Success with Stage 4 Colon Cancer

Update. Just thought you like you know I had an ultrasound of my abdominal area about a month ago. All was clear except for the tumors I knew were on my liver. But good news there.  All were calcified or partially calcified. No active cancer!

I had a chest xray too because I had been coughing severally for at least 2 months so concern for spots on the lungs. But no pneumonia or spots! All clear! Such great news!

I do believe the Paw Paw had something to do with the calcified tumors on my liver! I would take the Protease Plus first on empty stomach then later after a meal, the Paw Paw.. I also used most of the supplements suggested in your book, The Paw Paw Program  as well as healthy diet. Vegetarian mostly. No dairy or sugar, processed foods.Organic as much as possible..I believe healthy eating is very important to fighting and killing cancer cells. I am hoping the tumors will continue to shrink and completely die on my liver.

I’ve come a long way since being diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer over 40 months ago. I was given 6-9 months to live. But I’m a fighter and survivor! Your book was a big help and encouragement to me. Just wish more could be helped! D. H.,  Louisiana

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2 thoughts on “Success with Stage 4 Colon Cancer

  1. This is wonderful news, and thank you for sharing this, as it helps others to know that Cancer CAN Be Treated Naturally! (and The World IS Round – thus the name of my book – The Christopher Columbus Approach to Cancer).

    I think you have received the message that illness brings to us. We DO have to treat our bodies with love and respect with excellent food, nutrition to help bring us back into balance and healing emotional issues that may be impeding our highest health.

    Keep up the good work, you are worth it! Should you ever wish a follow-up consult to keep well on track, just get in touch!

  2. I hope it can encourage others. I know it works. Diet and supplements must be an important part of the program. We can’t just eat anything like I did before cancer. I know you encourage this as well. No more refined sugars, dairy or processed foods. I only eat organic chicken and eggs but not everyday. Lots of green leafy vegetables is important. Some fresh fruit, nuts and beans. Organic oatmeal sometimes with almond milk. The supplements you suggest. It all works together!

    I appreciate the way you approach the whole person because the whole person is involved in healing. Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical..Keep up the good work of helping those who need it the most! God bless!

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