Paw Paw Program and Chemotherapy – Q&A


Just wondering what your experience is with the Paw Paw program when someone is also on Chemo?
My client has been told not to take anything but the Collatrim. 

Doc says:

Omega 3 is a strong antioxidant and harmful during chemo;
protease has anti platelet effects ?
chinese mineral tonic, flax hull and paw paw increase the risk of bleeding and blood clots which the chemo also does.
They said as soon as chemo is over to get back on any program that is helpful for my health.


Open minded oncologists who take any time at all to look at the research will not veto ANY of these supplements. Rather, they should be embracing them for the health of the patient.

Some truth about a couple of the doctor’s comments:

Protease Plus increases the flexibility of red blood cells, not bleeding.

Omega 3s inhibit platelet aggregation, so in very high quantities could cause increased bleeding. Chemotherapy, on the other hand, can damage platelets and thus bleeding, but the dosages of Omegas recommended on Paw Paw program would have little effect.

In more than 8 yrs. of researching Paw Paw I have never seen ONE scientific review to support : “paw paw increase the risk of bleeding and blood clots”.

First, those two effects are contradictory – it either promotes bleeding OR it promotes clotting – not both because they are opposite physiological functions! I hope the doctor didn’t really say this.

Secondly, have your client ask doctor for research to support his statements.  The public NEEDS to help make doctors responsible for their comments and treatments. Especially when results indicate that the medical approach is NOT working as presented by most doctors. It is worthwhile reading  this article about the research presented in the Truth About Cancer Global Quest, which contains this information:

“One of the truths about cancer is that medically approved treatments of surgery, chemo and radiation experience a dismal rate for 5 year survival, averaging 2.1%. Yes 2.1 %!  (stats from US Journal of Oncology).”

Thirdly, have client show him Lorene Benoit’s  book, The Paw Paw Program, or ask him to watch Dr. McLaughlin’s videos, all free on-line, which summarize 30+ yrs. research, and  prove that Paw Paw is not only more effective than many chemotherapeutic agents, but also HELPS chemo to do it job better because of its effects on the MDR pump. This is explained more fully in the book and on some of the videos.

It is unlikely the doctor is aware of any of this research or he would be encouraging the patient to take it concurrently. Doctors that negate supplements do so for the simple reasons that they do not understand them nor have the time to study them. Doctors that DO take the time to look outside the medical box become famous like Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, Hugo Rodier, Christian Northrup, Ray Strand….

Make sure your client is familiar with the “Questions to Ask Your Doctor” in my book, The Paw Paw Program; go equipped to get the best care and take control of your own health.

Please refer to this relevant article: Are Vitamins Safe? Who To Believe?

Bottom line:

If there is a safe, natural herb that has proven more effective in killing cancer cells than synthetic chemotherapy, without damaging side effects and without destroying healthy cells or the immune system, PLUS it helps the chemo be more effective, why would I NOT take it, other than because of fear instilled by someone who has done no research on natural healing in general, or specifically on this program?

For another perspective  on cancer  I highly recommend reading “The Medical Mafia” by Dr. Guylaine Lanctot, if you can find the book. The Trilogy of Lies, part Three:  Cancer Is A Mystery, pgs. 145-163 is particularly enlightening. ISBN 0-9644126-0-8

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