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Herbal Gifting – ideas for health!

Some popular choices from over 300 quality Products from Nature’s Sunshine !

For other countries, go to Natures Sunshine Products world,  check on your country, phone our office, or contact us via our website. If you are not a member, that’s easy – become one for free with a small order by using sponsor # 313939, Francene Benoit, BScN, NHC.


  • Tei Fu Oil #1618-7          First Aid Kit in a Bottle!                  

A Chinese blend of Essential Oils with multi uses:

Externally: (1-4 drops on affected area) Ideal for burns, bites, stings, headache (temples and neck), stiff neck, arthritis pain, tooth-ache, itching, motion sickness, toe fungus.

Internally:  (1-2 drops back of tongue, or in water) Ideal for colds, coughs, allergies, sore throat, sinus, stuffy nose, vomiting, studying (perks up brain), motion sickness, flu, fever, headache.


  • Tee Tree Oil #1777-1      Antiseptic, Anti-fungal, Tissue Healer    14ml. 

Externally:  apply directly or dilute with olive oil – boils burns, cankers, cold sores, cuts, earaches, lice, thrush, ticks, leeches, pimples, bites, fungus.

Internally: Candida, infections, bacterial and viral – advice of health professional & small drops.


Ideal for sore and aching muscles, arthritic pain, stiff neck, headache, sprains and more. Natural base allows for better penetration and effectiveness.


  • Peppermint Oil #1706-8      Peppy, pick me-up                         

Externally: apply to temples, back of neck for headache, directly on aches & pains.

Internally: A couple of drops of peppermint oil added to hot or cold water for a soothing, refreshing after-meal drink as well as a digestive aid.  One drop on the tongue clears sinus, perks up mind, aids headache, breath freshener. Can also be used as natural peppermint flavouring in baking, icing.


  • Silver Gel   #4950-1     Antibiotic , Anti-fungal Gel                 

Effective for infections, wounds, burns, skin cancer, Athlete’s foot, nasal polyps, herpes.


Contains no polluting phosphates, borates or nitrates and is biodegradable – strong cleanser, cuts grease.


Effective personal care integrating natural products with the latest advancements in science.


  • Nature’s Fresh #1549-7     Enzyme Spray with Pump  650 ml – Multi-use  

Stain and odour remover, relieves sore muscles, acne, breaks down old tissue to help rebuild new tissue, so good for frozen joints, bruises, wounds, damaged disks…..


– a box of 30 packets makes for great stocking stuffers! Each one good for 500 – 750 ml. A healthy drink for under 50cents per cup!

Lorene Benoit’s book: The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally.

A book full of healthful tips for ALL disease conditions, and for prevention through creation of optimum health! $29.95


A Gift Certificate for an educational personalized health session.


These suggested gifts can be sent anywhere in N.A. for $ 10-12 S/H – Avoid post office hassles. NSP guaranteed delivery if order is placed by December 16; probable delivery up to Dec. 20. Call or email our office if you need some other more specific ideas.

Everyone welcomes a Gift of Health!

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Call  Benoit & Associates Health at 250-748-6802
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Q & A: MDS – Chlorophyll Benefits & Research



My dad has MDS  (myelodysplasia) with immature red blood cells. My gut tells me Chlorophyll can help him. We got him to try the capsules; he felt better but when went to the Dr.
His blood counts were down & he has to do a transfusion and now he thinks it didn’t help. The fact that he felt better, I think it helped, perhaps replaced his bad blood cell function to some extent?
I feel like the Docs are trapped in their approved box that and they are pushing for a chemo drug next. I think they will kill him faster and its more a money thing than a healing thing. 100% waiver…your thoughts?
Any good references you can send me to I can show him? My angels are screaming Chlorophyll.



Yes, I agree with you about both things:

1) Your Dad would be wise to  pay attention to how he feels – blood tests can be erroneous, test levels can be affected by who takes them, what time of the day, what he ate within the last 24 hrs., what lab, several other factors. How he feels is essential. Feeling better,  even as a state of mind, will positively affect his physical well being.

2) Doctors do have an agenda for which they have been exceptionally well trained – 7-10 years –  learning how to prescribe drugs to treat symptoms. Well intentioned, but not always the best for healing. Anyone who doubts this just needs to watch any or all of BOUGHT Movie- (try googling it to see online),  one of the best done summaries of our North American medical business.

I also feel the The Paw Paw program would benefit him, as Paw Paw chemotherapeutic actions are more powerful and SAFER than drug chemo. IF he does decide to take the chemo, please have him take Paw Paw with it to mitigate negative effects and enhance any benefit.

Re chlorophyll research: Please read this specific article on Chlorophyll Benefits, as well as the Chlorophyll Archives showing it’s use with some other conditions. Chlorophyll research showing health benefits to humans and pets is abundant on the internet.I have listed some specific benefits and reference at end to help.

Chlorophyll from Nature’s Sunshine has been a top selling product since 1972 – that would not happen if it was not of benefit to thousands of people. It is difficult to find a healthier beverage that is good for everyone and so inexpensive!

We offer it in several forms: the capsule offers approximately the equivalent of 3 tsp. of regular liquid Chlorophyll and 1 tsp of Extra Strength, available only in US. Please contact our office to get the best price, as well as support.

Chlorophyllin is the active part of NSP chlorophyll that contains  the nutritional value of raw chlorophyll, but is more easily absorbed. As a nutritional supplement, chlorophyllin has been extensively researched for its detoxification, antioxidant, antimutagenic, and tonic properties. Here is some research:

Protection against mutagens/carcinogens*
Testing for more than 20 years has established chlorophyllin as an antimutagenic /anticarcinogenic agent able to quench major free radicals, such as the superoxide radical, hydrogen peroxide, singlet oxygen, and even the most dangerous reactive hydroxyl radical and this at very low doses.
“Taking chlorophyll chlorophyllin or eating green vegetables, like spinach, that are rich in chlorophyll may be a practical way of reducing the risk of liver cancer and other cancers caused by environmental triggers.”—Thomas Kensler, PhD.

Chlorophyllin had an ability to bind or ‘sandwich’ certain classes of chemical mutagens and carcinogens. These included polyaromatic hydrocarbons found in tobacco smoke, some heterocyclic amines (cooked meat mutagens), and aflatoxin chemicals suspected or known to cause human lung, colon, or liver cancer.”—George S. Bailey, Ph.D. OSU Distinguished Professor, Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology

The risk of liver, colon, stomach, and lung cancer which include the leading causes of cancer death in the US and the world, may easily be cut in half by appropriate daily intake of simple, safe, inexpensive chlorophyll derivatives.“—Dr. Richard C. Heimsch

Chlorophyllin is as effective as green tea catechins in combating mutagens and carcinogens in the colon. It is speculated that chlorophyllin’s antimutagenic and anticarcinogenic mechanisms are a combination of antioxidant activity and the formation of complexes that bind to and inactivate mutagens/carcinogens. — The Linus Pauling Institute and Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology, Oregon State University

Chlorophyllin’s antioxidant properties fight inflammation, a
major contributor to conditions such as cancer, heart disease and
arthritis. —  Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School Of Public Health

Lupus, Cleansing, Super Shakes and Energy!


Thank you to the 130 people who attended the NSP presentations by Julie De Visser, ND, – great participation from lively crowds that gave our guests a true Vancouver Island welcome!


Our group of practitioners work with Julie’s tips for both health and weight loss. They so closely resemble those from a 2012 article, which include the Four Pillars of Weight Loss and Insulin Resistance, (the key to preventing diabetes), that you may want to read it.
The Road the Wellness – The Four Pillars of Health is also the entire Chapter 6 in my book, The Paw Paw Program.

This is information that several people asked for, contact us if you need more details.

  • All the super foods used in the pre-presentation shakes are summarized; full fact sheets are available online. In my Paw Paw book, which is not just for cancer, but for Optimum Health, p. 203-204,  I have a general recipe for Super Shakes. In this I also mention adding greens, of any type as Julie mentioned. It’s quick and easy with GreenZone, especially in the winter. Check here for more Shake recipes. Here is a description of GreenZone and most of the Super Foods we used.
  • Arginine – 22 reasons for those who asked about it – we often put that in our shakes, too!
  • Remember monthly specials, in both Canada and US. If you are a member, specials are in addition to your member discount


Several people commented on the suggested intake of one gallon /4 litres of water per day. Remember that many of the nutritional beverages you sampled at the event can help to make up this amount: Chlorophyll, #1 health beverage since 1972, Zambroza,  Mineral Chi Tonic, Solstic Slim, Energy , Nutrition, and in the US add  Solstic Revive, Immune, Cardio and Twenty Four, plus all the great Super Shakes, lattes’, soups, herbal teas, including Green Tea, E-Tea (Essiac), Licorice.

We  encourage people to adjust this amount for  your weight, based on this formula:  # pounds divided by 2 = # of ounces. The adjust for level of activity, temperature, and diet. The bottom line is most people need more hydration!

Some people asked what the herbs that Julie De Visser used for her lupus healing. I have linked these to My NSP site, which gives a brief description of each formulation:
IF-C – InFlammation Chinese
Colostrum for balancing immune system
Lym – Max for cleansing lymphatic
Safflowers for uric acid removal (a US product) – KB-C can be used in place
and of course LOTS of
Chlorophyll to add nutrition and hydrate . This testimony just arrived via email:
our fridge always contains the large NSP liquid Chlorophyll, and has for the past couple of years, my husband and both of my children all benefit from the extra greens, and the taste is minty and refreshing!” CJ


Some also asked about bowel cleansing – Our top selling Cleanse for about 20 years is the Tiao He Pak, which means Balance and Harmony, works on cleansing bowels, kidneys, lymphatics & cells. And this month it is on 10% or Buy 3 get one free – if you have some other family and friends ready to do their Spring Cleansing.10- 15 days depending on your constitution.
Closely tied for first with Bod E-Klenz  : Balanced for building  and Cleansing,  so can be done for 30 days or shared.


And the new to Canada, already very popular in US, Smart Meal!
Smart Meal – Soy, Pea and Chlorella protein matrix, also packed with Vitamins and Minerals.  130 calories per 2 scoops, better researched and less expensive than other weight loss products available. And yes, of course it is non -GMO sourced.
For a better understanding of Soy, please refer to my book and previous blogs on Phytohormones which Julie explained, and Soy Controversy, which is based on 30 years of study or research. NSP has two other protein blends: Nutri Burn whey protein and SynerProtein soy protein.


And to share one of several testimonies we heard about Solstic Energy: “My husband has replaced coffee with Solstic every morning for over a year and he is very pleased with the product evidenced by his continued use. It gives him a healthy energy boost in the morning that replaces caffeine and it tastes great! He gets the benefit of a boost of energy without the crash that often comes later in the day with coffee.

I use Solstic when I need an energy boost before a hike or a bike ride, or even after  Additionally, our fridge always contains the large NSP liquid Chlorophyll, and has for the past couple of years, my husband and both of my children all benefit from the extra greens, and the taste is minty and refreshing!” CJ

Enjoy and contact us if you need any assistance at all, or to order any of the professional, therapeutic products that are above and beyond pharmaceutical grade!  
That’s our job – to help you help yourself to better health!

Diet for Cancer….. and Creation of Optimum Health

Dietary Recommendations for renegade cell growth, aka cancer, and all chronic or degenerative health conditions:


  • Avoid “white” foods: white flour, sugar, processed salt, white fats, processed dairy, except some organic yogurt butter, or raw natural cheeses, quark, kefir, etc.  Goat’s milk products are better digested for humans, clean and raw is best.
  • Do not eat sugar in any form, ESPECIALLY refined sugar products. Learn to recognize different names for sugar. Do NOT substitute with  artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. Only acceptable sweeteners are fresh fruit, stevia or xylitol.
  • Do not eat refined high gluten, especially wheat products – most North Americans have developed gluten intolerance, meaning they do not digest it properly, leading to fermentation and intestinal inflammation.
  • Do not drink cold water with your meals.  If you must drink with your meals, have hot or warm herbal teas, or Chlorophyll to stimulate, not shut down digestion.
  • Do not use the microwave.
  • Do not use canned vegetables.
  • Do not use chemical cleaners
  • DO eat as much raw or slightly steamed organic vegetables as possible. See: Super- AntiOxidants Foods, which includes a basic recipe for Super Shakes, or go over these with your Natural Health Consultant (NHC).
  • DO read labels on food.  Know and understand how many toxins are in what is available as “food” today.

So this is what you should NOT eat.

The DO’S:

What about what you SHOULD eats? Please refer to my book,  The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer, which has references throughout to help you with a healthy diet. I have many details throughout the success stories, under basic recommendations, under the 4 Pillars of Health, plus in the Recipes chapter. Some simple suggestions to follow are:

  • Eat more vegetables – of every colour, raw, baked, steamed or stir fried
  • drink hot or warm herbal teas, or Chlorophyll to stimulate, not shut down digestion, plus adding minerals, and alkalizing your blood.
  • Choose low glycemic fruits
  • Eat low gluten, alkalizing grains
  • Eat nuts and seeds made more digestible by sprouting, soaking and grinding.
  • Dairy alternatives, such as almond, barley, soy or brown rice milk are acceptable- check for sugar content.
  • Choose organic, especially for any animal foods.
  • DO wash all fruits and vegetables in Nature’s Sunshine Concentrate.  Use it in your bath or shower, as shampoo and as your household cleaning agent.
  • DO read labels on food.  Know and understand how many toxins are in what is available as “food” today.
  • DO eat as much raw or slightly steamed organic vegetables as possible. See: Super- AntiOxidants Foods, which includes a basic recipe for Super Shakes, or go over these with your Natural Health Consultant (NHC).
  • Healthy supplements to take to build your body during your cure are the following:

    For more suggestions, get the book – a great health investment for everyone!


For Cancer…..

MOST IMPORTANT:  This is the easy part.  Follow the Paw Paw program as per directions to start and increase as per instructions in the book.  Depending on your cancer, you may be required to take this for 4 months up to a couple of years.  Maintenance and prevention are recommended, as all people develop cancerous cell growth and we need to keep it under control.  For those who have had cancer, this is highly recommended. For more information about Paw Paw, ask your NHC.  Paw Paw can be used along with Allopathic Medical Therapy; in fact it can enhance chemotherapy effectiveness.

  • Insure your body has sufficient minerals.  Chinese Mineral Chi or Essential Liquid Minerals are both excellent natural sources of minerals and suggested for a long time.
  • Take Protease Plus Enzymes to help metabolize protein and help breakdown cancer cells.
  • Super Oil  or Super Omega 3 will help with your “internal electrical wiring”, and rebuilding healthy cell membranes.
  • Support your body with Zambroza, the strongest blend of antioxidants known to date.
  • Support the area of the body where the cancer is.  You may want to add herbs specific to your type of cancer. For example, for cancer of the prostate, support with Saw Palmetto Extract, Liver with a liver formula, as your NHC recommends.

The Paw Paw program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer is an informative book clearly explaining the effective, safe, natural approach to cancer. It is jam packed with tips for achieving optimum health no matter what condition one encounters, with recipes, diet and other lifestyle suggestions to maintain optimum health and prevent disease.

For serious health conditions, it is important to work with a natural health care practitioner or consultant who is comfortable working with your condition, especially cancer. The amount of research can be overwhelming. You would not try to strip down your car engine and rebuild it without assistance or previous knowledge. Consider this, as you need to rebuild your body to eliminate cancer or any other disease. The advice of a qualified NHC can assist you in the optimal selection of a program for you and to monitor your results with you.

Remember, cancer, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, diabetes – all chronic health challenges can be helped when you help your body return to a state of balanced health!  Believe it!  Be proactive in your cure – do not leave it all up to the medical community – work with them to help yourself.  A natural health  professional can work with others with whom you choose to share your healing journey.

This program is designed to enhance the natural healing abilities of your body, rather than ‘fight’ any particular disease. It is one part of a comprehensive program, including corrective diet, emotional clearing, exercise as required, proper elimination and other natural health and life building aspects.

The Paw Paw program and any aids in the book are not counter-indicated with orthodox medical treatment, such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. It can enhance the effectiveness and decrease the negative side effects of these approaches.

Prepared by Lorene Benoit Health Services, MHH, CHC, BEd,  Duncan. BC, 250-748-6802,


What is chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is the green matter in plants referred to as “the blood of plant life” for it closely resembles the red content of the blood of humans.  Dr. Richardson says “drinking chlorophyll is like getting a blood transfusion”.


Why chlorophyll is useful?

Dr. Theodore Rudolph calls chlorophyll “Green Magic” because it has the ability to break down poisonous carbon dioxide, thereby releasing oxygen which inhibits the action of anaerobic bacteria.  Anaerobic bacteria is a disease producing microorganism living in many human bodies. Scientists have also found that chlorophyll helps to thicken and strengthen the walls of the body cells of living animals and that it promotes the elimination of toxins from the body.

 Reference:  Dr. T. Rudolf: “Chlorophyll: Nature’s Green Magic”


Uses of chlorophyll

  • has been used to deodorize ulcerative conditions, including cancer.
  • chronic painful leg ulcers have been healed in six to ten weeks with external   application of concentrated chlorophyll.
  • drops have been used to clear sinusitis, hay fever, rhinitis, otitis media (ear canal).
  • use after dental extraction and oral surgery.  The American Journal of Surgery (October 1943) “the use of chlorophyll liquid has a therapeutic place in acute and chronic suppurative (pus producing ) diseases of the oral cavity.” You can see chlorophyll has a long history as an accepted medical adjunct.
  • prevents tooth decay (swish and swallow).
  • has been used to clear up pyorrhea (infection of the gums) and gingivitis (bleeding  gums).
  • relieves tonsillitis and laryngitis :  gargle every hour with chlorophyll, spit out.  Swallow chlorophyll capsules and take Echinacea/Golden Seal and 1,000 mg Vitamin C every hour.
  • chlorophyll is very effective for stomach ulcers taken every two hours.
  • has been used successfully to treat enteritis and colitis :  use two chlorophyll capsules with half a glass of warm water every hour.  This will reduce acid, mucous gas formation and putrefaction in the bowels.
  • aids in blood sugar problems.
  • lubricates ileocecal valve.
  • increases iron in blood.
  • Is a great addition to water, warm or cold, for all ages from infancy to senior, for overall health. It is mentioned as an addition to the cancer aid book The Paw Paw Program. For more information The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally.

For Vaginitis, Trichomones, Leucorrhea, a douche with one capsule chlorophyll  opened into warm distilled water nightly for one week then every second night the  second week, etc., as needed.  Then insert chlorophyll into the vaginal tract.  Include Super Vitamins & Minerals, HRP-C and a bowel cleanser in this program.

For Hemorrhoids liquid chlorophyll can be injected into the rectal area and retained for  fifteen minutes.  Then a pin pricked chlorophyll capsule can be inserted into the rectal area at bed time.  Treat every night for one week, then every second night for the second week and so on.

Arteriosclerosis, High Blood Pressure and Arthritis: about one teaspoon of  chlorophyll in a glass of water 3 – 4 times daily along with chlorophyll capsules will  assist the body to combat hardening of the arteries.

 Athlete’s Foot:  wash the foot with Tea Tree Oil, soap and water.  Dry feet thoroughly. Place feet in basin of 10 parts        warm water and one part liquid chlorophyll.  Soak the feet for thirty minutes.  Spread chlorophyll ointment between the toes and cover with gauze and wrap in a bandage.  Use this treatment every day for two weeks.

For Deodorant:  drink chlorophyll in water daily and soak feet in chlorophyll solution.

As a General Tonic: chlorophyll is a tissue builder, raises iron in blood, increases energy levels, oxygen levels, metabolism and inhibits the action of carcinogens. Use one tablespoon in half a glass of water twice daily.

 Liver :  taking chlorophyll capsules and drinking liquid chlorophyll daily helps to purify the liver, eliminate drug deposits, old toxic material, chemical sprays on foods,  artificial flavoring, coloring and coal tar products.  It helps to get the bile to move      regularly.

Calcium :  chlorophyll helps to control and regulate calcium levels in the blood.

 Bowels :  chlorophyll reduces acid which produces putrefaction and destroys toxins.

Chlorophyll Ointment :  open five chlorophyll capsules to 1/2 bottle of Golden Salve to make an ointment.  Apply generous amount of ointment over the wound.  Cover with gauze, then cellophane.  Change dressing every 48 to 72 hours.  Use for burns,  wound, external ulcers, itching, rectal burning, ivy poisoning, weeping and dry eczema, insect bites, skin infection and impetigo.



  • A 10 year-old girl had an infected hang nail on the toe.  She washed it well using Tea Tree Oil and soap and water. Then opened up a chlorophyll capsule and squeezed it onto the infected area.  The next day the toe was entirely healed.
  • A lady with stomach ulcers drank Chlorophyll and water and herbal combination ULC-R+(formerly HP fighter) to clear up her ulcers.
  • One lady had a problem with anemia and took Chlorophyll.  It took just about one week before it took effect and now she is regaining her energy.
  • One lady had extremely bad menstrual cramps, bloating and heavy bleeding.  She used Calcium, HSN-W, FCSII, Chlorophyll, a cleansing combination and Black Cohosh.  The change was unbelievable.