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Q & A – Hyperthyroid


I have quick question about health: I am pretty sure my 1.5 years old daughter has a hyperthyroid. With the researching I’ve been doing online she matches almost everything they talk about… I haven’t taken her to the Doctor about it…. I’m wanting to see if I can’t help it a natural way first. Is there a Nature Sunshine product that you’d recommend for this? Or have you heard of a child this young having hyperthyroidism before?         Thanks Lorene!!!!


Unfortunately thyroid problems are on the increase across North America, especially since Fukishima in March, 2011. A recent study released in US states a 28% increase in infant hypothyroidism. Many other reports indicate up to 46% increase in thyroid cancers since Fukishima.

So, yes, infants can have thyroid problems. As for NSP Blue Vervain is excellent for hyperthyroidism and is available through NSP United States. When you come to Canada this summer I also make some products for hyperthyroid, also in liquid form.  Calming is essential so she is not overstimulated. Licorice is a great liquid that will nourish her adrenals and is very calming.

Please let me know if you need some help to get these.

Also, general health, especially concerning diet, as I discuss in my book, The Paw Paw Program  is important, not just for cancer.


Please look for upcoming article on Hyperthyroid late summer, 2016.