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Psoriasis and Foot fungus – connected?


I have been having a challenge with psoriasis – used a cortisone type cream for 3 months and it has not made a difference. Doctor also says I have foot fungus. Is there something I can pop or apply? Any suggestions appreciated.




Thanks for the question. Unfortunately neither of these conditions, psoriasis or foot fungus are as simple as popping a pill or applying a lotion, whether pharmaceutical OR natural.

Cortisone and other steroidal creams may calm the situation temporarily, but do nothing to heal it. In addition, over time they thin the skin and make it more susceptible to infection and inflammation. Best used only as last resort when one does not have time to heal…i.e. if you were 85-90 years old OR in an emergency situation, to stave off itching until you can get a natural program for healing.

I am going to refer you to a couple of past articles that cover some of the background on this subject. I used the “Search” box in top right corner of my Research Blog to find these. 

Dietary suggestions, such as those in my Paw Paw Program are essential.  I know that in your case, there are bowel/intestinal issues and  I think your diet is already quite good due to celiac condition. However, the appearance of these things indicate that the bowel is inflamed and needs healing – this will only happen from the inside out over a period of time. If you get on a good program, you should definitely see results within 3 months, and quite likely before then.

Read the following articles, then get back to me if you want to start on a program. If this were me, I would follow, in this order:

Step One:

Step Two: 

  • Intestinal Healing with UC3-J – 6-9 per day
  • Vitamin D3, 10,000 units- can decrease by 1000 mg. per week, ONCE YOU START SEEING IMPROVEMENT….
  • continue with chlorophyll, Probiotic & external treatments as in Step 1

Step Three: 

  • After minimum 2 months, evaluate – a Candida Clear cleanse may be necessary at this time.

Of course, it is a given, that you need to:

  • stop all sugar (good explanation about this in my book),
  • drink at least half you weight in ounces of good water,
  • decrease stressors,
  • get exercise and fresh air.
  • eliminate any household and personal toxins

This may seem intimidating, but for healing this, it is a commitment to your health.

Background to understand issues:

Q & A: and Success with Psoriasis

Candida Albicans / Yeast Infections

Natural Antibiotic: Silver Shield

Fungus Among Us – Athlete’s Foot and Nail Fungus

If after reading this and reviewing the program, contact us to get you started.


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May, 2013

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Success Stories

This person has seen tremendous improvement with Psoriasis via cleansing.

Q & A: and Success with Psoriasis

We also have another client, using SEACRET Salt and Oil Scrub and Body Butter. Her read itching and pain decreased within 3 days. The Seacret dead sea minerals are very healing!

We encourage you to share your stories with others on our website or via email. Success stories can be read at:http://www.naturalpathremedies.com/blog/category/success-stories/


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Q & A: and Success with Psoriasis


Good morning Lorene:  I just wanted to mention to you that I have been doing the Bod-E-Klenz for the past couple of weeks or so and my psoriasis seems to have improved significantly.  I still have the psoriasis but I would say there is about an 80% improvement.  Seems more than a coincidence to me!

I would like your advice on how often I can do these cleanses or can you perhaps suggest something similar that would help me to maintain these results.  I am also taking the Magnesium Complex – one capsule 2 times a day.  I’m very happy about this improvement with my skin, I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks Lorene, have a wonderful day! AP


Very glad to hear this! 80%  improvement in 2 wks. means you are responding very quickly, so I assume you must be doing some positive dietary changes as well while on the cleanse. You will want to continue lots of vegies and salads once you are finished. The Magnesium will also be helping to relax any anxiety that may be involved.

Bod-E-Klenz is properly balanced in a 2 to 1 ratio Building and Cleansing: the breakfast & lunch packets build and tone digestive and eliminative organs.  Formulas like Master G contain  herbs to nourish the glandular system as well as some vitamins & minerals. The pm packet is cleansing. This is one reason you can do this cleanse safely for 30 days. In this case, I would probably take a break of 2 wks. to 1 month, then do another Bod-E Klenz. In the interim, I would drink lots of Chlorophyll, and follow the dietary and lifestyle suggestions as suggested in my book: The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally.