Thanks Lorene for bringing this expert  to Vancouver Island. We found Dr. McLaughlin’s talk to be most informative and plan to purchase a bottle of the Paw Paw with our next order.  Want to make a cream paste for skin challenges!

I think we must have told you about our friend who was diagnosed with lymph cancer in the neck and thyroid area about 6 years ago.  His surgery was scheduled for about 5 weeks down the line, so we got him first on the black walnut for a couple of weeks, then on the Paw Paw and Protease Plus for the remaining weeks only stopping a couple of days prior to the surgery.  He had a few treatments after of chemo….but 6 years after, there is no cancer!!!

S& M, Victoria, BC.


I have been feeling very low energy for months, and doctors cannot find anything wrong other than an elevated temperature; so they thought it might be a low grade viral infection. After hearing Dr. McLaughlin speak about how effective Paw Paw is against bacteria, viruses, parasites and cancer, I purchased a bottle of Paw Paw to see if this would help. With only 1 capsule, this was the first time I have slept through the night, without having to get up for bathroom, in over 30 years! Within 2 days I was feeling an increase in energy, and I am starting to feel stronger evach day. I am only taking 1 with breakfast and one with dinner.

I feel like the Paw Paw is gently clearing built up toxins, virus, or any other type of infection from every part of my body. I have been sharing the benefits of Paw Paw with a  lot of people who I think can benefit from this herb, not just those with cancer!

C.L, Victoria, BC



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