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Q & A Graviola, Papaya versus Paw Paw – Asimina triloba


Is Sour Sop, Guanabana or Brazilian Graviola the same as in your Paw Paw Program book?  Anita R.

Is Paw Paw the same thing as Papaya Leaf?  Dan



Both the sour sop juice and papaya leaf are totally different species of the plant and totally different preparations from the Paw Paw, Latin name Asimina triloba that has been researched as effective for cancer. Although there is some correct information on the site you mentioned, there is also some misinformation, especially concerning the research reference.(see end of this article).

In the field of medicinal herbals, it is paramount to understand which species of a plant one is using. Many plants have the same family name, but chemical composition within a species, and within different parts of the plant, varies widely. The same name may also apply to completely different plants in different parts of the world. For example, many countries have different plants they call Heal All, which are not even in the same plant family. Latin names, or nomenclature, are the only way to scientifically identify, and reproduce the medicinal benefits.

For accuracy,  always use the Latin name of the plant, which in the case my book, The Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer, refers to the Paw Paw tree, Asimina triloba, standardized twig bark,  harvested at the correct time. This plant is native to the eastern U.S.

Please contact us to get the correct source, direct discount pricing, AND support from an expert.

From page 90 – 91 of Lorene Benoit’s  book: ” Paw Paw is one of the most researched and most effective herbal remedies in connection with cancer. In the past 30 years research on Paw Paw has been conducted by Dr. Jerry McLaughlin and a team of researchers at Purdue University, as well as at Wayne State University.”

Over fifty bioactive compounds, called the annonaceous acetogenins, have been found in the standardized Paw Paw concentrate of this particular species of Paw Paw. These have been described in a series of research papers as representing the most potent, major, bioactive structural types of acetogenins.

Other related species of Annona muricata, also known as graviola, guanabana, Sour sop, and Brazilian Paw Paw contain only the less potent monotetrahydrofuran acetogenins, and do not maximize acetogenin levels or standardize the product to assure consistent potency.
Beware when checking sources online, that you will not only receive the correct herb, but that you have someone to contact for ongoing support. 

In addition, the health of the tree,  part used,  time of year that the twig is harvested for optimum potency, and how it is processed,  and tested, ALL effect the outcome.

To ensure you get the correct herbal preparation that has been researched, the best price, plus support, please contact the author.

As part of Dr. McLaughlin’s research, one study of 100+ patients, with many types of tumours represented,  resulted in:

Significant reductions seen in tumor sizes (verified by CT, etc.)

Significant reductions in tumor antigen levels (PSA, CA2729, CA125, alkaline phosphatase, etc.)

Very few side effects; mostly none; nausea and vomiting (2 people); itching (1 person); many reported “increased energy”

No hair loss, no bone marrow depression, No GI bleeding

Benefits were also seen with cold sores, shingles, MS, toe nail fungus, acne, athletes foot, eczema & psoriasis (in capsules, lotion and salve formulations).

These results were with the standardized extract of Paw Paw as prepared, tested & supervised by Dr. Jerry McLaughln, and encapsulated by Nature’s Sunshine Products. To order, please contact our office. You can also receive professional advice from the author, which is not available when ordering from Amazon.

Case studies conducted by Dr. Forsythe, a Nevada oncologist are included in my book, including complete remissions with stage four cancers as well as Testimonials offered  from my own clients.

I have included excerpts from pages 6-8 of a 37 page report from the Journal Natural Products, 1999, 62 504-540, titled: Annonaceous Acetogenins: Recent Progress

by Feras Q. Alali, Xiao-Xi Liu, and Jerry L. McLaughlin*, Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, School of Pharmacy and Pharmacal Sciences, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana 47907

Should you wish the whole technical report with all 138 References included,  search online, or contact our office, with this in subject line: Acetogenins Tech Review JNP 1999

The Annonaceae (custard-apple family), is very large, 130 genera and 2300 species. Phytochemical studies and, to a lesser extent, pharmacological studies on Annonaceous species have intensified in the last 15 years; this is largely due to the discovery of the Annonaceous acetogenins, a class of natural compounds with a wide variety of biological activities.

The discovery of uvaricin in 1982,7 the first of the Annonaceous acetogenins,
as an in vivo active antileukemic (P-388) agent, invigorated wide interest in this family. The Annonaceous acetogenins are now one of the most rapidly growing classes of new natural products and offer exciting anthelmintic,(kills worms),  in vivo and cytotoxic antitumor, antimalarial, antimicrobial, antiprotozoal, and pesticidal activities and special promise of becoming new chemotypes for antitumor and pesticidalagents.

Note: American pawpaw (Asimina triloba) is not a papaya and should not be confused with Carica papaya or Annona muricata (graviola) although the species have similar common names and may be called “pawpaw.”

I agree with what the website you sent me cited, concerning why the public has not heard as much about the Paw Paw family for an effective cancer approach.


“….under federal law, a natural product is not patentable. There’s no way to make serious profits from it. There was no way the company could protect its profits–or even make back the millions it poured into research. As the dream of huge profits evaporated, their testing on Graviola came to a screeching halt.”

However, this site mentions tests at Purdue University showed results with graviola leaves. This is not true; graviola did not show the effectiveness that Asmina triloba twig bark extract did, because they do not contain the acetogenin variety or strength.

Success with “terminal” cancer

This story has just been shared from another practitioner, who uses the same basic Paw Paw Program as in my book,  including the extra nutritional shake recipes in book and on this website.
I am not saying 100 capsules per day are usually necessary, especially if taking NSP nutritious shakes, but for obviously “terminal” cancer, a real commitment to live is required.

Once people have undergone the medical route of cut, burn and poison, cancer often returns more aggressively, as the stems cells where cancer originates, are stimulated by these routes.

This is a remarkable testimony to what the body CAN accomplish with therapeutic nutrition.

On Tue, Nov 10, 2015 at 8:25 AM, DR wrote:

“Our guest speaker last night was Joan. Her husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer, then liver cancer, lung cancer and kidney cancer.
He did all the conventional treatments and all failed. He was deteriorating to the point that he was sent to the Respite and given 3 weeks to live. This is when Joan took action. Each day she gave him 2 high dense nutritious Nature’s Sunshine super food smoothies and each day she organized herbs for the liver, prostate, kidney, and lungs along with the Paw Paw program. He was taking 100 capsules a day. Within 2 weeks there was a notable improvement. He was walking again and he was released from the Respite, Within 6 weeks he was on the golf course and within 6 months all signs of cancer in the lungs, liver , kidney and prostate were gone! When you take nutrition beyond sustenance levels it becomes therapeutic and heals your body!!”

As explained in my book, no one can offer a  definitive “cure” for cancer, arthritis, diabetes, CVD or any “disease”. However, one CAN offer the body, mind and spirit the tools that it requires to heal itself. It is up to the body, the person, the mind, and probably more that science will never understand to overcome a disease. We all eventually die, but life extension and quality of life while living are always improved by providing nutrition as one of the first tools. And the sooner the better. Ideally before the body is damaged with chemical toxins (chemotherapy). The above story exemplifies what amazing healing capacity the body does possess.

If you know someone dealing with cancer who would like to consider the Paw Paw Program, they can contact our office to order the book, the correct therapeutic quality nutrition, including Paw Paw Cell Reg at direct prices, and  for professional guidance.


Studies Show Radiation Causes Cancer

It is  well established that exposure to ionizing radiation can trigger mutations and other genetic damage that can contribute to rampant growth of  normal cells. This article presents studies on Breast Cancer, but radiation affects all cells.

So it seems amazing how mainstream medicine frequently dismisses the idea that medical imaging tests from mammograms to CT scans do not play a role in causing breast cancer. Take this example from the web site for Cornell University’s Program on Breast Cancer and Environmental Risk Factors:

In answer to the question “Is ionizing radiation a cause of breast cancer?”, the Cornell experts say “Yes ….. female breast tissue is highly susceptible to radiation effects.” But then they disregard the possible hazard from mammography x-rays saying the risk …”should not be a factor in individual decisions to undergo this procedure. The same is true for most diagnostic x-ray procedures.”

If that’s not confusing enough, they turn around and state: “Nonetheless, unnecessary radiation exposures should be avoided and continued vigilance is required to ensure that the benefits associated with specific procedures outweigh the future risks.”

Why radiation causes breast cancer

Common sense suggests there is plenty of reason to be worried about radiation causing breast cancer. And now there’s a new reason to be concerned. Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have discovered that radiation exposure can alter cells’ micro-environment (the environment surrounding cells). And that greatly raises the odds that future cells will become cancerous.

The reason is that signals from a cell’s micro-environment, altered by radiation exposure, can cause a cell’s phenotype to change by regulating or de-regulating the way a cell uses its genes. The result can be a cell that not only becomes pre-cancerous but that passes this pre-malignant condition on to future cells.

“Our work shows that radiation can change the micro-environment of breast cells ….. a much greater potential to be cancerous,” stated Paul Yaswen, cell biologist and breast cancer research specialist with Berkeley Lab’s Life Sciences Division.

“Many in the cancer research community have been slow to acknowledge and incorporate in their work the idea that cells in human tissues are not independent entities, but are highly communicative with each other and with their micro-environment,” he added.

To find out what radiation exposure does to the cellular environment and how it could impact the future of cell behavior, the Berkeley Lab scientists grew normal breast tissue in culture dishes for about a week. Then they zapped each set with a single treatment of a low-to-moderate dose of radiation and compared the irradiated cells to sets of breast cells that had not been irradiated.

The published results showed that four to six weeks after the radiation exposure, the normal breast cancer cells showed premature cell senescence (aging & deterioration).

The researchers pointed out that the levels of radiation used in their experiments were not as much as a woman would be exposed to during a single routine mammogram but were comparable to those a woman could receive during a CT scans or radiotherapy “and could represent sources of concern.”

Women are often pushed to get annual mammograms, raising their overall radiation exposure through the years. Mammographies are referred to in Lorene Benoit’s book:  The Paw Paw Program – The “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturallyon p age 34-35.  Questions to Ask Your Doctor is  a good starting point anytime radiation techniques are recommended.

A report from JAMA  found that the start of screening mammography programs throughout Europe has been associated with increased incidence of breast cancer (http://www.naturalnews.com/024901.html).

And a Johns Hopkins study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute concluded radiation exposure from mammograms could trigger malignancies in women at risk for genetic breast cancer (http://www.naturalnews.com/025560_cancer_brst_cancer_mammograms.html).

ALL Electro Magnetic Frequencies and Radiation (EMF and EMR)  are causing health challenges, including wireless, smart meters, and yes cell phones. The cumulative effect is that we are creating a microwave within which we are being baked! This recent Canadian study is one of many worldwide. Note Recommendations #10 and 11 relate specifically to cancer, but all 12 recommendation relate to health!

The science is clear as many countries become aware – it’s the people like you who need to insist our health be taken into consideration above profits!



Cancer Screening and Prevention, Mammograms

Mammograms – Physical AND Emotional Damage – make your decision wisely


Vitamin D and your health

If you can get some sunshine – get it! Getting outside when the altitude of the sun is high enough will help you absorb some Vit. D.  If you are housebound or totally skin covered, with clothing or sunscreen, then you need a good Vit D3 supplement. Considering the benefits of Vit. D for bones, immunity, mental outlook, cancer prevention…..why not add this to your daily health program?

Since posting this originally in December, 2009, there has been so much research on Vitamin. D3, I have been prompted to add onto this article, rather than have people email for the 9 page article, which you can still do.

March 2007 edition of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition lashed out at the conventional media for its inaccurate reporting of Vitamin D supplementation. Since then, continual research has shown that the majority of those living North of Tropic of Cancer and South of Tropic of Capricorn are deficient, especially during winter months.

When one considers the wide reaching benefits, which I summarize below, and the inexpensive availability of this supplement, the medical community is negligent in not promoting higher intake. Health Canada is even more negligent by lowering the limits available in supplements, despite the plethora of research indicating otherwise.

Benefits of a quality, absorbable Vitamin D3:

  • Cancer

connection between Vitamin D3 and protection from cancer has been published since the 1940s, when doctors discovered that individuals at sunny latitudes had a reduced rate of deaths from cancer. Since then, studies have strongly suggested that Vitamin D3 deficiency is associated with an increased risk of developing many forms of cancer including breast, ovarian, prostate and colon cancer. Many people who are getting positive results with The Paw Paw Program for cancer, also add 4-10,000 units of Vit. D3 to their program.

  • Bone Health

    including osteopenia, osteoporosis and osteomalacia and arthritis. 2015 research indicates that increased knee pain during winter months is not due to the cold as much as it is lowered levels of Vit. D.

  • Depression

  • Cognitive Enhancement

  • Immune System Enhancement

  • Back Pain

  • Multi-Talented Nutrient

Vitamin D3 deficiency has been linked to a host of other conditions such as high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and an increased risk of pre-eclampsia and insulin resistance during pregnancy. Low Vitamin D3 levels have been linked to an increased prevalence of early age-related macular degeneration.

A growing number of researchers who have widely studied Vitamin D3 are almost begging the general public to consume more of this important nutrient. Due to Vitamin D3’s high safety profile in doses up to 10,000 IU per day and because of the wide role it plays in our health, consuming 2,000 to 10,000 IU per day of this nutrient at times of the year when sunlight is scarce is a prudent way to improve overall health.

Contact our office if you wish to order QUALITY supplements that your body can absorb and assimilate from the company with a proven track record since 1972. We will set up an account so you can obtain wholesale pricing from the same supplier we have used to help people since 1990.

More technical information and references are available to professionals or those who would like greater detail.

Q & A: Paw Paw for other conditions


Hi Lorene,

Is Paw Paw effective for people without cancer?

Thanks, Shelley


Yes, as explained in my book, The Paw Paw Program – a Natural Approach to Cancer  and on many of my website articles, Paw Paw, Asimina triloba, is anti-parasitic, anti- fungal and anti-viral. Because of these actions, it is included in cleanses such as  Para Cleanse (US).  The Canadian Para Pak does not contain Paw Paw, although it can be added. Both 10 day cleanses are effective and recommended for everyone for optimal health as part of seasonal cleansing program.

It can also be applied topically and taken internally for warts, moles, fungal rashes, and other skin growths. For this use it can be mixed with Silver Gel, Black Ointment (US) or similar healing salve.

As it prevents reproduction of  organisms that  are precursors to abnormal cell growth, such as cancer; it can also be used as a preventative on a periodic basis with guidance of a knowledgeable practitioner.

It is not an essential core nutrient to be taken daily by everyone, such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes and superfoods.

Hope this answers your question. If not contact us directly, which is also your best option should you choose to order any of the mentioned herbal therapeutics in this article. We can provide the best price as well as support.

The Most Important Organ – Really?

One day the body got together and decided to have a board meeting. Here’s what went on behind closed doors.

There was an intensive discussion to determine WHO WAS THE MOST          IMPORTANT PART OF THE BODY.

The BRAIN was the first to speak. “Without me nothing would be          accomplished.”

The HEART spoke up. “Without me pumping blood to your brain, you could   not function.”

The ARMS laughed. “You’re both wrong; without me to put food in the          mouth, nothing would work.”

The STOMACH said, “Without me, your food would not digest.”

The LUNGS bellowed back. “Without me, you couldn’t breathe.”

The EYES blinked, “Without me, you could not see.”

The KIDNEYS snorted, “Without me, you could not detoxify and eliminate.”

Then the COLON meekly spoke up, “I am important. You need me to          eliminate all of the garbage from your systems.”

Everyone one laughed and made fun of him.

“How can you be as important as we are? You are just a smelly old sewer.”

The poor colon- his feelings were hurt! He turned away and thought, “I’ll          show them. HE SHUT DOWN!

Then he sat back and watched what happened.

The BRAIN was stupefied and could not concentrate on anything.

The HEART’S beat was weak and irregular; it was too tired to pump oxygen.

The ARMS were weak, heavy and couldn’t move.

The LUNGS- their breathing was shallow. They couldn’t get enough oxygen because the heart was too tired to send them fresh blood or take away the carbon dioxide.

The KIDNEYS quit – urine started backing up, the legs started swelling, the skin developed a rash and the back hurt.

Then the COLON looked around and decided it was time to call another          meeting. It wasn’t too lively this time, but everyone was in totally agreement.


A healthy body eliminates via the colon 2-3 times daily – if you are not doing this, you can kickstart your health with a detox program now. This Why Detoxify article will explain more about why this is so critical to all health and healing.

In Lorene Benoit’s book,   The Paw Paw Program – A Christopher Columbus Approach to Cancer”, she teaches people to understand the importance of keeping the colon in good health, for all disease prevention, including  cancer.


Questions to Ask Your Doctor

The following helpful questions are found on pages 163-164 of Lorene Benoit’s book: The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally, 2nd Edition.

They can be and should be asked for any treatment options, no matter what your health condition is. 

Some questions to ask your doctor when a drug, protocol, diagnostic test, explorative surgery, or any medical treatment is recommended.

Please remember the doctor and any treatment recommended is paid by you, indirectly, via taxes; annually at least $3800 per man, woman and child in Canada. This is not including any MSP fees, prescription or other costs paid by you directly. Therefore, as you are paying the doctor, or in effect hiring him or her, you do have the right to know what you need to know to make an educated decision. Think if you were hiring a contractor to do renovations on your house – you would want the details, you would want to know that the person you hire is best suited for the job, that they would be familiar with your needs, know how to use their tools – you get the picture.
Wouldn’t you do the same for your car by making sure the mechanic is qualified, not doing anything to your car that is not necessary, and knows what needs to be fixed? Expect the same treatment for your body as you would for your house or your car.
Of course, our body is more complex than either a house or a car, but understand those treatments to which you agree and understand your options.

By taking this drug, following this treatment, having this surgery, following this recommendation….

What is the expected outcome?

How or why does it work? (ask for explanation in terms that you understand)

Can you tell me and/or give me a list of all possible side effects, to decide if the possible benefit outweighs the risks? Pharmacists will give you a small write-up for drugs; if you want more detail ask for the information from the CPS (Compendium Pharmaceutical & Specialties).

What are the percentages for side effects, re-occurrence, adhesions, damage from treatment, cure rate, life extension, etc.

Have you personally used it with other patients? What has been their response, incidence of side effects, increased life span, quality of life…..?

How long has this been approved and how long used?

Can you refer me to any studies that prove the effectiveness of this treatment option?

For what period of time will I be taking this drug, or following this treatment?
What is the likelihood that this will necessitate me taking other drugs or treatments to counteract side effects or enhance perceived benefit of treatments?

How will you determine if it is effective?

What is expected outcome if I do not choose this treatment option?

Do you mind if I do some research before I choose this route?

For other helpful suggestion when dealing with the medical system, and for especially for dealing with cancer, see  Lorene Benoit’s book: The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally

Cancer Prevention and Treatment Approaches


As I was doing some research on Colorectal Cancer for natural health classes in Winnipeg,  Nova Scotia, and for my online interviews, I was surprised to see the change in Canadian Health Statistics. US and Canadian statistics are usually similar, so this is the North American trend.

Cancer has been the #1 cause of death since 2011. 

Many people still think heart and vascular are #1, but even combining heart disease (all types) with cerebrovascular (strokes), it is still close to 5% less than cancer. This despite the BILLIONS of dollars raised and spent running around looking for the cure!

The chart on page 26 of my book,  The Paw Paw Program,  shows cancer care costs in 2010  at $124.57 BILLION.

While we continue to fund raise and spend billions of dollars “finding” and “running for” the cure, selling daffodils and hot dogs, are we any closer to understanding the true causes OR doing anything about them?

How much money is being spent on eliminating toxic chemicals that are polluting our air, water and soil? How much money is being spent on educating people about the health hazards of untreated infections, parasites, yeasts, viruses, or how to improve our natural immunity to avoid these and treat them naturally? Here is a synopsis of some information you can learn from The Paw Paw Program – The “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally.


What to Do To When You Have Become a Statistic

and even more important

What To Do To Avoid Becoming a Statistic

Prevention is recommended, as all people develop cancerous cell growth. A healthy immune system keeps abnormal cell growth under control.

Taking an active role in your health is critical. Remember, it’s your body and your call.

  • Remove all toxic chemicals from your food, drinks, air, and home as well as hygienic products. Stop adding more toxins into your body. There is much you can do – talk to your Natural Health Care practitioner for ideas as to how and what you can do. If you do not have one, make an appointment with the author of this book.
  • STOP smoking, alcohol, coffee, tea, pop, all refined sugars, are number one step.
  • Balance pH levels of acid and alkaline – greens are your main ally for this – if you do not have plentiful organic sources of fresh greens, use GreenZone (CA)/ Ultimate Green Zone (US)
  • Oxygenate and strengthen your blood with Liquid Chlorophyll, macro and trace minerals, EFAs, and other suggested natural supplements.
  • Take Protease Plus Enzymes to help metabolize protein, keep the blood and lymphatic systems clean and help breakdown cancer cells.
  • Exercise daily to move your lymphatic system. Your lymph moves only when you do. Even 10 – 15 minutes two or three times a day will help.
  • Build Immune System with help from your Natural Health Care Practitioner. Astragalus, Colostrum and Silver Shield (silver sol) are all powerful aids for the immune system.
  • Learn how to nourish the body without feeding the cancer cells.  Super Foods will make a difference.
  • Reduce stress in your life or at the very least, learn how to support your body when under a lot of stress.
  • Your body needs rest to heal. Take rest breaks during the day and sleep for minimum 8 hours at night.Drink lots of pure water.  6 – 10 glasses a day is usually a good rule to follow, based on weight and activity. Hot water and herbal teas are also good.  Water helps flush out the toxins from your body.
  • If you are strong enough, a variety of cleanses may be suggested for you. Examples: Liver/Blood, Bowel, Parasite, Lymphatic, Yeast or Heavy Metal Cleanses.
  • Add a natural bowel stimulant with or without fibre if you are not eliminating at least one bowel movement a day. Two – three is better. LBS II is an excellent peristalsis aid.
  • Detoxify, build, detoxify, build – pay attention to your body to know which to do when. When in doubt book a phone or Skype consultation with an expert – Lorene Benoit has been helping people for over 35 years.


PLEASE NOTE: As links tend to change over the years, please Contact us,  for personalized, expert assistance in obtaining any supplements mentioned in this article. We have worked with one major quality professional herbal source since 1990 and can help you get the best for your health and your money. Aren’t you worth the best?


Newly Diagnosed: Consider a consult with a Natural Health Consultant to help you undertake the following suggestions. You know that cancer can be prevented; it can also be reversed. It will require some lifestyle changes and some effort on your part. One important thing is to know that people do heal cancer with natural, time proven remedies and to know and believe that you can beat this disease. Have positive hope, no matter what the prognosis is. Your body is designed to heal itself and become healthy again but it needs full help from you. In addition to above suggestions, you will also want to consider the following:

  • Support the area of the body where the cancer is. You may want to add herbs specific to your type of cancer. For example, for cancer of the prostate, support with Saw Palmetto Extract, Liver with a liver formula, as your NHC recommends.
  • MOST IMPORTANT:       This is the easy part.       Follow the Paw Paw program as per directions to start and increase only on the advice of your Natural Health Care Practitioner. The Paw Paw Program gives more detail, in fact 284 pages of information that is well researched, affordable and easy to understand and follow.
  • Depending on your cancer, you may be required to take this for 4 months – a couple of years.
  • For those who have had cancer, maintenance  is highly recommended.
  • Paw Paw can be used along with Allopathic Medical Therapy; in fact it can enhance chemotherapy effectiveness.

It is important to work with a natural health care practitioner or consultant who is comfortable working with cancer. The amount of research can be overwhelming. You would not try to strip down your car engine and rebuild it without assistance or previous knowledge. Consider this, as you need to rebuild your body to eliminate cancer or any other disease.

A qualified NHC can assist in the optimal selection of a program for you and in monitoring your results. This professional can work with others with whom you choose to share your healing journey.

Remember, cancer can be beaten naturally! Believe it! Be proactive in your cure – do not leave it all up to the medical community – work with them to help yourself.

This program is designed to enhance the natural healing abilities of your body, rather than ‘fight’ any particular disease. It is one part of a comprehensive program, including corrective diet, emotional clearing, exercise as required, proper elimination and other natural health and life building aspects.

This program is not counter-indicated with orthodox medical treatment, such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. It can enhance the effectiveness and decrease the negative side effects of these approaches, should you choose them.

You can  have any of the above therapeutic nutritionals delivered to your home. To ensure you are getting professional products that exceed pharmaceutical grade, direct discount pricing,  and support in choosing the best program for your specifics, please contact Lorene Benoit Health Services, MHH, CHC, BEd. 

Good old fashioned phone: 250-748-6802, email contact form or TakeTheNaturalPath@gmail.com



Statistics Canada:  http://www.statcan.gc.ca/tables-tableaux/sum-som/l01/cst01/hlth36a-eng.htm

US National Cancer Institute

Benoit & Associates Health 2010

Pro Active Health 2010

Talk Shows about Paw Paw Program

These are links to talk shows in which I have been interviewed to share information on The Paw Paw Program, A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally.

Learn why understanding cancer, how to heal and prevent this condition, also relates to most health challenges and provides natural health tips for YOUR optimum health.

These recordings are available 24/7  to help you understand the effectiveness of this approach to cancer and all chronic conditions.


 Great interview. I admire how articulate and passionate you are as you express yourself  in a respectful and informative manner. ”                                  Dr. Alan Simberg

Please contact Benoit Health Education directly for support, educational consultations, to order The Paw Paw Program book or nutritional herbs and supplements. You will get fastest service, correct products and the best prices.


Talk Show recordings:

July 24th, 2014 with Michael Brill – will be posted when available


July 22nd, 2014 with Dr. Alan Simberg – Life Changing Insights with Lorene Benoit – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally!

Dr. Simberg shares some interesting thoughts on the mind affecting our perceptions of experiences, then begins a 24 minute interview with Lorene Benoit just before 36 minutes.


 June 20th, 2014  pre- recorded April 14th

Click to hear interview on Outside Health and Fitness  with Steven Stearns.

Why this approach makes sense and works. Those looking for safer, effective options for both preventing and treating cancer will appreciate the health education  that applies to all chronic conditions.


 June 16th, 2014

Interview with Sheryl Glick one of the conscious leaders working to incorporate new thinking into our changing world conditions.Interview with Lorene Benoit:  http://www.sherylglick.com/radio_shows/Alternative-Treatments-for-Cancer.html

mp3: http://www.sherylglick.com/radio_shows/mp3/082514.mp3


May 28th, 2014

Lorene Benoit speaking with Denise Messenger, Award winning author of Health Media Now.

Lorene Benoit shares her confidence in herbal healing based on her 40 years experience in natural health. She explains why Paw Paw (Asimina triloba) is so effective as part of a health program. Includes why it works, some of Dr. McLaughlin’s research, the basic 4 components of the program, 4 Pillars of Health.

Dietary suggestions, recipes and Super Foods are essential information for everyone who wishes to achieve optimum health, whatever their state of health.


April 10th, 2014

Lorene Benoit speaking on Paw Paw Program with Janet Love

An excellent 53 minute interview, explaining how Paw Paw Program is effective for all health conditions, prevention and healing of cancer. In this interview Benoit clearly explains how this book is also relevant to most other chronic health conditions, including heart and cardio-vascular, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis and menopause.

The Four Pillars of health, dietary suggestions, recipes and Super Foods are essential information for everyone who wishes to achieve optimum health.

Lorene Benoit shares some of Dr. McLaughlin’s research, specifics of the correct Paw Paw (Asimina triloba) and correct usage, the basic 4 components of the program,  and more. The interview starts at 7 minutes.


 March 16th, 2014 

Alternatives to Big Pharma – Lorene Benoit’s interview with
Sharry Edwards http://www.soundhealthoptions.com/nutrasounds/  and Richard Olson http://www.TalkToMeGuy.comBlogTalkRadio.com.                 Lorene’s interview begins at 16 minutes.


November 24th, 2013 – note this recording quality is not great; your time may be better spent listening to previous recordings.

Osberg Broadcats with Keith Williams



August 27th, 2013 1:00  – 1:30 pm PST

Dr. Alan Simberg



May 30th, 2013

Dr. Michael Smith



Jan 31st, 2013 7:00 pm PST

Gwen Green



July 20th, 2012 10:30 PST

Hollis Chapman



July 5th, 2012

Angela Levesque



June 28th, 2012

Wendy Wagoner



May 11th, 2012

Dr. Higgie and Kat



Feb. 10th, 2012

Dr. Rose



Dec 6th2011

Alicia D. Cramer



Nov. 4th, 2011

Hollis Chapman

Link for talk show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/hollischapmanshow/2011/11/04/natural-healing-nutrition-herbs-and-nutritional-supplement

Special offer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHkC2Ytwv_I


Sept. 2nd, 2011

Trudy Thomas: “Living with Hope” aka thematrix777; The Body, Mind and Spirit Network

Trudy Thomas (aka thematrix777)
Host of “Living With HOPE” radio show



July 11th, 2011

Michael Vara




June 28th, 2011

Monica   Brinkman  radmmb@fidnet.com



May 9th, 2011

Tony Gambone


Upcoming Spring 2014

March and April Wellness Events in Canada

Increase your wellness through Super Foods

Julie DeVisser, ND will be sharing her expertise in nutrition and Super Foods. Samples of easy to prepare, delicious recipes to ramp up your health, plus  give-aways are part of  this  free event. All events are 7:00 – 9:00 pm.

Pre-registration required by leaving your full name, phone number and number of guests:

  • phone:  250-748-6802
  • email:  TakeTheNaturalPath@gmail.com for any of these locations:

March 10 – Kelowna, BC

March 11 – St. Albert, AB

March 12 – Winnipeg. MB

March 17 – Mississauga, ON

March 18 – Belleville, ON


April 1st – Nanaimo, BC

April 2nd – Duncan, BC

April 3rd – Vancouver, BC

You will receive a confirmation email or phone call within 3 days, with exact location.

The following courses are being offered in Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island:


April 2, 2014

Increase your wellness through Super Foods
Julie DeVisser, ND, will be sharing her expertise in nutrition and Super Foods. A free lecture with samples at the Travelodge Silver Bridge, Duncan.

Register with Benoit Health 250-748-6802.


April 15, 2014     6:30- 9:30 pm

Looking At Health Outside the Box
We’ll cover the Lifestyle recommendations presented in  Lorene Benoit’s book The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally.

This will help you both understand and present the causes of  ALL dis-ease, while teaching you how to create optimum health. Her book is available in the VIRL system, as well as at this course.

Register through Island Savings Centre: 250-748-PLAY

April 9 and April 16, 2014

Going into Golden Years Healthy!
Many seniors take drugs for hypertension, blood sugar, cholesterol, and heart, with consequent interactions and side effects. Many others choose natural approaches to improve their health that have been used traditionally worldwide for 3,000+ years. Come and learn your options.
Instructor: Lorene Benoit, MHH, BEd
Wednesday 5:30pm – 7:30pm, Apr 9  and Apr 16
2 sessions/$25 Code: ISC-1952  http://islandnet.com/eldercollege/ – sp1451

Lorene Benoit is teaching this course for Cowichan Valley Elder College; register through Island Savings Centre: 250-748-PLAY


Arrange Your Own Course

Lorene Benoit has been teaching natural health for 35 years. She has presented for professional development, at Conferences for several hundred and small interest groups. Contact her if there is a health topic you wish to arrange with her.