the 4 primary mechanisms by which Paw Paw is effective.  We recommend to not take CoQ10 at the same time as Paw Paw, as it increases ATP production, therefore is counter-productive. After studying with  Dr.  McLaughlin personally, I trust his research and have had results!

As mentioned in my book,  The Paw Paw Program, thyroid “stimulators” are not recommended when following a program using Paw Paw. This may be based on statements similar to one by Dr. Duarte, October, 2008: “You shouldn’t take thyroid stimulators as well, things like 7-Keto or DHEA. These tend to stimulate thyroxin production.”

Understanding the mechanism of action of Paw Paw, we do not want to intentionally stimulate the thyroid when on the Paw Paw program.

HOWEVER, if someone is taking synthroid,  natural porcine thyroid prescription, or a herbal supplement for hypothyroidism, they need to stay on this, to help maintain  normal thyroid function critical for overall health, so one cannot just stop. If the thyroid is removed or destroyed by radioactive treatments, some form of thyroid supplementation is essential for life. This is different than taking high doses of thyroid stimulating herbs, when not needed.

Even if one is taking these thyroid medications or herbs, the benefits from the Paw Paw program still outweigh other options, such as toxic chemotherapy.

Most other supplements are fine, but please be sure to do FIRST the basic 4 as listed in the program in Benoit’s book, rather than too many others that may not enhance the overall effect. Once one is comfortable with the basic 4 components of the program, Paw Paw, Minerals, Omegas and Enzymes, then other herbs may be added to increase overall immunity or to address specific concerns and to ensure optimal functioning of all body systems. Some of those most recommended are in a past article Paw Paw Program Upgrade. Two of these include, Essiac Tea Concentrate and Pau D’Arco. Remember, cancer is not just a lump or tumor, it is a reflection of the overall health of the entire body functioning as a unit, with optimization of the immune system.

Please contact our office if you would like to get the same professional quality herbs that we use successfully in our practice. With a minimum order, we offer a direct account with discount and our support.

Mammograms – Physical AND Emotional Damage – make your decision wisely

In my book, The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally, Chapter One explains how the major financial sponsor of the NBCAM – National Breast Cancer Awareness Month -aka “the pink ribbon campaign” is the chemical company AstraZeneca. The NBCAM heavily petitions governments to promote frequent Mammograms.

So here are just two of too many reports that indicate why better education about our “preventive health” choices is needed. You may want to read these before you make that decision.

The British Journal of Radiobiology published  a paper in 2006, that states:

“…..radiobiological studies have provided compelling evidence that the low energy X-rays as used in mammography are approximately four times – but possibly as much as six times – more effective in causing mutational damage than higher energy X-rays. Since current radiation risk estimates are based on the effects of high energy gamma radiation, this implies that the risks of radiation-induced breast cancers for mammography X-rays are underestimated by the same factor.

A new study published July, 2013  in the Annals of Family Medicine titled, Long-term psychosocial consequences of false-positive screening mammography, brings to the forefront a major under-reported harm of breast screening programs: the very real and lasting trauma associated with a false-positive diagnosis of breast cancer.

The study found that women with false-positive diagnoses of breast cancer, even three years after being declared free of cancer, “consistently reported greater negative psychosocial consequences compared with women who had normal findings in all 12 psychosocial outcomes.”

Should you choose to read more, please refer to:


The above book also explains the damaging effects of pressure, inflammation and consequent cell damage as being a cause of cancer.

Cancer and Genetics?

Given the big news stories about Angelina Jolie and her prophylactic surgery because she carries the BRCA-1 gene, it is even more critical to educate people on the true causes of cancer and put an end to fear-based self mutilation.

Cancer Can Be Treated Naturally

 Explore the Natural Approach to Understanding the Causes, Treatment, And

Prevention of Cancer in Lorene Benoit’s Acclaimed Book:

The Paw Paw Program:  A “Christopher Columbus” Approach To Cancer

 Contact: 250-748-6802 or TakeTheNaturalPath@gmail.com

British Columbia, Canada – After Lorene Benoit lost her brother and father to cancer, she embarked on a journey to discover a safe, affordable method to treat and prevent cancer.  As a result, her book The Paw Paw Program:  A “Christopher Columbus” Approach To Cancer …The World IS Round and Cancer CAN be Treated Naturally,” provides a comprehensive natural approach for understanding, preventing and working with Cancer and many chronic health conditions.  Case studies in Benoit’s book present extended longevity and improved quality of life for ovarian, breast, colon, prostate, lung, lymphomas, melanoma, brain, bladder and bone cancers.

Now in its 2nd Edition, the 284-page book guides readers through a program that works, is affordable, and can be combined with medical therapies. The book includes background, research, instructions, and lifestyle suggestions including the Four Pillars of Health: diet, exercise, emotional/spiritual and supplementation, treatment options, case studies, success stories, healthy recipes and more.

“The research done on this safe chemotherapeutic herb, Paw Paw, shows its effectiveness as part of a natural regime, or in combination with medical therapies, resulting in improved outcomes,” states Benoit who is a qualified teacher (BEd Biology), Masters of Holistic Healing, Certified Herbal Consultant, and Canadian Instructor for a Certified Herbal Consultant program.  The book unlocks answers to many questions that have been asked by those following the program the last seven years.  For more information, visit http://www.NaturalPathRemedies.com and join the conversation at http://www.naturalpathremedies.com/blog/natural-solutions-for-cancer-the-paw-paw-program/

Benoit’s passion and forte is teaching health in everyday language. This book will help anyone dealing with cancer, in addition to anyone wanting to incorporate preventative lifestyle changes for optimum health.  Her expertise using natural approaches for more than thirty years resulted in the Paw Paw program that has already helped thousands with cancer.

Dr. J. Forsythe, a Nevada oncologist who conducted clinical trials on terminal cancer patients, reported decreased tumour size without the loss of hair, nausea, bone marrow depression, induction of new cancers, or other side effects. When taken with chemotherapy, an above average amount of tumour shrinkage occurred after the first treatments than would normally be expected with chemotherapy alone. Most patients experienced positive results within six to eight weeks.

Medical expert Dr. Jerry McLaughlin, Professor Emeritus from Purdue University who researched Paw Paw, Asimina triloba species, to develop the effective standardized extract, states, “The success of the Paw Paw program with case studies, as reported herein and elsewhere, is proving that we really don’t need to spend billions of dollars to develop new and effective anti cancer treatments. Its safety and efficacy are evidenced over the past ten years.”

Available June 1, in major book stores, and online, The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer is published under First Choice, 284 pp, $29.95 ISBN 978-1-77084-299-1.    For interviews, book reviews, or to order the book, please contact: 250-748-6802 or TakeTheNaturalPath@gmail.com.

About the Author:

Lorene Benoit is a Natural Health Consultant and Educator and founder of Benoit & Associates Health Education. She is considered one of North America’s foremost herbal and natural and integrative health experts.

As a qualified teacher (BEd Biology), Masters of Holistic Healing, Certified Herbal Consultant, and Canadian Instructor for a Certified Herbal Consultant program, Lorene has presented at Health Conferences, and taught practitioners and lay-people throughout North America.

She has been published in health magazines since mid 1980’s, authored College Life Skills Curriculum, and has been featured on radio and TV programs on various health topics.  Benoit is available for speaking engagements.

Book Cover: ISBN 978-1-77084-299-1

Paw Paw front cover 2nd ed

May, 2013 Natural Health News



May, 2013

For information to help you achieve optimum health, please contact our office; all contact information at end of newsletter.

Lorene Benoit’s book contains lifestyle tips for optimum health, as well as specifics for Cancer: The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally

2nd Edition released mid-May! Includes excellent tips for health prevention, as well as solutions for cancer. Ongoing special for books, Buy 3 get 1 free. Contact our office.



Upcoming Courses:

Dr. McLaughlin on Paw Paw Tour

Dr. McLaughlin, Professor Emeritus, Purdue University, Paw Paw Cancer Researcher    

His most important work lies in his contributions to our understanding the anti-tumor properties found in the Paw Paw (Asimina triloba) tree. He has published over 342 scientific papers and made over 300 scientific presentations.  He is presenting in 7 Canadian locations in June. Please see the above link for locations and contact our office to register.

Herbal Intensive July 26 – 29, 2013

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Multiple Sclerosis Article includes some very basic recommendations which have helped many dealing with this condition.

Are Herbs Safe to Use During Pregnancy?

Q & A: and Success with Psoriasis

Canker Sores and ulcers in mouth and throat

What can be done to prevent and heal canker sores?

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All you ever wanted to know about your poop and pee: (and then some!)
An informative pictograph on understanding your health via what you excrete:

Drug company sales reps rarely provide even minimal safety information about the pills they’re promoting, even when the medicines carry “black box” warnings, the gravest of all drug alerts, a University British Columbia Canadian-led international study suggests.




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Success Stories

This person has seen tremendous improvement with Psoriasis via cleansing.

Q & A: and Success with Psoriasis

We also have another client, using SEACRET Salt and Oil Scrub and Body Butter. Her read itching and pain decreased within 3 days. The Seacret dead sea minerals are very healing!

We encourage you to share your stories with others on our website or via email. Success stories can be read at:http://www.naturalpathremedies.com/blog/category/success-stories/


Political Scene

A shift in universal consciousness occurred in 2012 that woke many people up with a jolt. We became acutely aware of the difference between our conditioning and our true natures. We realize we don’t have to be afraid of each other and that, left to our own devices, Humans are wonderful love-seeking Beings. We are awake to the nature of our social and economic structures…….. and becoming more aware.

$9.84 trillion is in the hands of a mere 92,000 individuals. In other words, 0.001% of the population holds more than the Gross Domestic Product of every country except the EU and the US. The world’s richest people have taken advantage of cross-border tax laws in order to put away a shocking $20.31 trillion in offshore banks.

More people are realizing the inequities and making a change. The following is not easy reading, but for the open mind, it can help us be ready to reclaim our right to BE!



And some people make changes in small ways that make a BIG difference, as this 10 minute TED talk shows guerilla gardening. Thanks to Tracey of Cowichan Friends and Eye Opener Education Films for their great sharing!













Business Coaching and Brilliant Body

We offer ongoing coaching to help others start their own Natural Health business using the Brilliant Body CD’s!  The package includes 10 Power Points, covering ten systems of the body: Digestive, Hepatic, Intestinal, Circulatory, Immune, Nervous, Respiratory, Urinary, Glandular and Structural, plus all the tools to educate yourself and others on how your body works – all this for only $25.

Now we are also helping people who want to start a business in the SEACRET  Dead Sea Mineral skin care business. Based on the results we have seen, people love this product and love sharing it with others. This is any easy business to help anyone willing  to earn several hundred dollars easily per month – part time – and have fun doing it!

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