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Traumatic Brain Injury and Progesterone

Sunday, January 25th, 2015

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) affect more people each year than breast cancer, prostate cancer and HIV combined; 1.5 to 2 million Americans are affected annually. Football, hockey and car accidents all contribute to deaths from TBI’s. Some preliminary clinical studies show support for the administration of progesterone to reduce cerebral edema and inflammation, resulting in […]

Hormones Make You Happy

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

  One of my early teachers was Dr. Versendaal, a chiropractic doctor from whom I learned specialized muscle testing called Contact Reflex Analysis. He said, “Hormones are what make us happy”.   Hormones play such an important role in the health of all animals; in their miniscule amounts they have huge effects. They determine our […]

Q&A: Menopause, Peri-menopause, FSH

Friday, January 10th, 2014

Question: Hello. I am a healthy female & will be 52 this June. my FSH level is 104 & have not had a period since Sept. Is this considered post-menopause? Thank you. MC   Answer: FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) is a hormone produced in the pituitary gland,  to prepare female ovarian cells for fertilization. In […]

Q & A – Calcium for Osteoporosis and Alendronate (fosamex) – Part 2

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Question: Hi Lorene, my Doc is insisting I take fosomax  for osteo, do you have a good calcium product that is easy to absorb? and how much per month would it be? I might want to try the calcium way first. Will it constipate me? I am already taking cascara every day. Cheers L.   […]

22 Reasons to Use Arginine for YOUR Health!

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

The nitric oxide derived from arginine is directly or indirectly implicated in practically every cellular response and health condition imaginable, from the cardiovascular system to the immune system, and hormone function to nerve function. Although an exhaustive list of possible applications for the amino acid is not included, the following are the primary scientifically-backed reasons […]

Q & A: Excess Uterine Bleeding

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

QUESTION: A  lady I am going to see  has dysfunctional uterine bleeding. I am going to suggest women’s formula and give her some education about this before she goes and has a hysterectomy. Do you have any extra advice? I feel like this type of topic will be very reoccurring.  MF from NS ANSWER: You’re […]

Cancer and Sugar Connection

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

One common factor that links obesity, candida,  diabetes and cancer is insulin resistance. Science is beginning to realize that  insulin resistance is involved in all inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis (inflammation of joints), Alzheimers (inflammation of brain cells), atherosclerosis (inflammation and hardening of the arteries). Overuse of sugar is linked to all inflammation. This article […]

BI POLAR Natural Aids

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

  QUESTION We have a friend recently diagnosed with Bi-Polar and he wants to heal it the natural way… I am researching it for him as I’d like to see him go that way instead of with what the doctor wants him to take. Any info you could share would be most appreciated, thank you! […]

Questions and answers: Menopause and Calcium versus Magnesium intake

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

We have added a category to our blog for general questions and answers. Anytime there is something we can help with, please add your question to this category. We have started with these two questions that came in via email. Menopause Question/from CW: My co-worker at work is experiencing what I think is peri-menopause but […]


Saturday, March 10th, 2012

Gotta love your liver! It is largest organ in your body, performing over 500 different and essential functions, without even being reminded. A few amazing facts about your liver. It  weighs about three to four pounds , has an amazing ability to regrow even if only 20% is left, and performs more than 500 functions […]