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Vaccine Choices

As the informative  series: Truth About Vaccines is set for another free replay, I encourage those who have not seen this , or have not educated themselves enough to be confident of their decision, to listen to as much as you can.

When my husband and I had to make this important decision over 32 years ago, just before the birth of our daughter, we did not want to take it lightly.  What parent does?

With widespread internet, media and government promoting, it is perhaps more overwhelming now to trust the multitude of sources. Those who know me may have accused me of analysis paralysis on some issues, but in this case it did not take me more than a couple of hours reading to know our answer.

Luckily where we lived, we had other educated and like minded people who had come to the same conclusion, so support was there. You my not be so lucky, so you need to be confident to stick to your guns.  Seeing the excellent health of our now grown daughter, and ongoing research, lawsuits,  and horror stories in my profession,  we are confident we made the right decision.

Since 1985, sharing the education on vaccines has been one goal and passion of my business. Before the “web” existed, I compiled a 156 page book of articles from worldwide authorities. I sponsored medical experts from Australia, South Africa and Quebec to come to B.C. to share their wisdom. I have collected many books and recordings in my library.  I have done radio interviews since 1987 on national radio (CBC) and others.  And since Nov, 2009, I have been putting articles my research blog. The first one Nov. 18, 2009 was Tips to Make Swine Flu Fly Away. I hope my  previous vaccine entries on this blog and even a portion of this series, presented by world wide medical experts, will help simplify for you.

At the very least, watch the 2 min. video intro on this age: The Truth About Vaccines. The new replay begins Jan. 25th, 2018.




Vaccination and trusting ‘authorities’??

I get so many articles detailing ongoing research about the devastating side effects and life long immune problems being created by our ever-increasing onslaught of vaccinations. Since I first studied the vaccination issues in 1984, when pregnant with our  daughter, I get daily confirmation that we made the right decision to question the status quo.

Whether it is injecting multiple toxins directly into the blood stream of unsuspecting infants, whose immune systems and brains are not yet fully developed, or forcing seniors with already weakened systems into adding this toxic burden to their drug laden bodies, it is nothing short of criminal. Big pharma vaccine producers previously paid billions in fines & lawsuits, but have since lobbied government not only to promote their dangerous goods, but then to provide legal immunity for their damages. This article tells of one couple’s enlightenment:

Vaccination: Should We Trust the Authorities? 

I have many other articles and references in  Vaccine archives, along with tips to naturally exercise and develop a healthy natural immune system.

My website provides a whole list of Vaccine References, where you can continue your own research, and make an EDUCATED decision, not one based on fear and coercion.

Please contact the author if you wish to get you or your family onto a HEALTH PROGRAM and learn how to take control of your own health.

IF you have already subjected yourself or your family to vaccines, do not beat yourself up – this is what you were told to do, and you trusted, right? There ARE natural solutions to rebuild your immune system and regain health.

Since 1974, I have not found a condition yet that could not be treated naturally, at least as well, and most of us think better, than any drug based approach. This includes pneumonia, rashes, measles, whooping cough, bronchitis, cancer, diabetes, gout, arthritis, burns, puncture wounds, and the usual colds & flus, you name it.

Giving the body the tools to heal itself is what works! 

To Immunize, or not to Immunize?

To Immunize, or not to Immunize? That is the question.

By the time my daughter was scheduled to have her first round of shots, I had done some research. After extensive analysis my husband and I concluded that for our family, living in a developed nation with excellent sanitation, clean running water, and with a solid basis in natural healing,  immunizations were not something we wanted to accept the risks of doing. 26 years later, we are convinced this was an intelligent, educated decision.
If we listen to the medical, government and media establishments, we are led to believe that there is almost no risk to shots. Looking at published medical research however, we see another story.

The US FDA recognizes that even though 90 percent of doctors do not report suspected vaccine damage incidents; there are still about 12,000 incidents reported annually. US statistics generally reflect Canadian stats, just reduced by a factor of 10.

Financial aid to parents who either lose a child to vaccine damage, or who are faced with medical expenses to care for a vaccine damaged child, had paid out more than $802 million dollars prior to August 31, 1997 with many cases still pending. (We do not have such a fund in Canada since we have socialized medicine.)

Drs. Mendelsohn, Lanctot, Scheibner, and Moskowitz are just a few of MANY medical doctors on record as being very anti-immunization. Many authors support their views with extensive research. Please contact Benoit & Associates Health Education for a list of websites for further research.

In addition to live or dead viruses and bacteria, vaccines may contain antibiotics; stabilizers such as aluminum hydroxide, formaldehyde, and thimerosal, a mercury derivative; egg; animal DNA and RNA; as well as undetected viruses (SV-40 which triggers HIV, brain tumours, leukemia and other human cancers). Many of these additives have been documented as carcinogenic and damaging to the nervous system.


Natural immunity versus vaccine immunity

Breastfeeding grants passive immunity. Long-term breastfeeding gives the baby’s immune system time to mature and begin manufacturing its own antibodies. Our body’s natural defences include various lines of defence, called into action in a specific order dependant upon the challenge.

Vaccinations introduce the pathogen directly at a blood/serum level. This bypasses the normal defence systems of mucous membranes, digestive tract, blood cells and lymphatic pathways that are usually activated with exposure to pathogens. In effect, vaccinations don’t allow the body to do its job properly, and as the length of supposed immunity from most vaccines is unknown, this can leave people even more vulnerable.


General Side Effects

Immediate side effects from vaccines may include fever, crankiness, and tenderness at the injection site, ranging to severe complications which can include extended crying, (high-pitched crying for more than three hours is a sign of neurological damage), seizures, shock, and death.

Long term effects range from a five-fold increase in asthma, increase in autism, allergies, sterilization, paralization, crohn’s, as well as decrease in general immunity.


Specific side effects for particular vaccines


The Lancet reports a three-fold risk increase of Crohn’s disease and a two-fold risk increase of ulcerative colitis in people who are MMR immunized.


Clinical Infectious Diseases discovered that every case of polio since 1980 has been caused by the polio vaccine. Science reported in 1992 a possible link between polio vaccines and the origin of AIDS.

Hepatitis A & B
The New Zealand Medical Journal reports a 60 percent increase in juvenile diabetes following mass immunization for Hep B and vaccines have reportedly been inadvertently contaminated with undetected viruses including HIV.

Several medical journals have examined potentially serious side effects of the Hep B vaccine, including demyelination of central nervous system nerves, liver dysfunction, and arthritis. Research has shown that Hep B vaccine can wear off in less than four years.

The flu virus is constantly mutating. This years’ flu shot is based on last years’ virus, so effect is guesswork. Chronic fatigue, intestinal upset and increased susceptibility to flu and colds are common and rarely attributed to the actual vaccine. Death from swine flu vaccine was higher than death from the disease.

Gardasil for HPV

Judicial Watch Uncovers FDA Gardasil Records detailing 26 new reported deaths. Paralysis has also affected many previously healthy girls who received this vaccine, which has not been properly tested or researched. Washington, DC — October 19, 2011

Other Vaccines
Not enough is known about the risks and side effects of the following vaccines: haemophilus influenza type B (Hib), Chicken Pox, and Lyme Disease. These vaccines are relatively new.


If You Decide not to Vaccinate

Remember there are many things that can be done to strengthen the immune system to ward off these and many other diseases or to minimize the risk of complications. If you choose to not immunize, then you must also choose to be smart. A healthy, natural diet free of refined sugars, white flour, artificial sweeteners, chemicals and colors is critical. A positive attitude, laughter, physical exercise, loving relationships, adequate sleep, and good nutritional supplements are the foundation of a healthy body and strong immune response. Herbs are the perfect food to develop a strong immunity, as they are powerhouses of vitamins, minerals, and active ingredients. Immune herbs often contain adaptogenic properties to help the body adapt to stressors of everyday living, including germs. The Chinese concept of using herbs as daily preventative maintenance for optimum health is more effective than the curative approach, but either way herbs can make a difference in the health of you and your family!

In the event of infection or other illness herbs and natural products are also the MOST EFFECTIVE way to help the body combat these and return to health. See more articles on Benoit blog: www.naturalpathremedies.com/blog to learn about liquid Silver Guard and HRP-C liquid/ HRP-C capsules .


If You Decide to Vaccinate

Ask to see the package insert to examine the list of known reactions for the specific vaccine being administered. Check the vial of serum and make careful notes of the manufacturer, lot/batch number, date of manufacture, expiration date, and dose size.

Plan to build the immune system for at least two weeks before administering the shots, and for another two weeks after the shots. It has been my experience that some of the best immune building in children can be done with antioxidants, such as Zambroza (Thai Go in US), Rosehips, Elderberry and other herbal aids, such as found in GreenZoneVitamin A  & D can also help.

You can also choose specifically which vaccines you want administered. What is right for one child in a family may not be right for the next child. Simple blood tests can determine antibody levels. If antibodies for chicken pox are present the vaccine is not needed.

When in doubt, delay. All shots can be ‘caught up’ at a later date. Damage, however, may not be reversible. Research thoroughly and make the best decision for your child and your family. This may be one of the toughest and important decisions you will ever make. Contact the author for more education.