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Soy and Breast Cancer

Myth: Soy is harmful for those who have or have had breast cancer because it contains estrogen.
In 2011, data from the Women’s Healthy Eating and Living study (WHEL) were used to examine the effect of soy intake on breast cancer prognosis in 3088 breast cancer patients who were followed for 7.3 years. As soy isoflavone intake increased the risk of breast cancer related death decreased. This is the third epidemiologic study to report: no adverse effects of soy on the prognosis of breast cancer: it does not counteract with the effects of tamoxifen and it may in fact provide potential benefits in decreasing risk of recurrence or death from cancer.

Thanks to  Health Action Network Newsletter, a group which has worked tirelessly and successfully to help promote natural health awareness in Canada for over 32 years. A great non-profit to join!

For more in-depth on the soy controversy, please see our former article, which also discusses sources, quantity and more. For your health, please use only non-GMO soy, such as in SynerProtein, which can be used as a meal replacement for those wishing to tone up and lose weight OR for additional nutrition for those needing to gain weight.  This is why it is included as one of the Super Foods in my book: The Paw Paw Program. 


Soy controversy

There are many controversial views about soy and soy products.

The negative talk about soy usually relates to it being indigestible and its phyto estrogens promoting early puberty, sterility in males,  estrogen receptive breast cancer, depressing thyroid function.

The positive side refers to it being a viable, environmentally green protein source,  and its phyto estrogens helping with menopausal symptoms and preventing breast and other cancers.

Our take on soy uses the same approach that we encourage our clients to embrace concerning ALL  natural health issues:

1. Do your research and try to find out who has paid for the research you are reading – this is not always easy to determine and untangling sponsorship connections can take some time!

2. Look at historical perspectives from whatever part of the world this plant (or herb,  product, diet, etc.) originates from.

3. Pay attention to YOUR body if you implement something new. Learning to listen to your body will tell you more than anything else.

This being said, these are our additional thoughts concerning soy:

  • People have to be moderate in their consumption of soy – we do not need a 1/2 lb. slab of tofu – look at how Japanese have traditionally used small pieces in soups and stir fries
  • Avoid over consumption of sugar laden soy products, milks and yogurts filled with guar gum and other fillers and thickeners – not a Japanese staple
  • Fermented soy products DO add other benefits – miso is one of the most nutritious
  • Understand that phyto estrogens are not hormones. Only animals have hormones. Phyto estrogens are plant (phyto) estrogens. They act beneficially in the body by filling hormonal receptor sites, which prevents the body from utilizing more potent or toxic hormones, such as the type of estrogen that does promote ER brest cancer, and chemical hormones, called xeno estrogens. So most people experience positive results.
  • In our office we have used a non-GMO soy isolate based protein powder for more than 15 years, which also contains a synergistic concentrate of plant protectors, thus the name: SynerProtein. The last several years there has increased research on the health advantages of   phyto chemicals found in broccoli, carrot, red beet, tomato, tumeric, rosemary and cabbage . You might not think this would taste good in a protein powder, but it does! Some of the benefits that this protein supplement has provided for people are:
  1. weight management
  2. endurance and energy for athletics
  3. balancing blood sugar levels for both hypo and hyper glycemia
  4. reducing negative hormonal symptoms of menopause and andropause

On pages 203 -204 of Lorene Benoit’s book:  The Paw Paw Program – The “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally, a recipe for Super Shakes is given, which can include this SynerProtein.

For more information or to order SynerProtein from our same supplier at a member discount, please contact our office.

Should you wish a document of soy related research which has helped form this opinion, we will gladly share a multi-page reference list gratefully provided by Dr. Hugo Rodier, Board Certified MD  PLUS Nutritional and Integrative Doctor. Just email us and ask for “Dr. Rodier’s Soy Research”.