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Curcumin BP (Black Pepper)

Cindy Klement, Master Nutritionist presented at the Canadian NSP Herbal  Conference. We learned that the new Curcumin BP contains  a concentrated extract from the fruit of black pepper, piper nigrum. This increases  the absorption of the curcuminoids and therefore the effectiveness of Curcumin by 2000%. There is no Curcumin on the market that competes with this Natures Sunshine brand.

I love Nature’s Sunshine products as they are the most superior herbal products on the market. Curcumin has been studied for powerful properties that have a beneficial effect on pain and inflammation of all types. This article on Herbs Are Effective -5000 years of science highlights some studies.

Each capsule contains Curcuma longa (curcumin) rhizome 550 mg, Piper nigrum (black pepper) fruit extract (50:1) 2.5 mg. The 50:1 means it is concentrated 50 times.

This 45 second video explains why this formula is so effective. (Same formula in Canada and US.)

Please contact Benoit Health Education to order the best at the best prices, whichever country you live in; we an guide you to optimum health!

Q & A – Calcium for Osteoporosis and Alendronate (fosamex) – Part 2


Hi Lorene, my Doc is insisting I take fosomax  for osteo, do you have a good calcium product that is easy to absorb? and how much per month would it be? I might want to try the calcium way first. Will it constipate me? I am already taking cascara every day.
Cheers L.



Great question and timing! I just published another post on Osteopenia, Osteoporosis and Bone Health Part 1, so here is Part 2 to answer your questions!

The types of calcium that we use in our practice are not constipating. In fact the one I just posted about, Nature’s Gold, is an excellent fibre source and increases bowel movements. The other ones we use the most are all in a herbal base, which 1) makes them more absorbable, therefore more effective even when the mg. numbers may be lower, and

2) the herbs add nutrients for overall benefit and

3) the herbs prevent constipation, while benefiting the obody overall with other healing properties.

The formulas I use the most are Cal Mag & D and Liquid Cal-Mag. For menopausal women having hot flashes, if Flash Ease does not work on its own, then we add Herbal Calcium.  My suggestion is to read the fact sheets giving you details of each one, (by clicking on the name of each supplement).

I have listed them in order of most common, so you may also just want to order the first one on the list. The cost for Cal Mag Plus D  is: Canada:  $29.50 for 200 tablets;  US: $19.90  for 150 tablets. Recommended dosage is listed on each fact sheet – there is no problem to double or triple this if you need extra calcium.

It is important with all supplements, but especially minerals,  to make sure they break down in normal stomach conditions. Nature’s Sunshine is one of the few companies that tests for this, and because of this we have had excellent results for lowering pH levels, eliminating muscle cramps as well as bone health.

Another post to read will explain to you the importance of Magnesium in any calcium formula. If a person is prone to any kind of cramping, they should take at least additional Magnesium Complex  capsule with each Calcium.

Fosamex is riddled with many side effects.  I encourage you to look into this further and share with your doctor, as well as sharing the positive results we have in increasing bone density in older women with the natural supplementation. Then make your decision.

Consider this statement from

“For those taking Fosamax, perhaps the most frustrating side effect is the drug’s propensity to cause fractures of what is one of the strongest bones in the body – the femur. … stress fractures, often happen when patients least expect it. Some patients reported breaking bones while they were doing normal, everyday tasks such as walking or sitting. Merck said the fractures usually come after weeks or months of groin or hip pain. Researchers are still trying to determine why Fosamax is linked to bone breaks, especially in patients taking the drug for five years or longer. Many scientists theorize the drug shuts down the body’s bone-renewing process and creates more brittle bones.

And from

“When Fosamax was introduced in 1995, it was promoted as the solution to osteoporosis and other bone-damaging diseases. Instead, studies show that Fosamax (alendronate) causes a slew of side effects that may be more problematic than osteoporosis itself. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) documented several of the drug’s side effects and subsequently distributed numerous warnings.

Fosamax belongs to the bisphosphonate drug family, which is known to cause many of the drug’s side effects. They range from mild to severe.

According to the drug’s manufacturer, Merck, the most common side effects include gastrointestinal issues, such as nausea, diarrhea, constipation and cramping. It can also cause skin rashes and eye problems.

Why would one risk this when we have safe, natural food nutrition, like Nature’s Gold and good quality Calcium supplements that increase bone density? 

Of course, following lifestyle recommendation as in Lorene’s book:  The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally is recommended to improve ALL health conditions.

Should you wish to have wholesale access any of the same quality supplements we have used over 23 years to help thousands of people achieve optimum health, please email our office at, or contact us via our website.

Osteopenia? Osteoporosis ? Tips for Increasing Bone Density – Part 1


I’d like to share with you results that Nature’s Sunshine Science Director shared with us a couple of years ago at the Canadian Annual Herbal Conference,  that shows results for a super food truly beneficial for bone mineral density.  Nature’s Sunshine introduced Nature’s Gold in October of 2005.  An NSP Manager shared  her bone density test results taken 5 years apart and after one year taking the Nature’s Gold.


Measurement                   Before Nature’s Gold           After 1 Yr. on N.G.

Bone Density Spine L2-L4              0.988 g/cm2                 1.165 g/cm2

Compared to young adult                     – 18%                     -3%

Age of subject                                      57 yrs.                    62 yrs.

Bone age                                             64 yrs.                    49 yrs.

State of bone                                   Osteoporotic            Normal  compared                                                        – risk of fracture           to young adult


These results show that at age 57, this person has the bones of a 64 yr. old, that she was osteoporotic and in danger of developing fractures. Five years later, after one full year on Nature’s Gold, at the age of 62, this person had the bones of a 49 year old! 
Now these are incredibly dramatic results, with none of the side effects of the strongly promoted alendronate type drugs, i.e. Fosamex. (see separate article on Osteoporosis Tips Part 2).

Besides increasing bone mineral density, Nature’s Gold has also shown positive results for increase in lean muscle mass.

Other  Research and Benefits of Nature’s Gold

Nature’s Gold was first developed as chicken feed, and it produced amazing results.  The chickens had a weight increase due to a healthier appetite.  They grew heavier but leaner, had more protein and muscle mass, and there were significant improvements in their heart strength, bone density and red and white blood cell counts.

Now those are all excellent indicators of improved health, so the question became, will these results translate into humans?  And the answer is yes, absolutely!

Intestinal Healing

One of the biggest benefits we have seen is an immediate improvement in intestinal health.  The cells that line the intestine are among the fastest-growing in our bodies, and good intestinal health depends on this regeneration.  The problem is that after the age of 25 or so, this regeneration slows down and the intestine is actually starting to die off.

Nature’s Gold keeps the intestinal regeneration extremely high which leads to a host of  benefits.

Nutritional Assays of Nature’s Gold Benefits

The abundance of beneficial nutrients in Nature’s Gold is generally not found in the standard modern diet.

Because of its unbeatable digestibility, Nature’s Gold can transport more amino acids and nutrients into our cells. Giving our cells the essential nutrients they need enables our bodies to heal and get rid of toxins effectively.  When you’re driving nutrients in, you’re driving toxins out. This increases the overall efficiencies of the body, and you’ll find that your herbs and supplements actually become more effective.

Nature’s Gold also has dramatically increased Superoxide Dismutase levels over normal barley. SOD is a very powerful antioxidant enzyme that helps neutralize free radicals and prevent cell damage that can lead to moderate and severe health concerns.

Nature’s Gold comes in two formulations. Many people start with Nature’s Gold I and increase to Nature’s Gold II (denser nutrient) for the 2nd container. Please note that one should start gradually; we suggest 1/2 tsp. daily, increasing each week up to 2 Tablespoons, to avoid eliminating toxins too quickly, which can cause discomfort.

Nature’s Gold is easy to take, in a shake or smoothie, sprinkled in yogurt , muesli, or on fruit, or taken straight in water or juice.

Those with celiac start very slowly. Due to organic barley being the source, it cannot be classsed as gluten free. However,  as this is made from the sprouts of barley, some improvement in bowel condition is usually noticed within 3 months, or sooner, for most intestinal challenges.

Of course other calcium supplementation options are available, these will be covered in Part 2.

Of course, one must take into account overall health principles and lifestyle recommendations. In Lorene Benoit’s 2nd Edition of her book: The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally, she details this in a chapter , The 4 Pillars of Health. Included in her book are tips for  exercise – essential for preventing osteoporosis, and healthy diet suggestions, with recipes, emotional health and Super Foods.

Should you wish to have wholesale access any of the same quality supplements we have used over 23 years to help thousands of people achieve optimum health, please email our office at, or contact us via our website.