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Detox Basics Testimony

This testimony was submitted August 10th, via another NSP Associate who works with us concerning Detox Basics.

I’ve attached a small summary of how Detox Basics is improving my life.  If you want you can send it on to Lorene. CD

I began using this product on August 3rd and here is my experience in one week:

  • More energy
  • Joint and muscle pain virtually gone
  • sleeping better
  • clearer mind
  • calmer
  • acid reflux and liver pain gone
  • cravings under control

OTC (Over the counter ) drugs

  • I have been taking 1 to 2 gravol tablets for over 25 years at bedtime to sleep and no longer need that
  • Was taking minimum 2-3 extra strength tylenol daily for back and foot pain, no longer have the pain so don’t need the tylenol
  • Was taking 3 “Recovery” tablets daily to try and ease pain; not needed now
  • stopped taking daily laxative that I needed because of all the OTC drugs I was consuming

I have also stopped drinking alcohol because of this program, as well as diet pop and am limiting my intake of sweets and fatty food. That probably helps too. I don’t take any prescription drugs.

Thanks S.H. for suggesting this great product for me, it may have saved my life!

Ingredients on the Detox Basics 30 day cleanse are discussed in the article: Healthy Microbiome and Detox for Health.  

To get the best pricing on Detox Basics, or any other therapeutic nutrition, plus professional support, please contact the author.

Q & A? Cleanses, Children’s Health & Calcium

Questions & Answers (in italics):

In supporting those who wish to share Nature’s Sunshine Products as a business to help others achieve vital health; I often get questions such as these. As this covered an extensive range of topics, I thought it would be good to post it.

Good morning Lorene, hope all is well. Couple questions for you.


1. What is the difference between all the cleanses?
Looks like Clean Start and Tiao Pack are for the large intestines and the Detox Basic is to support the liver? There are also a couple more (cleanses).
In my experience Tiao He is very much for liver plus all organs. LIV-C in it is definitely liver, LBS & Psyllium for bowels /intestines), Body-DeTox for all organs, Red Clover for cellular/blood cleansing , Black Walnut for parasites and thyroid support. We have had this cleanse for 25 yrs.; it is very effective.

Especially good in spring when liver is often overload from heavier winter food, less activity, etc. This is the closest to the popular Wild Rose Cleanse. My husband & I have tested both and Tiao He was far more effective!

Fact sheets for all are available on line, via TakeTheNaturalPath.mynsp.com. On this site, click “More Info” , then choose your country on the NSP page. Contact Lorene Benoit for assistance in choosing what best suits your needs and for best pricing.

I have not had much experience with Detox Basics, as it is new, but to me it also looks like liver AND bowels because of the NutriBiome Bacillus Coagulans. The BerberinIR (berberis aristata) is an excellent blood sugar/glucose stabilizer.

Clean Start definitely gets the bowels moving – a better visual and bowel cleanser (than Tiao He) with the LBS & fibre mix: aloe, psyllium, chlorophyll & malic acid. It also contains Body Detox, which works on liver & other organs. I would use this one for sure if bowels are not working so well. People SEE the difference!
I know it can seem confusing to have so many, but every person’s needs are different. My suggestion is that you use them at different times and your personal experience will be the best guide for you. This is why we like people to be supported by the person helping them choose their herbs & supplements. 
The other two are cleanses: ParaPak – when people return from international travel; kids with pinworms, annual parasite cleanse. This 10 day cleanse was also used successfully with Candida/yeast before we had Candida Clear, which is a little better for this challenge because of the enzymes to be taken between meals. These really help to break down and clear out the candida organisms.


2. Also was hoping to get kid vitamins but they are with iron. Are there any vit/min for kids with out iron?
NO, but the Elderberry for children makes an excellent daily, if you do not want the iron. It especially is useful to keep strong immune system when they are exposed to lots of illness in school system.
Zambroza, (Thai Go in US) is a delicious beverage that is excellent for children; containing a wide range of anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and immune support. 


3. The children probiotics are made in gummy form.  Hard to make a gummy with out adding stuff to it. Do you know what age kids can start taking these adult vit and probiotics?
No, they are not gummies – they are chewable. We had the gummies years ago made with natural fruit, but they were not as popular, so they reverted to our previous formula we have had for years.


4. Do you know what age kids can start taking these adult vits and probiotics?
No exact age has been determined as to when infantile flora changes. I suspect it differs with a child’s constitution, diet, whether they were born vaginally or by C section, breastfed and how long, and other lifestyle factors.  Personally I think once they are 3 yrs. or 40 lbs. and are able to handle capsules or tablets, they could use children’s or adult probiotics. 
Capsules can be emptied into water, chlorophyll or food, if they cannot swallow.
Research certainly shows that probiotics are helpful for colic, diarrhea, skin conditions, food allergies and immunity. 


5. Do you know why Liquid B12 has no b9? Has other b vit though.
B12 has some of the other B’s to avoid imbalance or deficiencies. We also have separate B6, B9, and B5 as some people need more of these. For something with ALL the B’s, then use B complex. Super Vits & Mins. is also a completely balanced daily with all B’s. Same formula used for 40+ years, because it works & herbal base makes it very absorbable, so don’t let small numbers fool you – it’s a better formula than most “mega” vit & min formulas.


6. Also the difference between calcium products.
Personally I think Skeletal Support is excellent because it contains boron. This formula has been available and popular in the US for several years; relatively recently approved in Canada. But I have had many clients who have had terrific results with all NSP Calciums – people seem to get their favourites. I have had people with leg cramps, restless legs, or high pH acidity taking other Cal Mag supplements without results – they take ours and notice a difference usually within a week. Again, it is about the absorption and bio-availability for which NSP has stringent standards.
We also have straight herbal calcium formulas which some people prefer for infants and seniors, and works specifically for use in hot flashes, but that is another topic. They are in capsule form and can be made into tea by opening the capsule. NSP offers many different strokes for different folks!
Thanks for your support. RM

Q&A – Recurring Bladder Infections

This was a response to a comment on a previous blog entry on Bladder Infections.  I felt this is a challenge that many women deal with, so deemed it important enough to address in more detail.


I was at my doctor and I have yet another infection (she didn’t say what it was but sending me to a bladder specialist).  I have been doubling up on my probiotics and taking the Cranberry Buchu for a couple of weeks now but still have it.  The doctor didn’t even offer antibiotics which totally surprised me.
Is there anything else I can try?  Its not a urine infection as there is no urge to pee and it doesn’t hurt or sting…it feels like really bad period cramps and it must be bladder or she wouldn’t be getting me to see the specialist.             CW


In our experience, Cranberry Buchu is excellent for PREVENTING bladder or urinary tract infections, as the Buchu makes the mucous membrane of urethra and bladder lining slippery, so bacteria cannot adhere, and the cranberry acidifies, which you need for the bladder.

I have a female client in her 80’s who suffered bladder infections regularly for over 50 years. Since she cleared up her infection, and takes 1-2 Cranberry Buchu capsules every day as a preventative, she has not had one in over 7 years, so for most people it works. She considers this WELL worth not getting the infections that plagued her for years.

However, I don’t feel this alone will get rid of infection once it is established. Stronger herbals with antibiotic actions, such as Golden Seal Echinacea liquid  or capsules or Silver Guard used as a douche and internally may be required.

Check out our past blog on Bladder Infections for more tips on prevention.

From the pain you are describing and the fact that you have been referred to a specialist, you may be dealing with a kidneystone, so read this past article on Kidney Stones, a kidney infection or cystitis.

If you wish us to pursue this further, while you are waiting to see the specialist, feel free to set up a consultation, or while you are waiting try a double dosing of either of the Golden Seal-Echinacea. Like most herbal antibiotics, there will be no negative side effects as with chemical antibiotics,and you will likely feel improvement no matter what the diagnosis.

Your probiotics are a good idea for preventative health, and to help re-establish friendly bacteria AFTER chemical antibiotics, but again, they do not necessarily treat an existing infection. Make sure you are taking probiotics on an empty stomach for best effect, and that you keep them either refrigerated or in freezer – depending on how many you take and how long one bottle lasts.

Also, we work with 3 different pro-biotic formulas: Acidophilus Bifidobacterium, Bifidophilus Flora Force, ProBiotic 11. Read each of these Fact sheets over and perhaps next bottle change up whichever one you are using, just to give your body the full range.

Along with the herbs, clean up the diet, eliminate ALL sugar, drink plenty of pure water, (more than your recommended ½ oz. per pound of body weight), add fresh lemon, lime and or Chlorophyll to help alkalinize the blood, and get adequate rest. Many suggestions for healthful lifestyle including diet, stress, exercise and recipes are in my book: The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally.

Q&A : Thrush from anti-biotics


Hi Lorene, me again!  I’m not 100% positive until I see a doctor, but I do believe I have developed oral thrush in my mouth.  I understand that one of the causes of oral thrush is from the use of antibiotics.  I mentioned to you before that I was having sinus infection issues and am currently on round 2 of antibiotics – the first prescription didn’t completely get rid of the infection.  I believe that acidophilus and probiotic yogurt is helpful in getting rid of this nasty thing.  Do you have any advice for me?  I will avoid going to the doctor unless absolutely necessary.  As always I appreciate your help.
Thanks Lorene.
AP, B.C.


Yes, oral thrush is usually caused by antibiotics, and if this is your 2nd round, this is even more likely. It also sounds as if the anti-biotics are not working on the sinus infection, so I would suggest you getting on SN-X, a herbal formula excellent for  healing your sinus infection. Once cleared, which may take 2- 3 times/day, I would continue to cleanse and support  your sinus by taking another 2- 3 bottles, so it does NOT re-occur. Please refer to Sinus information on our website, for some other tips on sinus health, including salt water nasal flush.

Now for your thrush. Yes probiotics (pro-life) are essential to rebuild the friendly bacteria killed by the anti-biotics (against life). You would need to eat about a gallon of good yogurt to get the same amount as from one capsule of Bifidophilus Flora Force or Probiotic 11, which contains 11 different probiotic strains, so I would suggest either of these. We may have some in stock, if you need it, please phone the office, 250-748-6802.

I would take one whole bottle – 2-3 per day, on empty stomach, to also help re-establish healthy colonic bacteria, which is a major part of your overall immune system. You also want to discourage Candida overgrowth elsewhere in your body. Please read that article.

A few other things you can do in addition to get probiotics are listed here, as you may have some of these in your Herbal First Aid Kit:

Gargle 3-6 times per day, using any of the following, or alternate at different times of the day to suit your schedule:
  • Tea Tree Oil, or diluted pure Oregano Oil – if therapeutic strength, as NSP’s are, just 2 – 3 drops in 1/4 cup water is enough
  • warm salt water – about 1/2 tsp./2.5 ml. in 1/4 cup water
Hold and swish, then swallow to also help kill internal yeast; either:
  • Coconut butter or oil  5-15 minutes, then spit out – do not swallow – contains caprylic acid an anti-fungal

As with all conditions, for optimum health, I recommend you follow the 4 Pillars of Health as discussed in my book, The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer.

Parasites, Pets and People


People have more than 600 parasites that can live in and off them. Pets tend to harbour less species, but some of the more devastating ones are transferable to humans. Perhaps this is why most people are more conscientious about parasite treatment for their house pets than for themselves.

Parasites are any  ranging from microscopic size to meters in length. They cause health challenges in 3 main ways:

  • they eat, stealing nutrition from their host
  • they reproduce, often in terrific numbers
  • they secrete toxins, which cause a host of toxic challenges for the host

Fairly common in North America are roundworms, or ascarids that grow up to six inches in length in pets and up to one foot in humans; pin worms; whip worms, tape worms, guardia, lyme, candida, yeast, fungus….

Some good prevention tips are:

  • avoid touching feces of pets and humans
  • wash hands  frequently
  • avoid eating raw meat and fish
  • ensure healthy digestive system – if you are over 30 yrs. of age digestive enzymes are usually required
  • clean intestines: probiotics, adequate fibre and regular bowel movements,
  • protect yourself from biting insects, such as mosquitoes and ticks

For years it was thought that parasites were only a problem in tropical countries. We’ve had clients with worms, Guardia lamblia, Amoebic dysentery to mention a few, never having left their home town.

Anti parasitic herbs have been used worldwide for millennium. Herbal treatments are less toxic to the body than chemical treatments. Here is  an easy effective herbal recipe for cats and dogs containing well known parasiticide herbs to eradicate worms and parasites, followed by an effective parasite cleanse for people.

Worm Balls for Pets

12 capsules of Herbal Pumpkin

16 oz raw ground beef, other meat or canned food

Open Herbal Pumpkin capsules and mix into room temperature  meat.  Roll it into a ball, about 1/2″ in diameter or ½ tsp. Freeze balls on a cookie sheet, then store in a ziplock bag. Give 1 per day per  25 pounds. Dogs will eat frozen or thawed, cats prefer thawed. Each time you open the freezer they will be waiting for their treat!

These also make their fur shiny. “Herbal Pumpkin” contains pumpkin seeds, black walnut hulls, turkey rhubarb root, violet leaves, chamomile flowers, mullein leaves, marshmallow root and slippery elm bark. For humans, just use the capsules.


Parasite Cleanse For People

This is a complete and effective parasite cleanse. For seasonal  basic cleansing, either one of the herbal Paks can be taken on their own as a 10 -1 5 day cleanse. Please contact our office if you have any questions during these cleanses or to order these professional products direct.

Begin the parasite cleanse by starting with

  • Tiao He Pak – it is a whole body herbal cleansing program in 30 convenient packets.  Mark  start date on calendar. Take one packet 15 minutes before or with meals 3 X day (breakfast, lunch and dinner.)  Drink 1 glass of water each time with the packet.  It will take you ten days to complete this program, or 15 days  at 2X day, if 3 per day is too strong for you.  As soon as you are finished, start with
  • Para Pak – a parasite cleansing program with 20 packets to be taken 15 minutes before or with meals 2X day (breakfast and dinner). After completion in 10 days, stop for 7-10 days.  Mark this on your calendar, as you will repeat this process.
  • While on your 7-10 days off Para Pak, take Bifidophilus or Probiotics 11: 2 capsules before bedtime and 2 capsules in the morning before breakfast. Do this each time during the days between Para Pak. You can stop probiotics while doing the next set of Para Pak. Keep either of these pre and probiotic blends in the fridge or freezer after opening bottle. We suggest 2 bottles taken during and after the parasite cleanse.

You will do 4 sets all together (including 1 Tiao He Pak and 3 Para Paks) to make sure that you have rid all the parasites, larvae and eggs.  In future, should you begin to feel energy loss or feel lethargic, this could be a sign that the parasites are again increasing.  Start the Para Pak program again and do it 3 times in a row (10 on and 7-10 days off) with Bifidophilus or Probiotic 11 during the off days.  Depending on how long you have had the parasites, it may take another one or two times to bring them totally under control.  In future, drink filtered water and take other necessary precautions with pets, hand washing etc. Parasite cleansing is recommended at least once per year. This replacement of friendly flora in the lower gut  helps  keep the bacteria load at acceptable levels.


Dietary and other suggestions during cleanse

With both cleanses dietary suggestions are simple: include lots of fresh vegetables and especially green, leafy sources in your diet.  Recommended – each morning have ¼ cup raw oatmeal mixed in plain yogurt with fruit if you prefer.  Avoid wheat grains and all flour products; whole quinoa, amaranth, millet, kamut or buckwheat are acceptable. Avoid coffee, alcohol, all sugar and fried foods.  For protein, use nuts, seeds or add a vegetarian protein powder daily. Drink hot water – at least 2 – 4 cups a day – you can add Liquid Chlorophyll.

During this process, change bedding often and  underwear daily.  Wash hands frequently and for certain after using the washroom – avoid fingers in the mouth, eyes and nose.  If you have pets, wash your hands after handling them.  It is a good idea to have your pets do a parasite cleanse as well, as this may be your source of contaminationHerbal Pumpkin Worm Balls and Black Walnut are two herbs that will help with this process ongoing,  Contact our office for more information, or for other uses of herbs to keep your pets healthy.

Additional aid – You can help the process by inserting crushed raw garlic directly into the colon with a syringe. Blend 2 cloves of garlic in ½ cup warm water.  Alternately crush garlic if no blender. In fetal position insert with bulb syringe.  Hold as long as you can.  This is an excellent expellant when tape worms are present.  You may experience a slight temporary burning sensation.

Pamper Foods for the Colon and Intestine

  • Raw Steel Cut Oatmeal & blueberries or grated apple or banana. Mix ¼ cup with yogurt and blueberries or grated apple.  This is an ideal breakfast which will help promote colon health (a gentle fibre) and clean blood plasma.  You may consider a sprinkling of ground flaxseed, Flax Hull Lignans, or hemp – a very good idea.
  • Boiled Rice Soupor “Congee” – Method: ½ cup small grain rice in a large pot – stir in 1 tablespoon olive oil with a little sea salt.  Mix well.  Add 2 – 3 cups of water and allow to simmer for an hour or more, stirring often and adding more water when needed until you have a thick, soupy mixture.  You may add blueberries with maple syrup and use as a morning food, or use plain anytime of day with vegetables.  This is a good food once a day when doing a body or parasite cleanse, softening and making it easier to eliminate adhered debris in the intestines.  Parasites do not like this consistency.
  • Oatmeal Drink – Make a thick oatmeal drink by cooking ½ cup oatmeal in 2 cups or more boiling water with a little sea salt.  Allow to boil on medium heat for 15 minutes or more and then strain the oats out.  Drink this thick fluid.  If you need, add some stevia or Xylitol as sweetener. This has a calming affect, allowing for ease in evacuation and is considered pamper food for the colon and probiotics.


You will need the following for this cleanse:

Contact our office to order these professional products direct or for guidance with your specifics.