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Vaccine Choices

As the informative  series:  Truth About Vaccines is set for another free replay, Jan 25th for 7 days, I encourage those who have not seen this , or are not educated enough to be confident of their decision, to listen to as much as you can. Even 1/2 hour may be enough to make you realize you might been hearing a one sided point of view most of your life.

When my husband and I had to make this important decision over 32 years ago, just before the birth of our daughter, we did not want to take it lightly.  What parent does?

With widespread internet, media and government promoting, it can be overwhelming to know what sites, or who, to trust.  Those who know me may have accused me of analysis paralysis on some issues, but in this case it did not take me more than a couple of hours reading to know our answer.

Luckily where we lived, we had other educated and like-minded people who had come to the same conclusion, so support was there. You may not be so lucky, so you need to be confident to stick to your guns.  Seeing the excellent health of our now grown daughter, ongoing research, knowing that billions of dollars have been paid in lawsuits for damages and death,  and horror stories heard in my profession,  we are confident we made the right decision.

Since 1985, sharing the education on vaccines has been one goal and passion of my business. Before the “web” existed, I compiled a 156 page book of articles from worldwide authorities. I sponsored medical experts from Australia, South Africa and Quebec to come to B.C. to share their wisdom. I have many books and recordings in my library.  I have done radio interviews since 1987 on national radio (CBC) and others.  And since Nov, 2009, I have been putting vaccine articles on my research blog. The first one Nov. 18, 2009 was Tips to Make Swine Flu Fly Away. I hope my  previous vaccine entries on this blog and even a portion of this series, presented by world wide medical experts, will help simplify for you.

At the very least, watch the 2 min. video intro on this age: The Truth About Vaccines. The new replay begins Jan. 25th, 2018.

Many people think that vaccines reduced diseases worldwide. Polio is a good example,  as it is often used as a hallmark of vaccine “success”. It is a good illustration to show the methods commonly used to make it seem as if vaccines reduced disease. These methods involve  changing  parameters such as:

  1. diagnosis
  2. symptoms  
  3. reporting
This chart, which I initially had some trouble interpreting, but now understand, shows some interesting facts. 
The polio vaccine was licensed in the U.S. in 1954. From ‘50 thru ‘55, the striped and clear portions of the bars represent about 85% of the reported cases, or 30,000 per year, on average. Those cases were automatically eliminated by two radical changes the CDC (Center for Disease Control) made to the diagnostic parameters and labelling protocol of the disease as soon as the vaccine was licensed. Results of these changes?  30,000 less cases a year we were subsequently told were eliminated by the vaccine.

Over the last sixty years in the U.S., more than a million cases of what would have been diagnosed as polio pre-vaccine—same symptoms—were given different labels.

The change didn’t stop there, however. As addressed in the Ratner report, they also changed the definition of a polio epidemic, greatly reducing the likelihood that any subsequent outbreaks would be so labeled.


Inline image 1

Or this chart which clearly shows the decrease in Polio BEFORE vaccines.

Changing the parameters of what constitutes an epidemic is also used in reverse to hype fear around Flu , Zika, Avian flu “epidemics” and encourage people to get flu shots.

  • a study published in Human & Environmental Toxicology found that mercury-laced flu vaccines caused a 4,250 percent increase in fetal deaths during the 2009 flu season.
  • Flu shots contain mercury, a brain-damaging, abortion-promoting toxic heavy metal
  • The flu vaccine insert sheet also admits “safety and effectiveness not established”
  • “No decrease in influenza” after being injected with a flu shot
  • Flu shots have been scientifically proven to WEAKEN immunity in subsequent years, and repeated annual shots linked to significant increase in Alzheimers. Read: Vaccine Myths for this UBC research.

In the medical journal Vaccine, Dr. Gregory Poland, the journal’s editor-in-chief, professor of medicine and founder and leader of Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group, recently made surprising public statements about the poor effectiveness of measles vaccine in the MMR shot.

For many years, Dr. Poland has been a strong mandatory vaccination proponent and has criticized MMR vaccine safety critics but now he is taking the lead in publicly criticizing the vaccine’s failure to prevent measles.

See some  Safe Options to Vaccines. Contact Benoit & Associates for personal assistance in improving your natural immunity.


References and supporting articles:

Vaccines Court Confirms Healthy 13 yrs. old buy made tetraplegic by chicken pox vaccine.

Dissolving Illusions- The Disappearance of Polio

An excellent free movie discussing vaccines: Vaxxed

The US Government has paid out more than 3 Billion dollars to vaccine-injured families.

CDC Admits Polio Vaccine Tainted with Cancer Causing SV40 Virus

Vaccine Awareness & Action


As the question of compulsory vaccinations raises its ugly head in many provinces and states, we encourage everyone to:

  1. spend some time understanding the vaccination issue and
  2. make your voice heard before all of North Americans are being forced into injecting disease into our bloodstreams and those of our children.

The movie BOUGHT is a well balanced and researched documentary. It is not just about vaccines, but encourages us to question the whole medical approach to disease.  Many short clips, many not in the movie, have also been released and are online.

Here are two to get you started:

Dr. Wahls presents some excellent questions that lie behind vaccine challenges to our health. 3 1/2  mins. .

Dr. Stephanie Seneff explains connections between vaccines, the pineal gland, hormones like melatonin and neurological and sleep disorders including autism, MS, dementia, Alzheimers, and Parkinson’s.

She explains how vaccine toxins affect the gut and blood brain barriers. Parts are a little technical, but the bottom line is that one should clearly question not only MMR vaccines, but the proven dangers of the HVP vaccine coupled with  total lack of unscientific evidence  that  it prevents anything.

There are thousands of published scientific studies worldwide  that arrive at conclusions similar to this one from a 2013 Polish study.  “The worsening state of the child population since the 1960’s coincided with increasingly introduced vaccinations. Allergic diseases including asthma, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and many neurological dysfunctions…ADD, ADHD, autism, seizures…..”.

Mahatma Ghandhi, warned in his 1921 book, A Guide To Health, “Vaccination is a barbarous practice, and it is one of the most fatal of all the delusions in our current time. Conscientious objectors should stand alone, if need be, against the whole world, in defence of their conviction.”


And since Gandhi’s time, more expensive, and toxic vaccines are added every year, and now they want to force these on us???

The US federal govt. has paid over 2.6 BILLION dollars of tax payers money (not pharmaceutical $) since 1989 for vaccine damages. This represents a fraction of the actual cost of caring for damaged children, as BOUGHT points out clearly how ineffective and unjust this ‘vaccine court’ really is.


Take Action:

1. Please read more on our Vaccine archives and continue your own research. Share your information with others, including the those you care about, media and politicians – they all need this awareness to make informed decisions.

2. Create health – it  is not that difficult and good health is worth it! Start with daily nutrition of a Super Shakes.

3. Follow the Four Pillars of Health and dietary recommendations in Lorene’s book, The Paw Paw Program – The “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally.

4. Contact our office if you would like to set up an appointment to discuss a health plan for you or your family.