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At Nature’s Sunshine 35th Canadian Health and Herbal Conference, Oct. 2011, I attended an excellent lecture from Jay P. VandenHeuvel, PhD, ND on natural approaches to cancer. This was an affirming lecture, as everything he mentioned is included in my book:  The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round
and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally
. Based on recent research case studies that he and Dr. Gerry McLaughlin have conducted,  these recommendations can be followed in addition to those presented in my book.

1. Taking Paw Paw (Asimini triloba) every six hours. This means 4 times per day, rather than 3, thus keeping a regular interval of 6 hours. In Dr. VandenHeuvel’s words, “Get the cancer by the throat and don’t let it go.” Those who have read my book will understand this from my explanation of the exponential growth of abnormally reproducing cells. A little timer can help one accommodate this time frame. This may also mean that dosage can be increased for faster action, again only to level where you experience no nausea or other digestive or eliminative challenge.

2. Addition of two herbs which I mention in my book: Pau D’Arco (p. 55 or 57)* and E-Tea (Essiac Tea p. 53, 202 or 55, 204)*

These herbs are both traditionally used in cancer programs and very effective. For simplicity, I suggested starting on the basic program, but based on Dr. VandenHeuvel’s successes, I more strongly encourage these to be taken along with the basic 4 of The Paw Paw Program. For simplicity and effectiveness you can open 6-8 capsules Pau D’arco and add to 3 cups boiling water in of water; using a quart sealer or thermos if you want it to stay hot. Add 4-6 capsules of E-Tea to 3 cups boiling water in of water, as with Pau D’Arco. You can prepare each separately, or combine them. Some people prefer to have two different tasting teas to consume throughout the day. Taking them as a tea makes them more easily absorbed,as well helping you have adequate healthy liquid intake throughout the day. They can be used to take your other herbs.

NB:   As links tend to change over the years, please Contact us,  for personalized, expert assistance in obtaining any of herbs or supplements mentioned on this website. We have worked with one major quality professional herbal source since 1990 and can help you get the best for your health and your money. Are you worth the best?

I prefer liquids to be taken at room temperature, and there is no problem with these teas sitting out for 24 hrs. If you do not like the taste of either of these, they can be taken as capsules, if you add at least 1 large cup of water to absorb and activate the herbs, with every dose of capsules, which could be divided.

As per explanations in my book about quality of herbs, the same holds true for both these herbs, as NSP species of Pau D’Arco contains the N-Factors (napthaquinone) and A-Factors (anthraquinones) required to be effective, and NSP E-Tea is the original Essiac formulation properly prepared and tested for potency.

If I were to add more supplements to the basic program, which many clients seem to want to do, these are what I would choose. Additional considerations that have proven effective in supporting the body in healing are:

Cat’s Claw (CA) /  Una de Gato (US) combination.  Una de Gato has traditionally been the Peruvian cancer herb of choice. Combined with Echinacea and Astragalus, this formula  cleanses and strengthens the immune, intestinal and structural systems and helps counteract the effects of chemotherapy and radiation by supporting the immune system. It is also an excellent lymphatic system support.

Curcumin BP, which is a potent blend of Tumeric (Curcuma longa)  which has been standardized to 95% curcuminoids and Black Pepper (Piper nigrum)for enhanced absorption.

If you do not have Lorene’s  book, which contains research, complete explanation of the program, references, and essential suggestions on diet, relaxation, recipes, and emotions, Contact Us now to order directly.


* page # depends on whether you have 1st or 2nd printing of Paw Paw book.

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4 thoughts on “Paw Paw Program Upgrade

  1. I know this site, alternative Although they have some good information here, I have contacted them several times, asking them to provide some reference to back up their statements.

    1. They have never responded.

    2. I have discussed this with Dr. Jay Vanderhoeval, who also uses Paw Paw as part of a natural cancer program, and he definitely includes Pau D’Arco and E-Tea, the NS concentrate of Essiac Tea, as part of his Paw Paw regime. He is a now 7 year survivor of “fatal” kidney carcinoma, from which he was supposed to die in several months. Please refer to this article, the Paw Paw Upgrade, which I entered after studying with Dr. Vanderhoeval, and to which I have posted your comment.

    3. Dr. Jerry McLaughlin, the world renowned researcher of Paw Paw, is not aware of any contradiction for any of these supplements. In fact he states that Burdock, one of the main ingredients in E-Tea is one of the next strongest anti-cancer herbs to Paw Paw he tested throughout his 35+ years of research.

    4. I am also aware of the benefits of all 3 of the supplements you mention, both on their own and in combination with Paw Paw. I believe I include them in my book, The Paw Paw Program, as having health merit. None of them increase ATP production, so scientifically I see no reason why they would be contra-indicated.

    I prefer to choose the opinions of these 2 experts with whom I have personally discussed this issue, as well as my case histories since 2005, rather than a website that will not offer offer any evidence, or return inquiries. If you find some evidence to the contrary, please share it with me for evaluation. We’re always open to learning.

    So based on the above 4 points, I hope this helps you to make the decision.

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