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Q&A – Paw Paw vs Graviola, & Cordyceps

by LoreneB - August 22nd, 2013.
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Some questions: can I take Paw Paw with Cordyceps Sinensis (1 cap per day bought from HTerra)? What about the recommended dose of Paw Paw per intake for a transplanted kidney patient? (had been 7 years on dialysis and then 8 years since the transplant).
The cholesterol is a bit high and taking Graviola 50 drops 4 times a day (200 drops per day of tincture), it was working pretty good reduction of 50% or more but had a regression (big inflammation of the neck). Can swallow without problem.

Thank you for your help. PZ


Cordyceps is good for the immune system, therefore I see no contra-indications to use with Paw Paw.  A US formula by NSP called Immune Stimulator contains Corrdyceps and other immune strengthening factors and complements the Paw Paw Program as mentioned in my book:  The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally.

I cannot comment on the company you mentioned, as we have used Nature’s Sunshine Products the last 23 years because of their quality and the results we get. If you are using other products, please do your research; here are some things to check:   7 Tips to Choose Quality Herbs & Supplements.

I do not see a connection between cholesterol and graviola, as lowering cholesterol is not one of the properties for which this herb is known. Perhaps better diet is making positive changes in your cholesterol levels.

As for graviola effects on decreasing rampant cell growth, it is great that you have seen results. If the positive changes have stopped , please refer to this past article comparing Graviola (Brazilia Paw Paw) with Asimina triloba, the Paw Paw species that has had all the research. We recently were fortunate enough to host Dr. Jerry McLaughlin. He presented his thrity years of research, which clearly demonstrates how much more effective Asimina triloba Paw Paw is to brazilian Paw Paw, or Graviola.

As the Paw Paw extract he developed is the one with all the research and results, this is the one we use. It comes in a capsule form, but for anyone who might have trouble swallowing it , the capsules can be opened and taken as a tea. We have even used it via feeding tube with success in late stage cases.

Concerning dialysis, as explained in my book, Paw Paw we use is self limiting, so take to level of discomfort, nausea or diarrhea and then decrease to comfortable level. Your body will guide you if you listen to it!

We hope this has answered all your questions. Please contact us directly via phone, 250-748-6802, or email,,  if you wish assistance in setting up a wholesale account with the same supplier we have used, or if you have further questions to be answered via a phone consultation.


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7 Responses to Q&A – Paw Paw vs Graviola, & Cordyceps

  1. Lorene you’re very kind for sharing your knowledge, please receive my warmest regards. This site is an excellent source of information. In fact I came across Immune Stimulator after taking the Cordyceps.
    Now taking 2 caps of Paw Paw 3 times a day with food and have no nausea at all. The tumor keeps shrinking. I think there is a link with Graviola, but after watching McLaughlin on Youtube we decided that this is better, since it’s a regulated process, and one can tell he knows a lot about the topic which is great to hear, at last someone who is doing a great job for humanity, we’re all in debt to him.
    Just a quick one, I’ve been reading a lot about Ellagic Acid, and we want to combine it with Paw Paw because there is mention of even better results.
    And reading more I discovered the Magnolia bark is claimed to be stronger than Paw Paw, not sure if this is true or not, so that’s why I’m asking you if one can combine Paw Paw with Ellagic Acid (Red Raspberry seed powder) and Magnolia (from bark powder).
    As you can imagine doctors cannot understand why don’t we take the usual path of chemo, they are mad at me, but I cannot expose to chemo, my kidney is weak and had too much dialysis so there is no turning back point now.

  2. Hello Paul,

    Glad that you are looking AND acting outside the box! AND, not surprisingly having very good results. Do not be swayed by medical angst; it is YOUR life, not theirs you are dealing with. Modern medical approach to cancer is as unproven as the fact that the world was once “proven” to be flat, remember? Thus, the title of my book. THE PAW PAW PROGRAM – A “CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS”APPROACH TO CANCER…..THE WORLD IS ROUND AND CANCER CAN BE TREATED NATURALLY” !

    As we have used the Paw Paw Program as explained in my book, with Protease Enzymes, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic and Super Omega 3, for over 6 years successfully, the only comments I can make, without further research concerning your other questions are:

    I am confident that ellagic acid is complementary to the Paw Paw Program, as the Zambroza/Thai Go Mangosteen antioxidant blend does contain concentrated raspberry and it has been tested by Ford Cancer Clinic to enhance Paw Paw action. I explain this in the book and elsewhere on this website. I have not studied the Magnolia bark so can not comment without further research.

    Please let me know from where you are ordering your Paw Paw and Immune Stimulant, as you should have some free support from whomever is selling these to you. That is how Nature’s Sunshine has helped people so effectively since 1972! If you are not getting this support, or are purchasing via Amazon, please contact our office and we can help you get both this educational support and wholesale pricing. or direct 250-748-6802. Keep up your good research, and please ensure you are also following the other other three Pillars of Health to complement the herbal program!

  3. Hi Lorene, you’re very kind to take your time (and fast to reply). I wonder if there is any translation of your book to spanish, since my relatives do not handle english and I’m sure it will allow them to help me further. I’m very interested on it since there is not much information on the web about Paw Paw.
    I bought directly from Nature’s Sunshine website since I’m not in the US or Canada they will not ship through Amazon. The person was very closed in this sense, even after 2 emails with questions, not a single reply to my advice. Just shipped silently, the service being very fast which I appreciated very much.
    I agree with you about the world being round, if some theories are correct it may not even be solid, but hollow and expanding and contracting along with the sun’s bursts.
    I will email you right now because we will be buying Paw Paw soon, and about the other pillars, if you can tell me which are them and its constituents, please remember I’m super immune-depressed, taking Ciclosporine daily to avoid trasplant rejection for more than 7 years -> this is what has taken me to this situation. I’ve read several studies linking the Epstein-Barr virus with the intake of Ciclosporine ending in Non-Hodgkins Lymphom (lympathic system due to the mutation on the B Cells). Type is: B diffuse to large cells.
    Therefore I cannot take anything that can elevate my immune system in an aggressive way (only modulate it). Contraindicated are: cat claw’s, equinacea, shiitake and other chineese mushrooms (except Cordyceps which protects the transplanted organ and even improves the kidney function).
    So far taking Paw Paw with Graviola and eating pineapple with empty stomach for the intake of protease and enzymes.
    I’m going to do my research on the Mineral Chi Tonic and Super Omega 3, feel free to email me with more material. I cannot thank you enough for this support.

  4. Hi Lorene it’s me again, I will welcome any comments. We have abandoned the Cordyceps because of inflammation.

  5. Hi Pablo, This is why we recommend ordering Nature’s Sunshine through someone who WILL support you. We can certainly mail you some Paw Paw; we just cannot guarantee their entry, with Uruguay regulations. You are great at doing research, you might check out Colostrum as an immune support that does not stimulate. I would not recommend getting Mineral Chi mailed to Uruguay, as a liquid, it would be too costly. I would recommend tablet Minerals instead.

  6. See the comments I made concerning Colostrum.

  7. I’m keen on the valuable information and facts you actually deliver in your articles. I am going to search for your blog site and view it regularly. I shall learn a great deal of brand new information!

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