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Going into fifth year of blogging, so it isn’t quite the new territory it was when I began. I do not have a tenth of my written articles on the blog yet, so if there is some info you would like, contact our office – via website or email.  Our wish is the same – hoping this blog and website will save me time and maybe regain or maintain your health along the way. Welcome aboard!

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I am here to be of service in helping you to achieve optimum health. The fastest way to get questions answered or herbs ordered is to contact us directly:

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Lorene Benoit, MH, CHC and CEO and founder Benoit & Associates Natural Health
Francene Benoit, BSc Nursing, NHC
Alain Chabot, Financial Manager

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All of us at Benoit & Associates Health Education  express our commitment to help you take control of your life,  in order to achieve optimum health .

We will continue to coach others who choose to share the benefits of natural health, healing with herbs, and proper nutrition. The more of us willing to help others, the better!

We, especially in North America, at at a crux in health care. Our goal is to help people move from disease management to prevention; to proactive seeking of health on all levels – physical, emotional, spiritual and mental!

With more than 70 years of combined knowledge, we know this site will help you – stay tuned by requesting our Free Natural Health Newsletter on our contact page.

Be sure to check out…..

the page dedicated to Lorene Benoit’s book published October, 2010 on a natural approach to prevention and treatment of cancer……The Paw Paw Program  – A Christopher Columbus Approach to Cancer. People are loving the complete approach that this book offers concerning research, diet, lifestyle, healthy recipes – all made easy to read and understand. The 2nd Edition was released June of this year – updated statistics, recipes, and an endorsement from the world expert on Paw Paw, Dr. Jerry McLaughlin.

Each summer we look forward to our Annual Herbal intensive – all you ever wanted to know about herbs -3 1/2 days packed. We have had students from across Canada, the US, and even Holland …. consider joining us!

Look forward to hearing from you.

Welcome to Your Optimum Health Experts!

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6 Responses to Welcome

  1. Hi, my wife Eugenia has 3c ovarian cancer suspected BRCA and it’s very aggressive, in 2 months the laparoscopy wounds had grow into tumours. We try IP6 and it didn’t work, she’s down to below 15 of her BMI and her Dr. is saying the cancer is progressing too fast and they may have to stop her chemo at some point. She only 41 and we have a 2 yr old to care for, please help.

  2. Sorry to hear about your wife. We have seen some great results with this program, even in later stages of cancer. The fastest way to get you started would be to phone our office.

  3. Thanks Lorene for your newsletter.
    How do you continue reading the articles posted on the right side ?

    I renewed & placed an order, buy 2 get 3. Very cool !

    I will always take the Wild Yam Chaste Tree( 1 a day)

    The deal made the Vit.D & Acidi. &Bif. affordable.

    What so special about NS Vit. D ?

  4. Hi Audrey,

    Glad you had a chance to take advantage of the special pricing that is on until Sat. Mar. 31st.!
    To read the full article in Newsletter, just click on the title of the article and it will take you directly to that article on my website. They are all on my blog:; you just have to keep scrolling down the page, but as I said the link on newsletter takes you there immediately.
    What makes NSP Vit. D3 special is that many companies offer the synthetic variety, which is not as absorbable or beneficial. NSP Vitamin D3 is completely natural.It is derived from lanolin harvested from BSE-free sheep’s wool fat from New Zealand and Australia.
    As you probably know Vit. D3 is responsible for maintaining normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorus,helping to build strong bones. Vitamin D also contributes to overall health of cardiovascular and immune systems.

    As with all NSP products, the quality and testing for purity and absorption all make the difference. That and all the great education is why members like you are still using it after so many years – you get results! Thanks for choosing quality because you ARE worth it!

  5. Hi I would like to know what I can substitute for ferrous gluconate iron supplement as a natural ingredient. I am taking botanica iron but not sure if it enough or if it has any gluconate.

    Ferrous gluconate has 35 mg of elemental iron as 300 mg ferrous gluconate.

    Botanica has 18 mg curry leaves-

  6. Hi Maria, We use this herbal formulation for iron supplementation as it offers better absorption, and therefore better results, and no constipation. Iron, Chelated (25 mg) (180 tabs) Stock Number: 1784-8
    Provides circulatory system support.
    Supports the transport of oxygen to the tissues.
    Supports energy metabolism.
    Provides 25 mg iron per tablet.
    How It Works:
    Iron is a mineral used by the body in the production of red blood cells. It helps the blood transport oxygen from the lungs
    throughout the body. Without sufficient iron, the tissues, muscles and other systems do not receive adequate oxygen and
    thus they cannot perform properly. This product provides iron (ferrous gluconate) that is gentle on the bowel and contains
    vitamin C to promote iron absorption by the body.
    25 mg iron (139% of Daily Value), 50 mg vitamin C (83% DV), calcium, phosphorus, rose hips extract, yellow dock root,
    thyme leaves, mullein leaves and chickweed aerial parts.
    Recommended Use: 1 tablet daily with a meal. In some cases this is increased to 2 – 3 per day for quick results, then gradually decreased. Please contact us if you would like to try this formula; phone or email is fastest.
    Yellow dock is another excellent herbal source of Iron,as are your leafy greens, some nuts and legumes.

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