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Q & A? Cleanses, Children’s Health & Calcium

Questions & Answers (in italics):

In supporting those who wish to share Nature’s Sunshine Products as a business to help others achieve vital health; I often get questions such as these. As this covered an extensive range of topics, I thought it would be good to post it.

Good morning Lorene, hope all is well. Couple questions for you.


1. What is the difference between all the cleanses?
Looks like Clean Start and Tiao Pack are for the large intestines and the Detox Basic is to support the liver? There are also a couple more (cleanses).
In my experience Tiao He is very much for liver plus all organs. LIV-C in it is definitely liver, LBS & Psyllium for bowels /intestines), Body-DeTox for all organs, Red Clover for cellular/blood cleansing , Black Walnut for parasites and thyroid support. We have had this cleanse for 25 yrs.; it is very effective.

Especially good in spring when liver is often overload from heavier winter food, less activity, etc. This is the closest to the popular Wild Rose Cleanse. My husband & I have tested both and Tiao He was far more effective!

Fact sheets for all are available on line, via On this site, click “More Info” , then choose your country on the NSP page. Contact Lorene Benoit for assistance in choosing what best suits your needs and for best pricing.

I have not had much experience with Detox Basics, as it is new, but to me it also looks like liver AND bowels because of the NutriBiome Bacillus Coagulans. The BerberinIR (berberis aristata) is an excellent blood sugar/glucose stabilizer.

Clean Start definitely gets the bowels moving – a better visual and bowel cleanser (than Tiao He) with the LBS & fibre mix: aloe, psyllium, chlorophyll & malic acid. It also contains Body Detox, which works on liver & other organs. I would use this one for sure if bowels are not working so well. People SEE the difference!
I know it can seem confusing to have so many, but every person’s needs are different. My suggestion is that you use them at different times and your personal experience will be the best guide for you. This is why we like people to be supported by the person helping them choose their herbs & supplements. 
The other two are cleanses: ParaPak – when people return from international travel; kids with pinworms, annual parasite cleanse. This 10 day cleanse was also used successfully with Candida/yeast before we had Candida Clear, which is a little better for this challenge because of the enzymes to be taken between meals. These really help to break down and clear out the candida organisms.


2. Also was hoping to get kid vitamins but they are with iron. Are there any vit/min for kids with out iron?
NO, but the Elderberry for children makes an excellent daily, if you do not want the iron. It especially is useful to keep strong immune system when they are exposed to lots of illness in school system.
Zambroza, (Thai Go in US) is a delicious beverage that is excellent for children; containing a wide range of anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and immune support. 


3. The children probiotics are made in gummy form.  Hard to make a gummy with out adding stuff to it. Do you know what age kids can start taking these adult vit and probiotics?
No, they are not gummies – they are chewable. We had the gummies years ago made with natural fruit, but they were not as popular, so they reverted to our previous formula we have had for years.


4. Do you know what age kids can start taking these adult vits and probiotics?
No exact age has been determined as to when infantile flora changes. I suspect it differs with a child’s constitution, diet, whether they were born vaginally or by C section, breastfed and how long, and other lifestyle factors.  Personally I think once they are 3 yrs. or 40 lbs. and are able to handle capsules or tablets, they could use children’s or adult probiotics. 
Capsules can be emptied into water, chlorophyll or food, if they cannot swallow.
Research certainly shows that probiotics are helpful for colic, diarrhea, skin conditions, food allergies and immunity. 


5. Do you know why Liquid B12 has no b9? Has other b vit though.
B12 has some of the other B’s to avoid imbalance or deficiencies. We also have separate B6, B9, and B5 as some people need more of these. For something with ALL the B’s, then use B complex. Super Vits & Mins. is also a completely balanced daily with all B’s. Same formula used for 40+ years, because it works & herbal base makes it very absorbable, so don’t let small numbers fool you – it’s a better formula than most “mega” vit & min formulas.


6. Also the difference between calcium products.
Personally I think Skeletal Support is excellent because it contains boron. This formula has been available and popular in the US for several years; relatively recently approved in Canada. But I have had many clients who have had terrific results with all NSP Calciums – people seem to get their favourites. I have had people with leg cramps, restless legs, or high pH acidity taking other Cal Mag supplements without results – they take ours and notice a difference usually within a week. Again, it is about the absorption and bio-availability for which NSP has stringent standards.
We also have straight herbal calcium formulas which some people prefer for infants and seniors, and works specifically for use in hot flashes, but that is another topic. They are in capsule form and can be made into tea by opening the capsule. NSP offers many different strokes for different folks!
Thanks for your support. RM

Are Vitamins Safe? Who to Believe?

Here is an excerpt from a report recently released by

Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, August 10, 2012

Vitamin therapy pioneer Abram Hoffer, M.D., once stated that the worst fate vitamin bashers could experience would be to never, ever have use of the nutrition supplements they so often criticize.  As for the rest of us, the sky is not falling. There is not even one death from vitamins over the last 28 years. [1] We are a nation of sick, undernourished, and over-medicated people. Half the population is on prescription drugs. [2] Pharmaceuticals, taken as directed, kill over 100,000 per year just in the US. [3] Antibiotics cause 700,000 emergency room visits per year, just in the US. [3] Modern drug-and-cut medicine is at least the third leading cause of death in the USA. Some estimates place medicine as the number one cause of death. [3] Over 1.5 million Americans are injured every year by drug errors in hospitals, doctors’ offices, and nursing homes. [3] If in a hospital, a patient can expect at least one medication error every single day. [3]

Vitamins are not the problem; they are the solution. Taking supplemental B-vitamins, vitamin E and vitamin D each individually reduces lung cancer by 50%. [4-7] Vitamin C stops cancer more effectively than chemotherapy. [8-10] HIV-positive persons taking vitamins are 50% less likely to develop AIDS. [11] And if they do, AIDS patients taking supplements have a 27% lower death rate. [3]

Consumer Reports, September 2012, wrote a report titled,  “10 Hidden Dangers of Vitamins” . Based on the above FACTS, Consumer Reports should stick to testing laundry appliances. That’s what they are good at.

For optimum health follow healthy lifestyle recommendations suggested in Lorene Benoit’s book: The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally

For full references and the story of Chicken Little (remember the childhood story?) that accompanies this article, see:

Credit to: Orthomolecular Medicine News Service. OMNS free subscription link and

OMNS archive link

Vitamin B12: Do You Need to Supplement?

I have been taught over the last 30 years that there are good herbal and plant sources of Vitamin B12, including Spirulina, Alfalfa, Hops, Burdock Root, Chickweed, Dandelion Root, Catnip, Hawthorn Berries, Mullein Leaves, Red Clover Tops, Fenugreek Seeds, Dong Quai, White Oak Bark, miso and tempeh. Some say that seaweeds are the best source of Vitamin B12 and provide far more of the nutrient than animal flesh (which provides questionable nutrition after it’s cooked).

However, after a recent in depth search, most researchers indicate that this is not the case. Most up-to-date studies conclude that there is no great plant source that is easily absorbed by humans.

And yes, it is true that if we have healthy colonic bacteria, our body can make some Vit. B12. The challenge is, whether we utilize this effectively or not. Based on these recent studies, it is my opinion that it is quite critical for vegans and vegetarians to supplement.

Other people who are at risk for B12 deficiency are those who have digestion problems, have had intestinal surgery or radiation, anyone aged 60 or older, breast-fed infants of vegetarian mothers, drinkers and people taking cholesterol lowering drugs.

Once you read the many functions of Vitamin B12 and the myriad of symptoms resulting from a deficiency, you can decide. In my clinical practice, I have had some remarkable results with Vit. B12 supplementation.

One example was a lady suffering severe arm tingling from an overuse injury (she was a landscaper). Although this tingling had been ongoing for several months and was becoming unbearable, she noticed a difference within 48 hours of taking a liquid B 12 Plus supplement.

It is easy and very affordable solution to supplement with the NSP Vitamin B12 liquid.
One bottle would last 2 months if a person took it every day. Blood tests HAVE shown that is well absorbed. We have cases where even elderly people, previously taking B12 injections, have maintained and increased their B12 serum levels with the liquid Vit. B12. Obviously taking a supplement by mouth is easier, less invasive and less expensive.

If you would like a very extensive, 22 page article on Vit B12, please contact our office. If you would like to know some other vitamin and minerals found in herbs, our nutritional powerhouses, please contact our office, and ask for the chart “Herbs for Your Health” . – Or click here:  please contact me

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