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Rebounding: Mini-Trampoline Exercise

Mini- Trampoline Exercise

Jumping on a mini-trampoline or “rebounding”, as it is sometimes called, is an exercise that has all the benefits of aerobic exercise plus more. It causes less stress on the skeletal system because the trampoline takes most of the stress. It tones and strengthens every cell in the body, cleanses the entire system of toxins and poisons, and uses the force of gravity in an acceleration/deceleration effect in the body.

The majority of people including the elderly, blind, physically and mentally handicapped, babies, and even people in wheelchairs are able to use a mini-trampoline. A baby can be held while someone is jumping, people in wheelchairs can put their feet on the trampoline while someone else jumps.

“Jump on a trampoline 3x a day for 2-5 minutes each time and start slow”, states Dr. Jenner.

Tones and Strengthens every cell

Jumping on a trampoline increases the gravitational pull on the body. At the top of the bounce the body becomes weightless for a split second. At the bottom of the bounce the body receives as much as 2 G’s force. This increased pull causes the cells to tone and strengthen themselves. Bones become denser, all muscles organs and tissues become stronger.

Acceleration/ Deceleration Cleansing Effect

The lymphatic system of the body has three times more fluid than blood. It acts as the vacuum cleaner or garbage collector of the body. It also is the immune system of the body. This fluid (the same fluid that fills blisters) bathes the cells in nutrients, as well as removing debris and toxins. It flows through the body in a system of tubes with one way valves. Dr. Corwin West claims trapped protein gets in the valves and that rebounding is the best way to circulate the Lymphatic System.

The bottom of the bounce causes increased pressure and closes the valves. In the middle of the bounce the valves open and at the height of top of the bounce fluids begin to flow. As the body descends (deceleration) the fluid flows pulling waste matter away from the cells to be eliminated by lymph fluids. All cells in the body are helped by this cleaning process.

Lymphatic Herbal Aids

LYM- MX: The lymphatic system needs to function properly to fulfill its role as an able partner of the immune system. LYM-Mx supports drainage through the lymphatic system.

Contains: Beta-Carotene 1250 IU, Vitamin C 50 mg, Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCl) 2.5 mg, Vitamin D3 100 IU, Magnesium (magnesium oxide) 12.5 mg. In a base containing: Cliver’s herb, alfalfa herb, chamomile flowers, Echinacea purpurea root, Parthenium integrifolium root, Siberian ginseng root, yarrow flowers, lecithin, garlic bulb, CoQ10, sodium copper chlorophyllin.

Lobelia is another amazing herb for the lymphatic system, besides being nature’s strongest herbal relaxant. As a de-obstruant, lobelia helps to remove congestion from lymphatic system as well as thinning mucous, which makes it excellent for asthma, coughs, COPD  and other respiratory complaints. Lobelia is also one of the best herbs to help people stop smoking. Email our office for full fact sheets or articles on this herb, or to order any products!

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