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Muscle Testing / Contact Reflex Analysis

Question from Wanda concerning Muscle Testing:

I am looking for a distance learning course on Muscle Testing (testing for allergies). Would you know of anyone offering such courses?

Muscle Response Testing, or MRT, is based on the principle that there is an energy field which flows around and through all things. The Chinese call this energy CHI. Like a magnet creating a magnetic field, which holds iron filings in a certain pattern, the CHI creates a field which holds the cells of our body in alignment. In muscle response testing we are checking the strength or weakness of the body’s energy field. It is a method of measuring the body’s energy balance.

The scientific community has long since accepted the idea of various force fields (electrical, magnetic, nuclear) and has recognized their existence and function in nature. By picking up certain energy patterns, bees find their way back to the hive, birds head north or south with unerring accuracy, monarch butterflies travel thousands of miles to lay their eggs. We humans must be subjected to these exact same forces. If the energy exists for other animal species, it must exist for us.

Contact Reflex Analysis, BioKinesiology, Touch for Health, and Brain Repatterning (a method of using MRT for emotional healing) are some of the different variations using these principles. I use Contact Reflex Analysis, or CRA, and Brain Repatterning as specific healing arts with excellent results.

As CRA can elicit responses based on the effect of what we take into our bodies, it is also very useful in determining what health supplements and dosages are optimum for us at a given time. I also use regular Muscle Response testing to determine which foods will strengthen or weaken our health. This is invaluable for those dealing with food sensitivities.

This is why I believe that MRT and especially CRA is such a wonderful tool for truly preventative healthcare. I find it is an invaluable adjunct to other holistic methods to help determine the root of specific problems. This is especially helpful for an individual who may not be getting a clear understanding of the cause of their problem, whether it be physical, mental and/or emotional.

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