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Cleansing, Cancer & Health: The Truth About Cancer – A Global Quest

The Global Quest for Cancer series is available free again for the weekend – a US Thanksgiving gift?

If you have no more than 20 minutes to invest in your health, PLEASE at the very least, listen to the excellent explanations of the importance of cleansing to eliminate disease, restore immune system and promote health. Episode 6 Global Quest – Truth About Cancer.  Minutes 10 – 20 are critical and summarize a few key concepts that are in my book, The Paw Paw Program.

Episode 6 focuses on the importance of cleansing the entire body in this order.

  1. Colon
  2. Kidney
  3. Liver
  4. Lymphatic
  5. Parasite
  6. Heavy Metal, especially if one has had many vaccines and prescriptions

Below we have listed references & education to the best natural products we have experienced over the last 30 years. The professionals in this video mention most of the herbs that are in these products.

  1. Colon              Clean Start, LBS and Psyllium Hulls on daily basis, Why Detoxify?
  2. Kidney            Kidney Activator/K-C Chinese, or KB-C Concentrate
  3. Liver               Tiao He Cleanse US /Tiao He Cleanse CA *
  4. Lymphatic     Cat’s Claw Una de Gato
  5. Parasite          Para Cleanse US/ Para Pak CA *
  6. Heavy Metal  Heavy Metal Detox

In addition, ideas for feasting on real foods, which is covered extensively in the book, is also covered toward the 20 minute mark of this video.

I loved hearing Dr. Rashid Buttar (30-32 mins) say that Ensure, commonly given to very sick patients in hospitals and undernourished seniors in homecare; “Ensure is like pouring gasoline on the fire – it feeds cancer.” Of course it is! As explained in my book, SUGAR FEEDS CANCER, and inflammation and depletes the immune system – and ensure is mostly sugar, dairy and grains, which most North Americans do not digest, plus chemicals.

At 1 hr. there is a good summary of so many natural treatment options for cancer, most of which are included in my book and in my health programs: mushrooms (reishi, maitake, shitake), coryceps, resveratrol, curcumin & black pepper, ECG’s, Beta Glucans, to list a few.

The full series is available here; if you have cancer, and have not heard episode 1, please do!

  • Please note: for product references: when US & Canadian products are the same, stock # is the same, just the US product is shown. Adjust for Canadian prices by clicking to Canadian NSP website. When products are different, each country’s formula is listed.
  • Do not forget the importance of good diet, pure water, exercise, breathing, emotional healing and other lifestyle choices as explained in Chapter 6 of the Paw Paw Program.
  • Contact our office directly for guidance and help in choosing the best health solutions for you at the best prices. We are here to help you achieve and maintain optimum health!

Q & A: Cancer of bladder recurring and prevention


Paw Paw and its effects on bladder cancer: I have just started taking Paw Paw Cell Reg after being diagnosed with high-grade bladder cancer. Am not able to find much on the internet about its uses with Bladder CA. I was diagnosed with lung cancer 5 years ago, treated with chemo and radiation, and took graviola.

Tumor shrunk in 4 months from the size of a grapefruit to 2.9 cms. Continued the use of graviola for a year after with no recurrence. Now I have a second type of cancer. The small tumor I had in my bladder was removed 3 weeks ago, but I’m being told there are frequent recurrences with this disease, sometimes by muscle-invasive tumors, which would mean removal of the bladder.
I’m hoping to kill the cancer cells before recurrence with the held of Paw Paw. Do you know how soon Paw Paw actually begins to work or show effectiveness? As of now I have no tumors to shrink… just cells to kill.
My next question still is… since bladder cancer can be a lifetime recurring cancer, how do you know when it’s okay to stop taking it? McLaughlin says he doesn’t recommend using it as a maintenance, but more like an antibiotic… am also wondering if there is any possibility cells can also develop an MDR to Paw Paw with long term use.
Thanks very much for any help.                                  Doug M


Unfortunately we see this often – cancer treated with any or all of the BIG 3, especially chemo, then another cancer appears down the road. Whether it has been caused by the toxicity of the first treatment, or is just a reflection that the immune system is not keeping on top of daily cell metabolism, is a moot point. This clearly emphasizes the importance of looking at balancing the entire body to prevent recurrence.

Paw Paw can work quickly – some have noticed a difference in energy levels within several days, for others it can take a month. However, if graviola worked in the past for you, then I suspect Paw Paw will work even better, as it is much more effective.

You are smart to keep on top of this to prevent any further tumor growth. As you are using Paw Paw Cell Reg (US name), this IS the correct species and reparation that has undergone all the research, and had the results.

You also need to look at other aspects of your lifestyle which may be allowing the recurrence. These are all explained in my book, The Paw Paw Program, as we find a person has much more success when they do more than just take herbs, even quality ones Like Paw Paw.

I would appreciate knowing from who you are purchasing the Paw Paw Cell Reg – this IS the correct, tested brand. This is the person who should be answering any future your questions, as part of the policy with Nature’s Sunshine Products is Quality, SERVICE and Integrity. If you are purchasing off Amazon, you are not going to get service.

For any future orders, please contact our office directly, then we can also support you, as well as ensuring you get it at direct cost from the NSP Company. (This person has since ordered the book and become one of our members for direct ordering and discount.)

To answer your second question, “when it’s okay to stop taking it?”,  I will ask you one back: what tests are your doctors using to decide whether you have cancer, whether you need chemo, or how your progress is doing? I would use these parameters, PLUS, even more importantly, HOW DO YOU FEEL? There is no problem taking Paw Paw until all symptoms are gone and you get a clear bill of health. My book addresses how to take for further prevention or re-occurance.

The lifestyle suggestions in my book are also designed to help you achieve and maintain optimum health and prevent other chronic conditions.

As far as dosage, the book explains that if you can split dosage every 6 hours, this is even more effective.

And no, in over 30 years there is no research to suggest cancer cells become  MDR resistant to Paw Paw, as it is not toxic like chemotherapy; it just interrupts ATP production, DNA and RNA replication.

Q&A – Recurring Bladder Infections

This was a response to a comment on a previous blog entry on Bladder Infections.  I felt this is a challenge that many women deal with, so deemed it important enough to address in more detail.


I was at my doctor and I have yet another infection (she didn’t say what it was but sending me to a bladder specialist).  I have been doubling up on my probiotics and taking the Cranberry Buchu for a couple of weeks now but still have it.  The doctor didn’t even offer antibiotics which totally surprised me.
Is there anything else I can try?  Its not a urine infection as there is no urge to pee and it doesn’t hurt or sting…it feels like really bad period cramps and it must be bladder or she wouldn’t be getting me to see the specialist.             CW


In our experience, Cranberry Buchu is excellent for PREVENTING bladder or urinary tract infections, as the Buchu makes the mucous membrane of urethra and bladder lining slippery, so bacteria cannot adhere, and the cranberry acidifies, which you need for the bladder.

I have a female client in her 80’s who suffered bladder infections regularly for over 50 years. Since she cleared up her infection, and takes 1-2 Cranberry Buchu capsules every day as a preventative, she has not had one in over 7 years, so for most people it works. She considers this WELL worth not getting the infections that plagued her for years.

However, I don’t feel this alone will get rid of infection once it is established. Stronger herbals with antibiotic actions, such as Golden Seal Echinacea liquid  or capsules or Silver Guard used as a douche and internally may be required.

Check out our past blog on Bladder Infections for more tips on prevention.

From the pain you are describing and the fact that you have been referred to a specialist, you may be dealing with a kidneystone, so read this past article on Kidney Stones, a kidney infection or cystitis.

If you wish us to pursue this further, while you are waiting to see the specialist, feel free to set up a consultation, or while you are waiting try a double dosing of either of the Golden Seal-Echinacea. Like most herbal antibiotics, there will be no negative side effects as with chemical antibiotics,and you will likely feel improvement no matter what the diagnosis.

Your probiotics are a good idea for preventative health, and to help re-establish friendly bacteria AFTER chemical antibiotics, but again, they do not necessarily treat an existing infection. Make sure you are taking probiotics on an empty stomach for best effect, and that you keep them either refrigerated or in freezer – depending on how many you take and how long one bottle lasts.

Also, we work with 3 different pro-biotic formulas: Acidophilus Bifidobacterium, Bifidophilus Flora Force, ProBiotic 11. Read each of these Fact sheets over and perhaps next bottle change up whichever one you are using, just to give your body the full range.

Along with the herbs, clean up the diet, eliminate ALL sugar, drink plenty of pure water, (more than your recommended ½ oz. per pound of body weight), add fresh lemon, lime and or Chlorophyll to help alkalinize the blood, and get adequate rest. Many suggestions for healthful lifestyle including diet, stress, exercise and recipes are in my book: The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally.

Kidney Stones: Causes, Prevention and Emergency Treatment

Kidney stones can be the cause of great pain and distress.  Symptoms could include pain originating in the middle back and radiating around to the front lower abdominal area.  The urine may contain blood or pus.  There may be nausea and vomiting.  Irritation by the stones may induce an infection in the urinary tract causing fever and chills.  Once a stone starts growing in the kidneys, it continues to grow without any specific symptoms.  The jagged stone travelling down the urethra and scraping the lining causes pain.



There are several different kinds of kidney stones; if possible, collection and analysis will help determine exact cause. However, they are all due to mineral imbalance of some kind. 80% or more are calcium-oxalate stones, formed by an imbalance of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus (both meat and milk are higher in phosphorus than calcium). An excess of phosphorus displaces the calcium and causes it to precipitate out of solution.  Magnesium helps keep calcium in solution in the body so the calcium does not precipitate to form stones.

Calcium-oxalate stones also form when there is a deficiency of Vitamin B6.  When vitamin B6 is under supplied, the amino acid glycine is improperly utilized and changes into oxalic acid. Omitting foods containing oxalic acid (rhubarb, spinach) does not stop stone formation, as oxalate stones can still be formed even when there is no oxalic acid in the diet.  The problem is the B6 deficiency.



A good supply of Hydrochloric digestive acid (use Protein Digestive Aid or Digestive Enzymes with HCl) is important when consuming meat, to properly digest and absorb minerals, and help prevent stone formation.

Acidic foods like apple cider vinegar (stimulates natural HCl secretion) and pure cranberry juice (can be sweetened with Stevia) help keep calcium in solution by acidifying the urine.



  • Avoid anti-acid preparations.  They create severe magnesium deficiency, causing stones, as well as alkalizing the urine contributing to stone formation. Take digestive aids to prevent the problem.
  • Drink plenty of pure water – about 2 quarts per day – to flush out the kidneys on an on going basis.
  • Two tablets of Magnesium (#1786-6) with one Vitamin B6 tablet (#1626-6) will prevent most stone formation. Take this daily, once stones have been eliminated. These two and either of the following herbs are recommended for maintenance.
  • Hydrangea (#395-6) is a herb used for its solvent properties for kidney stones or gallstones, and gout.  Two capsules per meal for a couple of months may help dissolve existing stones.
  • Uva Ursi (#710-9) is a herb that supports urinary function, treats infections, and has been used to dissolve kidney stones.
  • Cranberry Buchu (#834-5) Cranberry helps acidify the urine and Buchu helps dissolve kidney stones, as well as prevent infection. When taken as a combination,  you have enhanced synergy for better results.
  • Any of the above can be taken as capsules or may be made into a tea (1-2 capsules/cup) a quart or more can be drunk every day.



Every 15 minutes drink the juice of one lemon, preferably organic. Take Marshmallow (#440-0), about 4 capsules 4 times a day – it is a mucilaginous, slippery herb and helps the stones to pass with less pain and damage to the urinary tract. It is high in Zinc to promote healing. Also take Hydrangea (#395-6) 3 capsules 4 times a day to help dissolve the stone. Lobelia – internally – .5 ml every ½ – 1 hour as needed, will help relax the ureters, and calm nerves to decrease pain.  Externally – rub a few drops over area for pain and to stop spasms.

Usually this will take no longer than 12 – 14 hours to pass stone(s).  If you urinate through a strainer and can collect the stone(s), it can help to determine to which type you are prone.

Afterwards, Echinacea and  Golden Seal (#835-2 capsules – up to 6/day or #3180-1 liquid – 3ml/day) can be used to aid healing and to help prevent infection in damaged ureters.

Then follow maintenance suggested under “Prevention for Kidneys Stones”. The supplementation to prevent future attacks, especially for Magnesium and B6 is not expensive, especially when one considers the pain and possible damage caused by a stone. Correcting the underlying imbalance with natural aids will also help prevent other chronic conditions and enhance overall health.

The kidneys are essential to life; if you are having challenges, consult a trained herbalist or natural health practitioner to guide you in the healing process.



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Benoit and Associates Health Education

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Bladder Infections

Bladder Infections

Bladder infections can cause irritating problems, such as sudden urge to urinate, leakage, inability to stop the flow of urine, itching, or burning. Untreated, there is a possibility of infection progressing up the tubules connecting to the kidneys, which is not desirable. Women are more prone to bladder infections due to the shorter urether. As much as doctors may say bladder infections are normal for women, they are not healthy, and should not be the norm in anyone. If they re-occur, it is because they are not getting treated properly in the first case and are re-infecting, or the cause has not been eliminated. In other words, there is no reason women, men or children should have these, and if you do, you need to get to the bottom of it and get rid of it!

Some causes in women can be:

  • wiping in the wrong direction and contamination with feces
  • yeast/candida infections
  • too much sugar in the diet, which lowers the immune system
  • improper diet, which creates pH imbalance
  • anti-biotic overuse, which creates resistant bacteria and flora imbalance
  • food sensitivities
  • chemicals from personal care products: douches, deodorants, soaps, lubricants, powders, bathing products

Treatment consists of determining the cause(s), then treating naturally so the pathogen is eliminated, then creating a healthy environment where they don’t flourish. Herbs bring the body into balance without upsetting the natural flora and fauna and protective shield of mucous membranes. They also do not cause side effects as do many antibiotics.

One of the best formulas is K Combination designed for overall health of the urinary system, containing parsley root, juniper berries, uva ursi, and dandelion root. It is a herbal source of iron, manganese, potassium, sodium, vitamin A and riboflavin.

We suggest adding Cranberry Buchu, which is a concentrated capsule of 435 mg. pure cranberry with Buchu. The herb buchu prevents infection-causing bacteria, such as E. coli, from adhering to the lining of the urinary tract. It has been traditionally used to help prevent recurrent urinary tract infections.

If the infection is very established, stronger herbal antibiotics, such as Golden Seal Echinacea combo and or Silver Shield used as a douche and internally may be required.

Along with the herbs, clean up the diet, eliminate ALL sugar, drink plenty of pure water, (more than your recommended ½ oz. per pound of body weight), add fresh lemon, lime and or Chlorophyll to help alkalinize the blood, and get adequate rest. Many suggestions for healthful lifestyle including diet, stress, exercise and recipes are in my book:

 Lorene Benoit’s book: The Paw Paw Program – A “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally

If the above do not clear it up, seek the advice of a qualified natural health practitioner.

If one has taken chemical antibiotics in the past 6 months, a quality probiotic/ prebiotic combination is recommended to re-establish growth. Certain probiotics capsules may also be used as a vaginal suppository to relieve some symptoms and re-lubricate.

For people who have had several bladder infections, we suggest that once the infection is cleared, to continue on a maintenance dose of 2-3 Cranberry Buchu per day for at least 3 months, then 1-2 as needed to remain clear of infections. This is inexpensive insurance to avoid the hassles and strain to the immune system of having repeated infections.

To order any of the above items or for personal assistance, please contact our office at 250-748-6802 or comment on this post. Products can be ordered directly at Nature’s Sunshine Worldwide ; or Nature’s Sunshine Canada for discount use Sponsor # 309344. No charge to set up membership for home delivery and discount.