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Member Benefits for Nature’s Sunshine with Benoit & Associates Health Education

How does Membership with Nature’s Sunshine Products benefit you?

 You can receive discounts from 10 – 35% on therapeutically potent,  professionally formulated herbal, vitamin and mineral supplements, leaders in the industry since 1972.

When you a member under our Benoit & Associates Health Education NSP Family, you are entitled to  free calls or emails up to 10 minutes  every month to help you choose your personal health program.*

* We are very generous with our time, but  for detailed or multiple questions and complex health issues , please book a consultation to ensure we can properly assess your situation and help you choose the best approach and supplements specific to you.

We provide paid education sessions worldwide to all who wish to achieve better health through nature’s healing gifts,  including other practitioners of natural health

Rates are very reasonable: see fee schedule, which offers a discount for members in our group. If you are a member in someone else’s group, please choose the first option on fee schedule. We will still work with you! 


What do you need to do?

  • Contact our office or phone 250-748-6802, with your name, phone number and 2 times available Mon – Thurs. mornings, 9:00 – 11.:50 am PST for personalized service and to choose which membership best suits you
  • Memberships are free in most countries when you place a small order
  • Go to www.naturessunshine.com; choose your country and use sponsor #  309344 CANADA (Lorene Benoit MHH, BEd, CHC) or #313939 CANADA (Francene Benoit , BScN, NHC) to receive discount and the benefits for your country plus our professional support.
  • OR contact us with your details and we can place your initial order for you with no charge – old fashioned personal service!

 Benefit from great education including Free webinars, Fact sheets, and conference calls with professionals and  specials for the  superior products for which Nature’s Sunshine has been renown since 1972 .

There is no obligation, no forced autoship, no minimum, no hassle!

Order what you want, when you want! 

A few facts about Nature’s Sunshine Products:

Exceeds pharmaceutical standards, has lead the health industry since 1972

-for details see   Nature’s Sunshine Quality.

Vast product line used by professionals world wide

– products to complement existing lines

– full Fact Sheets on every product, Product Catalogue and educational brochures

– ask for NSP professionals and author’s list – many well known authors such as Dr. Jack Ritchason, Louise Tenney, Lorene Benoit, Mark Pedersen, Steven Horne, AHG, have been involved, some for more than 40 years.

Website, educational support for more than 40 countries worldwide.

–  a keen network of people interested in natural health

–  ongoing conference calls and webinars for herbal and health education,

–  marketing and business building available for those who choose to help others and earn while learning – NO obligations or pressure!


Contact us before you order from Amazon or EBay, which is illegal, based on NSP policy and motto of  “Quality, Service and Integrity”. An unknown seller cannot provide Service or Integrity, which we can. NSP has provided the professional Quality, exceeding pharmaceutical standards,  since 1972.

 Read a few more facts on quality.

Most generous marketing plan –  If you are interested in sharing health with others, see Business in this blog to learn more or contact Benoit & Health Associates at 250-748-6802.

Since 1990 we have helped people at all levels of health education to build their own business!