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Anxiety and Mood Disorders

The number of people I hear from that are suffering from anxiety and mood disorders seems to be  increasing all the time.  Young and old, Mom’s and Dad’s …..well you get the picture.  I am so pleased that Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP) launched their newest herbal formula, Zerenity™in Canada.

The effectiveness of this product has already been shown in the US, under the name of Anxiousless – same formula, different name.  Several clients have already been ordering from the US Zerenity™ (Anxiousless in the US), with very positive results, since it was launched in the US last summer.  Having it available now in Canada, approved by Health Canada,  will make the world of difference for many of people suffering from varying levels anxiety, stress, nervousness and depression.

I had the opportunity to learn more about Zerenity™ on a great NSP Webinar® presentation by Dr. Mathew Tripp, Director of Research, and must say I am impressed with the level of research that has gone into producing this formula. We also heard many great testimonials at Ottawa Conference Oct. 2014,  how this product was helping people to:

  • focus better when under stress
  • get projects finished – less procrastinating
  • sleep better
  • be happier

 One person’s story:After just 20 days, my short and long term memory, concentration and focus, sense of being grounded, and sleep have improved so much !  I feel like the clock has rolled back 20 years ! “
With Love and Gratitude,    Lucy Taylor

 Zerenity™ is formulated to help those experiencing acute stress and nervousness to find quick relaxation and calm.   It has also been found to improve focus and executive thinking, and can be used daily for those suffering with acute anxiety, or occasionally when you need help  to cope with those stressful situations or days.  Having a bottle on hand just seems to be a good idea. 

See related article on ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, & GAD.
Dr. Tripp outlined the solid base of independent and NSP based research on all the ingredients individually, as well as this patented formula.  Zerenity is formulated around the patented botanical ingredient known as Zembrin®, or Sceletium tortuosum, a South African herb with more than 300 years of documented indigenous use to support the nervous system and produce feelings of calm and relaxation in healthy people.   NSP’sZerenity formula also contains the amino acid L-theanine, vitamin B1, magnesium, and zinc as supportive ingredients.  Zerenity works on three separate neurological pathways in the brain, making it very effective and without the common side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.  Dr. Tripp also indicated that, in their studies, there have been no adverse effects when combined with pharmaceutical anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications.
What is even better, for those of you that care about the indigenous people that brought Sceletium tortuosum to the western world, the ingredient Zembrin® has been developed and produced as an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible initiative with the South African San Council.   For more information about Zerenity™ or Anxiousless  please  contact our office.

ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, GAD, Nervousness

There are several different labels relating to hyperactive, unfocused or anxious children and adults. ADD  (Attention Deficit Disorder), ADHD, (Attention Deficit HyperActive Disorder), GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) are some of the plethora of disorders and syndromes that have been labelled to be treated with yet another drug. It is preferable to avoid the use of labels , and just help create balance physically, mentally and emotionally.

In Lorene Benoit’s book: The Paw Paw Program – The “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally , Chapter 6 – The Road to Wellness – The Four Pillars of Health covers what she feels are four critical pillars to optimum health and prevention of all chronic conditions.

There is considerable information available on how to treat all of these conditions naturally, which is the preferred method for long lasting positive results. Drug treatments such as Ritalin do not address the root causes and have many negative side effects, which will affect  long term health.

The first pillar is a healthy diet, definitely a concern with any behavioural or psychological challenge. Eliminating sugar and artificial additives and chemicals is a great place to start. Guidelines, suggestions and some recipes are in the book as well as on this website:  Optimum Health Diet.

Dietary changes to whole, non-processed mild food diet, along with herbal aids will make a noticeable difference within weeks! Food allergies may be contributing to the challenge; Muscle Response Testing can be used to determine this. Many educational references are available from the author.

The second pillar is Exercise and the third is Emotional/ Spiritual. Please read specific suggestions listed below under Other Considerations.

The fourth pillar is Supplementation. Children and adults who experience challenges are often nutritionally deficient in several areas, and will benefit from supplementation. A full spectrum of nutrients is required to lead normal, healthy, active children’s lives. Even with an excellent  diet, optimum nutritional levels are very difficult to achieve through diet alone. And the SAD diet (Standard American Diet) is woefully deficient.

Herbal formulas  have proven successful because they are nutritionally dense powerhouses. Below are some that have been particularly effective for these conditions:

Choose one of the following for balancing, depending on what is most needed: 

Focus ATN, # 1833-4, contains Gingko, Melissa and DMAE. It encourages restful, balanced mental activity, and helps focus attention.

Anxiousless (US) or Zerenity (CA) #1167-9, a herbal, amino acid and mineral combination containing Sceletium tortuosum, a South African herb, has been thoroughly studied for safety
and efficacy in comprehensive  clinical studies. It reduces acute stress, nervousness and promotes relaxation very quickly, with only capsule per day.

STR-J #1087-0, herbal formula that calms and nourishes the nervous system. Contains: chamomile, passion flower, hops, fennel, marshmallow and feverfew. This can also be opened and made into a tea, or is available as a liquid formula in the US.

ADD 1 multi vitamin, plus some extra minerals or 2 of the following for daily nutrition:

SynerPro Super Vitamins & Minerals # 4057-9 complete balanced formula in tablet form    OR

Chewable Multi Vitamins & Minerals # 1722-9 complete balanced formula in chewable form

Mineral Chi Tonic # 1818-3 – all macro & trace minerals plus adaptogen herbs to support adrenals & balance the body.

Magnesium # 1786-6 – the relaxing mineral, made more potent by addition of high magnesium herbs for better assimilation.

For nerve and brain nutrition, choose one of:

As the brain is composed of almost 50% fats, Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are just that – essential!   Super Oil # 8235-8 , Flax Seed Oil #1770-3 or Super Omega 3 # 1515-7. Omegas provide EFAs for correct nerve transmission and nourishment, inflammation from ever-excitement,hormonal balancing and more.

EVERY PERSON benefits from daily: 

Super Shakes daily to increase protein, decrease sugar and chemical intake, and provide extra nutrition.

If needed:

Black Walnut Liquid Extract #1755-7 or ATC concentrate capsules #93-3 -eliminates parasites, high in minerals, especially iodine to nourish the thyroid. Parasites can be an underlying problem, aggravting nervousness, insomnia or irritability.

Lobelia  Extract #1765-8 – high in natural calcium, the most calming herb for nerves and muscles, helps  sleep, twitching, and asthma.

Ensure correct elimination (at least 2 bowel movements/day): Acidophilus, LB, Licorice or Slippery Elm if needed.

There are other herbs and natural treatments which may be required to balance nervous system, adrenals, liver or other systems. All programs need to consider the individual. Consult a qualified herbalist or holistic to help guide you. Contact Benoit Health for assistance in selecting the best for your conditions and to ensure you get professional quality herbals at the best price.

The following are some possible root causes:

  • food allergies; leaky gut
  • chemical sensitivities & imbalances
  • parasites; heavy metals
  • imbalanced nervous system
  • constipation
  • hypoglycemia, hyperinsulinimia – i.e. blood sugar imbalance
  • deficient or imbalanced neurotransmitters – the electricity for many functions. We need adequate amino acids to create them. Those most involved in these conditions and the required amino acids are: Serotonin – tryptophan; Epinephrine – tyrosine; Dopamine – phenyalanine and GABA – glutamine.

Did you know that more serotonin is produced in  the colon than in the brain? Instead of anti-depressants, more people could be happier and healthier to ensure their colon is clean and working daily, rather than spending billions on damaging chemical anti-depressants.

Other considerations as part of Pillars two – Exercise and three – Emotional/ Spiritual:

  • eliminate or restrict TV, wireless, RF and EMF exposure, which have negative influences on the brain wave patterns, growth and behaviour
  • research led by Europe is showing how negative Wireless exposure is to brains, especially those of children and many schools prohibit WIFI use before secondary schools. Unfortunately North American schools are adding more daily, ignoring research of increased challenges, including brain, breast & other cancers.
  • encourage more exercises and games to encourage healthy communication between all family members
  • establish routine and schedules in the child’s life, for a stabilizing effect
  • assure the child or adult of unconditional love audio learning programs to compensate for possible visual challenges, plus therapy to correct those such as “floating letters”


To order any of the above herbal formulas, products for nutritional shakes, or to book a personal health education session, contact Benoit Health Education. We can also offer you a direct account discount.

The Four Pillars of Health also relate to Weight Management see a  previous article to learn more .

Q & A Nerve Pain


Do you know of a treatment for nerve pain (feet and ankles)
EH from YT



Nerve pain or neuralgia, can have many causes, and of course natural healing is not just about symptomatic relief, but getting to the root of the problem.

Are nerves being impinged or pressured in some way from a structural accident, posture or degeneration? For example a vertebral challenge, misplaced vertebra or bulging disk can put pressure on a nerve. If there is a physical or structural challenge, then this needs to be addressed for full resolution.

A restriction in circulation or injury can cause inflammation, and loss of nutrition reaching a nerve. This must be rectified to prevent degeneration of a nerve. As mentioned in The Paw Paw Program, Chapter 1 – “inflammation is the Root of All Evil”; it  affects all dis-ease conditions, including those that involve pain.

So without more detail, which would require a consultation,  it is  difficult to answer this more completely, but do seek out the cause.

From a pain reduction point of view, here are several formulations that we have used successfully over the past 25 years that can help with inflammation and pain in general, and nerve pain specifically. Herbs will also provide the nourishment necessary for  nerve  repair.

The following are some of the best anti-inflammatories from the herbal kingdom, some pain killers, and some topical applications which can all offer relief.

Please read these over and select two of the internal remedies, plus one topical. Try them conscientiously for at least one month. The beauty of this approach is that the herbs will have no negative side effects as most drugs do, and usually your body will benefit in some way from the added nutrition. You can see ingredients and benefits from these links, but if you require more information or to order, please Contact us. 

Internal use taken orally to relieve inflammation and heal nerves:

Inflammation: Curcumin BP  (CA) and Curcumin BP (US)- concentrated standardized curcuminoid complex

Nerve healing: Stress Pack (CA)     Nervous System Pack (US)

Nerve health, tingling, vegetarians, digestion, memory:

Liquid Methyl B12 Plus (CA)  Liquid B12 Complete (US)


External use applied on skin to relieve inflammation and heal nerves:

Lobelia (CA)      Lobelia  (US)

Tei Fu Massage  (CA)   Tei Fu Massage (US)  : increases circulation;  helps relieve inflammation and pain; excellent for arthritis, sore muscles, sports injuries


Note: We adhere to the NSP policy and motto of  “Quality, Service and Integrity”. Ordering online (Amazon or EBay), is illegal, as an unknown seller cannot provide Service or Integrity, which we can. NSP has provided the professional Quality, exceeding pharmaceutical  standards,  since 1972.Ordering through our office will give you the best price and best service.


Success with Fibroids, Endometriosis, Energy, Excema, Stress and Memory


Success Stories shared by Lucy Taylor, shiatsu and nutritional specialist of  Phoenix Holistic Healing – thank you!

Q&A Immunity, Adrenals and Anxiety


Briefly, my immune system is extremely compromised..20 yrs ago I was diagnosed with contact dermatitis.Hospitalizations, specialists, cortisone oral, topical, intravenous.allergy tests inconclusive. After years of trying all forms of therapies, this year I researched and put myself on a wholesome eating plan. 3months later internally I feel better, however my main concern right now is fatigue!!  As I believe my skin and gut problems are my stress response, I wondered if adrenal system is compromised?? I am an anxious person.



With the history you mention, yes it is quite likely that you are experiencing adrenal exhaustion. You have made some good choices, as far as diet improvement and understanding the connections between the different challenges you are having.

I do cover diet very completely in my book, The Paw Paw Program, as I consider Diet the #1 Pillar for all healing.

In addition to diet, the other pillars discussed in my book are emotions, exercise, and supplementation – all important. As far as supplementation is concerned, there is a new product, at this point only available in the US, but hopefully will be in Canada by June, called Anxiousless. I have heard  excellent results with this product.

For nutritionally supporting and rebuilding adrenals , we have used a formulation called Adrenal Support. Please contact our office, or phone us, 250-748-6802 (yes old fashioned, but efficient and personable) if you would like to order either of these. That way you can be sure to get therapeutic quality nutritionals direct from same company we have used for 25 years, get a discount, as well as our continued support.

Q & A: Tremors


A quick question for you, I have been diagnosed with essential tremors, do you know if there is anything that will help it?


Yes, in my opinion, there is ALWAYS something that can be done to help improve any condition when you work with the laws of Nature. This is not a “take this pill and you’ll be better” type of question. I do not work like medical doctors – I try to find the cause and remediate it, not medicate the symptoms.

To enable this, I would need some history, when, how long, past incidences, medical tests done, diet, stress factors, etc., which would require a phone or Skype consultation of at least 1/2 hour, at a very reasonable fee.

Without a consultation, based on general knowledge, you would very likely get some relief with  a herb called Lobelia to calm the nerves, and relax the muscles, plus the Stress Pak to support  and nourish the nervous system, as it a given there is nervouse system involvement. You could try these two things for one month, and see what improvement there is, then have a discussion to see what results are and make further recommendations from there, based on your results.

Please contact me with phone number if you would like to get these delivered to your house, by the same herbal supplier I have used the last 24 years.

The other general suggestion concerns chiropractic to make sure there is no subluxation (displacement of vertebrae) that could be causing pressure or irritation to your nerves. Let me know if I can be of further assistance in helping to solve this.

For any health issues, I also recommend people follow the general health suggestions undre the Chapter, The Four Pillars of Health, in my book:  The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally. Recommendations for cancer also relate to most chronic conditions., so this book can also be used as a health guide. Contact our office directly if you would like to order your copy. Or in Winnipeg, Radiance Books on Corydon carries it.

Hope this helps!