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Pancreatic Cancer growth halted

Dear Lorene!

I have good news about my mom. The mass in her pancreas has not enlarged since it was found last year. And mom said that  her pain in the sides has significantly decreased. Because of mom’s condition nothing more invasive than CT can be done to diagnose more precisely the condition of the mass. Mom has been using Paw Paw since November 2015, she is using 12 pills a day. Her question is  if she should keep using 12  a day or if she can reduce the dosage. I really appreciate your support and advice about it.


Thank you to both of you for sharing these results. It can help others. This is excellent news in 10 months! It is probably in her favor that the doctors do not want to do anything more invasive – if nothing is broken, don’t fix it!
One CT scan per year is acceptable, more than that is excess radiation
If she is feeling well, she may choose to continue at the same dosage of Paw Paw, to not only stop growth, but to start to decrease the mass. The beauty of the chemotherapeutic effect of Paw Paw, Asimina triloba, is that it is self regulating in dosage. Should your Mom start to feel any nausea, cramping or continual diarrhea, THEN she can decrease by 1 per day. This would indicate she is needing a lower dose. 
Feel free to get back to me after her next scan, or if anything changes. For now, all sounds very good! Congratulations to both of you for the time & effort you are making to educate yourself and take control over your own health. 
Knowing that Nature’s Sunshine has herbs powerful enough to effect this improvement, think how important it is to benefit from their therapeutic grade products for everyday health!
Even a simple, complete nutritional approach such as that found in Super Trio is basic health insurance from which everyone can benefit. You can’t afford to not afford the basics!
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Cataracts occur on the second level underneath the outer lens. Cataracts cloud your vision, distort your view, and make it difficult to read and focus. They cannot be helped with glasses.

Fortunately, the condition can be prevented and improved, especially in earlier stages. They can also be improved naturally, but it requires patience as it often takes up to 6 months. Cataracts are blamed on aging; which really means the body becomes nutritionally deficient causing cellular degeneration. Studies have shown that anti-oxidants found in herbs, including beta carotene, vitamins C and E show a reduction of up to 80% in cataract formation. Healing occurs in three stages.

1st stage: stop the degeneration of lens and growth of cataract

2nd stage: tissue will start to receive nutrients to change and repair- at this stage it may seem as if no progress is being made, this is where patience is needed

3rd stage: period of regeneration


Externally: Make tea with 1 capsule of EW – EyeWash formula in ¼ cup boiling water:

– use pure non-chlorine, non-fluoride, or distilled water

– let steep 10 minutes

– strain twice through an unbleached coffee filter or cotton

Put 1 drop in each eye 2 -4 X/day using a clean eye dropper. This works with sunlight, so results are improved if you ‘sun’ your eyes: do not look directly at sun, but gently rock your head side to side opening your eyes just out of direct sun. You may experience a lot of discharge in A.M. This appears to draw the mucous through the lens to clear it.

Keep refrigerated. After 3 days discard or drink, as the herbs have other internal benefits.

*EW (Eye Wash) Bayberry, goldenseal, red raspberry and eyebright combination.  Eyebright strengthens all tissues of the eye, is antiseptic and helps clear vision. Bayberry and Raspberry are mild astringents, and Golden Seal is a natural antibiotic that also helps clear up mucous.

Available in the US, and in Canada through Sunshine Direct, or  from Benoit & Associates Health.


Silver Guard  is an easier solution that is also effective for cataracts. Spray or drop Silver solution directly in the eyes 1- 4 times per day. Drinking silver internally 1-2 tsp. once or twice per day can speed up the process. Do not be put off by Health authorities labeling it as a mouthwash – a technicality – and you can read about the benefits of Silver in many past articles and successes.

With Silver Guard, you can expect improvement in eyesight very quickly, especially if you have very dry eyes or bacterial or viral infection.

Cataracts that are very progressed are more difficult to reverse, but the surface of the eyes and the clarity of the lens can be improved with silver use.

And lastly, the old time expression “here’s spit in your eye” has meaning, as saliva has enzymes which can help dissolve deposits.


For nutritional support, the following is recommended:

           Perfect Eyes: 2 capsules 2 times a day This blend is excellent for eye health, especially             Macular Degeneration. This product contains bilberry, eyebright, lutein and other anti-oxidants .

            Super Trio: contains powerful Antioxidants, Omega 3s and a complete balanced vitamin and             mineral formula.  1 package per day

            Zambroza (Thai Go in US) : delicious, liquid anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory packed with healing nutrition         

            Grapine High Potency – 40 mg. Proanthocyanidin may be added according to weight

dosage: 1 mg. per pound weight for saturation 10 -14 days, then half this for maintenance

Please ask for Fact Sheets with detailed information for the above suggestions and discuss a program specific to your needs with a qualified natural health practitioner familiar with these supplements. Or contact us at TakeTheNaturalPath@gmail.com for personalized consultation and to order any products.

As with all conditions, clean living, healthy diet, exercise, and reduced stress are all important.

References: Ultimate Healing Systems by Donald Lepore, ND.

                     Prescription for Longevity by Dr. James Scala

                    American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) Garry F. Gordon MD, DO

                     A Fighting Chance by Dr. Gordon Pedersen

                     The Paw Paw Program by Lorene Benoit, MHH, BEd

Please contact us directly at TakeTheNaturalPath@gmail.com to order any of the professional products mentioned. We can offer you support, as well as discounts on direct orders.


Are Your Supplements What You Think?

At our recent Canadian Health Convention we had many professionals speaking about the current state of health in North America. The statistics presented by Dr. Melina B. Jampolis, Physician Nutrition Specialist, Dr. Duarte,  Dr. Balas, Dr. Julie deVisser and Dr. Trip were somewhat appalling!

Cancer is on the increase, #1 killer in those under 50 yrs., diabetes and obesity is on the rise, especially in children, and Cardio Vascular disease still being our #1 killer over age 50. ALL of these conditions are preventable. We saw statistics showing the difference that herbs , vitamins, minerals, proper nutrition, exercise and stress reduction can make – HUGE!
All  3 days of presentations confirmed that many of the solutions given are in my book:  The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally. 

Extensive dietary recommendations help people understand how to eat better and improve on all Four Pillars of Health. Recipes are included. Exercise is promoted. Stress reduction and spiritual connections is covered. Understanding why eliminating sugar is critical to optimum health and prevention of all chronic conditions,

Scientific research has demonstrated that taking a multiple-nutrient supplement is more beneficial than taking individual nutrients. It is known that nutrients taken in combination are synergistic, meaning the the individual benefits are enhanced. For this reason, NSP’s Super Trio pack combines daily essential nutrients, fatty acids and herbs that work together for maximum nutritional support. This one addition has made a huge difference for many people. Find out how you can benefit from adding Super Trio to your life.

Most people notice a difference within one month, but to really effect change, make a 3-6 month commitment to your better health!

Knowing how important Daily Nutrition is to our health and well being, the article below made me sit up and take note. I was shocked to learn that 60% of the herbal products contained something different than that specified on the label and that only 2 out of the 12 of the companies were authentic.

In other words if you are buying herbal products from companies other than Nature’s Sunshine you do not know what you are getting. Cheaper is not better.  Nature’s Sunshine is a company with a proven track record of over 40 years and it has surpassed any other company of herbal products because it sustains its integrity of quality. Their products are thoroughly tested and they work! With Nature’s Sunshine, you also get the benefit of Service and education!

The alternative herbal market is exploding. I know we are in the right business. If you are thinking of a great business either part time or full time please contact me – we need more of me, as North American health continues to deteriorate. Read this news to understand why we use, and encourage you to use Nature’s Sunshine,  who choose Quality by Design. 


 Public release date: 11-Oct-2013

 Study: Herbal products omit ingredients, contain fillers 

Consumers of natural health products beware. The majority of herbal products on the market contain ingredients not listed on the label, with most companies substituting cheaper alternatives and using fillers, according to new research from the University of Guelph.

The study, published today in the open access journal BMC Medicine, used DNA barcoding technology to test 44 herbal products sold by 12 companies.

Only two of the companies provided authentic products without substitutions, contaminants or fillers.

Overall, nearly 60 per cent of the herbal products contained plant species not listed on the label.

Researchers detected product substitution in 32 per cent of the samples.

More than 20 per cent of the products included fillers such as rice, soybeans and wheat not listed on the label.

 Medicinal herbs now constitute the fastest-growing segment of the North American alternative medicine market, with more than 29,000 herbal substances sold.


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