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Which part of the Paw Paw is best for rampant cell growth?


Hi there, I am thinking about ordering your book but before i do i have a question. Ive been doing some research on paw paw trees being a cancer cure and everything i found was talking about a certain type being the one that cures cancer. The type is the papaya located on the golden coast. I live in southern Illinois where the paw paw strain is asimina triloba. I was wondering if i took the stems and leaves and boiled them for two hours, then extract the liquid and drink it,would it have the same healing properties? To tell you the truth i am boiling the leaves as we speak as my father brought me the leaves today from the woods. Im a 24 year old male and to my knowledge i do not have cancer. However i am all about prevention. Please email me back, this is a subject that has kept me up night and day with frustration because i cant find the answers  I’m looking for. Thank you for your time and i look forward to your response, sincerely, eli.


Yes, Asimina triloba is the correct species of Paw Paw that has been shown scientifically to inhibit rampant cell growth. However there are many other factors involved that have been discovered in  over 30 years of research. From my book,  The Paw Paw Program, A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer, Dr. McLaughlin’s videos and the  links below, you will see that not only what part of the correct species is used in critical, as is what time of the year it is harvested and how it is processed. The end product is standardized and tested for efficacy, purity, potency and quality with equipment that very few herbal companies can afford; which is why we have used Nature’s Sunshine products in our health business more than 23 years. Please read these two past posts:

Paw Paw, Graviola and Cordyceps

The following chart is from Dr. Jerry McLaughlin’s research slides, showing what concentration in ppm is required from each plant part to achieve a lethal rate of 50% in brine shrimp assays.
Brine Shrimp Lethality and %  Yields from plant parts of Asimina triloba
Plant Part Extracted                 LC50 in ppm      % age yield
Twigs                                       0.042 (0.20-0.09)        1.78
Unripe fruit                               0.060 (0.03-0.08)       5.11
Root wood                                 0.060 (0.03-0.08)         1.27
Seed                                        0.065 (0.03-0.10)     4.03
Stem bark   (7-88 )                     0.077 (0.04-0.12)         2.71
Stem bark  (10-90)                      0.102 (0.06-0.15)          1.96
Root bark                                   0.135 (0.09-0.21)          2.72
Stem, wood, & leaves                 0.202 (0.14-0.31)          1.6
Stem wood                                   4.86 (0.37-11.93)          0.9
Leaves                                        53.6 (33-82)               4.36
From this chart you can see that the leaves require an average of 53.6 ppm to achieve the same effectiveness as only .042 ppm of the twig preparation. The bark of the twigs harvested at their peak, determined by testing, is also a very renewable source of biomass.
Graviola and soursop tea and fruit are fine foods, but have little of the active ingredients s that make Paw Paw, Asimina triloba effective in stopping reproduction of cancer cells.
And yes, I agree that taking Paw Paw as directed for  prevention is a good idea, especially for those with a genetic predisposition to cancer and those who have had previous cancers. Paw Paw is also a very effective anti-parasitical and as parasites are responsible for multiple health issues, a seasonal parasite cleanse is an excellent health regimen. In the US. Paw Paw is part of a 10 day Para Cleanse; in other countries, we often suggest the addition of Paw Paw to Para Pak.
We hope this answers your questions! Please contact our office to order either the Paw Paw Program book or Paw Paw. We can help you get the correct product at member prices, as well as offering support by answering questions such as these. Should you choose to purchase elsewhere, then please direct your questions to your supplier. This helps us to maintain exceptional service to our clients and members.