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Herbal Intensive August, 2017

Herbal Intensive: What, Why and How?

The Cowichan Valley supports a lush growth of plants that have been traditionally used for medicinal purposes, as well as for food. Join us to  study indigenous, wild, and  cultivated botanical with a Master Herbalist who has more than 35 years experience.

Friday, August 4th  – Monday August  7th, 2017

In this 3 1/2   day Intensive you will learn:

Ø       introduction to botanical terms

Ø       identification of common weeds & cultivated herbs

Ø       harvesting, drying and storage

Ø       doctrine of signatures

Ø       medicine wheel & plant energy

You will also learn how to prepare and apply herbs in a practical and fun “hands on” setting:

Ø       Poultices, fomentations and compresses

Ø       Infusions,  decoctions and juices

Ø       Sweat baths, inhalations

Ø       Herbal oils and salves

Ø       Enemas and douches

Ø       Tinctures, herbal vinegars

Ø       Preparations for eyes, teeth, sinus and nose

Ø       Glycerites, syrups and more…

Someone might get a poultice applied; another a compress. Faces often contort as we taste the various decoctions!

We learn how to prepare and apply herbs in a practical and fun “hands on” setting.

Includes: 1/2 day Medicine Wheel Workshop, August 4th, 1-4 pm

Ø     Understand the 4 element model that has endured from ancient cultures around the world

Ø     Learn to apply this to 4 pillars of health:

  • physical
  • spiritual
  • mental
  • emotional

Ø      Learn to understand  herbal properties and actions

You can take Medicine Wheel Workshop on its own for $50, (contact our office). This is included for those attending the Intensive.

What past participants have to say:

“When is your next Intensive? I know some people who want to take this course. I loved it and learned so much, as well as feeling refreshed before heading back to my busy life and health business.” 
Cheryn Donaldson McInnis, Specialized Instructor & Practitioner SIP and Kinisiology, Vancouver, BC

One trained practitioner from Calgary, Alberta wrote this in her evaluation:
I learned to identify herbs out in the field, herbs which I have used with people for many years but never knew what they looked like.  It was great to see them in their natural habitat.  It helped me get to know them better as living beings! ”
Monica Hirai, Herbal & Homeopathic Consultant,  Calgary, AB.

“I was one of the lucky participants, and it was so worth the time and cost. The setting was lovely, the other participants were generous in sharing their own experiences, the food was delicious, and the learning was boundless! Lorene is a born teacher, and the breadth of her expertise is amazing to me. This was just the workshop I needed to get me started in my own learning about herbs. Thank you!” 
Miriam S. Duncan, BC

“I can only encourage everyone to attend this inspiring & educational event. Once you embark on this opportunity to identify, smell, and work with a wide variety of herbs you will gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the healing powers herbs have to offer. The medicine wheel and other teachings on all pillars of health will bring you closer to nature and discovering your true inner self – reminding you the importance of incorporating all aspects of life into your daily living to achieve well-being. Take advantage of this event held in a beautiful paradise – only a walk away from a crystal clear river, taught by a very knowledgeable and successful instructor & provided with delicious meals fresh from the garden!  ”           
Monica Franey, BSc RN, Annapolis Valley, NS

More comments can be read on the Herbal Intensive 2012 , and Herbal Training 2013 (comments on Sunscreen & Salves) .    

Join us to experience the healing powers we have been provided with by getting in touch with herbs. Feel the peace of nature seep into your cells, guided by one of Canada’s leading herbal experts,  Master Herbalist and Healer of over 30 years.

On beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia – build a holiday of your lifetime around this event! Please contact our office for posters with details.

You will keep a minimum of three herbal products you help make.


Investment: $350  paid by July 14th & save $100 

                     $450 after July 14th 

Includes: ½ day Medicine Wheel Workshop Fri,  3  full days Sat. Sun. Mon, all supplies, samples, and organic lunches.

Medicine Wheel workshop only $50

Registration closes July 28th   $50 of registration fee is non-refundable


About the InstructorLorene Benoit is a Health Educator with a Bachelor of Education in Biology and Physical Education. She has a Masters of Holistic Health; Certifications as Herbal Consultant, Iridologist, Contact Reflex Analyst and several Body-Mind Healing modalities.  She has engendered nutrition, lifestyle management and natural therapies for more than 30 years. Her passion is empowering people through down to earth education of   their own bodies, herbs and health on all levels.  In her vision to help people move towards optimum health, she offers consultations in her Vancouver Island office, writes and travels extensively to lecture and teach, and promote her book: The Paw Paw Program, a natural approach to cancer and health optimization.  This annual intensive is a favourite, where all the connections of healing come together in nature!  

This course is on 5 wild and cultivated acres within the temperate rain forest of Vancouver Island, registered as a Conservation Steward of the Cowichan Community Land Trust, with over 300 plant species!

5175 Bills Road, DuncanBritish ColumbiaV9L 6S7Canada

Register by phone: 250 748-6802  or

by email: Lorene@NaturalPathRemedies.com or                                                         TakeTheNaturalPath@gmail.com


A list of local accommodations, B&Bs, or camping options & other activities available to help you stay and enjoy the Cowichan Valley paradise!

May, June 2014 Health Newsletter




May – June, 2014


Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission.
-Eleanor Roosevelt-

Everyday YOU can tell your trillion cells in your body how wonderful you are and how grateful you are for many aspects of your life – and they WILL believe you.
-Lorene Benoit-


Education and Upcoming Courses


Lorene has been interviewed by various professionals about her book, The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach To Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally.
These interviews cover the basics of her book, PLUS, depending on the host, healing tips to help you achieve optimum health .

These Paw Paw Talk Shows are recorded here for your convenience.


Our blog offers ongoing health tips. Articles added since the last newsletter, with a direct link, so you can access those of interest to you:

Making Herbal Salves & Suncreens

This blog is in response to Tanja from Holland who took Lorene’s 4 day Herbal Intensive several years ago. It has been great to see people from around the world using the power of herbs!

3 Success Stories for Paw Paw and Rampant Cell Growth

These are just a few that our clinets send us. In Lorene’s book, The Paw Paw Program, there are 10 case studies by Dr. John Forsythe, as well as 10 personal accounts.

 Q & A Nerve Pain

A couple of practical tips for both internal and external aids.

Increase Your Vitality

This tour by Dr. Jay Vanden Heuvel was appreciated by hundreds! If you missed it, you can see this recorded webinar on  Nature’s Sunshine US website: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/214943456.   Everyone wants more vital energy, and Dr. Jay explains the what, whys and hows. Be sure to view at least 39-48 minutes on the above webinar for an astounding demonstration of the mineral relation to VITAL ENERGY, and how Quantum physics affects our 5 bodies:

Physical = sensing

Vital = feeling


Supra Mental=intellectual

Bliss = limitless/joy/soul

An excellent demo of NSP superior quality, featuring Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic.

Cancer Prevention and Treatment Approaches

An important article for anyone diagnosed with cancer and for those who want to prevent cancer.

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Q & A: Making Herbal Salve & Sun Screens


How are you doing? Over here (in Holland) everything is going great. A lot of nice warm days.

I am still usisng herbal preparations learned at your Intensive 2011!
I wanted to make my own sunscreen and after sun lotion. I searched the internet for recipes, a lot of possibilities, but a lot of ingredients. I remembered you didn’t use that much. I can only remember you used aloe vera and lavender or mint oil?
Do you have a recipe?

My Mom is also wanting to make some more of that great salve you sent us. I have looked at my notes, but need some clarification on oils used, how long, what temperature? Can you help?



I am so thrilled to see others across Canada and Europe, who have taken my Herbal Intensives using the knowledge and making their own herbal preparations AND teaching others!  It is very empowering to have this knowledge and to be able to not only avoid toxic skin products, but to help your family as the primary care-giver for most health challenges!

Sorry, but as you may remember I don’t use recipes much. As you found, they are often too picky, require too many ingredients, and have so many different options it is enough to boggle the mind, get hung up in analysis paralysis and not make anything!

In my courses, I have people make many different preparations using general guidelines, so they understand the basics and the process. Then they can experiment and be empowered to use what is available to them. This is what I call wild-crafting, based on what you have available, and knowing that nature changes from year to year. The results can be exceptionally healing, as both you, your Mom and hundreds of others have seen & experienced.

For professional herbal consulting, in which I want the same recipe, same measurements, dosages and strengths, every time,  I use Nature’s Sunshine. They have several million dollar labs and equipment to test for active chemicals, potency, purity and to adjust for nature’s differences. Their quality is exceptional, which is why I have used it as the mainstay of myworldwide professional consulting.

I still feel it is good to know how to make you own preparations for your own use, so here are some reminders. Having had the 3-4 days experience, this should bring it all back to you.



You are right, I mixed St. John’s Wort oil with Aloe Vera Gel, either by blending the fresh plant, or purchasing a good quality Aloe Vera Gel.  And yes, Lavender essential oil is good to add – mint might be too strong for the skin. Other essential oils that are good for the skin are: Patchouli and Geranium, and Rose Bulgaria. I have used the Nature’s Sunshine essential oils and often 1-3 drops is enough – a little drop of a quality, therapeutic oil can be amazing. This oil is also beneficial if you happen to overdo the sun, which you should try to avoid, but it can happen.

The St. John’s Wort oil is made by infusing the flowers & top few leaves in an oil, by placing them in a glass jar in sunny window 2 – 6 wks. until it turns quite red. Make sure the plant material is covered in oil so there is no spoilage. As far as carrier oil used to extract the herbal principles, you can use olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, sunflower seed, almond, apricot are all OK. Then strain. This oil can also be used in the Salve preparation.

You can also infuse some flowers this way, such as wild rose petals, calendula or bergamot. These are not the same therapeutic value as essential oils which require expensive equipement to get the essence of the flowers and herbs, but they can add some aroma and healing properties.

Note on Sun exposure

Of course, use common sense in sun exposure – we try to avoid too much between 11am – 3pm and cover up when in the sun for extended periods. Your sun exposure should relate to the latitude and consequent strength of the sun; time of year; and your skin pigmentation.

The first two S’s of the Slip, Slap and Slop campaign, which I believe originated in Australia are good: Slip on some protective clothing, Slap on a Hat. These 1st two are the most important. The 3rd – slop on sunscreen is not good! Unless it is a natural sunscreen. To slop on a bunch of toxic chemicals, then add heat to this, is creating a toxic stew on your skin – the largest organ of your body. It is very absurd. In Australia studies found that as sunscreen sales increased, so did melanoma rates!

Common sense will always win out about chemical non-sense.



Specific for your questions:

How much oil? Use enough oil to make sure all herbs are immersed or covered – this will depend of type size of pot.

Oven for 8-12 hours 100-150degrees? – the lowest temperature the better, under 120 degrees is best; a low heat crock pot can also be used. This is the quick oil method. You can also use the slower sun-infused method as with St. John’s Wort oil above if you plan several weeks in advance.

Herbs to use:

We use any or all of these herbs from our garden and yard, many of which you can probably find growing around your area. I have given latin names which are always best to use for correct identification:

Mullein   – Verbascum thapsus 
Plantain (ribwort) – Plantago lanceolata or Plantago ovatum
Comfrey leaves or root – Symphytum species
chickweed (has to be dried a bit more, as it is pretty juicy) Stellaria media
Calendula (petals only – dried 24hrs.) Calendula officionalis
St. John’s Wort – Hyericum perfolatum
Yarrow flowers or leaves – Achilles millefolium
Burdock leaves – Arcticum lappa

Remember they can be dried for 1 day before putting them in oil, to avoid water being in oil. The drier herbs (plaintain) may not need this step. If you do have water in the oil after straining, try to boil it off, or otherwise eliminate it, or your oil or salve will not last as long.

Then do you remember the proportions of beeswax to solidify the oil into a salve?

Approximately 28 grams beeswax to 300 – 450 ml. oil or for the Americans, 1  ounce to 11 – 16 ounces. The more beeswax the stiffer the salve.

Let me know how it goes!

And for others reading this, please contact us if YOU would like to experience making your own herbal preparations OR to order any of the NSP products at a direct discount price!