Cancer Prevention and Treatment Approaches


As I was doing some research on Colorectal Cancer for natural health classes in Winnipeg,  Nova Scotia, and for my online interviews, I was surprised to see the change in Canadian Health Statistics. US and Canadian statistics are usually similar, so this is the North American trend.

Cancer has been the #1 cause of death since 2011. 

Many people still think heart and vascular are #1, but even combining heart disease (all types) with cerebrovascular (strokes), it is still close to 5% less than cancer. This despite the BILLIONS of dollars raised and spent running around looking for the cure!

The chart on page 26 of my book,  The Paw Paw Program,  shows cancer care costs in 2010  at $124.57 BILLION.

While we continue to fund raise and spend billions of dollars “finding” and “running for” the cure, selling daffodils and hot dogs, are we any closer to understanding the true causes OR doing anything about them?

How much money is being spent on eliminating toxic chemicals that are polluting our air, water and soil? How much money is being spent on educating people about the health hazards of untreated infections, parasites, yeasts, viruses, or how to improve our natural immunity to avoid these and treat them naturally? Here is a synopsis of some information you can learn from The Paw Paw Program – The “Christopher Columbus” Approach to Cancer – The World IS Round and Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally.


What to Do To When You Have Become a Statistic

and even more important

What To Do To Avoid Becoming a Statistic

Prevention is recommended, as all people develop cancerous cell growth. A healthy immune system keeps abnormal cell growth under control.

Taking an active role in your health is critical. Remember, it’s your body and your call.

  • Remove all toxic chemicals from your food, drinks, air, and home as well as hygienic products. Stop adding more toxins into your body. There is much you can do – talk to your Natural Health Care practitioner for ideas as to how and what you can do. If you do not have one, make an appointment with the author of this book.
  • STOP smoking, alcohol, coffee, tea, pop, all refined sugars, are number one step.
  • Balance pH levels of acid and alkaline – greens are your main ally for this – if you do not have plentiful organic sources of fresh greens, use GreenZone (CA)/ Ultimate Green Zone (US)
  • Oxygenate and strengthen your blood with Liquid Chlorophyll, macro and trace minerals, EFAs, and other suggested natural supplements.
  • Take Protease Plus Enzymes to help metabolize protein, keep the blood and lymphatic systems clean and help breakdown cancer cells.
  • Exercise daily to move your lymphatic system. Your lymph moves only when you do. Even 10 – 15 minutes two or three times a day will help.
  • Build Immune System with help from your Natural Health Care Practitioner. Astragalus, Colostrum and Silver Shield (silver sol) are all powerful aids for the immune system.
  • Learn how to nourish the body without feeding the cancer cells.  Super Foods will make a difference.
  • Reduce stress in your life or at the very least, learn how to support your body when under a lot of stress.
  • Your body needs rest to heal. Take rest breaks during the day and sleep for minimum 8 hours at night.Drink lots of pure water.  6 – 10 glasses a day is usually a good rule to follow, based on weight and activity. Hot water and herbal teas are also good.  Water helps flush out the toxins from your body.
  • If you are strong enough, a variety of cleanses may be suggested for you. Examples: Liver/Blood, Bowel, Parasite, Lymphatic, Yeast or Heavy Metal Cleanses.
  • Add a natural bowel stimulant with or without fibre if you are not eliminating at least one bowel movement a day. Two – three is better. LBS II is an excellent peristalsis aid.
  • Detoxify, build, detoxify, build – pay attention to your body to know which to do when. When in doubt book a phone or Skype consultation with an expert – Lorene Benoit has been helping people for over 35 years.


PLEASE NOTE: As links tend to change over the years, please Contact us,  for personalized, expert assistance in obtaining any supplements mentioned in this article. We have worked with one major quality professional herbal source since 1990 and can help you get the best for your health and your money. Aren’t you worth the best?


Newly Diagnosed: Consider a consult with a Natural Health Consultant to help you undertake the following suggestions. You know that cancer can be prevented; it can also be reversed. It will require some lifestyle changes and some effort on your part. One important thing is to know that people do heal cancer with natural, time proven remedies and to know and believe that you can beat this disease. Have positive hope, no matter what the prognosis is. Your body is designed to heal itself and become healthy again but it needs full help from you. In addition to above suggestions, you will also want to consider the following:

  • Support the area of the body where the cancer is. You may want to add herbs specific to your type of cancer. For example, for cancer of the prostate, support with Saw Palmetto Extract, Liver with a liver formula, as your NHC recommends.
  • MOST IMPORTANT:       This is the easy part.       Follow the Paw Paw program as per directions to start and increase only on the advice of your Natural Health Care Practitioner. The Paw Paw Program gives more detail, in fact 284 pages of information that is well researched, affordable and easy to understand and follow.
  • Depending on your cancer, you may be required to take this for 4 months – a couple of years.
  • For those who have had cancer, maintenance  is highly recommended.
  • Paw Paw can be used along with Allopathic Medical Therapy; in fact it can enhance chemotherapy effectiveness.

It is important to work with a natural health care practitioner or consultant who is comfortable working with cancer. The amount of research can be overwhelming. You would not try to strip down your car engine and rebuild it without assistance or previous knowledge. Consider this, as you need to rebuild your body to eliminate cancer or any other disease.

A qualified NHC can assist in the optimal selection of a program for you and in monitoring your results. This professional can work with others with whom you choose to share your healing journey.

Remember, cancer can be beaten naturally! Believe it! Be proactive in your cure – do not leave it all up to the medical community – work with them to help yourself.

This program is designed to enhance the natural healing abilities of your body, rather than ‘fight’ any particular disease. It is one part of a comprehensive program, including corrective diet, emotional clearing, exercise as required, proper elimination and other natural health and life building aspects.

This program is not counter-indicated with orthodox medical treatment, such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. It can enhance the effectiveness and decrease the negative side effects of these approaches, should you choose them.

You can  have any of the above therapeutic nutritionals delivered to your home. To ensure you are getting professional products that exceed pharmaceutical grade, direct discount pricing,  and support in choosing the best program for your specifics, please contact Lorene Benoit Health Services, MHH, CHC, BEd. 

Good old fashioned phone: 250-748-6802, email contact form or



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