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Detox Basics Testimony

This testimony was submitted August 10th, via another NSP Associate who works with us concerning Detox Basics.

I’ve attached a small summary of how Detox Basics is improving my life.  If you want you can send it on to Lorene. CD

I began using this product on August 3rd and here is my experience in one week:

  • More energy
  • Joint and muscle pain virtually gone
  • sleeping better
  • clearer mind
  • calmer
  • acid reflux and liver pain gone
  • cravings under control

OTC (Over the counter ) drugs

  • I have been taking 1 to 2 gravol tablets for over 25 years at bedtime to sleep and no longer need that
  • Was taking minimum 2-3 extra strength tylenol daily for back and foot pain, no longer have the pain so don’t need the tylenol
  • Was taking 3 “Recovery” tablets daily to try and ease pain; not needed now
  • stopped taking daily laxative that I needed because of all the OTC drugs I was consuming

I have also stopped drinking alcohol because of this program, as well as diet pop and am limiting my intake of sweets and fatty food. That probably helps too. I don’t take any prescription drugs.

Thanks S.H. for suggesting this great product for me, it may have saved my life!

Ingredients on the Detox Basics 30 day cleanse are discussed in the article: Healthy Microbiome and Detox for Health.  

To get the best pricing on Detox Basics, or any other therapeutic nutrition, plus professional support, please contact the author.

Restless Leg Syndrome

WHAT IS IT? Restless Leg Syndrome, or RLS, can affect up to 20% of the population. It is also known as Kborn’s syndrome. It usually begins shortly after one goes to bed and can involve sensations including itching  or crawling skin, pins and needles, cramping, jerking, or thrashing. Obviously it affects one’s ability to attain a restful night’s sleep with adequate REM time. (Rapid Eye Movement).  Unlike leg cramps, RLS is not usually stopped by gentle stretching or massaging.

RECOMMENDATIONS: As with all health challenges, the Four Pillars of Health need to be considered. These are covered in Chapter 6 of  Lorene Benoit’s book: The Paw Paw Program – The “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally. These are critical to optimum health and prevention of all chronic conditions and diseases !


1. Nutrition

Follow Healthy Diet, ensuring that enough alkalinizing, vitamin rich vegetables are being consumed daily. Avoid nutrient-depleting foods, such as all sugars or all processed foods. These create an acid environment, which can cause widespread health conditions.    Positive life-long dietary changes can promote ongoing health and build the immune system. Look at broadening your healthy food choices, by adding new vegetables you have not tried before. If one is not consuming adequate vegetables, consider adding 1-3 tsp. Of GreenZone into your diet.

2. Exercise

Choose a form of exercise that suits your lifestyle, your interests and level of health, then  stick with it. Relaxing exercise such as yoga is excellent with RLS. This or any other form of gentle stretching and relaxation in the evening may help.

3. Emotional

Think positively as you begin taking the steps to improve your own health and you will reap the benefits. Practice mental relaxation or read meditative content before bed.

4. Supplementation

Herbs are nutrient–dense powerhouses which provide support to all body systems.


  • HVP: This herbal combination of Hops, Valerian and Passion Flower provides nutrition to relax muscles and improve sleep. 2 – 4  during the day (depending on how much stress is in your life) and 2-3 before bedtime, with a warm cup of relaxing tea. HVP is particularly beneficial to individuals who awake repeatedly during the night due to nervous tension or an overactive mind.
  • Calc-Mag & D: a balanced formula in a herbal base that ensures absorption of these essential minerals.  1 with each meal and 1-2 at bedtime until symptoms decrease, then  gradually decrease.
  • Magnesium: additional Magnesium can make a world of difference. Besides being essential for many metabolic processes, Magnesium promotes muscle relaxation. Take 2 – 6 NSP capsules per day (at least 2 of those with evening Cal Mag) until improvement is evident. Once saturation is achieved, one will need less.
  • Melatonin: 1 capsule before bed helps many people sleep more soundly. Besides aiding sleep, this hormone also plays a vital role in aging and energy. As people age, they produce less melatonin. This formula contains Gingko extract for circulation, Siberian Ginseng to help reduce stress and aging effects, (an adaptogenic) and 30 IU Vit. E.

All the above supplements and more are listed alphabetically and easy to locate for more information and prices.


Other Considerations and Aids:

  • Warm bath with Epsom salts with 6-10 drops of therapeutic grade Lavender Oil can help relaxation.
  • Decrease or eliminate any caffeine beverages, such as caffeine, black tea or colas. Absolutely none after 4 pm. Replace with Rooibos, Chamomile or other relaxing herbal – caffeine free tea.
  • Smoking decreases blood flow to large muscles and is absolutely contraindicated.
  • If no improvement is noted, have a complete physical to rule out other conditions, such as thyroid, kidney, diabetes. Check blood iron levels – ferritin to ensure this is within range. If low, take I-X, a herbal iron formula, until within normal range.
  • If condition has existed for sometime, be patient with your body’s ability to heal.


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