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Smart Meters, EMF exposure

Just look at how many doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists are already seeing the negative impact of excess wireless technology. A few shocking truths:

  • Martin Pall, PhD, School of Molecular Biosciences  –Autism has increased in recent years from an incidence of 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 68
  • Suruchi Chandra, MD, Psychiatrist focused on Autism, OCD, chronic fatigue and mood disorders – Autism has increased 1200% since 1987
  • Victoria Dunkley, MD, Child Psychiatrist – “continued societal inaction on this issue constitutes child abuse”
  • Loretta Lynch, Former President of the California Public Utilities Commission – The science is clear: EMF’s affect health, particularly the most vulnerable among us. Those living within 150 feet of power lines are at increased risk of serious disease.
  • Utilities and telecommunications companies know these facts but obtain “obscenely obsessive profits” from this technology and are in a “desperate scramble” to set regulations in stone before public awareness increases and reforms are widely demanded.
  • Analog meters are “simple, accurate, and reliable.” There was no need to change them out. The only reason they were replaced with smart meters is that the utilities were not profiting off them any longer- they had “fully depreciated.”

To learn more, visit: Physicians and Researchers Denounce Health Risks of Smart Meters, Oct. 2015

We also know that many cancers are triggered by exposure to smart meters, transmission towers, over-use of cell phones, cordless this, wireless that. All those working towards healing need to limit their exposure to all types of EMF, RF, including indiscriminate use of medical radiation. For more references, please check out my book, Natural Approach To Cancer, and other articles on Research Blog Cancer.

To learn more about the widespread attempts to educate the public on dangers of smart meters, visit: Stop Smart This site updates worldwide protests to ever increasing health and economic issues.


Vaccines, autism & brain immuno-excito-toxicty

An informative 2 minute+ video excerpt from the movie BOUGHT, presents  3 Doctor’s summaries of challenges with the current vaccination of children. A few pertinent quotes:
M.D.Patrick Gentempo:
“Even if individual vaccines might be safe, imagine now combining all these, put together into a little infant that’s just born,  total of 26 of them in it’s first 18 months of life and you’re playing with real fire here.”

Toni Bark, M.D.:
“Giving the HPV vaccine which lasts 3-5 years to a new born? Are they going to have sex before they are 5?   There is a disconnect here. … giving somebody, day one of life, a vaccine that’s never been tested on infants, can’t even legally be tested on newborns, makes zero sense unless it’s lining your pocket.”

Tim O’Shea D.C.:
“In 1993 we were spending three billion dollars on vaccines in the entire world. By the year 2000 it was about twenty billion dollars a year globally that we were spending on vaccines. You have to  follow the money and you can  see how processes and procedure in our culture can be bought.”

Click Here to view 2.34 mins. of common sense


The Central Mechanism By Which Vaccines Induce Autism – The Danger of Excessive Vaccination During Brain Development: Dr. Russell Blaylock addressing  the National Autism Association (NAA).

This lecture  is critical to watch, especially for new parents who are smart enough to question the medical immunization issue versus building lifelong health.

It is a difference between weakening or strengthening the immune system NATURALLY and for life. If you do not have 1 hour and 9 minutes  to listen to the entire presentation, invest at least 4 minutes to watch minutes 38 – 42.

Can you afford not to listen to 4 minutes for the sake of a child’s health? 

Here are some important highlights presented and backed by Dr. Blaylock’s research.

“When vaccine toxins are injected they stimulate systemic immunity that causes the microglia of the brain to increase inflammatory cytokines and glutamates within minutes.

This process of priming of microglial begins in utero with  the recommended flu shot for the mother, (LB: H1N1, Avian, whatever is “chosen” as this year’s fear mongering money maker),  is increased with the Hep B shot at birth, then further placed on over-drive with each subsequent vaccine injected, which in the US now amount to 26 vaccines by age 1 yr.  

This brain inflammatory process is happening during the most intense period of brain development of the child. The accumulative effect causes an enormous secretion of inflammatory cytokines and glutamate which can and has caused death, SIDS, encephalitic crying caused by brain inflammation.

With frequent vaccinations causing repeated brain inflammation  the accumulative effect can cause adult disorders including seizure, behavioral problems, OCD and depression throughout life. Through this constant brain stimulation, the brain is never able to heal.”



“Human  immune stimulation during pregnancy is a danger to the unborn child.

There is NO science to support the frequently postulated scare tactic that a pregnant mother is at  a greater risk than any other population. But there IS repeated research showing a 7-14 times higher incidence of autism and  schizophrenia due to immuno-excito toxic response, which is not healthy to the fetus.”

Common toxins in vaccines such as mercury, ethyl mercury, (thimersol IS a mercury derivative) and aluminum, are all powerful microglial stimulators. These adjuvant toxins are cumulative and no studies have ever been done on their additive effect when 5 or 6 different vaccines are given at the same time, and in such frequently repeated dosages.



Death after Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination: Causal or Coincidental? warns that their may be a causal link to death due to neurological autoimmune vasculitis (simplified:  brain inflammation) that needs further evaluation. I, as a parent, or a young woman would not choose to inject this into any young woman’s blood stream.

Further References and Research:

vaccine reference websites


Lorene Benoit has seen, over the past 35 years in health education,  the results of medical immunizations for ALL ages, as well as the health of children and adults who refuse vaccines. She offers many safe, natural alternatives that work more effectively than  chemical, toxic poisons that alter immunity and brain function.

Contact her office for your personalized program; free 10 minutes to judge for yourself. 

Benoit has written a book on natural health for cancer which includes a wealth of information on healthy lifestyle to build immunity. It includes diet, emotional, exercise, recipes and more that are essential to incorporate for healing of all conditions, including cancer. The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer 


Traumatic Brain Injury and Progesterone

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) affect more people each year than breast cancer, prostate cancer and HIV combined; 1.5 to 2 million Americans are affected annually. Football, hockey and car accidents all contribute to deaths from TBI’s.

Some preliminary clinical studies show support for the administration of progesterone to reduce cerebral edema and inflammation, resulting in up to 50% reduction in 30 day mortality . Best results have been shown if Progesterone is administered within 24 hours, either IV for 3 days, or IM for 5 days. treat these devastating injuries

Find out more about progesterone’s influence on brain inflammation and read about the recent human trials in article from Labrix Clinical Services.

Health products that protect the brain from normal inflammation of aging include herbs that have stood the tests of thousands of years, such as Gingko Biloba and Gotu Kola. In addition, oils such as Super Omega 3‘s help keep cell membranes flexible enough to absorb their nutritional needs and eliminate toxins. 

General health principles, such as those outlined in Lorene Benoit’s book, The Paw Paw Program – The “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally, also support brain health Extensive dietary recommendations and some recipes are given to help people understand how to eat better. Eliminating sugar is critical to optimum health and prevention of all chronic conditions, diseases, including healing from trauma and preventing conditions such as Alzheimer’s.

For more information on the effects of hormones on our health, please see all Hormone health articles.

Contact Benoit Health Education for more information on how to attain and maintain optimum health, or to order wholesale herbs, supplements and therapeutic nutritionals from the leader in the health industry since 1972.

Think well, be grateful and be well!





Anxiety and Mood Disorders

The number of people I hear from that are suffering from anxiety and mood disorders seems to be  increasing all the time.  Young and old, Mom’s and Dad’s …..well you get the picture.  I am so pleased that Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP) launched their newest herbal formula, Zerenity™in Canada.

The effectiveness of this product has already been shown in the US, under the name of Anxiousless – same formula, different name.  Several clients have already been ordering from the US Zerenity™ (Anxiousless in the US), with very positive results, since it was launched in the US last summer.  Having it available now in Canada, approved by Health Canada,  will make the world of difference for many of people suffering from varying levels anxiety, stress, nervousness and depression.

I had the opportunity to learn more about Zerenity™ on a great NSP Webinar® presentation by Dr. Mathew Tripp, Director of Research, and must say I am impressed with the level of research that has gone into producing this formula. We also heard many great testimonials at Ottawa Conference Oct. 2014,  how this product was helping people to:

  • focus better when under stress
  • get projects finished – less procrastinating
  • sleep better
  • be happier

 One person’s story:After just 20 days, my short and long term memory, concentration and focus, sense of being grounded, and sleep have improved so much !  I feel like the clock has rolled back 20 years ! “
With Love and Gratitude,    Lucy Taylor

 Zerenity™ is formulated to help those experiencing acute stress and nervousness to find quick relaxation and calm.   It has also been found to improve focus and executive thinking, and can be used daily for those suffering with acute anxiety, or occasionally when you need help  to cope with those stressful situations or days.  Having a bottle on hand just seems to be a good idea. 

See related article on ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, & GAD.
Dr. Tripp outlined the solid base of independent and NSP based research on all the ingredients individually, as well as this patented formula.  Zerenity is formulated around the patented botanical ingredient known as Zembrin®, or Sceletium tortuosum, a South African herb with more than 300 years of documented indigenous use to support the nervous system and produce feelings of calm and relaxation in healthy people.   NSP’sZerenity formula also contains the amino acid L-theanine, vitamin B1, magnesium, and zinc as supportive ingredients.  Zerenity works on three separate neurological pathways in the brain, making it very effective and without the common side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.  Dr. Tripp also indicated that, in their studies, there have been no adverse effects when combined with pharmaceutical anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications.
What is even better, for those of you that care about the indigenous people that brought Sceletium tortuosum to the western world, the ingredient Zembrin® has been developed and produced as an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible initiative with the South African San Council.   For more information about Zerenity™ or Anxiousless  please  contact our office.

ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, GAD, Nervousness

There are several different labels relating to hyperactive, unfocused or anxious children and adults. ADD  (Attention Deficit Disorder), ADHD, (Attention Deficit HyperActive Disorder), GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) are some of the plethora of disorders and syndromes that have been labelled to be treated with yet another drug. It is preferable to avoid the use of labels , and just help create balance physically, mentally and emotionally.

In Lorene Benoit’s book: The Paw Paw Program – The “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally , Chapter 6 – The Road to Wellness – The Four Pillars of Health covers what she feels are four critical pillars to optimum health and prevention of all chronic conditions.

There is considerable information available on how to treat all of these conditions naturally, which is the preferred method for long lasting positive results. Drug treatments such as Ritalin do not address the root causes and have many negative side effects, which will affect  long term health.

The first pillar is a healthy diet, definitely a concern with any behavioural or psychological challenge. Eliminating sugar and artificial additives and chemicals is a great place to start. Guidelines, suggestions and some recipes are in the book as well as on this website:  Optimum Health Diet.

Dietary changes to whole, non-processed mild food diet, along with herbal aids will make a noticeable difference within weeks! Food allergies may be contributing to the challenge; Muscle Response Testing can be used to determine this. Many educational references are available from the author.

The second pillar is Exercise and the third is Emotional/ Spiritual. Please read specific suggestions listed below under Other Considerations.

The fourth pillar is Supplementation. Children and adults who experience challenges are often nutritionally deficient in several areas, and will benefit from supplementation. A full spectrum of nutrients is required to lead normal, healthy, active children’s lives. Even with an excellent  diet, optimum nutritional levels are very difficult to achieve through diet alone. And the SAD diet (Standard American Diet) is woefully deficient.

Herbal formulas  have proven successful because they are nutritionally dense powerhouses. Below are some that have been particularly effective for these conditions:

Choose one of the following for balancing, depending on what is most needed: 

Focus ATN, # 1833-4, contains Gingko, Melissa and DMAE. It encourages restful, balanced mental activity, and helps focus attention.

Anxiousless (US) or Zerenity (CA) #1167-9, a herbal, amino acid and mineral combination containing Sceletium tortuosum, a South African herb, has been thoroughly studied for safety
and efficacy in comprehensive  clinical studies. It reduces acute stress, nervousness and promotes relaxation very quickly, with only capsule per day.

STR-J #1087-0, herbal formula that calms and nourishes the nervous system. Contains: chamomile, passion flower, hops, fennel, marshmallow and feverfew. This can also be opened and made into a tea, or is available as a liquid formula in the US.

ADD 1 multi vitamin, plus some extra minerals or 2 of the following for daily nutrition:

SynerPro Super Vitamins & Minerals # 4057-9 complete balanced formula in tablet form    OR

Chewable Multi Vitamins & Minerals # 1722-9 complete balanced formula in chewable form

Mineral Chi Tonic # 1818-3 – all macro & trace minerals plus adaptogen herbs to support adrenals & balance the body.

Magnesium # 1786-6 – the relaxing mineral, made more potent by addition of high magnesium herbs for better assimilation.

For nerve and brain nutrition, choose one of:

As the brain is composed of almost 50% fats, Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are just that – essential!   Super Oil # 8235-8 , Flax Seed Oil #1770-3 or Super Omega 3 # 1515-7. Omegas provide EFAs for correct nerve transmission and nourishment, inflammation from ever-excitement,hormonal balancing and more.

EVERY PERSON benefits from daily: 

Super Shakes daily to increase protein, decrease sugar and chemical intake, and provide extra nutrition.

If needed:

Black Walnut Liquid Extract #1755-7 or ATC concentrate capsules #93-3 -eliminates parasites, high in minerals, especially iodine to nourish the thyroid. Parasites can be an underlying problem, aggravting nervousness, insomnia or irritability.

Lobelia  Extract #1765-8 – high in natural calcium, the most calming herb for nerves and muscles, helps  sleep, twitching, and asthma.

Ensure correct elimination (at least 2 bowel movements/day): Acidophilus, LB, Licorice or Slippery Elm if needed.

There are other herbs and natural treatments which may be required to balance nervous system, adrenals, liver or other systems. All programs need to consider the individual. Consult a qualified herbalist or holistic to help guide you. Contact Benoit Health for assistance in selecting the best for your conditions and to ensure you get professional quality herbals at the best price.

The following are some possible root causes:

  • food allergies; leaky gut
  • chemical sensitivities & imbalances
  • parasites; heavy metals
  • imbalanced nervous system
  • constipation
  • hypoglycemia, hyperinsulinimia – i.e. blood sugar imbalance
  • deficient or imbalanced neurotransmitters – the electricity for many functions. We need adequate amino acids to create them. Those most involved in these conditions and the required amino acids are: Serotonin – tryptophan; Epinephrine – tyrosine; Dopamine – phenyalanine and GABA – glutamine.

Did you know that more serotonin is produced in  the colon than in the brain? Instead of anti-depressants, more people could be happier and healthier to ensure their colon is clean and working daily, rather than spending billions on damaging chemical anti-depressants.

Other considerations as part of Pillars two – Exercise and three – Emotional/ Spiritual:

  • eliminate or restrict TV, wireless, RF and EMF exposure, which have negative influences on the brain wave patterns, growth and behaviour
  • research led by Europe is showing how negative Wireless exposure is to brains, especially those of children and many schools prohibit WIFI use before secondary schools. Unfortunately North American schools are adding more daily, ignoring research of increased challenges, including brain, breast & other cancers.
  • encourage more exercises and games to encourage healthy communication between all family members
  • establish routine and schedules in the child’s life, for a stabilizing effect
  • assure the child or adult of unconditional love audio learning programs to compensate for possible visual challenges, plus therapy to correct those such as “floating letters”


To order any of the above herbal formulas, products for nutritional shakes, or to book a personal health education session, contact Benoit Health Education. We can also offer you a direct account discount.

The Four Pillars of Health also relate to Weight Management see a  previous article to learn more .

Changing Genetics with More Love?

Dr. Bruce Lipton, in a lecture on Healing with the Masters, asks the question, “Do we have enough love?”

His findings are based on stem cells studies. Everyday we replace billions of our cells from embryonic cells, which we call stem cells. Dependent on what medium or culture in which the stem cells are grown will determine what type of cells they become, whether muscle, bone, fat or any other of many possible cells. Plus, whether they are healthy or abnormal cells. So, in a nutshell, our  genetics do not determine the outcome of the cells – it is the environment in which they are immersed.

One of the healthiest environments is one which is infused with love. Sick stem cells transferred into a healthy environment become well and vice versa.

Our human body is a community of fifty trillion cells living according to what the brain perceives.  The brain’s perception of the world controls the neurotransmitters which determine the chemistry of the blood, which determines the fate of our cells, so ultimately the brain controls our state of health. This concurs with epigenetics which states that environment controls the fate of genetics.

A mind in love and a mind in fear have two different chemistries which will affect the physical health of our cells, no matter what the genetics. Being in love releases dopamine, oxytocin, vasopressin. These chemicals grow exuberant  stem cells. Fear and stress hormones hinder healthy cellular growth.

Conscious mind (prefrontal cortex, about 10%)  has our wishes, desires for future & creativity. Sub conscious mind (about 90%) has the pre-recorded programs, habits, instincts and learned experiences, acquired in the first 7 years of our life through our observed environment and culture. It is this 90% subconscious which determines what the 10% conscious achieves.

Talking to your subconscious does NOT work – it is akin to talking to a CD player. The subconscious mind learns 3 ways: hypnosis, habituation (repetition & practice), and energy modalities that engage subconscious processes to reprogram it.

In Lorene Benoit’s book: The Paw Paw Program – The “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally, Chapter 6, The Road to Wellness – The Four Pillars of Health, includes emotional healing as one of the 4 essential Pillars. The importance of loving support when dealing with any chronic health conditions is critical and is backed by more and more research from the field of quantum physics.

This book is full of  easy to read information that is critical to treatment and prevention of all chronic conditions, and achievement of optimum health.

FOCUS ON WHAT IS BEING BORN. As you reprogram your subconscious you effect the reality of the cells that create your future, as well as the evolution of all humanity.

Contact our office to order this book, or create your personalized optimum health program. Old fashioned phone? 250-748-6802.

Success with Fibroids, Endometriosis, Energy, Excema, Stress and Memory


Success Stories shared by Lucy Taylor, shiatsu and nutritional specialist of  Phoenix Holistic Healing – thank you!

3 Medical Challenges and Healthy Alternatives for Lungs, Diabetes and Vaccines

Just 2 Months’ Exposure to Anticholinergics (AC’s) Affects Cognition

Physicians “absolutely” over-prescribe ACs, said Dr. Boustani, Indiana University Center for Aging Research. Patients might push for these drugs in the belief that if they simply take a pill, their symptoms will go away. Also, physicians typically don’t have the time to discuss medication alternatives with individual patients. “They take the easy way out, which is to just simply spend 10 seconds writing a prescription,” said Dr. Boustani.

AC’s are used for a variety of conditions including:

Respiratory (with most seniors with COPD and asthma), urogenitary, gastrointestinal, dizziness and insomnia (shorterm only) . The results highlight the importance of limiting prescriptions for ACs in older adults. All too often, said Dr. Boustani, patients continue to take AC medications even when they’re not working.

Lorene Benoit questions how is one to know if cognitive impairment in seniors is being caused by, or worsened by the long term use of these medications when Mild Cognitive Impairment has been noted after only 2 -3 months of use. Many seniors are on these medications, compounded by having  several of them combined, for long term, usually years or until death do them part! How often is declining cognition being brushed off as natural aging, or dementia? Plus, some of these medications are prescribed for children with rapidly developing brains!

Healthy Natural  Approaches for Respiratory use of AC’s

When possible, physicians should substitute AC medications with those that have fewer cognitive adverse effects or with nonpharmacologic alternatives, said Dr. Boustani.

Benoit offers even safer, natural alternatives be considered. For breathing and respiratory  distress caused by COPD, asthma, or other respiratory conditions like bronchitis, congestion and coughs, Lobelia is safe, effective and inexpensive.

Lobelia Inflata is a third degree medicinal herb. It has so many positive actions that Dr. John Christopher has a whole chapter in his “School of Natural Healing” textbook dedicated to lobelia.  Some of  the following properties make it one of the essential herbs to have on at hand in every home.

Medicinal properties include:

Nervine:  Lobelia is one of nature’s strongest relaxant nervine herbs. Because of its ability to relax the sympathetic nervous system, it has been used effectively for nervous excitement, hysteria, relaxing  tight colon (spastic constipation, IBS)

Antispasmodic:  stops spasms so is useful for muscle spasms, cramps, convulsions, irregular heart beat,  bronchial spasms such as in asthma, coughs,

Analgesic, Anodyne:  effective for painful conditions such as teething, earache, muscle and joint inflammation, kidney or gall bladder stones, stiff neck, injuries. Helps eliminate pain and toxins of poisonous bites and stings. Apply externally, as well as taking internally.

Deobstruant: Lobelia has the ability to remove obstructions. This makes it effective in loosening and helping with expectoration of mucous, especially in the respiratory tract and stomach.  It helps to cleanse and stimulate movement of lymph fluid, thus aiding this important part of our immune system and body’s natural waste disposal.

Stop smoking:Medical Claim approved by Health Canada: Lobelia can help quit smoking, by helping to reduce the body’s craving for nicotine and easing withdrawal symptoms”. One of Lobelia’s active constituents is lobeline, which has a similar chemical composition to nicotine. This makes Lobelia very effective for those wishing to stop smoking, as lobeline will fill the nicotine receptor sites which create cravings, without any addictive effect or weight gain – a few drops under tongue, hold 30 seconds. Repeat up to 20 times per day, as required. Doing a cleanse, such as the Tiao He Pak (10-15 days), or Bod-E Klenz (30 days), can also help reduce cravings and make the shift to a positive lifestyle.

With these benefits, Lobelia should be in every person’s home 1st Aid Kit.

Other formulas that aid a weakened respiratory system is the Chinese formula LH-C.   Lung Healer – Chinese have kept many people off drugs and helped to heal lungs, not just address symptoms.

AL-J is another formula for allergies affecting respiratory system. It contains a blend of herbs well known for healing such as mullein, horseradish, fenugreek and boneset.

For other conditions for which ACs may be prescribed, there are a multitude of healthy herbs that have history of proven effectiveness that date back thousands of years.

References: Medscape:

Alzheimer’s & Dementia. Published online November 26, 2012

Dr. John Christopher, “The School of Natural Healing


Actos medication for Diabetes Class Action Law Suit

Actos is used to improve blood sugar (glucose) control in adults with type 2 diabetes. It is prescribed to patients who have trouble regulating their blood sugar with diet and exercise alone. It may be used alone or with other medicines, including insulin and metformin.

However, long-term use of Actos is linked to a number of serious health complications, including heart failure, macular edema, lactic acidosis, bone fractures, and most recently bladder cancer. It is the link to bladder cancer that is leading more than 3,000 former Actos users to file lawsuits against Takeda Pharmaceuticals, the maker of the drug.

Reference: Aubrey Hayes     Public Outreach Drug Watch

Healthy Natural  Approaches for Diabetes and Insulin Resistance

Safer herbal alternatives are GlucoReg, which has herbs traditionally used to control blood sugar mechanisms and Chromium GTF. Also dietary changes must be undertaken. Recommendations in Lorene Benoit’s book: The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally are helpful.

Her book explains the sugar and disease and inflammation connection. As well, extensive dietary recommendations are given to help people understand how to eat better. Some recipes are also included. Eliminating sugar, in fact, is critical to optimum health and prevention of all chronic conditions, including diabetes and cancer!

Other options are the raw food approach, as shown in this 4 minute video part way through the May, 2011 newsletter.


Vaccines Linked to a Host of Chronic Illnesses

While the preceding mainstream articles dance around the theories of autism causation, vaccination is never mentioned as a possible “environmental” factor in the etiology of autism. Vaccines are linked not only to autism, but to many chronic conditions that used to be rare in children. The producers of the new documentary The Greater Good, provide a catalogue of over 200 studies that raise serious concerns about vaccine side effects.

References: Vaccine Risk Awareness Network

Healthy Natural  Approaches for Immunity

See our past archives on Vaccines, specifically, Safe Vaccine Alternatives, and Immune Tips.

BI POLAR Natural Aids


We have a friend recently diagnosed with Bi-Polar and he wants
to heal it the natural way… I am researching it for him as I’d like
to see him go that way instead of with what the doctor wants him to take.
Any info you could share would be most appreciated, thank you! DL


Many respected medical doctors have used proper nutrition to treat emotional and psychological conditions, as well as physical. From Dr. Linus Pauling, nobel prize winner, to Dr. Abram Hoffer (co-authors of the extensive book OrthoMolecular Medicine) are just two of many. OrthoMolecular Medicine  means using vitamins and minerals in therapeutic dosages. Dr. Abram Hoffer was medical advisor of a Mental Institution in Saskatchewan and had far better results treating schizophrenic patients with nutrition than drugs. He also had promising results with cancer patients using a nutritional protocol. Besides being an acclaimed author and running a busy medical, practice Dr. Hoffer lectured internationally for many years, to Medical practitioners and students, so it is surprising to hear some doctors say, “ nutrition is not proven or researched”.


Researchers do not definitively understand some conditions, such as Bipolar. Theories range considerably, with no proven hypotheses. A shortage of lithium in the brain is one, just as a shortage of serotonin has been hypothesized to cause depression. More recent research throws considerable doubt on both of these theories.  A study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry  from U. Michigan, 2000, reports “in those with bipolar disorder, two major areas of the brain contain 30 percent more cells that send signals to other brain cells.” This report theorizes that “the extra signal-sending cells may lead to a kind of over-stimulation, which makes sense considering the symptoms of bipolar disorder”. Researchers are quite certain that the neurotransmitter system is at least part of the cause of bipolar disorder, but further research is still needed to define its exact role.


Most scientists concur that  psychological disorders are usually caused by multiple interacting  factors,  including biological, (heredity or genetic tendency) and psychological.  One of the best researched current explanations is  the “Diathesis-Stress Model.” The word diathesis means, in simplified terms, a bodily condition that make a person more than usually susceptible to certain diseases. Thus the Diathesis-Stress Model says that “each person inherits certain physical predispositions that leave him or her vulnerable to problems that may or may not appear, depending on what kinds of situations that person confronts” (Bernstein et al., 2000). Durand and Barlow define this model as a “hypothesis that both an inherited tendency and specific stressful conditions are required to produce a disorder” (2000).
A manic or depressive incidence is usually triggered by a stressful life event or issues in the person’s environment. This may include the loss of something or someone, a loved one, job, home; to any change such as the birth of a child, a new job or home, a move, or threatening life situations. Remember that what is a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual stressor to one person may not be to another.  Once the disorder is triggered and progresses, “it seems to develop a life of its own. Once the cycle begins, a psychological or pathophysiological process takes over and ensures that the disorder will continue” (Durand & Barlow, 2000).

We know that stress can be approached naturally via the Four Pillars of Health as described in Lorene Benoit’s book: The Paw Paw Program. To briefly outline,  the four pillars are listed below, with some specifics relating to BiPolar:
  • DIET: superior nutrition through improved diet, much like that recommended in the book. A diet that is beneficial for treatment and prevention of cancer is the same diet that helps improve everyone’s overall health.
  • EMOTIONAL HEALTH: especially stress reduction techniques, including meditation, yoga, relaxation, energy clearing,  counselling
  • EXERCISE:  to stimulate our “feel good” neurotransmitters, chemicals and hormones
  • HERBS and SUPPLEMENTS: some that we have had positive experience with for bipolar are:


Daily Maintenance suggestions:
Stress Pak – includes B vitamins, relaxing nervine herbs, or Stress Formula
Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic – to help regulate Chi or energy flow, plus providing trace mineral nutrition
Super Omega 3‘s to support the nervous system – at


In times of Manic or Depressive phases, add:
STR-C – (STRess Chinese)  a Chinese constitutional formula that calms an agitated mind – this one specifically to help calm a manic phase
AD-C – (AntiDepressant Chinese) A Chinese constitutional formula that clears stagnant Chi to help relieve depression


Therapeutic essential oils of  Ylang ylang, Rose Geranium, and Lemon have also been used as an effective aids.


As people with this condition can be helped with natural supplementation,  this is preferable to drug treatment, as all drugs have toxic side effects.  Besides the drug negative effects, many do not address the underlying causes, exacerbate the condition and may cause complications due to their addictive nature. In a crisis, if drugs are required, work at bringing the body back into balance for long term health.


For more information, personal consultations, or to order any of the above products to your home contact Benoit & Associates Health Education at or 250-748-6802.


Brain Health, Stress and Overload

Information Fatigue Syndrome, is a new ‘Syndrome’ which many people are experiencing. Some symptoms include increased anxiety, sleeplessness, less leisure time and less enjoyment when we do take leisure due to multi-tasking, and our brain always working.

The CEO of Google says, “Every 2 days we are creating as much information as we did from dawn of civilization to 2003“. This from TV, email, You Tube, texting, Facebook, radio …. think about that – it’s an amazing fact!

It is just one of the challenges putting us into information overload stress and in my practice, we are experiencing and seeing more of it with clients. However, according to Dr. Amen, expert on brain plasticity, we can be proactive to keep our brains healthy into old age, as research shows brains CAN increase their function at any age or stage of this game of life.

To help keep the brain healthy we can nourish our brain, body, spirit and soul. Some tips to do this are detailed in the 4 Pillars of Health section included in my book, The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer. The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally.

To nourish our brain and our body we need phyto-nutrients available in fruits and vegetables.  Let these guys dance around in your life!

Herbs are nutritionally dense powerhouses to add nutrition to your life. Supplemetns that are specific for the brain are Gingko Biloba, Gotu Kola and Omega 3.

Gingko Biloba  is nick-named the tree of long life and longevity. It feeds the brain and enhances memory. We use the slow release Gingko that is standardized and potent.

The second outstanding brain herb is Gota Kola, which is traditionally used to sharpen thinking, rejuvenate the brain, enhance memory, and overcome fatigue.

Super Omega 3 provides EPA and DHA support better brain development, higher IQ, greater alertness and calmness of mind.

Stress reduction is critical as part of our 4 Pillars. What helps you relax, so you CAN shut off your brain? How about a nice bath with NSP Concentrate and Lavender oil? The NSP concentrate helps emulsify the Essential Oils, gives some luxuriant bubbles, and leaves you and the bathtub squeaky clean. It’s biodegradable, so is clean for the environment, sewage or septic.

Avoid Multi Tasking

Multitasking, so often considered a mark of mastery in the modern age, isn’t quite what we think it is.

“Multitasking,” as it’s used in common parlance, is somewhat of a misnomer: rather than performing multiple tasks simultaneously, the brain actually switches rapidly between tasks. And task-switching is an expensive habit that gobbles up extra processing power, rendering any attempt to “multitask” less efficient than simply concentrating on one task at a time.

A 2009 study from Stanford discovered that frequent multitasking hurts cognitive performance. People labeled as “heavy media multitaskers”—those who consumed several forms of media at once, like texting while listening to music—were worse at attention tests. They also floundered on challenging working memory tests and scored lower on a task-switching assessment. The researchers postulated that frequent exposure to irrelevant stimuli made these “heavy” users less adept at filtering interference .

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